Kisi ek se karo pyar itna ke

Kisi Ek Se Karo Pyar Itna
Ke Kisi Aur Se Pyar Karne Ki Gunjaish Na
Voh Muskurade Aapko Dekh Kar Ek Bar
To Zindagi Se Phir Koi Khwaish Na Rahe

Hm to aapki yaado main jiya karte

Hm to aapki yaado main jiya karte hain,
aapki har muskan dil main sama lete hain,
krte hain hum aapko kitana pyar
Ye dil ki baat hum dil main hi chupa lete hain

Har din se pyaara lagta hai hamein

Har din se pyaara lagta hai hamein yeh khaas din,
Jisse bitaana nahin chaahte hum aap bin.
Vaise toh dil deta hai sadaa hi dua aapko,
Phir bhi kehte hain mubarak ho aapko yeh janamdin…
Tumhari is ada pe kya jawab du,
Apne yaar ko kya tohfa du.
Koi acha sa phool hota to mangvata mali se,
Jo khud gulab hai usko kya gulab du.
Janmdin Mubaraq Ho.
Yeh din yeh mahina yeh tareekh jab jab aayi,
Hum ne kitne pyar se janam din ki mehfil sajaayi,
Har shamaa par naam likh diya dosti ka,
Iss ki roshni mein chand jaisi teri surat hai samaayi.
Janmdin Mubaraq!
Bahut door hai tumse, par dil tumahre pass hai.
Jism pada hai yaha, par rooh tumahre pass hai.
Janamdin hai tumhara, par jashan humare pass hai.
Juda hai ek-dusre se hum, par fir bhi tum humare pass ho aur hum tumhare pass hai. …

Hum nay is aas pay derwaza khula

Hum nay is aas pay derwaza khula rakhha hay
Aaj aa jao jo milnay to koi baat banay
Kitni ratoun say yunhi jaag rahay hain tunha
Apnay pahlu may sullao to koi baat banay
Hum to is raat ki syahi ka maza chahtay hain
Apni zulfoo ko jo phalaoo to khuch baat banay
Hum to chahtay hain teri ankh ka kajal [...]

Shabnami raat ho aur her taraf andhera

Shabnami Raat ho aur her taraf Andhera ho
Ek chadar main lipte Do Badan, ek Tera ho ek Mera ho
Tere Makhmali badan main, Khushbuon k Chaman main
Sadiyon tak wo Raat chale, Sadiyon door Sawera ho
Tere Hoton ko jab sil doon Main, apne Hoton k Dhaage se
Ek Sannate main Khamoshi se, Teri Bhaahon ne Mujh ko Ghera [...]

Akhan de banure change nai hondi dostan

Akhan de banure change nai hondi,
Dostan toun douri change nai hondi,
Kady Kady mileya v kar yarra,
Har vayle SMS nal gal puri nai hondi

As i mentioned earlier bought two collections

As I mentioned earlier, I bought two collections of ghazals by Bashir Badr. One of them had an introduction by Nida Fazli, another very famous name in urdu poetry. He does not seem of have a very fantastic opinion of Badr – he thinks that most of Badr’s greatness as a poet is only accepted by Badr himself, and he has expressed this opinion in quite an amusing and witty way.
“apni kitaab mei.n unhone kamzor shayari ki pehchaan ke saath tandurust ghazal ki bhi kuch nishaniya.n ginaayee hai.n. Kamzor shero.n ki misaalo.n ke liye unhe taqriban 700 barso.n ke itihaas ki khaak chhaan-ni paDi, lekin tandurust shero.n ki talaash mei.n unhe jyada waqt nahin kharch karna paDa. Ghar me allah ka diya sab kuch tha, ji khol kar apne shero.n ka istemaal kiya”
[In his book, apart from identifying characterstics of weak poetry, he has also enumerated the traits of good poetry. For examples of weak couplets, he had to search through 700 years of history, but he didn't have to spend much time in search of good poetry. The lord had given everything at home, he used his own couplets whole-heartedly.]
Fazli opines that Badr is more famous for being part of ‘Mushairas’ [Poetry recitals] than actually the quality of his poems. Even so, he agrees that Badr’s poetry showed more maturity, and finally deviated from the conventional symbolisms, with time, and concludes that Badr is a wonderful poet of the post-independence urdu ghazal.
The introduction was amusing, due to the humorous style Fazli had written it in (even if it was at the expense of Badr). But what was interesting to note was that unlike the usual introductions, which unquestioningly felicitate the author/poet, Fazli expressed his honest opinion.
I am a novice, as far as the history of urdu/hindi ghazal goes, and I am not well versed with individual poets’ styles, but I have read quite a few poems by many writers, and have found favorite ones from all poets’ works. I have come across some beautiful ghazals by Badr as well, and I was glad to find them in this collection.
*** *** ***
Kabhi yu.n bhi aa meri aankh mei.n ki meri nazar ko khabar na ho
Mujhe ek raat nawaaz de magar iske baad sahar na ho
Come into my eyes some time that my sight is not aware of it
Allow me just a single night, but let not the dawn arise after it
*** *** ***
Mai.n tamaam din ka thakaa hua, tu tamaam shab ka jagaa hua
Zara thahar ja isi moD par, tere saath shaam guzaar loon
I am tired after the entire day, you have stayed awake the entire night
Pause at this very corner, and let me spend an evening with you
*** *** ***
Charaago.n ko aankho.n mei.n mehfooz rakhna
Badi door tak raat hi raat hogi
Musafir hain ham bhi musafir ho tum bhi
Kisi moD pe phir mulaaqaat hogi
Keep the lamps safe in your eyes
The night (darkness) will spread far and beyond
I am a traveller, you are also a traveller
We shall meet again at some corner
*** *** ***
Ajeeb shakhs hai naaraaz hoke hansta hai
Mai.n chahta hoo.n khafa ho to woh khafa hi lage
He is a strange person – he laughs when offended
I wish that if he is angry, he should look so
*** *** ***
Kisi ki raah mein dehleej par diye na rakho
Kivad sookhi hui lakdiyo.n ke hote hai.n
Kadeem kasbo.n mei.n kaisa sukoon hota hai
Thake thakaye hamare bujurg sote hain
Do not light lamps at the doorstep in someone’s wait
The doors are made of dry wood
There is such a comfort in old towns
Our weary forefathers rest out there
*** *** ***
Koii haath bhi na milayega jo gale miloge tapaak se
Yeh naye mijaaz ka shahar hai zara faasle se mil

Love is lost but not forgotten its

Love Is Lost But Not Forgotten
Its Like A Fruit That’s Never Rotten
Thick Skin On The Outside
Ever So Sweet On The Inside

To Take A Knife
And Cut The Skin
May Bring Some Pain
But Jump Right In
The Love You See
Will Make You Win
From Ear To Ear
You Start To Grin
Wipe The Juice
From Your Chin
Now You See
That Cut Doesn’t Hurt
The Taste Of Love
Is On Your Shirt
So Bitter Sweet
From Up Above
Have No Fear
Its Only Love!
Plant A Seed
It Will Grow
Through The Leaves
And Through The Snow
A Tree Is Born
And All Will Know
There’s Lots Of Love
So Let It Show
Pick The Fruit
And Love Will Grow.

These heroes are dead they died

These heroes are dead.
They died for liberty –
they died for us.
They are at rest.

They sleep in the land they made free,
under the flag they rendered stainless,
under the solemn pines, the sad hemlocks,
the tearful willows, the embracing vines.

They sleep beneath the shadow of the clouds,
careless alike of sunshine or storm,
each in the windowless palace of rest.

Earth may run red with other wars –
they are at peace.
In the midst of the battles, in the roar of conflicts,
they found the serenity of death.

I heard about an older widowed lady

I heard about an older, widowed lady.
This energetic woman loved to dance
but underneath her rapture something shady
had sought the Doctor, such was circumstance.

“It isn’t all that serious”, she told him,
“but every time I dance with male friends,
if I should snuggle close to one, and hold him,
I break wind as my body twists and bends”.

“It’s not so bad – they’re never ever smelly.
They don’t make any noise that you can hear,
but I am so embarrassed. If my belly
is ailing, are there pills to ease my fear?”

The doctor said “I’ll give you this prescription.
Two pills each night. Come back in ten more days”.
He smiled at her and finished his transcription.
Days later she was back with anguished phrase -

“Doc. what was in those pills? The floor was clearing
last night because the sound was loud as hell!”
He answered “Great! The pills have fixed your hearing.
And now to just regain your sense of smell!”

Hi friends i want to know is

Hi Friends,
I want to know is that,How can i delete my Gmail & Orkut account?
Bcoz…….. ……… .?
Ab kya bataun ki kyun???????
Bas samajhiye kisi ki yaad bhulane ke liye ek aur koshish.Ek aisi Yaad
jo seene main dard or aaknhon main aanshu bani hui hai. Dard jo seene
main hai wo to shaayad marne ke baad hi hategi, par aanshu jo aankhon
main wo shaayad kabhi nahi……..
Bue let me say how can i delete it?

Ek bewafa ko hum ne is dil

Ek Bewafa Ko Hum Ne Is Dil Mein Jaga Di Thi
Khuwabon Ki Duniya Apni Us Se Hi Saja Di Thi
Chaha Tha Us Ko Hum Ne Khud Se Bhi Bohat Barh Kar
Us Chahat Mein Hum Ne Ye Hasti Hi Mita Di Thi
Maloom Nahi Tha Hum Ko Woh Bewafa Bhi Hoga
Us Per Bharosa Karke Khud Ko Hi [...]

Bin maange he mil jaati hain tabeerain

Bin Maange He Mil Jaati Hain Tabeerain Kisi Ko Faraz .
Koi Khaali Hath Reh Jaata Hai HAazaroon Duaaon K Baad .

Chand taray salam kartay hain hur o

Chand Taray Salam Kartay Hain
Hur O Mulk Salam Kartay Hain
Hajion Ki Dua Ho Tum Pa
Harmain Walay Salam Kartay Hain
Yeh Paigham La Pata Hai Jab Tak
Walidain Salam Kartai Hain
Salam-E-Eid Mubarak Ho Aap Ko

How does a loving mother explain heaven

How does a loving mother, explain
Heaven to her dying child?

Please give me the words, O Lord, and
let me say them with a smile…

There is a place called Heaven, Son,
beyond the skies above,

It is the place where GOD is watching,
His Heart so full of Love.

He watches all His children, Son,
He watches you and me,

He wants to know we love Him, and
hopes that we will be…

Always strong and healthy, always kind and free!
But, sometimes, things do happen, Son,and sickness takes a hold,

It might be something serious, it
might be just a cold.

GOD sends His special angels,
to watch over us and pray,

And, by our side they linger, they
are never far away.

They lift us up on angels’ wings when
we are all too weak,

And, oh!, they pray so softly, Son,
with gentle whispers do they speak.

So, have no fear, my darling, should
GOD come to take you Home,

For it is up there in that Heaven,
Son, where you will run and laugh and roam!

You will hear that angel choir rejoice
in praises to the LORD,

And, my darling precious child, you
never will be sick, again…
No, never, anymore!!

But, most of all, you will meet the
King, our Saviour, your Best Friend,
oh my!,

If I could see him take your hand,
I know that I would cry!!

You have fought so long, you gave your all..
GOD says it’s time to rest,
We will always love and miss you, Ellis,
but GOD…He knows what’s best!

Phulo ko mehkna sikhane chale in hawao

Phulo ko mehkna sikhane chale,
In hawao ko rukh batane chale,
Hum bahane dhoondte hai doston par mar mitne ka,
Dost hai ki hme dosti sikhane chale.
[email protected]

Jawani kidhr gai be vajah kham

Jawani Kidhr Gai

Be-vajah kham nahin hai kamar main meri,
jhuk jhuk ke dhundta hun jawani kidhar gai..!

Uss pe khool jati mery shok ki

Uss pe khool jati mery shok ki shidut sari,
Dekhy hoty jo mery paon ke chaaly uss ny.

Jis ka her aeyb zamany se chupaya men ny,
Mery qissay sar-e-bazar uchaaly uss ny.

Meri dum torti khawahish ka khayal aa na suka,
Apny armaan hamesha hi nikaaly uss ny.

Ak mera hi to haath na thama uss ny,
Werna kitny hi girty hoey sumbhaaly uss ny.

Jub ussy meri mohabat per bharosa hi na tha,
Kiyon diye meri wafaaon ke hawaaly uss ny.

Meri ankhon pe merta tha baton hansta

Meri ankhon pe merta tha
Meri baton pe hansta tha
Najaney shkas tha kaisa
Muje khoney se darta tha
Muje jab be wo milta tha
Yahe hr bar kehta tha
Agar mein bhol jaon to
Agar mein rooth jaon tho
Kabi Wapis na aon to

Arz o sama kahan teri usat ko pa sake

Arz-o-sama kahan teri usat ko pa sake,
Ek mera hi dil hai jahan tu sama sake,
Wahdat ka teri kya hurf-e-dui la sake,
Aina kya majaal jo tujhe mooh dikha sake

Lazim to nahin k zuban izhar kare

Lazim to nahin k zuban izhar kare.
Kuch juzabon ko —EHSAS– bhi hawa detay hein.
Khamosh mohobbat bhi ibadat hai.
Aisee mohobabat ko duniya wale bhi dua detay Hein
Happy Propose Day
*****ANMOL ARORA *****

Bichdee huae yaar hain millee par unkii

Bichdee huae yaar hain millee par unkii yaade nahi bichdii
Gamm unke diye hain par unki chaah nahi bichdii
Saaki bottal khol de aaj saari tere maikhaane kii
Deekhen aaj pehmaano main rehta hai gamm ya hamare dil mai

Usay poojne ki hai aarzu jise chahna

Usay Poojne Ki Hai Aarzu
Jise Chahna B Muhaal Hai
Wo Meri Duaon Mein Bas Gya
Jise Mangna B Muhaal Hai
Teri Baat Krti Hai Khamoshi
Teri Raah Takti Hai Raah B
Meri Zindgi Ka Tu Khwab Hai
Jise Bhoolna B Muhaal Hai
Kbi Weham, Kbi Waswasy
Kbi Khwab Aur Kbhi Ratjage
Meri Neend Hony Lagi Saza
Mera Jagna B Muhaal Hai.

Shiv ki jyoti se noor milta hai

SHIV Ki Jyoti Se Noor Milta hai
Sabke Dilloan Ko Saroor Milta Hai,
Jo bhi jata Hai BHOLE Ke Dwaar,
usko Kuch Na Kuch Zaroor Milta Hai.
Jai Baba Bhole Bhandari….

Life is a long race with many

Life is a long race,
with many difficulties to face,
many promises to fill and
many responsibilties to make,
live your dreams, try to make them come true,
make them many times and just forget the few,
examine the old ones and try to do something new,
just try to be the one who brights like the sun,
life to you will seem a short race,
with a few difficulties to face….

Ae mere hamnasheen chal aur kahin is

Ae mere hamnasheen chal aur kahin
Is chaman ab apna gujara nahin
Baat hoti gulon tak to seh lete hum
ab to kanto pe bhi haq hamara nahin..
Jo Lada Tha Sipaahiyon Ki Tarah
Aisa Bharat Mein Koi Baadshah Na Hua
Rooh To Ho gayi Thi Tann Se Judaa
Haath Talwaar Se Judaa Na Hua..
Kuchh haath se uske fisal gaya
wah palak jhapak kar nikal gaya
Fir laash bichh gayi lakhon ki
sab palak jhapak kar badal gaya
Jab rishte raakh mein badal gaye
insaanon ka dil dahal gaya
Main poochh poochh kar haar gaya
kyon mera bhaarat badal gaya..

Become a shaa8217ir a hilarious ruba8217ee four

Become a Shaa’ir
A Hilarious Ruba’ee (Four Line Shayri) from Ahmedabad
Mey Ney Az-Rahey Shikayath Apney Bay-tay Sey Kaha
Kyu.N Kamar Kastey Nahi Tum Shair Go-e Kay Liye
Sar Jhuka Kar Sard Lahjay Mey Diya Uss Ney Jawab
Ek Hi Kafi Hai Is Ghar Ki Tabahi Key Liye
. Roshan Khan Ahmedabadi

Dil ke chhalon ko koi shayari kahe

Dil ke chhalon ko koi shayari kahe,
to dard nahi hota
Takleef to tab hoti hai,
Jab log wah-wah karte hain
Apne hisse ki zindagi to hum kabke jee chuke,
Ab to sirf dhadkanon ka lihaj karte hain,
Kya karen is duniya walon ka,
Jo aakhari dhadkano pe bhi aitaraz karte hain.
Yu nazar se nazar ki baat ki, ki dil chura le gaye
hum to samjhe the but, aap to dhadkan suna gaye

Holi mein bhedon ko meetane ka sar

Holi Mein Bhedon Ko Meetane Ka Sar Hai
Holi Dushmano Ko Gale Lagane Ka Tyohar Hai
Holi Na Khele Jo Insaan
Unki Jeevan Mein Haar Hai…
*** Happy Holi ***

Kabhi kabhi apne badan ko uthaya karo

Kabhi kabhi apne badan ko uthaya karo..
Tanik hilaya karo tanik dulaya karo…
Pet kaa balance toh roz badate ho sirji
Kabhi kabhi bank kaa bhi badaya karo..

Kuch log peete hain gam bhoolane ko

Kuch log peete hain gam bhoolane ko……
kuch log peete hain koi aur gam bhoolaane ko….
par ai dost ye kya………
hum to mahoal na milane ke gam mein peete hain…..

Nt happy diwali a warm diwali


*~*~*HAPPY DIWALI*~*~*

A warm Diwali wish for every happiness. May the warmth and splendor, that are a part of this auspicious occasion, fill your life with happiness and bright cheer, and bring to you joy and prosperity, for the whole year.

Raj k daman main anso gira kar

Raj k dAmAn mAin AnsO girA kar dEkhO….
DOsti kitni sAchi hAi Azma kar dEkhO….
ApkO bhol kar kya hogi dil ki hAlAt….?
kIsI AAinAy pE pAthar girA kr dEkhO

Itna tuta hoon k chuhne se bikhar

Itna tuta hoon k chuhne se bikhar jaunga….
Ab agr aur Jafa karoge to mar jaunga….
Zindagi mein bhi musafir hoon teri kashti ka…
Tu jahan mujhse kahegi mein utar jaunga.
[email protected]
[email protected]

Bewafa se wafaa ki ummeed kiye jaate

Bewafa Se Wafaa Ki Ummeed Kiye Jaate Hai,
Hum Unhe Har Pal Yaad Kiye Jaate
Ab To Woh Humse Door Jaa Chuki Hai,
Phir Kyon Unse Khwabon Mein Baat Kiye Jaate Hai

Kivve rokan aggae khad ke jande sajna

Kivve rokan aggae khad ke jande sajna nu
hun ki aakha mein ladhke jande sajna nu
sanu chad ke chup cahipite tur chale
koi puche baho fad ke jande sajna nu
uccha niva mada kuch vi bolya nahi
Pher bol kehrene radke jande sajna nu

Har dar pe jake pooja ki hai

Har dar pe jake pooja ki hai maine, us Pari ko pane ki koshish ki hai maine.
Mangne walo ko teri bhikh milti hai ye suna hai maine, bus isiliye tujhse ye zid ki hai maine,
Hokar maayus na jaounga dar se tere, barson baad koi fariyaad ki hai maine…
S Parwaaz

Phool ki tarah haso to ham khush

Phool ki tarah haso to ham khush hai,
Mausam ki tarah muskurao to ham khush hai,
Nahi kahte, roz milo hamse,
Bas yaad kar liya karo to ham khush hai.
Dil mei tumhare apni kami chod jaayenge,
Aankhon mei intajaar ki lakeer chod jaayenge,
Yaad rakhna mujhe dhoonte firoge ek din,
Zindagi mei dosti ki kahani chod jaayenge.
Apni khushi se nahi gam se bhi rishta hai mera,
Ye to aapki zindagi hai wo ek kissaa hai mera,
E dost aapse lafzon kaa naheen rooh ka rishta hai mera.
Aap jaise dost kuch khaas lagte hai,
Mann mei har waqt ek aas rakhte hai,
Jaane kab aa jaaye es sms aapka,
Isliye cell ko dil ke paas rakhte hai.
Aapki dosti ko ehsaan maante hai,
Nibhaana aapka imaan maante hai,
Lekin ham wo nahin jo dosti mei aapki jaan de denge,
Kyuki dosto ko to ham apni jaan maante hai.
Sabse inetellijent kaun : tum.
Sabse smart kaun : tum.
Sabse strong kaun : tum.
Tum se jyaadaa kaun : hum.
Lekin duniya mei sabse ache dost kaun : hum-tum.
Manjil ko paane ke liye saahil ko
paar karna padta hai,
Mohabbat karne ke liye dil-o-jaan
Kurbaan karna padta hai.
Kaash surat aapki itni pyaari na hoti,
Kaash aapse mulakaat hamari na hoti.
Sapno mei hi dekh lete aapko,
To aaj milne ki itni bekarari na hoti.
Wo aayi thi khwaabo mei kuch is tarah,
Laga aisa ki chaand ka deedaar ho gaya,
Jaise hi hamari aankhein khuli,
Hakeekat mei bhi unka deedaar ho gaya.
Intjaar rahta hai har shaam tera,
Raatein kat ti hai le-lekar naam tera,
Muddat se baitha hoon ye aas paale,
Kal aayega koi paigaam tera.
Nahi Bulenge wo barsaat ki raat,
Jab ek anjaan hasina se hui mulakaat.
Chahata hu tujhe pyaar du,
Dost pe apani zindagi waar du,
Jab tera message nahi mila to,
Man karta hai teri zaan nikaal du.
Bada armaan tha tere sang jeewan bitaane ka,
Shikwa hai wo bas tere khamosh rah jaane ka,
Deewangi isse badkar kya hogi,
Aaj Bi intzaar hai tere aane ka.
Dil kabi dil se juda nahi hote,
Yu hi ham kisi par fida nahi hote!
Pyar se bada to dosti ka rishta hai,
Kyonki dost kabi bewafa nahi hote!
Ladka shadi se pehle spiderman,
Sagai ke samay superman,
Shadi ke samay gentleman,
Shadi ke 10 saal baad watchman,
20 saal baad Doberman.
Har phool khushboodaar nahi hota,
Har patthar chamakadaar nahi hota,
Dosti dekhkar karana dost,
Kyonki har dost ham-saa dildaar nahi hota.
Wo mil jaate hai kahaani bankar…
Dil me bas jaate hai nishaani bankar…
Jinhe ham rakhte hai apani aakhon me…
Kyon nikal jaate hai wo paani bankar.
Muskurahat tumhi se milti hai,
Dard ki raahat tumhi se milti hai,
Ruthna kabi mat hamse E janam,
Hame jeene ki chahat tum hi se milti hai.
Zindagi me aapki ehamiyat ko bata nahi sakte,
Dil me aapki jagah ham dikha nahi sakte,
Kuch rishte anmol hote hai,
Ye ham aapko samjha nahi sakte.
Chand adhura hai sitaron ke bina,
Gulshan adhura hai baharon ke bina,
Samundar adhuraa hai kinaron ke bina,
Jeena adhura hai tum jaise yaaro ke bina.

Baat saaqii kii na taalii jaayegii kar

Baat saaqii kii na Taalii jaayegii
Kar ke taubaa tod Daali jaayegii
Gar yahii tarz-e-fugaan hai andalii
Tu bhii gulashan se nikaalii jaayegii
Kyu nahi milti gale se tegenaaz
iid kyaa ab ke bhii khaalii jaayegii

Aa gale lag ja mere yaar dedoon

Aa gale lag ja mere yaar,
Dedoon Jadu Ki jhappi do char,
Aaise hi katjaye Zindegi without any risk
Es ummid ke sath Wish You a ……

Woh dil hi kyaa tere milne ki

Woh Dil Hi Kyaa Tere Milne Ki Jo Duaa Na Kare
Mine Tujhko Bhool Ke Zindaa Rahoon Khudaa Na Kare.
Ye Thik Hai Nahin Marta Koyi Judaai Main
Khuda Kisi Ko Kisi Se Magar Judaa Na Kare.
Rahega Sath Tera Pyaar Zindagi Bankar
Yeh Aur Baat Meri Zindagi Wafa Na Kare.

Faada hai usne khat ko kuch is

Faada hai usne khat ko kuch is badtari k saath
daaman hai jaise mera ab aaya ho uske haath
wo aa k bus bata de jara itna sa sabab
jeete hain kaise itni bhari nafraton k saath
humne toh sikhaayi na kabhi tumko ye fareb
fir mujhko bataao sabak seekhe ye kiske saath
ab kehte ho tumko nahi surat hai ye bardaasht
tum raat din har pal ko hi jeete the jiske saath
kaise tujhe mai yaad dilaau tera kalaam
rehte ho kiske saath or kasme thi kiske saath
Ashutosh Sharma

Ek nazar hai tu deedar ke liye

Ek Nazar Hai Tu Deedar Ke Liye,
Ek Lamha Hai Intezaar Ke Liye,
Ek Khwab Hai Tu Jise Meri Aakhen Dekhe,
Ek Tasveer Hai Tu Bus Pyaar Ke Liye.

By Debashish

Dukhan nu dil vich luka lena fer

Dukhan Nu Dil Vich Luka Lena
Fer Bulan Utte Hassa Saja Lena
Yaaran De Naal Wakat Guzar Ke
Kuj Deer Aapne Dukhan Nu Bhula Lena
Fer Maar Ke Bukal Jhoothe Vadeyan De
Palkan Te Hanjuan Nu Luka Lena
Kade Keta C Jo Pyar Usne Mainu
Yaad Karke Ohh Pal Dil Samja Lena
Thorda Hass Ke Thorda Roo Ke Main
Is Zindgi Da Har Sah Lngha Lena

Mene sawan se kaha dil ki aag

Mene Sawan Se Kaha Dil Ki Aag Bhuja,
Sawan Ne Kaha Chup Key Se Chale Ja,
Mene Badal Se Kaha Dil Ki Aag Bhuja,
Badal Neh Kaha Pagal Hai Tu Kiya,
Mene Jaam Se Kaha Mujhe Chalney Se Bacha,
Toh Jaam Ne Kaha Lee Aa Pee Jaa,
Mene Sagar Se Kaha Meri Pyaas Bhuja,
Sagar Neh Kaha Aa Doob Mar Jaa,
Mene Usey Ye Kaha Kiya Hai Meri Khata,
Toh Usney Kaha Tune Pyaar Hai Kiyaaa..

Hame kitni hasrat hai unke deedaar ki

Hame Kitni Hasrat Hai Unke Deedaar Ki,
Aakhon Mein Basgayi Hai Surat-E-Yaar Ki,
Ab Jaane Kab Khatm Hongi Ghadi Ye Intazaar Ki,
Aajaye Wo To Khil Jaye Har Kali Bahaar Ki.

By Rash

Saaz chaida to tarene ban gaye likhne

Saaz Chaida To Tarene Ban Gaye
Likhne Baithe To Afsane Ban Gaye
Hum Teri Yaad Mein Aaise Doobe
Ke 2 Bachho Ke Baap
3 Ke Nana Ban Gaye

Shamaa e ishq kuch is kadra parwan chadhi na

Shamaa-E-Ishq Kuch Is Kadra Parwan Chadhi,
Na Lafz Nikle Na Palken Jhapki,
Phir Bhi Har Guftgu Hui
Preshani Me Hain Ye Sochkar,
Itni Khamoshi Ki Jaroorat,
Is Kadra Pehle To Kabhi Na Padi
Chehron Ko Padna Na Aata Tha Hamein,
Phir Bhi Us Shaam Ke Sannate Me,
Ek Anjaan Nazar Ki Humne,
Har Ek Baat Padi

Zaalim se kabhi rehmat ki ummeed mat

Zaalim Se Kabhi Rehmat Ki Ummeed Mat Kerna
Sab Kuch Hai Wo Lekin Koi Insaan Nahi Hai,
Her Zurm Ko Has Has Ke Ghuzarna Tum Seekh Lo
Is Sheher Me Aashiko Ke Liye Insaaf Nahi Hai,
Apni Pyas Ko Ashqo Se Bujhana Tum Seekh Lo,
Maikhano Me Yaha Kea B Sharaab Nahi Hai,
Akshat Chupaye Baitha Apni Wo Daastan,
Kisko Sunaye Koi Bhi Taiyar Nahi Hai

Tum ne baarish ko mehaz barasty dekha

Tum Ne Baarish Ko
Mehaz Barasty Dekha Hy
Main Ne Baarisho’n Ko
Kuch Kehty Sunty Dekha Hy
Tum Dekhty Ho Baarisho’n
Ki Jal Thal Har Saal
Main Ne Barsaat Ko Bar-ha
Palko’n Pe Machalty Dekha Hy
Kese Maango’n Phir Barasta
Saawan Apne RABB Se ???
k In Aankho’n Ne Bastiyo’n Ko
Saawan Mein Ujartay Dekha Hy
Seekh Gaye Hum Baarsiho’n Ko
Apne Andar Utaarnay Ka Fun
Aur Phir Sab [...]

Usay ye kon samjhaye wo dasht e khamoshi

USay Ye Kon Samjhaye ??
Wo Dasht-e-Khamoshi Mein
Ungliyo’n Mein Seepiya’n Pehne
Kisi Sookhey Samandar Ki Adhoori Pyaas Ki Baatei’n
Bohat Chup Chaap Sunta Hy
Bohat Khamosh Rehta Hy
Usay Kon Ye Samjhaye ??
Khushi k Ek Aansuu Se
Samandar Bhar Bhi Jaty Hyn
Bohat Khamosh Rehny Se
Ta’aluq Marr Bhi Jaty Hyn …

Apko meine nighaho mein basa rakha hai

Apko Meine Nighaho Mein Basa Rakha Hai,
Aina Chodeye Aine Mein Kya Rakha Hai.

Hume kya khabar thi teri ulfat mein

Hume Kya Khabar Thi Teri Ulfat Mein Yeh Anjaam Hoga
Raah Chaltey, Yeh Din Bhi Kabhi Shaam Hoga
Aap Nahi Magar Yeh Zindagi To Hai, Per Ab To Yeh Sochtey Hai
Yeh Zindagi Ka Kissa Na Jaaney Kab Tamaam Hoga

Mohabbat karne walon ko inkar acha nahi

Mohabbat karne walon ko inkar acha nahi lagta.
Dunia walon ko ye iqrar acha nahi lagta.
Jb tak larka larki bhag na jaeen.
Muhalay walon ko pyaar sacha nahi lagta.
This post was submitted by M.Asim.

Padosi se kaha main nemeri biwi ko

padosi se kaha main ne,meri biwi ko mat ghooro
tumhari bhi bhali changi hai,us ko hi ghoor lo bhai..
wo bola muskura kar ‘aap bhi kya baat karte hain
mithai apni khaata hai kabhi kya koi halwaai

K0i m0jza ya w0h kamal kare usay

k0i m0jza ya, w0h k0i kamaL kAre..
usAy kAh0 k Ab rAbta baHaaL kAre..
juDayi kaTna uS k liYe Bhi muShkiL hAi..
w0h meRa naHi t0h aPna hi kuCh khayaL kaRe….

Mujhe zindagi mai ya rab sar e bandagi ata

Mujhe Zindagi Mai Ya Rab Sar-E-Bandagi Ata Ker
Meray Dil Ki Be-Hisi Ko Gham-I-Aashiqi Ata Ker
Teray Dard Ki Chamak Ho, Teri Yaad Ki Kasak Ho
Meray Dil Ki Dharkano Ko Nai Be-Kali Ata Ker
Jo Tujhi Se Lo Laga De, Jo Mujhey Mera Pata De
Meray Ahed Ki Zuban Mai Mujhe Gum- Rahi Ata Ker
Jo Dilon Mai Noor Ker [...]

Sadion say jaagi aankhon ko ek baar

Sadion Say Jaagi Aankhon Ko Ek Baar Sulanay Aa Jao
Mana K Tum Ko Pyar Nahi Nafrat Hee Jatanay Aa Jao
Jis Mor Pay Hum Ko Chor Gaye Hum Baithay Ab Tak Soch Rahay
Kya Bhool Hui Kyou Juda Huway Bus Yeh Samjhanay Aa Jao
Har Lamha Teri Furqat Mein Hum Tarsay Rahay
Meri Manoo Tum Is Dil Ko Kuch [...]

Pehle bhi jeete the magar jab se

Pehle Bhi Jeete The Magar Jab Se Mili Hai Zindagi
Sidhi Nahi Hai Door Tak Uljhi Hai Zindagi
Ik Aankh Se Roti Hai Ye, Ik Aankh Se Hansti Hai Ye
Jaisi Dikhai De Jise Uski Vahi Hai Zindagi
Jo Paye Voh Khoye Use, Jo Khoye Voh Roye Use
Yoon To Sabhi Ke Paas Hai Kiski Hui Hai Zindagi
Har Raasta Anjaan Sa Har Falsafa Nadan Sa
Sadiyon Purani Hai Magar Har Din Nayi Hai Zindagi
Achi Bhali Thi Door Se, Jab Paas Aayi Kho Gayi
Jisme Na Aaye Kuch Nazar Voh Roshni Hai Zindagi
Mitti Hawa Lekar Udi Ghoomi Firi Vaapas Mudi
Kabron Pe Shilalekho Ki Tarah Likhi Hui Hai Zindagi
- Nida Fazli

Main apni raato8217n ki fursato8217n tujhy manao8217n

Main Apni Raato’n Ki
Fursato’n Main
Tujhy Manao’n
Tou Maan Jana
Agar Kisi Din Main Apne
Aanshu Jo Le Ker Aao’n
Tou Maan Jana
Ye Ek Dil Jo Tumhai’n Dia Tha
Is ko bhi Tum ne Tor Dala
Shikista Dil Ki Jo
Khirchio’n Ko Samait Lao’n
Tou Maan Jana
Tu Khush Nahi Hai
Meri Baqa Par Tou
Sirf Itna Bata
Teri Khushi K Liye
Jo Suuli Pe Muskurao’n
Tou Maan Jana
Tu Badguman [...]

Samjha lo apne dil ko pyaar na

Samjha Lo Apne Dil Ko Pyaar Na Kare
Meri Fitrat Hai Bewafai Izhar Na Kare
Humse Paoge Dhoka Tum Yaad Rekhna
Pehle Hee Kahte Hai Koi Humara Aetbaar Na Kare

Dua nahi to gila deta koi meri

Dua nahi to gila deta koi
meri wafaon ka sila deta koi
jab mukadar hi nahi tha apna
deta bhi to bahla kya deta koi
hasil-e-ishq faqat dard hai
aye kash pehle hi baat deta koi
taqdeer nahi thi agar aasmaan chuna
khaq me hi mila deta koi
bewafa bhi humein bewafa keh gaya
is se zyada kya daga deta koi
guman hi ho jata [...]

Kafi arsa beet gyaa janay ab woh

Kafi Arsa Beet Gyaa Janay Ab Woh Kaisa Hoga
Waqt Ki Sari Kerwi Batain Chup Chap Sehta Hoga
Ab Bhi Bhegge Brish Mein Woh Bn Kay Chatri Chalta Hoga
Mujhsay Bichray Arsa Beeta Ab Wo Kis Se Larta Hoga
Acha Tha Jo Sath Hi Rhety Baad Mein Os Nay Soccha Hoga
Apnay Dil Ki Sari Baatain Khud Say Khud Hi [...]

If i reached for your hand

If I reached for your hand , will u hold it ?
If I hold out my arms, will u hug me ?
If I go for your lips, will u kiss me ?
If I capture ur heart , will u love me ??
All I wanted was sum1 2 care 4 me
All I wanted was sum1 who’d [...]

Mohabbat karke dekho to kya nahi karti

Mohabbat karke dekho to
Mohabbat kya nahi karti
Mohabbat khud bhi hoti hai
Mohabbat khud hojaati hai
Mohabbat khud banati hai
Mohabbat khud bhi banti hai
Mohabbat khud bhi andhi hai
Mohabbat andha karti hai
Mohabbat jhuk bhi sakti hai
Mohabbat jhuka bhi deti hai
Mohabbat khud bhi nafrat hai
Mohabbat Pyaar bhi karti hai
Mohabbat Pyaar hai Dil ka
Mohabbat esaar bhi karti hai
Mohabbat kaam hai dukh [...]

Kabhi tere deedar ko tarsa pyar tu

Kabhi Tere Deedar Ko Tarsa
Kabhi Tere Pyar Ko Tarsa
Tu Mil Bhi Gaya Mujhe Phir Bhi Na Jane Kyo Main Karar Ko Tarsa
Patjhad Tha Bahar Aayi Sawan Ki Rimjhim Phuhar Aayi
Pa Bhi Liya Maine Tujhko Lekin
Phir Na Jane Kyo Tere Ikrar Ko Tarsa
Kushi Me, Gam Me Tu Sath H Mere
Janta Hu Koi Ho Ya Na Ho Tu Aas Pas H Mere
Phir Bhi Aisa Kyo Lagta H Ki
Main Teri Parchayi Se Bhi Mulakat To Tarsa…
- Mahi

Akelay ho na paieny kabhi tanhayee may

Akelay Ho Na Paieny Kabhi Tanhayee May Hum.
Hamaray Sath Aapni Yadoon Ka Aisa Qafila Rakhna.
Hamain Bus Aap Se Jana Faqat Itni Guzarish Hai.
Guftagu May Kamal Rakhna Aankhon May Haya Rakhna.
Tumharay Dost Tu Hein Or Be Laikin Gila Nahi.
Milo Un Se Magar Khud May Zara Sa Fasla Rakhna.
Hazaron Mor Ayein Gay Hamari Rah-e- Ulfat May.
Kabhi Judaa Na Hona Hamesha Hosla Rakhna.
Tumhari Zaat Se Hi Wabasta Hein Umeedien Sab.
Inhain Bujhanay Na Daina Tum Inhain Roshan Sada Rakhna.
Tumharay Hi Liay Tu Hein Meri Sari Wafaien.
Hamaray Dil Ki Dunyia Sab Logon Se Judaa Rahna

Ho puri dil ki har khwahish aapki

Ho puri dil ki har khwahish aapki,
Aur mile khushiyon ka jahan aapko,
Jab agar aap mange aasma ka ek tara,
To bhagwan dede sara aasma aapko.
*Happy Birth Day*
Dua karte hain hum sar jhuka ke,
Aap apni manzil ko paye.
Agar aapki rahon me kabhi andhera aaye,
To roshni ke liye khuda humko jalaye…
Phool khilte rahein zindgi ki raah mein,
Hansi chamakti rahe aapki nigaah mein.
Kadam kadam par mile khushi ki bahar aapko,
Dil deta hai yehi dua baar-baar aapko.
*Janm Din Ki Hardik Shubh Kaamnaayein*
Yahi dua karta hu khuda se,
Aapki zindigi mein koi Gam na ho,
Janamdin per mile hazaro khusiyan,
Chahe unme shaamil hum na ho. …

Tere ikhlaas sy mohabbat ki hy ehsas

Tere Ikhlaas Sy MOHABBAT Ki Hy
Tere Ehsas Sy MOHABBAT Ki Hy
Tu Mere Paas Nahi Hy Phir Bhi
Main Ny Teri Yaad Sy MOHABBAT Ki Hy
Kabhoi Tu Ny Bhi Mujhy Yaad Kia Hoga
Main Ny Un Lamhat Sy MOHABBAT Ki Hy
JinMain Hon Sirf Teri Aur Meri Baatei’n
Main Ny Us Waqt Sy MOHABBAT Ki Hy
Aur Jo Mehalty Hon Teri [...]

A charm invests a face imperfectly

A charm invests a face
Imperfectly beheld.
The lady dare not lift her veil
For fear it be dispelled.

But peers beyond her mesh,
And wishes, and denies,
Lest interview annul a want
That image satisfies.

Nbsp jab say begum ny mujhy

Jab say Begum ny Mujhy – Funny Poetry by Akber

Yeh subaz halali percham yehi mere pehchan

yeh subaz halali percham,
yehi mere pehchan mere ha shan,
Qaid ki koshishoon ka inam,
yeh mera payara Pakistan,
mere yeh shan mere pehchan,
Yeh mera payara Pakistan!

Baba bulley shah farmaya kalyan ishq kamna

Kalyan ishq kamna okha
Kisy nu yaar banana okha
Payar payar te har koi boly
Kar k payar nibhana okha
Har koi dokhaan te hass lenda ae
Kisi da darrd wandana okha
Galaan nal nai rutby mildy
Jogi bhes watana okha
Koi kisy di gaal nai sunda
Lokaan nu samjhana okha!!

Ab ke hum bitchre to shayad kabhi

Ab Ke Hum Bitchre To Shayad Kabhi Khawbon Main Mile
Jis Tarah Sukhay Hue Patte Kitabon Main Mile
Dhoond Ujray Hue Logon Main Wafa Ke Moti
Ye Khazane Tujhe Mumkin Hai Kharabon Main Mile

Ghum-e-Duniya Bhi Ghum-e-yaar Main Shamil Kar Loon
Nasha Barhta Hai Sharabain Jo Sharabon Main Mile

Too Khuda Hai Na Mera Ishq Farishton Jaisa
Dono Insaan Hain To Kyon Hijabon Main Mile

Aaj Hum Dar Ye Khainchainge Jin Baton Par
Kya Ajub Kal Woh Zamane Ko Nasibon Main Mile

Ab Na Woh Hain, Na Woh Tu Hai, Na Woh Maze Hain Faraz
Jaise Do Shakhs Tamanna Ke Sailabon Main Mile

Ab Ke Hum Bitchre To Shayad Kabhi Khawbon Main Mile

Dil se mohabbat ka ajeeb karobaar hum

Dil Se..
Mohabbat ka ajeeb karobaar hum ne kiya,
Woh be wafa sehi magar pyaar hum ne kiya,
agar woh chor gya to mat keho bura us ko,
Qasoor uska nhe “Aitebaar” hum ne kiya !
Unhe to fursat nahi hume yaad karne ki
humara waqt guzarta hai unki fariyad karke
wo aaye mere lash pe to kehna
abhi soya hai tujhe yaad karke !
Pal bhar mein tut jaye wo kasam nahi,
ishq ko bhool jaye wo hum nahi,
tum bewafa bano is baat mein dam nahi,
kyunki hamari wafa bhi kuchh kam nahi.
Chahte the jinhe unke dil badal gaye
samandar gehre the sahil badal gaye
Katal aisa hua tukdo me mera
kabhi badle khanzar to kabhi katil badal gaye.
hum uski yaad mai barso rote rahe
Bewafa wo nikle badnam hum hote rahe..
pyar me madhoshi ka aalam to dekhiye,
dhul chehre pe thi aur hum aaina dhote rahe.
Gamo ki Barsaat Samete Huay Betha hu.
Kisi Bewafa se Dhokha Khai Bhetha hu.
Jane Kab Dega Uper wala Mot Mujh ko,
Ab To bas Khuda ke Bharosay Aas lagay Betha hu.
Unko Apne Haal ka Hisaab Kya Dete?
Sawal Saare Galat The, Hum Jawab Kya Dete?
Wo Toh Lafzo Ki Hifazat Bhi Naa Kr Sake…
Phr Unke Hath Mein Zndgi Ki Puri Kitaab Kya Dete???
Raha jo dil mein dhadkan ban ke
bichda mujhse vo bewafa ban ke
na ummid rahi jeene ki ab ae dosto
milli hamein dava bhi ek sazaa ban ke.
aub toh gham sehne ki aadat si ho gayi hai
raat ko chhup chhup rone ki aadat si ho gayi hai
tu Bewafa hai….khel mere dil se ji bhar ke
hamein toh ab chot khaane ki aadat si ho gayi hai.
Jaan kar bhi woh Mujhe jaan na paaye,
Aaj tak woh Mujhe pehchaan na paaye,
Khud hi kar li bewafai humne,
taaki unpar koi ilzaam na aaye.
Dosto aap ke bahut saare emails mil rahe hai shukriya ummid hai or bhi aisa hi pyaar dete rahoge email ke jariye.

Will you be mine theres so many

Will You Be Mine?
Theres So Many Reasons Why I Cant Sleep At Night
Im Sometimes Stupid And Sensitive I Find It So Hard To Give But I Love You Quite A Bit
I Dont Know Where To Go So I Took Everything Slow
There Are Times That I Show My Tender Side
The Soft And Warmer Part I Hide
Now I Found The Person Who Touch My Heart
I Could Overcome Being Often Shy
You Who Knows The Pain Of My Lips And Discovered Why My Eyes Weep
When Theres No Concern For Me You Tried Your Best
To Comfort Me…
When Theres Nothing Left But Still Me!
You Hug Me So Tenderly Until I Woke Up And Realized
I Want To Be With You Through All Times For No Reasons That I Know Except “I Want You So”….

Humne bewaffai nehi ki aapse aap yeh

Humne Bewaffai Nehi Ki Aapse
Aap Yeh Kyo Keh Ke Hume Sattate Hai
Aapka Rishta Kisi Our Ke Saath Hai
Hum Yehi To Aapko Samjhate Hai
Aapke Haath Pe Jiski Angoti Hai
Useh Ka Aap Pe Haq Hai
Humne Bewaffai Nehi Ki Aapse
Aap Yeh Kyo Keh Ke Hume Rulate Hai

8216taash k pat0n ki manind hai zindagi

‘Taash K pat0n ki Manind
hai Zindagi meri..
‘Jis kisi ne bhi Khela
Taqseem mar diya Mujhe…!!!

Pholon ko jis trha bhanwre milte hyn

Pholon Ko Jis Trha Bhanwre Milte Hyn
Aao Is “EID” Pe Hum B Kahin Milte Hyn
Apni Is Chahat Ko
Pyar Bari Rafaqat Ko
Sachi Lagan Ka Rang Dete Hyn,
Dunia K Liye Apni Mohbat Ko Misal Krte Hyn
Rawani K Liye Jese Darya Samandar Me Khud Ko Pamal Krte Hyn
Phool Jese Gulshan Se Wafa Nibane Hr Bar Nikalte Hyn
Aao Is [...]

No one knows how it feels to

No one knows how it feels to be me
Like a river my tears flow fast and free

As people walk by me I wonder what they see
Certainly not a person whose happy or carefree

At night I close my eyes & to god I make a plea
To give me strength to let the anger go away in every degree,

So that I don’t have to live the rest of my life in a fantasy,
Where I dream that I live everyday in perfect harmony.

Sapno ki trah saja kar rakhege

Sapno ki trah saja kar rakhege ,
chandni raat ki nazron se chhupa kar rakge ,
AGAR meri taqdir mere sath HOGI ,
to zindagi bhar aap ko apna dost bana ke rakhenge .
Hum ummindo ki duniya basate rhe ,
vo bi pal pal hume ajmate rhe ,
jab pyar mein marne ka waqt aye
hum mar gye aur wo hume dkh kar muskrate rhe
Aap hame rulado to koi gam nahi ,
aap hame bhulado to koi gam nahi ,
per jis din hamne aap ko bhula diya ,
samajh lena is duniya mein hum nahi
[email protected]

Jawaab do tum kiyon

Jawaab do ?

Tum kiyon bany thy dil ka sahara jawab do,
Ab kahan hai wo pyar tumhara jawab do,
Kis ko tha naaz apni adaaon pe har ghari,
Hum to seh na seken ge judai ka gham,
Ye qoul tha mera k tumhara jawab do.
Ek taraf zindagi ek taraf maot hai,
Ab kis taraf karo gy ishara jawab do.

Kuch is terha guzarti ab humaari har

Kuch is terha guzarti ab, humaari har shaam hai,
Ek haath tasveer unki to, aik haath jaam hai!
Bekar hai yad deelana, ke shaye ye haram hai,
Sab kuch bhul jate hai, jab koi leta unka nam hai!
Hum to yehi kahenge, Mai be-wajah badnaam hai,
Dard-e-dil se humko to, pahunchaati ye araam hai!
Tawah karti hai sarab, galat is par ilzam hai,
Madadgar ka badnam hona to, kudarat ka nizam hai!
Hum ghamkhaaron ka mai ko, Tah-e-dil se salaam hai,
Bina iske to khudaa jaane, kya humara anjaam hai!

Aastino mein naag paale hain loog bemaut

Aastino mein naag paale hain
Loog bemaut marne waale hain
Raunke jism e sar ba sajda thi
Us haveli mein aaj jaale hain
Haddiyan choos lenge dunya ki
Woh zamane ne kutte paale hai,
zakhm bakhshe hai usko phoolo ne
Jisne pathar nichaur daale hain
Har parinde ki rooh larza hai
Aise phande soonahre daale hain
Sheesh mahloon ki aaj khair nahi
Waqt ne sang woh uchaale hain
Sach ko jhootla diya tha jisne
Aaj uski zubaan mein chaale hain
Unko koi samajh nahi sakta
Unke andaaz hi niraale hain
Jo bhi qatil hamare hain
Phool se chehre bhole bhaale hain

Phir neend bhala kab aati hai jab

Phir Neend Bhala Kab Aati Hai?
Jab Neend Se Ankhain Bojhal Hon,
Aur Apne Aankh Se Ojhal Hon,
Phir Neend Bhala Kab Aati Hai?
Jab Dil Mein Basne Waale Bhi,
Aur Saath Mein Hasnay Walay Bhi,
Jab Door Khahin Wo Bastay Hon,
Kisi Aur Ke Sath Wo Hanstay Hon,
Phir Neend Bhala Kab Aati Hai?
Jab Ghum Ki Raat Andhairi Ho,
Aur Us Mein Yaad Bhi TERI Ho,
Na Dil Mein Koi Ujala Ho,
Phir Neend Bhala Kab Aati Hai?
Phir Neend bhala kab ati hai….

Its time for celebrating love and affection

It’s Time For Celebrating
Love And Affection This Week.
The Valentine Week Is Going On.
Today Is Chocolate Day.
Lovers Exchange Chocolates On This Occasion
To Express Love For Each Other.
Happy Chocolate Day
*****ANMOL ARORA ****

Sham thi wo kaatiljo uski yaaden le

Sham thi wo kaatil,jo uski yaaden le aai ,
Thy ham tanha, hame mahkhane le aaye,
Saaki ne toa aur bhi julam dhaya ham par,
Ke chalak gaya paimana, aisi aankhiyon se pilayi …

Kabhi to hume bhi yaad karoge do

Kabhi to hume bhi yaad karoge.,
Do pal mere liye bhi barbaad karoge.,
Intezaar rahega hume bhi Qayamat tak.,
hum bhi to dekhe tu akhir kab tak hume
pyaar na karoge..
lee pradeep.

Chandan ki khusboo resham ka haar bhadav

Chandan ki khusboo,
Resham ka haar,
Bhadav ki shugandh,
Barish ki fhuhaar,
Dil ki umeede,
Apno ka pyar,
Mangalmay ho aapko Sri Krishna Janmashtmi ka tyohar

Nain gam karan tan main mar javan

Nain gam karan tan main mar javan,
mere yaar di yari kuj hor ho gayi,
jeda nazran de nal sohna takda si,
akh ohi te nazar kuj hor ho gayi.
Aandhiyon me bhi jaise kuch chirag jala kartey hai,
Utni hi himmat e hausla hum bhi rakha kartey hai,
Manzilon abhi aur dur hai hamari Manzil,
Chaand sitarey to raahon me mila kartey hai.
Tairana hai to Sagar ki Laharon me tairo, kinaron me kya rakkha hai !
Mohabbat karana hai to Vatan se karo,Ladakiyon me kya rakkha hai !!
Jo ab tak naa khola, woh khun nahi pani hai
Jo desh ke kaam naa aaye woh bekaar jawaani hai!!

Paade che saad tu mane roj khvaab

Paade che saad tu mane roj khvaab ma,
Taro avaaj sambhalu cho hu kitaab ma;
Tari mahendi no rang maari ghazal ne sajaavashe,
Ekaad patra Tuy lakhe jo javaab ma.
Ful cho pan kata no shangaar karu cho,
Jindagi che pan mot no swikar karu chu;
are! Jivan ma hu ek bhul vaaramvaar karu chu,
Maanvi chu ne maanvi ne pyaar karu chu.
Ek Bhule gayo Bhutkal, Haji Vartamaan Baaki che;
Aato pawan ni laher hati, haji Tufaan baki che.
Pidhu e haath nu paani, Ne Haath Mangu chu;
Bhale thaay Barbadi, Toy Jivanbhar no saath maango chu.
jawaani e zara ma jai ne jindagi ne sago kidho che;
pyasa ne maanmohit kari ne bewafa e dago kidho che.
Buddhi ne pan vahem thayo che,
Hu jaanu chu e kem thayo che;
kahu! Koine kahesho nahi ke,
paheli j najare prem thayo che.
Maari ghazal che niche padela Gulabma;
Laakho milanni tako che haji pan hisab ma.
Ketlaay varshe mali che tu he sakhi,
Me sajavi che taari maate ghazal ni paalkhi;
Tu samay ne le barabar paarkhi,
Etle j taaji shaayri che me lakhi.
Vijalina zabkar ma suni, prit ni param vaani;
Aabh aakho thayu zalhala ne, Pruthvi thai pani pani.
Adrashya rahi ne mara Rudan ma hata tame,
same malya to aavi gaya mara smit ma tame.
Ful ne khushbu male, naav ne saagar male;
Aap jo Aavo to mara dil ne dilbar male.

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise sadiyon se

Tum Bin Jiya Jaaye Kaise
Kaise Jiya Jaaye Tum Bin
Sadiyon Se Lambi Hain Raatein
Sadiyon Se Lambe Hue Din
Aa Jaao Lautkar Tum, Yeh Dil Keh Raha Hai…
Phir Shaam-E-Tanhaai Jaagi
Phir Yaad Tum Aa Rahe Ho
Phir Jaan Nikalne Lagi Hai
Phir Mujhko Tadpaa Rahe Ho
Phir Mujhko Tadpaa Rahe Ho
Is Dil Mein Yaadon Ke Mele Hain
Tum Bin Bahut Hum Akele Hain
Aa Jaao Lautkar Tum, Yeh Dil Keh Raha Hai…
Kya Kya Na Socha Tha Maine
Kya Kya Na Sapne Sajaaye
Kya Kya Na Chaaha Tha Dil Ne
Kya Kya Na Armaan Jagaaye
Kya Kya Na Armaan Jagaaye
Is Dil Se Toofaan Guzarte Hai
Tum Bin To Jeete Na Marte Hai
Aa Jaao Lautkar Tum, Yeh Dil Keh Raha Hai…
Tum Bin Jiya Jaaye Kaise
Kaise Jiya Jaaye Tum Bin
Sadiyon Se Lambi Hain Raatein
Sadiyon Se Lambe Hue Din
Aa Jaao Lautkar Tum, Yeh Dil Keh Raha Hai…

Pyar ke rang se bharo pichkari sneh

Pyar Ke Rang Se Bharo Pichkari
Sneh Ke Rang Do Duniya Sari
Ye Rang Na Jane Koi Jaat Na Koi Boli
Aapko Mubarak Ho Apno Ki Holi

Makki ki roti nimbu ka aachar suraj

Makki ki Roti, Nimbu ka Aachar,
Suraj Ki Kirne, Khushiyo ki Bahar,
Chand Ki Chandi, Apno ka Pyar,
Mubarak Ho Aapko, DIWALI ka Tayohar
Andhera hua dur raat ke saath
Nayi subha aayi diwali leke sat

Muddat e tanhai mein jaisey sadiyan guzar gaye dhoonda

Muddat-E-Tanhai Mein Jaisey Sadiyan Guzar Gaye
Dhoonda Hai Teri Yaad Ko Na Janey Kahan Kahan
Abhi To Yaheen Thi Na Jaaney Ab Kidhar Gaye
Terey Aashiyaney Pe Matam-E-Ishq Kiya Kartey They
Ek Wohi Reh-Guzar Thi Who Bhi Ujar Gaye

Yaad rakh kar meri dosti ko tumne

Yaad Rakh Kar Meri Dosti Ko Tumne
Meri Zindagi Per Ehsaan Kar Diya
Mere Mobile Mein Bhi Ye Aakhri Rupeeya Tha
Le Voh Bhi Tere Naam Kar Diya

Kehnde rabba dita husn je tu sohneya

Kehnde rabba dita husn je tu sohneya nu,
te kahte ditiyan magrooriyan ne ,
pehle patt k putt begane fir langdiyan vatt k ghuriyan ne ,
je puchiye eh ki kita ariye tu,
te kehngiyan chhad ve areya majburiyan ne.
by T Samridh

Arz hai dil na ummid to nahi

Arz hai,
Dil Na-ummid to nahi , Na-kaam hi to hai.
Lambi hai gum ki Shyam , magar Shyam hi to hai.

Dard shayari sare sapne tod k baite

Dard Shayari
Sare Sapne Tod K Baite Hai
Sare Arman Tod K Baite Hai
Na Kijiye Hamse Wafa Ki Bate
Abhi Abhi Dil K Tukde Jodkar Baite Hai  (love bad ok)
Pathan Jokes
100 pathan aik kashti me sawar thay
k achanak kashti ruk gai
sab doob gaye, kaisay?
pathan thay na sub,
dhakka laganay utar gaye
Dosti Shayari
Pani Se Tasvir Kaha Banti He
Khwabo Se Takdir Kaha Banti He
Kisi Ko Chaho To Sacche Dilse
Kyunki Ye Zindgi Phir Kaha Milti Hai
Love Shayari
Humnay Dil Tora Dharkanoun Kay Khauf Say
Apni Basti He Mita Di Barishoun Kay Khauf Say
Kon Kehta Hai Hamein Mohabbat Ras Agaye?
Hum Tu Youn He Hans Daitay Hain Ansoun Kay Khauf Say
( What Is Love Shina Amir)
Hindi Shayari
tufan me kashti ko kinare bhi mil jate hai
jahan me logo ko sahare bhi mil jate hai
duniya me sabse pyari hai zindagi
kuch log zindagi se pyare bhi mil jate hai
Urdu Shayari
Na Khawabon Main Dekha, Na Nazaron Main Dekha,
Hazaron Main Hum Nay Ek Tum Hi Ko Dekha
Ghum Denay Walay Tu Har Pal Hai Yahan,
Har Pal Khushi Denay Walon Main, Ek Aap Ko Hi Dekha
Love Shayari
Jis anjam se hum dartey thay,
Uss anjam tak humein le aaya koi.
Zindagi guzar gayi samjhaney mein,
Kuch iss tarha bekarari sikha gaya koi
Hindi Shayari
dil gumsum zubaan khamosh
yeh aankhein nam kyu hai
jab tujhe kabhi paya hi na tha
to aaj tujhe khone ka ghum kyu hai.
Dard Shayari
Hume Bhi Pyaar Karne Ka Khayal Aaya,
Jub Bhi Yeh Khayal Aya Khud Ko Akeala Paya,
Dhoonte Rahe Is Duniya Main Humsafar,
Kisi Ko Dohke Baaz, Kisi Ko Bewafa Hi Paya
Dard Shayari
Meri sari zindagi ko be sabub us nay kia
Umar meri thi magar is ko basar us nay kia
Rahbar mera bana gumrah krnay k liya
Mujhko seedhay rastay say darbadar us ny kia.
Hindi Shayari
log kahate hai. tum cigaret kyu pite ho.
kya ye pyas bhujati hai. maine kaha nahi.
dil me kisi bewafa ki tasveer hai.
kambkat usko jalati hai.
Hindi Shayari
Takdir Ke Rang Kitne Ajeeb Hain
Anjane Rishte Hai Phir Bhi Kareeb Hain
Har Kisiko Dost Aapke Jaisa Nahi Milta
Aap Mile Mujhe Ye Mera Naseeb Hai (good freiends )
Submitted By: Ansari Amir 9892500724

Hum beech manzil mai thay kharay asqaam

hum beech manzil mai thay kharay
asqaam ke chadar oray hoay
ankhon mai ayaare kay thay dailay
har lab peh drogh ke the chashnee
zubaan afwahon say na ho aajiz
gardaan hamara hai tha mehdood
jab thaan le hum nay sachae ke
tab nafs nay baghawat kar daale
har fard nay kia alwida
aur chor gay waqt kay saharay per
tab waqt nay hum ko na jana
aur chor gaya dorahay per
mojon mai sukoon he sukoon, baki
aur shor hai ashkon ke lehroon mai
ab shikwa karain tu kis say karain
koi pursan-e-haal he nahi apna

Nahi thi itni tanha jindagi ajj tmana

nahi thi itni tanha jindagi
ajj tmana ki hasratoo me bikhargai jindagi….
nahi thi itni tanha jindagi …………………
pal do pal jo ye sase chalti hai
mujhse pucho ye kesi lagti hai
mene mar kar jina sikha nahi
fir mujhe mot kyon aati nahi
nahi thi itni tanha jindagi …………..
ajj tmana ki hasratoo me bikhargai jindagi….
akhoo ne jo sapne dekhe hai
wo jhute to nahi
sath chuta hai sabka par me tuta to nahi
nahi thi itni tanha jindagi
ajj tmana ki hasratoo me bikhargai jindagi….
tut kar bhi judha se rehate hai
akho me jo dard hai kisi ne dekha hi nahi
nahi thi itni tanha jindagi
ajj tmana ki hasratoo me bikhargai jindagi….

Gamo ke khaak sey chan kar aati

gamo ke khaak sey chan kar aati hai awaaj teri
sadion sey basi hai es dil mei yaad teri
na jaane kyon kabhi mur kar na dekha tumne
kyon khushnuma dino ko yaad na kiya tumne
wo tera milna, tera hansna, ruk ruk kar wo batiyaana tera
aur phir baaton baaton mei tunak jaana tera
aaj bhi satata hai humhe wo palat kar laut aana tera
aankho mei liye aansoo, daaman mei chup jaana tera
socha tha zindagi tere bina bhi hans kar gujar jaayegee
itni bari duniya mei humhe koi aur khushi mil jaayegee
aaj phir laut kar aaye hain usi chaurahe per, ki ab aur gamo ko hum sah
nahi paate
dete hain tumhe awaaj, chale aao ek baar, tere bina ab hum jee nahi paate..

Koi anjaan jab apna ban jata hai

Koi Anjaan Jab Apna Ban Jata Hai…
Najanay Kyun Wo Bohat Yaad Ata Hai,
Laakh Bhulana Chaho Us Chehray Ko Magar…
Aks Us ka Har Cheez Main Nazer Aata Hai..

Mirza Sadaf

Old year sabse ho raha hai dur

Old year sabse ho raha hai dur,
Kya kare yahe hai kudrat ka dastor,
Purane yaadein sochkar udas na ho tum,
Naye saal aayahe chalo…
Dhoom machale, dhoom machale dhoom!!

Kabhi tum idhar se guzar k to

Kabhi tum idhar se guzar k to dekho
In aankhon se dil main utar k to dekho
Yahan tum ko apni mohabbat mile gi
Bohut gham deye the humain zindagi ne
Khelone se barh kar na samjha kisi ne
Magar tum ne a kar bhare zakham sare
Nigahoon main sab ki nazare base the
Diye jal rahe the sitare base the
Mere aansuon ko kisi ne na dekha
Kabhi tum idhar se guzar k to dekho

Hum apni dosti ko yaadon mein sajayenge

Hum Apni Dosti Ko Yaadon Mein Sajayenge,
Door Rehkar Bhi Band Ankhon Mein Nazar Ayenge,
Hum Koi Waqt Nahi Jo Beet Jaayenge,
Jab Yaad Karoge Tab Chale Aayenge.

By Vijay Thakur

Tu apni sheeshagari ka hunar na kar

Tu Apni Sheeshagari Ka Hunar Na Kar Zayan,
Main To Aaena Hun Mujhe Tootnay Ki Aadat Hai.

Mur chalea ni mehmaan tera kive bhalao

Mur Chalea Ni Mur Chalea Ni Mehmaan Tera
Kive Bhalao Pal Pal Da Ehsaan Tera
Jado Khich Jatin Nu Sehar Tere Dayian Paun Geyian
Os Wele Is Marjane Dayian Akhan Neer Varson Geyian

Judaai ki wo shaam ae sahar to na thi

Judaai Ki Wo Shaam-Ae-Sahar To Na Thi
Bijlee Giri Thi Ham Par,Kahar To Na Thi
Mai Pee Raha Tha Dekh Kar Tum Kyu Tadap Gaye?
Asko Ke Jam Hi To The ,Jahar To Na Tha?

Khatm wo fasana ho chuka khwab main

Khatm Wo Fasana Ho Chuka
Khwab Main Purana Ho Chuka
Dekhna Bulana Ho Chuka
Lutf Ko Zamana Ho Chuka
Dekhna Palat Kar Ujr Se
Phir Nazar Churana Ho Chuka
Zabt Kar Raha Hoon Aaj Phir
Aaj Phir Na Jana Ho Chuka
Haye Manzile Maqsood Tha
Raah Ka Thikana Ho Chuka

Aa kar ke meri kabar pe tune

Aa Kar Ke Meri Kabar Pe Tune Jo Muskura Diya
Bijli Falak Se Gir Padi Sara Kafan Jala Diya
Chain Se So Rahi Thi Main Ode Kafan Majaar Mein
Yahan Bhi Satane Aagaye Kisne Pata Bata Diya

Tum to doge saath hamara yaqeen tha

Tum To Doge Saath, Hamara Yaqeen Tha
Thame Rahoge Haanth, Hamara Yaqeen Tha
Gar Lut Bhi Jaoonga Main, Tere Pyar Ki Khatir
Tum Phir Bhi Hoge Pyar, Hamara Yaqeen Tha
Jub Se Tujhe Pyar Kiya, Kafir Main Bun Gaya
Tujhse Pahle Khuda Me, Kitna Yaqeen Tha
Kitna Mashhoor Tha Main, Apni Saadgi Ke Liye
Hur Ek Ko Mere Nafs Pe, Itna Yaqeen Tha
Ab Tere Her Lafz Ka, Main Arth Dhoondta Hoon
Pahle Tere Shabdon Pe, Mujhe Kitna Yaqeen Tha
Tumse Kisi Ne Kah Diya Ki Damal Ghair Ho Gaya
Tumne Yaqeen Kar Liya, Bus Mujpe Itna Yaqeen Tha

Zamane ney jo dhoka diya to sab

Zamane Ney Jo Dhoka Diya
To Sab Sey Juda Ho Gaey
Khushi Ne Bewafai Ki Itni
Key Hum Ghum Per Fida Ho Gaey
Likh Key Naam Tera Dil Per Apney
Hum Zindagi Sey Khafa Ho Gaey

Bahut door hai hamare ghar se tumhare

Bahut door hai hamare ghar se tumhare ghar ka kinara..
Par hum hawa ke har jhonke se pooch lete hai haal tumhara…

Bohat israar posheeda hai iss tanha pasandi

Bohat Israar Posheeda Hai Iss Tanha Pasandi Main
Yeh Mat Samjhoo K Deewani Jahan Deeda Nahi Hote
Ta`jub Kia hy Aye IQBAL Jo Dunia Tujse Nakhush Hai
Bohat Se Loog Duniya Pasandeeda Nahi Hote ..

Na mila dil ka qadar daan iss

Na Mila Dil Ka Qadar Daan Iss Zamaney Mein
Ye Sheesha Toot Gaya Daikhney Aur Dikhaney Mein
Jee Mein Aata Hai Ekk Roz Shama Say Poochoon
Maza Kis Mein Hai, Jalney Mein Ya Jalaney Mein ??
This post was submitted by Saqib Usman.

Kitni kanjosi pe amada hain mare susral

Kitni Kanjosi Pe Amada Hain Mare Susral Waley
Raz Ki Baat Bataoon To Dar Lagta Hai
Asey Kamrey Main Sooladia Mare Saloon Ney Mujey
—Paoon Phaylaoon Tu Diwar Se Sar Lagta Hai–

Wo jo mud8217dato8217n sy mila nahi main

Wo jo mud’dato’n sy
mila nahi
Main bhi dhoondny
main thaka nahi
Usay dhoonda mene
gali gali
Koi chorhi mene jaga nhi
Sab ny kaha usay bhool ja
Dil ny kaha wo bura nhi
Bhula duun usay main
bhi agar
Phir farq hum me
raha nahi
Milte nhi tou kia
Mere dil se wo tou
juda nahi …

Na kuch tera hoga mera zindgi me

Na Kuch Tera Hoga
Na Kuch Mera Hoga
Zindgi Me Bas Uper Wale Ka Faisla Hoga
Kon Kehta Hi K Ye Waqt Hamara Hai
Ye To Sirf Ehsaas Ka Dhoka Hai
Jeene Ke Liye Jitna Sochoge Utna Pachtawa Hoga
Bas Itna Hee Samajh Lena Na Kuch Tera Na Kuch Mera Hoga…
- T Khan

Laut aaw jo aana chaho tum waqt

Laut Aaw Jo Aana Chaho Tum
Waqt Ko Saath Laana Chaho Tum
Khud Ko Bhi Aazmaana Chaho Tum
Pyaar Ke Geet Sab Adhoore Hai
Jab Kabhi Chaand Muskurata Hai
Dil Mera Kuch Machal Sa Jaata Hai
Jab Kabhi Yeh Khayal Aata Hai
Laut Aaw Laut Aaw

Aankhon ko ho sakay to zara ashkbaar

Aankhon Ko Ho Sakay To Zara Ashkbaar Rakh
Paiwastah Rah Shajar Se Ummeed-E-Bahar Rakh
Gham Se Jo Hai T-Alluq Usay Ustwaar Rakh
Rakhna Hi Hai Agar To Dil-E-Sogwaar Rakh
Sarchashma Terey Dil Main Muhabbat Ka Hai Agar
Sookhay Har Aik Hont Pe Aansoo Ki Dhaar Rakh
Aiy Maut Zindagi Ka Abhi Haath Main Hai Haath
Thamoonga Tera Haath Bhi, Tu Aitbaar Rakh
Dil [...]

Ab to uth saktaa nahin aankhon se

Ab To Uth Saktaa Nahin Aankhon Se Baar-E-Intizaar
Kis Tarah Kaate Koi Lail-O-Nahaar- E-Intizaar
Unkii Ulfat Ka Yaqeen Ho Unke Aane Kii Ummiid
Hon Ye Dono Suuraten Tab Hai Bahaar-E-Intizaar
Merii Aahen Naa-Rasaa, Merii Duaein Naa-Qubuul
Yaa Ilaahii Kya Karo Main Sharmsaar-E- Intizaar
Unke Khat Kii Aarzuu Hai, Unkii Aamad Kaa Khayaal
Kis Qadar Peilaa Hua Hai Kaarobaar-E- Intizaar

Tum se kuch is tarha ki chahat

Tum Se Kuch Is Tarha Ki Chahat Ki Hai…….!!
Tumhare Baghair Zindagi Ka Koi Tasawur Nahi
Kuch Is Tarhan Se Tumhari Tamna Ki Hai
Hamaray Darmiyaan Hai Rahain Sadiyon Ki Khamoshiyan
Main Nay Tum Se Kuch Is Tarha Gufftagu Ki Hai
Meray Dil Main Baas Jao Tum Ruh-o-Muhabat Baan Kay
Main Nay Dil Ki Geherai Say Ye Ilteja Ki Hai
Tumharay Milnay [...]

Beetay huwe dinon ko bhulaya nahi jata

Beetay Huwe Dinon Ko Bhulaya Nahi Jata
Jo Roo Rahay Hon Unko Rulaya Nahi Jata
Hasnay Walon Ko Rulana Aasan Hai
Lekin Ronay Walon Ko Kabhi Hasaya Nahi Jata
Apno Or Geroon Ko Bhulana Asaan Hai Lekin
Dil Todnay Walay Ko Bhulaya Nahi Jata
Umeed Ban Ke Log Zindagi Mai Atey Hain
Khawab Ben Ke Ankhon Mai Sama Jate Hain

Har dua mein tera hi naam aaya

Har dua mein tera hi naam aaya,
tere jaane ke baad ye khayal aaya,
kab kahan maine apne liya kuch maanga khuda se
tabhi to teri khusi ke liye… apne pyar ko bhula aaya..

Itni shidat se to barsaat be kam

Itni Shidat Se To Barsaat Be Kam Kam Barsay
Jis Traha Ankh Teri Yaad Main Cham Cham Barsay
Minatien Kon Kary Aik Gharondy Ke Lye
Kah Do Baadal Se Barasta Hai To Jam Jam Barsay

Aaj kal mujhe kuch aisa lagne laga hai

Aaj-Kal Mujhe Kuch Aisa Lagne Laga Hai,
Ki Mausam Bhi Ab Kuch Rangeen Lagne Laga Hai,
U To Bahti Hawa Bhi Ab Gaane Lagi Hai
Ghajab Ye Hai Ki ’Sehra’ Bhi Khilne Laga Hai
Mujhe Neend Aati Nahi Ab Magar
Mera Dil To Ab Gaane-Hasne Laga Hai
Kahne Ko Sab Kuch Wahi Ka Wahi Hai
Par Mujhe Har Ik Zarra Naya Lagne Hai
Mehfil Me Jab Ham, Kuch Gumsum Se Baithe
Dosto Ne Bhi Poocha Ki Tujhe Kya Hua Hai
Ab Kya Me Kahta, Or Ab Kya Unki Sunta
Kaise Batau Ki Mujhe Kya Hua Hai
- Ashwani Mishra

Aa teri umar mein likh du chand

Aa teri Umar mein likh du chand sitaaro se
Tera janam din mein manau phoalo se bahaaro se
har ek khubsurti duniya se mein le aau
Sajaau yeh mehfil mein har haseen nazaaro se…
Tohfa-e-dil de du ya de du chand taare
Janam din pe tujhe kya du yeh puche mujh se saare
Zindagi tere naam kar du bhi toh kam hai
Daaman mein bhar du har pal khushi ka mein tumhare…
Phoolon ki sugandh se sugandhit ho jeevan tumhara
Taron ki chamak se sammilit ho jeevan tumhara
Umr aapki ho suraj jaisi
Yaad rakhe jise hamesha duniya
Janmdin mein aap mehfil sajayein aap aisi
Subh din ye aaye aapke jevan mein hazaar baar
Aur hum aapko “anmdin Mubarak” kehte rahein har baar..

I think that have found upon this

I think that I have found
Upon this wondrous ground
A friend for life, a love
Who is a touch above
Life’s mediocrities
That blow in different seas
These special ones on earth
Who’ve been that way since birth
They touch lightly your heart
And never must you part,
For when you see their eyes
There can be no good-byes
So walk this way with me
Along this [...]

Meri sochon ke harpal mein tum kyo

Meri sochon ke harpal mein, tum kyo aa jaati ho,
Mere dil ko anjane mein, tum kyon tadpaati ho,
Is Daman mein to bas, kaanto ka gulshan hai,
Phir is banjar duniya mein, kyon phool sajaati ho,
Dewana bhi kehta hai, ye chand kahan se aaya,
Taaron ke jhurmat mein, jab tum sharmaati ho,
Phir koun na chahega, jeete jee hi [...]

Mohabbat ka dard kia hai kisi ne

Mohabbat ka dard kia hai?
Kisi ne poocha to asman ro para,
Darakht khokla hokar gir gaya,
Samandar ubal utha,
Tara toot k gir gaya,
Hawayen sisakne lagen,
Khushbu mand pargayi,
Or main bikhar gaya.

Kabhii yuun bhii to ho dariyaa kaa

Kabhii Yuun Bhii To Ho
Dariyaa Kaa Saahil Ho
Puure Chaand Kii Raat Ho
Aur Tum Aao
Kabhii Yuun Bhii To Ho
Pariyon Kii Mahafil Ho
Koii Tumhaarii Baat Ho
Aur Tum Aao
Kabhii Yuun Bhii To Ho
Ye Narm Mulaayam Thandii Havaayen
Jab Ghar Se Tumhaare Guzaren
Tumhaarii Khushbuu Churaayen
Mere Ghar Le Aayen
Kabhii Yuun Bhii To Ho
Suunii Har Manzil Ho
Koii Na Mere Saath Ho
Aur Tum [...]

qadam milaao bachon agay qadam barhaao apnay

“Qadam Milaao”
bachon agay qadam barhaao
apnay parcham ko lehraao
khaamoshi hai achi aadat
par jab bolo rung jamaao
yakjehti ka suraj chamkay
ik doojay se qadam milaao
KHALIQ hai saansaar ka woh hi
USS ki AZMAT k gunn gaao
ilam o amal ka pekar ban kar
saari duniya par chaa jaao
sach main sakoon sach main rahat
jhoot se Aasi tum sharmaao

Har pair vich janjeer nahi hundi parchaaven

Har Pair Vich Janjeer Nahi Hundi
Parchaaven Vich Kade Tasvir Nahi Hundi
Har Koi Kiven Ban Jave ‘Ranjha Jogi’ Yaro
Kyonki Har Mashooq ‘Saleti-Heer’ Nahi Hundi


ایک ناکام شاعر Ú©ÛŒ Ø-Ù¾ بیتی
App beti – Funny Poetry of Poet
Øس کسی Ú©Ùˆ فون کرتا ہوں اٹھاتا نہیں کو؅ی
اب پیار سے Ù…ØÚ¾Û’ Ú¯ÙÛ’ Ùگاتا نہیں کو؅ی
Øھوٹی تعریفوں سے Ø-سماں پہ چڑھاتے تھے ÙÙˆÚ¯
ان دنوں Ù…ØÚ¾Û’ سر پہ بھی چڑھاتا نہیں کو؅ی
میری شاعری سن کر ØÙˆ بڑے مسکے Ùگاتے تھے
اب تو منہ زبانی Ù…Ú©Ú¾Ù† بھی Ùگاتا نہیں کو؅ی
میری راہ میں اپنی Ù¾Ùکیں بچھاتے تھے ÙÙˆÚ¯
Ø-Ø ØªÙˆ سوکھے پھو٠بھی بچھاتا نہیں کو؅ی
میرے سینے میں تو سبھی Ú©Û’ Ùیے محپت بھری ہے
میری Øانب دوستی کا ہاتھ بڑھاتا نہیں کو؅ی
پہÙÛ’ پہ٠طرح طرح Ú©Û’ کھانے Ú©Ú¾Ùاتے تھے ÙÙˆÚ¯
Ø-Ø Ú©Ù ØªÙˆ زبانی Ù¾Ùاؤ Ú©Ú¾Ùاتا نہیں کو؅ی
اصغر Øیسے بے روزگار سے پیار کر Ú©Û’
ایسا بھÙا کام کر Ú©Û’ ثواب کماتا نہیں کو؅ی

The quiet sky moon shinning bright in

The Quiet Sky.
The Moon Shinning
Bright, In Your Eyes.
Holding You Tight.

With Every Breath.
You Give Me Life.
With Every Kiss.
You Make My Heart
For It Is Your Love
I Wanna Be In For The
Rest Of My Life.
As We Grow Old
Let’s Rock Together
All The Way To The Sea
Of Life.
And Forever Lets
Set On That Beach
For When I Met
You I Never
Knew How Much
In Love I Would Fall
With You.
You Where My
Angel Sent From Above.
For When I Was Lost
It Was Your Light
That Carried Me Through
Forever Seem Like
A Long Time
But Forever Is What I Want
To Be, For You Are
My Angel Sent From Above.

Dukh mujhe udas dekh kar usne kaha

Mujhe Udas Dekh Kar Usne Kaha
Mere Hote Huye Tummhe Koi Dukh Nahi De Sakta
Phir Kuch Aisa Hi Hua
Baad Me Jitne Bhi Dukh Mile Sab Ussi Ke Uhe….
-Chandini Verma

Shaam e wada sahi dukh zyada hi phir bhi

Shaam-e-Wada Sahi, Dukh Zyada Hi Sahi, Phir Bhi Dekho ‘Faraz’
Aaj Shab !! Us Ki Furqat Main Keh Lo Ghazal, Kal Usay Dekhna … !!!

Ek shaks pas reh ke samjha nahi

Ek Shaks Pas Reh Ke Samjha Nahi Mujhe
Is Baat Ka Malal Hai Shikwa Nahi Mujhe
Main Us Ko Bewafai Ka Ilzam Kaisay Dou
Us Ne To Ibteda Se Hi Chaha Nahi Mujhe
Pathar Samajh Kar Paon Se Thokr Laga Dia
Afsos Teri Aankh Ne Parkha Nahi Mujhe
Kya Umedein Baandh Kar Aaya Tha Samnay
Us Ne To Aankh Bahr Ke [...]

Pray for all who can not enjoy

Pray for all who can not enjoy
Lend a hand who can not enjoy
Think for all who can not enjoy
GO to just one who can not enjoy

He will pray for you
He will think for you
He will certainly enjoy
You will indeed enjoy

Think over it, U will enjoy
Believe it, U will enjoy
Just do it today and ahead
I swear to GOD, U will enjoy

Doosti teri ham ko piari he sari

Doosti teri ham ko piari he
Sari dunia se ye nirali he
Tu agar mangle ye jan mujh se
Hanske de den ge ye tumhari he
Tu mera dost kitna pyara he
Tere bin ab nhi gujara he
Pas ho dur chahe hota he
Tera har pal mujhe shara he
Zindagi jabbhi gam me dubi he
Isko tune dia shara he
Teri baton se aesa lag ta he
Tera khushio se kuch kinara he
Gam me duba he tera har pal qnu
Jab tujhe mila mera shara he
Tujh se ham ne kia ye wada he
Aakhri sans tak nibhayenge
Bas khuda se duwa ye mangi he
Teri khusho ko sirf manga he
Tujh ko mil jai teri shusha sab
Rab se har pal yhi manga he…
Aap ko kisi bhi tar han ki shayri chahiye btana
me usi tar han ki likh ne ki koshish karun gi
apna khyal rkhna
Allah Hafiz
Composed and Written by
Hameeda Bibbo Ameer j

Jany kyu main na

Jany Kyu ?

Main na jugnu hOn na diya hOn na kOi chaand,
Phir rOshni waale mere naam se jalte kyun hain !

I think that have found upon this

I think that I have found
Upon this wondrous ground
A friend for life, a love
Who is a touch abov

Kabhi yaroo ki mehfil me bait ke

kabhi yaroo ki mehfil me bait ke hum bhi piya karte the
Kabh yaroo ke yaar ban ke hum bi jiya karte the
Zindagi ne ki bewafi ,warna
hum bhi zingadi se pyar kiya karte the

Aye khuda kaisi ye judaai har mod

Aye khuda kaisi ye judaai,
har mod par tanhaai hai,
kaise jiyenge hum unke bina,
har taraf ruswai hai.

Murli manoharbrij ke dharohar wo nand lala

Murli Manohar,Brij ke Dharohar.
Wo Nand lala Gopala,Bansi Ki Dhun Par Sabke Dukh Harne Wala.
Sab Milkar Machaye Dhoom
Ki Krishna Hai Ane Wala Ha

Te jo mithdi aankh maari mara haiya

Te jo mithdi aankh maari,
Mara haiya ma jhankaar vaagi;
Je shakya naa hoy eva ghanaa,
Svapnoni aas jaagi.
Te jo be mitha bol bolya,
Maara kaano ma sangeet vaagyu;
Dhime dhime taara vichaaro nu,
Maara jeevan ma pravaas jagyu.
Te jo maaro haath pakadyo,
Main maara mata-pita ni aangadi chodi;
Aakhu jeevan taari saathe rehva,
Main maara parivaar no saath chodyo.
Te jo maaro saath aapyo,
Maara svapno ne saacha padta main joya;
Pan saambhad… ek vaat che
J mane khoti laagti aavi.
Tu maaro ne hoon taari,
Prem che aatlo swarthi kem;
Mata-pita, parivaar no saath chodi,
Shu prem bani shake safal tu keh.
Aaje hu chhodu chu haath taro,
Na samjish k mein chodyo saath taro;
Aa maaro rasto ne pelo che taaro,
Have che taari malvaani vaat khoti.
To aaj pachi aapde malishu nahi,
Haan yaad to aapde ek bijaane karshu;
Aankh pan bheeni thai jashe maari
Yaad kari e mithdi aankh taari…!

Kuchh haath se uske fisal gaya wah

Kuchh haath se uske fisal gaya
wah palak jhapak kar nikal gaya
Fir laash bichh gayi lakhon ki
sab palak jhapak kar badal gaya
Jab rishte raakh mein badal gaye
insaanon ka dil dahal gaya
Main poochh poochh kar haar gaya
kyon mera bhaarat badal gaya.?

Garmiye hasrat ke nakam se jalte hai

Garmiye hasrat ke nakam se jalte hai
hum chiragon ki tarah shaam se jalte hai…
jab aata hai tera naam mere naam ke saath..
naa jano kyon log hamare naam se jalte hai…
Download Raaz Shayari

Koi jata hai yahaan se na aata

Koi Jata Hai Yahaan Se, Na Koi Aata Hai
Ye Diya Apne Andhere Mein Khud Hi Ghuta Jata Hai
Sab Samjhate Hain Vahi Raat Ki Kismat Hoga
Jo Sitara Ki Bulandi Pe Nazar Aata Hai
Main Isi Khoj Mein Badhta Hi Chala Jata Hoon
Kiska Aanchal Hai Jo Kohsaaron (Pahadon) Pe Lehrata Hai
Meri Aakhon Mein Hai Ik Abr (Baadal) Ka Tukda Shayad
Koi Mausam Ho Sar-E-Sham Bars Jata Hai
De Tasalli Koi, To Aankh Chhalak Uthti Hai
Koi Samjhaye To Dil Aur Bhi Bhar Aata Hai
- Bashir Badr

Sukh sampda aapke jeevan main aaye laxmi

Sukh sampda aapke jeevan main aaye
Laxmi ji aapke ghar main saamye
Bhul kar bhi aap ke jeevan main
Ek bhi dukh na aaye…

Hamare profile pe aate hain woh woh

Hamare Profile Pe Aate Hain Woh….
Hamare Profile Pe Aate Hain Woh…………
aur ek scrap bhi nahi chod jate hai woh….
Itna Bhi Nahi Maloom Zalim ko….
Recent visiters main Dikh Jaate Hain woh.

Mujhe tum maff kardena kabhi jo ruth

Mujhe tum maff kardena
kabhi jo ruth jaye hum
hume apna jarur kehana
chahe jitne bhi dur ho jaye hum
ye duniya ko humne jan kar bhi nahi jana
fir bhi agar is duniya me kho jaye to
ye mat samajh na tum ko bhul jaye ge
par us dooriyoo ke liye tum
mujhe tum maff kardena
kabhi jo ruth jaye hum ………………….
kabhi is jindagi me
tum hume awaz to dena
humari nadaniya bhula kar
mujhe tum maff kardena
kabhi jo ruth jaye hum…………………..

Bikhar gaya tinka zindagi koi nahi khabar

Bikhar Gaya Tinka Tinka Zindagi Koi Nahi Khabar Apni
Panah To Mill Gaye Thori Muddat Key Liye
Per Yahan Na Thi Reh-Guzar Apni
Talasha Tha Har Mor Per Per Mauhabbat Na Thi Udhar Apni

Akhan which laali chehre te noor tu

Akhan which laali,
Chehre te noor,
Tu das tenu ki kavan,
Heer ya Hoor

Mausam ki tarha halat badalte hai apne

Mausam ki tarha halat badalte hai apne bhi halat badal jayee ge.
Aj who hame bhul gaye to kay kal hum bhi unhe kise aur k liyee bhool jaye ge
mausam ki tarha halal badl jayee ge.
[email protected]

Ae naye saal bata tujh mein niya

Ae Naye Saal Bata Tujh Mein Niya Kia Hai?
Har Taraf Khalq Nay Kiun Shor Macha Rakha Hai
Roshni Din Ki Wohi Taron Bhari Raat Wohi
Aaj Hum Ko Nazar Aati Hai Har Baat Wohi
Aasman Badla Hai Afsoos, Na Badli Hai Zameen
Aik Hindsay Ka Badalna Koi Jiddat To Nahi
Aglay Barson Ki Tarah Hongay Qareenay Teray
Kisay Maloom Nahi Barah Mahinay Teray
Junuary, February Or March Mein Paray Sardee
Or April, May, June Mein Hogee Garmee
Tera Mun Dehar Mein Kuch Khoye Ga Kuch Paye Ga
Apni Miyad Basar Karkay Chala Jaye Ga
Tu Naya Hai To Dikha Subah Nayi, Shaam Nayi
Warna In Aankhon Nay Dekhay Hain Naye Saal Kayi
Be-Sabab Daitay Hain Kiun Log Mubarakbadain
Ghaliban Bhool Gaye Waqt Ki Karwi Yaadain
Teri Aamad Say Ghati Umer, Jahan Mein Sub Ki
Faiz Nay Likhi Hai Yeh Nazam Niralay Dhab Ki…

Jai shri krishan govind hare murare hum

Jai Shri Krishan Govind Hare Murare
Hum hain Tumare, Tum ho hamare
Radha ke Payre, Nand ke dulare
Banshi bajaye Yamuna kinare
Jai Shri Krishan Govind Hare Murare
Hum hain Tumare, Tum ho hamare
Rajbhog chhod Shaak Vidur ghar khaye
Makhan Mishri prabhu ko khoob bhaye
Teen lok ke hokar swami, Rath arujn ka chalaye
Jai Shri Krishan Govind Hare Murare
Hum hain Tumare, Tum ho hamare
Meri ankho ke tum ho tare
Iss jivan ke aap hee sahare
Naiya lagao do ab tho kinare
Jai Shri Krishan Govind Hare Murare
Hum hain Tumare, Tum ho hamare.

Kyon khush ho jata hun main tumhari

Kyon khush ho jata hun main
tumhari khushi dekhke
kyon ho jaata hun main hataash
tumhein udaas dekhke
chahak sa uthta hun main kyon
jab milne ki baari aati hain
par kyon milne baad ghanto
neend nahi aati hain
aankhein band karne se kyon
yaad tumhari aati hain
par jab khulti hain toh
kyon phir tu samne aati hain
aanso tere tapakte hain
to main kyon sisakta hun
jara si tu hasti hain
toh main kyon nikharta hun
jab bhi dekhta hun tumhe
bas yeh sochta hun
pucho tumse ya tumse kahun
rakhun dil mein ye baat ya keh dun
sun jara bas itna bata
Main aisa kyon hun
Main aisa kyon hun…

Hum unki chhah main tadapkar rote hai

Hum unki chhah main tadapkar rote hai,
aansoo hamare dikaye nahi dete hai,
unki yaadonmain ratbhar jagate hai,
aur dinka chain bhi khote hai,
fir bhi wo aisa kyon samazati hai ki,
sare mard ek jaise hote hai,
Hum unki khushi ko apna samazate hai ,
aur unke gum main bhi to saath nibhate hai,
unki musibato ko khud zelate hai,
aur fir bhi muskurate hai,
fir bhi wo aisa kyon samazati hai ki,
sare mard ek jaise hote hai,

Bith gaya jo saal bhul jaiye es

Bith gaya jo saal bhul jaiye,
Es naya saal ko gale lagaiye,
Karte hai duwa hum rab se sar jhukake…
Es saal ka sare sapne pura ho aapke.
*Naya saal mubarak*

Kitnay wo itmenaan se thukra gaya mujhay

Kitnay wo itmenaan se thukra gaya mujhay,
aansoo bana ke aankh se tapka gaya mujhay..
kaisee ye rehbaree thi ye kaisa fareb tha,
munzil dekha ke raah se bhatka gaya mujhay..
khamosh nigahon se kahani suna gaya,
lafzon ke hair phair mein atka gaya mujhay..
mujhko bhi bachpanay ka ek mazaq samajh kar,
chhoti si ek hansi mein hee ura gaya mujhay..
do din mein us kay dil se muhabbat utar gayee,
aur do hi din mein yaad se mitaa gaya mujhay…..

Dosti ki hai tum se toh phir

Dosti Ki Hai Tum Se,
Toh Phir Se Jeene Ki Tammanna Jaag Uthi Hai,
Seh Rahe The Najane Kitne Ghamo Sitam,
Un Sab Ko Bhulane Ki Baat Aa Chuki Hai,
Jaagi Hai Ye Aankhe Najane Kitne Arse Se,
Ab Aaram Se Soone Ki Raatein Aa Chuki Hai.

By Kousar Masi

Jina chahunde haan par zindagi raas nahi

Jina Chahunde Haan Par Zindagi Raas Nahi Aundi,
Marna Chahunde Haan Par Maut Sadde Pass Nahi Aundi,
Bahut Udaas Haan Asin Is Zindagi Ton-Â…-Â….
Teri Yaad Vi Te Tadpaon Ton Baaz Nahi Aundi

Khud ko ki khabar na lagay koi

Khud Ko Khud Ki Khabar Na Lagay
Koi Achha Bhi Is Qadar Na Lagay
Aap Ko Dekha Hai Bas Us Nazar Se
Jis Nazar Se Aap Ko Nazar Na Lagay

Yaaron ne kasam dekar peela de peete

Yaaron Ne Kasam Dekar Peela De,
Peete He Sari Kahani Juban Par Aa Gayi,
Kash Rok Pate In Aansuon Ko Us Din,
Kambakhton Ne Sari Dastan Beh Kar Suna Di.

Mohabbat ek se ho to bholapan hai

Mohabbat Ek Se Ho To Bholapan Hai
Do Se Ho To Apnapan Hai
Teen Se Ho To Deewanapan Hai
Char Se Ho To Pagalpan Hai
Phir Bhi Counting Na Ruke To Kameenapan Hai

Umr bhar tishnagi zindagi hai ri raat

Umr Bhar Tishnagi Tishnagi
Zindagi Hai Ri Zindagi
Raat Bhar Kar Rahi Hai Safar
Chaand Si Ho Gayi Zindagi
Mar Raha Har Jagah Aadmi
Ro Rahi Har Kahin Zindagi
Jaagti Aankh Ka Khwaab Hai
Aur To Kuchh Nahi Zindagi
Phir Talab Kar Liya Yaar Ne
Ho Gayi Phir Wahi Zindagi
Jaanleva Nazar Pher Kar
Maangte Hein Meri Zindagi
Wasl Hoga Kabhi Na Kabhi
Chhod Bhi Dillagi Zindagi
Lo Qaza Aa Gayi Maangne
Jab Zara Si Mili Zindagi
Aah Bharti Rahi Aarzoo
Haath Malti Rahi Zindagi
Ek Tamasha Khada Kar Diya
Kah Diya Hai Yahi Zindagi
Hum Tamanna Nashee Hi Rahe
Aur Chalti Rahi Zindagi
Walwale Hein Java Khoon Hai
Lo Jiyo Ye Rahi Zindagi.

Ehsaas e tanhai hai tere paas reh key bhi

Ehsaas-E-Tanhai Hai Tere Paas Reh Key Bhi
In Duriyon Ko Aaj Mita Deejiye
Diye Jal Rahey Hain Raat Sey Magar
Shamma-E-Wafa Ki Aag Laga Deejiye
Fanah-E-Ishq Hai Aaj To Kya
Is Lamhe Ko Aap Khoobsurat Bana Deejiye
Aaj Barson Guzrey Yaad Aayee Hai Teri
Ankhon Ki Nami Batati Hai Udaasi Ka Aalam
Per Jab Ro Ro Key Aankhein Hi Sookh Jaein To Kya Keejiye?

Kuch to jeete hain jannat ki tamanna

kuch to jeete hain jannat ki tamanna lekar..
aur kuch ko to tamannayein jeena sikha deti hain…

Ek halka sa tab8217assum hai keemat meri

Ek halka sa tab’assum hai keemat meri
Muft hi bik jaunga koi khareeddar to mile..

Behte huwe pani ko rokne mai hum

behte huwe pani ko rokne mai, hum kud beh gaye..
woh humare humraaz bane gai, is umeed mai hum tanha re gaye..
par karte bhi kya hum is k siva, unki chahat ki aarzoo liye..
ham har dar seh gaye..
This post was submitted by nafilah.

Himatein haar na baito kahi manzil ke

Himatein Haar Na Baito Kahi Manzil Ke Kareeb
Dub Jaata Hai Safina Kabhi Sahil Ke Kareeb

Parwane se seekhe koi aadab e mohabbat jal jaata

Parwane Se Seekhe Koi Aadab-E-Mohabbat
Jal Jaata Hain Par Shama Ko Ruswa Nahin Karta

Ata hy mujh ko yad wo school

Ata Hy Mujh Ko Yad Wo School Ka Zamana…..
Wo Harami Pan Ki Batain….
Wo Bachiyan Phasana….
Wo Hasna Hasana….
Wo Canteen K Lala Ko Chutiya Banana….
Teachrz Ki Hatana…
Wo Punishment Milna…..
Wo Tully Mar K Murghiyan Churana….
Wo Exams Ki Ratto Main Suttey Lagana…..
Wo Tention Ko Film Dekh K Urrana Or Pharrey Bana K Undrwere Main Chupana Na…..
Ab Wo Din Hy [...]

Hum ne chaha bohat per izhar kar

Hum Ne Chaha Bohat Per Izhar Kar Na Sake
Kat Gai Umar Per Pyar Kar Na Sake
Usne Mangi Bhi To Humse Judai Mangi
Aur Hum The Ke Inkar Kar Na Sake

Be zubanon ko jub wo zaban deta hai

Be-Zubanon Ko Jub Wo Zaban Deta Hai
Parhne Ko Phir Wo Quraan Deta Hai
Bakhshne Pe Aye Jub Ummat K Gunahon Ko
Tohfe Mai Gunahgaron Ko Ramzan Deta Hai

Sab apki ankhon se jahan dekh raha

Sab Apki Ankhon Se Jahan Dekh Raha Hun
Mai Apki Nazron Me Jahan Dekh Raha Hun
Tu Dhoodh Rahi Ho Gi Mujhko Wahan Ao
Aur Mein Kab Se Teri Raah Yahan Dekh Raha Hun

Pehli pehli muhabbaton ka khumaar baton main

Pehli pehli Muhabbaton ka khumaar,,
baton baton main raat dhal jaaye,,
ab k dil main woh dard utra hai,,
ghair mumkin hai aaj kal jaaye,,
zindgi khush hai tere wadon pe,,
jaisay bachay ka dil behal jaye,,
hijr ki raat dhal gayi mohsin,,
ab to dil se kaho sambhal jaye..

Lamha saansein khatam ho rahi hain zindagi

Lamha Lamha Saansein Khatam Ho Rahi Hain
Zindagi Maut Ke Pehloo Mein So Rahi Hai
Us Bewafa Se Naa Poocho Meri Maut Ki Wajah
Woh To Zamaane Ko Dikhaane Ke Liye Ro Rahi Hai

Sham ki mayoosiyan gehra gayi hain fir

Sham Ki Mayoosiyan Gehra Gayi Hain
Fir Vahi Kambakht Yaadein Aa Gayi Hain
Fir Jala Do Chand Ka Maddhim Diya Sa
Neend Wali Dawa Raat Pila Gayi Hai
Dard Ki Peshi Chalegi Bhor Tak Ab
Khwahishe Sab Sarjam Sja Gayi Hain
Udasi Odhe Hawayein Manchali Bhi
Purane Zakhmo Ko Fir Sehla Gayi

Wo tou baarish ki boondai8217n dekh kr

Wo Tou Baarish Ki
Boondai’n Dekh Kr
Khush Hota Hy
Us Ko Kia Maloom k
Hr Girny Wala Qatra
Paani Nahi Hota …

valentines k din k din

==– Valentines K Din –==
Valentines k din
Mein Deta Hon Yakeen
K Mein Janam Janam Se
Tumhara Tha
Tumhara Hon
Tumhara Hee Rahon Ga
Meri Mohabbat Meri Chahhat
MEri Pyass Bhi Tum Hee Ho
Tum Hee Raho Gee
Mera Sab Kuch
Mere Alfaz
Mere Jazbaat
Mere Ehsaasaat
Sab Tum Se
Shurru Hote hain
Aur Tum Per Hee Khatam Hote Hain
Zindagi K Her Morr Per
Mein Tumhari Perchaii (saaya )
Ben K Rahon [...]

Mera lafz dua mere aansuon se dhula

Mera Lafz Lafz Dua Dua
Mere Aansuon Se Dhula Hua
Tujhay Zindagi Ke Wo Sehar Miley
Tujhay Muhabaton Ka Safar Miley
Tujhay Dard-O-Gam Na Kabhi Choo Sakay
Teri Ankh Kabhi Na Nam Ho Sakay
Tere Pyar Jis Pe Nisar Ho
Wo Hamesha Tere Pas Ho
Tum Pe Khushiyon Ki Barsat Ho
Aur Taweel Teri Hayat Ho
Ye Dua Hai Koi Gila Nahe
Tujhay Zindagi Main Wo [...]

Main khush naseebi hoon teri mujhy raas hy

Main Khush-Naseebi
Hoon Teri, Mujhy Raas
Hy Tu
Tera Libaas Hoon Main
Aur Mera Libaas hy Tu
Zindagi Meri Tere Gird
Ghoomti Hy Faqat
Aam Hy Sara Jahan
Mere Liye Ek Khaas Hy Tu
Ajeeb Shai Hy
Mohabbat Main Kahin
Chala Jao’n
Tere Qareeb Hoon Main
Meri Pyaas Hy Tu … !!!

E mere humsafar tumse itna pyar karne

E Mere Humsafar, Tumse Itna Pyar Karne Lagi Hu,
Har Pal Me Tera Saath Chahne Lagi Hu,
E Dost Tumse Itne Sapne Sajaye Baithi Hu,
In Sapno Ko Tum Tutne Mat Dena,
Har Kadam Par Tum Mere Sath Nibhana,
Galti Hone Par Tum Muje Daant Lena,
Par Tanha Hume Na Tum Chhod Jana,
E Mere Humsafar, Tumse Itna Pyar Karne Lagi Hu,
Mere Is Pyar Ko Kbhi Tum Kum Mat Hone Dena,
Gam Me Sahi Par Khushi Me Rone Mat Dena,
Kaunsa Dard Liye Baithi Hu Kisise Na Kehna,
Kyoki Khud Se Bhi Jyada Tumhe Pyar Krne Lagi Hu….
- Shikha

Har lamha apke hothon pe muskan rahe

Har lamha apke hothon pe muskan rahe,
Har ghum se aap anjaan rahen,
Jiske sath mehak uthe aapki zindgi,
Hamsha aapke pass woh insan rahe.
Happy Birthday

tum khafa kyun ho tumhen mujse gila

Tumhen Mujse gila kya hy.??
be rukhi itni.
Batao to hua kya hy.??
Manaaun kis tarah tum ko.??
Mujhy itna to
batla do.
Agar ab ho saky tum se.
To ye ahsan farma do.
Meri manzil mohabat hy..
Mujhy manzil pe pohncha do..
Tumhari aankh men aansu..
Mujhy achy nhi lagty..
Tumhary narm honton pe..
“Gily achy nhi lagty”..
Tumhary muskurany se..
Mera dil muskurata hy..
Tumhary rooth [...]

Mohabbat ka apni silaa chaahiey mujhay tum

Mohabbat Ka Apni Silaa Chaahiey
Mujhay Tum Say Bas Kuch Wafa Chaahiey
Zara Si Khushi Ka Pata Chaahiey
Humain Aur Duniya Say Kia Chaahiey
Meri Zindagi Ko Yeh Kia Chaahiey
Na Ho Khatam Jo,Woh Maza Chaahiey
Zamanay Nay Dein Hain Buhat Thokarain
Sambhalnay Ko Ab Aasraa Chaahiey
Judda Paas Reh K Hai Hona Kathin
Judda Honay Ko, Faasla Chaahiey
Yeh Manzar Nahin Ab Mujhey Dekhna
Nazaaraa [...]

Jinu jaan jigar asi kehnde c o

Jinu Jaan Jigar Asi Kehnde C
O Hor Kise Nu Chaunde Rae
O Hasde Rahe Begaaneya Naal
Sanu Utle Mano Bulaunde Rae
Asi Kitia Duava Piyaar Dia
Te O Daag Ishq Nu Launde Rae
O Daag Mitaaya Nai Mitde
Asi Hanjua Naal Mitaaunde Rae
O Hi Raah Vich Saanu Dob Gae
Jinu Asi Kinaare Launde Rae..!!

From the sky i see your form

From The Sky.
I See Your Form.
From My Heart I Fell
That Love.

In The Night You Are
The Breeze At Which I Feel
Free. For You Are.
The Life I Breath.
It Is Your Skin
I Feel The Desire To
Touch. For It Is Your
Lips I Long To Kiss.
For In The Presence
Of Us We Know That
Our Love Was Sent From
Above. For When We
Are In The Presence Of
God He Smiles
For We Where Meant To Love.
When We Are At Our Highest Peek
We Seek For The Angel Gabriel To Sing
Our Love Song For Our Love Was Sent From Above.
Now As We Go Day To Day And The Love
Is More Than Words Can Form. We Know
From The Light Of Us. Our Love Was
Sent From Above.
In The Glory That Has Been Handed
To Us From The Seas Of Water That
Joined Our Soul. We Are Carried Into
The Eyes Of Our Love. With Kisses Of
Love. He Say’s Karie Our Love Was Sent
From Above… To Eternity I Shall Sing The
Song Of Us. For Our Love Was Sent From Above.

Haathon mein haath mein haath liyay chalay

Haathon Mein Haath
Haathon mein haath liyay, Chalay yonhi karwan
Apni Zameen Hai, Apna hai aasman
Aaein gay ghum, Aayay gi khushi
Manzil Chahay, Mushkil Sahee
Aagay Barhoo
Haathon mein haath liyay, Chalay yonhi karwan
Apni Zameen Hai, Apna hai aasman
Aangan aanagan khushiyan manaein
Apni zameen ko milke sajaein
yehi hai dua
Haathon mein haath liyay, Chalay yonhi karwan
Apni Zameen Hai, Apna hai aasman
Wada karo, [...]

Hume unse koi shikayat hi nahi shayad

Hume unse koi shikayat hi nahi,
Shayad humari kismat me dosti hi nahi,
Meri takdeer likh kar to khuda bhi mukar gaya,
Pucha to bola ye to meri likhawat hi nahi…@

Kon kehta hy k nafrato8217n main dard

Kon Kehta Hy k Nafrato’n Main Dard Hy ‘Faraz’
Kuch Mohabbate’n Bhi Bari Aziyat-nak Hoti Hyn !!

Mumkin ho aap se tuo bhula dijiyey

Mumkin Ho Aap Se Tuo Bhula Dijiyey Mujhay
Pathar Pe Hoon Lakeer, Mita Dijiyey Mujhay
Hur Rooz Mujh Se Taaza Shikayat Hai Aap Ko
Main Kia Hoon, Aik Baar Bata Dijiyey Mujhay
Mere Siwa Bhi Hai Koi Mozoo-E-Guftugu
Apna Bhi Koi Rang Dikha Dijiyey Mujhay
Main Kia Hoon, Kis Jagah Hoon, Mujhay Kuch Khabar Nahin
Hain Aap Kitni Duur Zara Sada Dijiyey [...]

Dekhiyeh chand raat aai hai sath khushian

dekhiyeh chand raat aai hai
sath khushian hazar laee hai
tum chaley aao aik lamhey ko
ham bhi manain ke eid aae hai
chaand bhia ya chand lamhon ko
jaisey tum ney jhalak dikhai hai
ham ne qismat ajeeb paee hai
Eid ka din hai aur judai hai
keh rahe hai hawa mujhy yasir!
us ne mehndi abhi lagaii hai

Sabhi dosto ko happy new year

Sabhi dosto ko “HAPPY NEW YEAR ” aap seb ki mail baraber milti rahti hai kabhi -kabhi javab late ho jata hai us ke ley shama chata hu .aap sab ka pyar mughe yaha tak le aya .umid karta hu age bhi esi tarah aap seb ka pyar milta rahe ga
ek bar fir aap sabi ko “H A P P Y N E W Y E A R
Old Year Sab se ho raha hai Door*
Kya karein yahi hai Kudrat ka Dastoor*
Purani Yaadein soch kar Udaas na ho Tum*
Naya Saal aaya hai chalo..
Sunehri dhoop barsat k baad
Thori si hansi her baat k baad
Usi tarag ho Mubarak aap ko 2010, 2009 k baad
Wish You a HaPPu HaPPy New Year..
Kabhi hasati hai to kabhi rulati hai
ye zindgi bhi na jaane kitne rang dekhati hai
haste hai to bhi ankhon mein nami aa jaati hai
na jaane ye kaisi yaadein hai jo dil mein bas jaati hai
dua karte hai is naye saal k avsar per
mere doston k labon per sada muskaan rahe
kyoki unki her muskurahat hamin khushi de jaati hai…
********ANJAN ************
[email protected]

Janta hon aik aise shakhs ko me

Janta hon aik aise shakhs ko me bhi munir

Janta hon aik aise shakhs ko me bhi munir,
Gham se pathar ho gea lakin kabhi raea nahin.

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?? ???? 14 ??? ?? ???????
???????? ??????? ………….
*****ANMOL ARORA****

Nazar saaki par hain aur lab paimaane

Nazar saaki par hain, aur lab paimaane par
Dil hamara hai aaj fir, kisi kay nishaane par
Woh khaali pyala liye letein hain, kabar main apni
Kehte hain jannat milaegi, sharab kay aane par.

Nazarein tadapti hain kise ke dedar ka

Nazarein tadapti hain kise ke dedar ka liye
dil dhadkta hai kise ke pyar ke liye
sans chalti hai uske dedar ka liye
abhe zinda hai hum bus uski ek haa ke liye.

Kare kanha ka janam divas radhe kay

Kare Kare Kanha ka Janam Divas
Radhe kay Bhole ka Kanha ka Janam Divas
Devki Yashoda ke Kahna ka Janam Divas
Bhagvan kay pavitra roop ka aaj Janam Divas
Janmashtami Mubara

Aaje pan tamaari aangadi pakdi hoon chaalva

Aaje Pan Tamaari Aangadi Pakdi
Hoon Chaalva Maangu Chu…
Nana Nana Hatho Thi
Tamari Angadi Pakdi Hoon Chaali Chu
Pan Aa Jagat Ni Chaal Thi
Haji Hoon Anjaan Chu
Maro Haath Tamara Haath Ma Mukine
Aa Chal Seekhva Maangu Chu
Aaje Pan Tamari Aangadi Pakadi
Hoon Chaalva Maangu Chu
Sara Sanskar , Su-vichar Aapya
Pan Anubhav Tamari Paase Rahi Gaya
Varshon Pachchi Je Made Che
Ae Anubhav Tamari Pase Rahi Gaya
Tamaaro Anubhav No Hoon
Laabh Leva Maangu Chu
Aaje Pan Tamari Aangadi Pakdi
Hoon Chaalva Maangu Chu
Dheema Dheema Pagla Dheerethi
Tej Thayee Jae
Balpan No Saath To
Dheemethi Chuti Jae
Tej Pagla Tamaara
Jojo Dheema Padi Jashe
Vrudha-vastha Tamane Pan
Dheerethi Aambi Jashe
Dheema Tamaara Pagla Ne
Gati Hoon Aapvaa Maangu Chu
Tamaaro Haath Pakadi Ne Tamanej
Hoon Chalaavva Maangu Chu.

Muskarte hanste deep tum jalana jivan main

Muskarte hanste deep tum jalana
Jivan main nai khusiya lana
Dukh dard apne bhool kar
Sabko gale lagna
Sukh sampda aapke jivan main aaye
Laxmi ji aapke ghar main saamye
Bhul kar bhee aap ke jivan main
Ek bhee dukh na aaye
Jagmag Jagmag jalte ye sunder deep
Charo taraf roshni hee roshi ho
Mukesh kee duha yahee
Honto par aapki hardam hansi hee hansi ho

Ek pal mein jo aakar gujar jaaye

Ek pal mein jo aakar gujar jaaye
yeh hawa ka woh jhoka hai ..aur kuch nahi
Pyar kahti hai duniya jise,
ek rangeen dhokha hai .. aur kuch nahi
Aarzoo jhooth hai,
Aarzoo ka fareb khana nahi ..
Khush jo rahna ho zindagi me tumhe..
Dil kabhi kisi se lagana nahi.
Kyuon Banati ho tum ret ke mahal,
Jise khud hi tod dalogi tum
Aaj kehti ho is dijlale se pyar hai tumhe,
Kal to mera naam tak bhul jayogi tum

Badi muddat sey unhe deikha nahi sadiyon

Badi Muddat Sey Unhe Deikha Nahi
Sadiyon Key Baad Jana Hai Unki Yaad Ka Ashiyaana
Yahan Nahi
Dhoonda Hai Kahan Kahan Jantey Hai Hum
Umeed Kartey Nahi Millney Ki Itney Bhi Hum Nadaan Nahi
Jaatey Jaatey Kaisi Khizza Laey Hain Wo
Bahaaron Key Mausam Mein Bhi Ab Gulistan Nahi
Chiraag-E-Mauhabbat Ki Ek Sisakti Hawa
Ka Andhera Hai
Ek Hi Muskurahat Per Humari
Ghum-E-Zindagi Ney Ghera Hai
Ek Ek Lamha Guzarta Hai Aahon Mein Ab To
Sham Hotey Hi Ankhon Mein Ansuon Ka Basera Hai
Gaey Hain Is Tarhan Key Laut Key Phir Nahi Aaien Gey
Ye Nigah Phir Bhi Unka Intezaar Karti Hai
Galey Sey Laga Key Tasveer Unki
Ashkon Sey Yeh Nazar Dil Zaar Karti Hai
Koi Ghuman Nahi Key Juda Hai Wo Humsey
Unki Judai Bhi Ab Humein Pyaar Karti Hai

Welcome to urdushayariorg urdushayari is a comprehensive

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One homeless man said to the other

One homeless man said to the other homeless man,
–I smell like a sewage dumps!–
So, the other homeless man said,
–A flash flood warning in affect in this area soon, I have a bar of anti-bacteria soap and a shrub brush you can used.–
- Derrick Clark

Zindagi mein tum iss tarah jaise ki

Zindagi mein tum iss tarah jaise ki bahar aayi
Pyar iss tarah kiya ki gulzar aayi
Khush hum aise huae ki jaise basant ki fuhar aayi
Tumne dhokha iss tarah diya ki dil mai heartattack aay

Jad dil tootda ousdi goonj suniyee ta

Jad Dil Tootda Ousdi,
Goonj Suniyee Ta Ni Dindi,
Bas Mehsoos Hundi,
Dilbar Chad Janda Jad Vich Majdhar,
Jindgi Taan Kat Jndi,
Sari Jindgi Par Kami Mehsoos Hindi..
Hun Pachtaavaa Kar Ki Karna,
Jad Hathon Pal Hi Nikkal Gaye,
Oh Din Hun Mur Nahi Aunne,
Jad Hallat Hi Badal Gaye,
Vasda Rahe Sada Tu Jithe Vi Rahen,
Tere Naal Jo Gujjare Pal,
Satton Bhul Nahi Honne Sajjna,
Aakhon Ohle Kar Layi Jad kade,
Cheeta Sada Naini Radak Pave,
Par Tere Naal Gujjare Pal,
Satton Bhul Nahi Honne Sajjna,
Satton Bhul Nahi Honne Sajjna,
By. Prits Dhanjal

Cheharaa meraa tha nigaahen us ki khaamushi

Cheharaa meraa tha nigaahen us ki
Khaamushi men bhi vo baaten us ki
Mere chehare pe ghazal likhati gain
Sher kahati hui aankhen us ki
Shokh lamhon ka pataa dene lagin
Tez hoti hui saansen us ki
Aise mausam bhi guzaare ham ne
Subahen jab apni thin shaamen us ki
Dhyaan men us ke ye aalam tha kabhi
Aankh mahataab ki yaaden us ki
Faisala mauj-e-havaa ne likkha
Aandhiyaan meri bahaaren us ki
Nind is soch se tuuti aksar
Kis tarah katti hain raaten us ki
Duur rah kar bhi sadaa rahati hai
Mujh ko thaame hue baahen us ki

Tumse dur jakar jeena to mushkil hai

Tumse  dur  jakar  jeena  to  mushkil  hai.
Tumari Pass  akar  kehna  bi  muskil  hai. .
Kya kare ,Aap  ki mahobbat  mein,  jeena  to  kya  marna bi
muskil  hai.

Bus mujhe mera pyar chahiye jo

Bus Mujhe Mera Pyar Chahiye

Jo bani ho Mere lye
Jis ke lye mai Jee raha hoon
Jo kahe Hum saath hain Tere
Jise dekhne k liye Tarap raha hoon
Ek aisa hi Dildaar chahiye
Bus Mujhe Mera Pyar Chahiye
Aane se jis ke Phool bhi Sharma jaye
Chalne se jis ke Hawa bhi Tham jaye
Ho har Waqt rahe saath mai Mere
Chahe saari Duniya Mujh se Rooth jaye
Aisa hi kisi ka Aitbaar chahiye
Bus Mujhe Mera Pyar Chahiye
Jis ki ek Hansi k liye
Mar jane ko Dil kare
Jo kehde ek baar to
Phir Jeene ko Dil kare
Aisa hi Ek Humsafar chahiye
Bus Mujhe Mera Pyar Chahiye
Ek baar mili thi Mujhe woh
Par pata nahi kaha kho gayi
Ab agar mil jaye toh
use kahi jane na doon
Wohi khoya Yaar chahiye
Bus Mujhe Mera Pyar Chahiye
Mohsin Jari

Phir ek baar haazir hua hu is

Phir ek baar haazir hua hu is mehfil me ek naye sher ke
saath. Is sher me jinka jikr hai wo “Sona” hamara pahala aur akhiri
pyar, hamari jindagi hai. Ye sher humne us waqt likha tha jab hamari
bas kuchh hi mulaqaate hui thi. Hume shayari ke “grammer” ka koi
knowledge nahi hai. Humne to bas jo dil me aaya likh diya hai.
Tasweer Na Sahi Tasawwoor Hi Sahi
Kahi To Mere Paas Hai Tu “Sona”
Khushboo Ki Tarah Meri Saanso Me Hai Tu
Mere Aanewale Kal Ka Ehsaas Hai Tu “Sona”

Raat bhar sms kiya to kat gyi

Raat Bhar Sms Kiya To Raat Kat Gyi!
Subhah Dekha To Balance Ki To Waat Lag Gyi

Gul ko gulshan mubarak chaand chandani shayar

Gul ko gulshan mubarak,
Chaand ko chandani mubarak,
Shayar ko shayri mubarak,
Aur hamari taraf se aap ko New Year mubarak.

Mana ki ham bhula nahi paate unhe

mana ki ham bhula nahi paate unhe ek pal ke liye
par yu roya bhi nahi jaata ek pal ke liye
mila jo yu wo milkar bichhad gaya zindgi ke liye
unhe dil se nahi lagaya jaata dillagi ke liye
mana ki ye baat har kisi ko lagti hai sacchi
par har ajnabi nahi hote jamane mein bhulane ke liye
yu to khuda se jo maanga wo paya dua mein
par har dua kahan kabul hoti hai har kisi ke liye
wo aayega na lautkar fir kabhi ye jaante hain
fir bhi dil dhadkta hai aaj bhi usi ajnabi ke liye

Dost wohi hai jo aapko aapna maan

Dost Wohi Hai Jo Aapko Aapna Maan Sake,
Aapke Har Gum Ko Bin Kahe Jaan Sake,
Aap Chal Rahe Ho Tez Baarish Me,
Phir Bhi Pani Me Aapke Aansoo Pehchaan Sake.

By Urvi

Oh har khat de vich kendi si

Oh Har Khat De Vich Kendi Si,
Teri Dhulan Banke Awangi,
Agle Saal Diwali T Tere
Ghar Vich Deep Jagavangi
Na Deep Jage Na O Ayi,
Menu Kali Raat N Gher Laiya,
Aaj Phir Os De Kuj Khat Parh K,
Main Dard Purane Ched Betha,
Kyu Satho Mukh Tu Pher Liya N.
Kyu Satho Mukh Tu Pher Liya N-Â…..

Aap jab saamne se guzar jaate hai

Aap Jab Saamne Se Guzar Jaate Hai
Armaan Dil Ke Ubar Aate Hai
Dekhkar Aapki Pyaari Soorat
Sahme Hue Phool Bhi Nikhar Jaate Hai

Mosum ki tarah janey kyun kuch log

Mosum Ki Tarah Janey Kyun Kuch Log Badal Gaye
Ab Sarey Mosum Dil Ke Janey Kyun Khizan Ho Gaye
Ajeeb Se Dasht_O_Sehra Mein Bhatak Rahe Hein Hum
Seraab Ho Ke Samundar Se Janey Kyun Pyasey Ho Gaye
Jalti Houi Rait Mein Nangey Paoon Chaltein Hein Ab Toh Hum
Tapti Houi Dhoop Mein Janey Kyub Besaibaan Ho Gaye
Bar Mudat Ke Baad Ik Roshni Ki Chamak Joh Mil Thi Humein
Wo Chandi Ki Roshni Wo Tarey Sub Janey Kyun Andhera Ho Gaye
Meri Mohabat Ko Na Karey Ga Shumaar Wo Kabi Apni Zindagi Mein
Hum Oss Ajnabi Ke Pyar Mein Janey Kyun Dewaney Ho Gaye
Koi Malal Na Koi Yaad Baqi Rahi Hai Ab Dil Mein Humarey
Oss Ko Tamam Yadein Lota Kar Janey Kyun Jaan Se Gaye
Guzrey Dinoon Ki Chand Yadoon Ko Be Ajj Hum Ne Dafun Kar Diya
Aur Sub Kuch Bhoola Kar Hum Bi Janey Kyun Ajnabi Ho Gaye
Humein Ab Na Pukarna Phir Se Ae Dosto Kabi
Iss Bewafa Duniya Mein Reh Kar Janey Kyun Hum Be Bewafa Ho Gaye
Bahaar Phir Se Na Ayegi Ab Iss Ujrey Houey Chaman Mein
Phuloon Ke Khilney Ke Janey Kyun Wo Sarey Mosum Beet Gaye

Ashq nahi bahata uske paas hai khusboo

Ashq Nahi Bahata Uske Paas Hai Khusboo
Phool Ka Dard Bhara Ahsaas Hai Khusboo
Sukhe Phool Rakhte Ho Tum Kitabo Mein
Kaise Kah Dun Tumhari Pyaas Hai Khusboo
Kya Rang Hai Kaisa Roop Hai Nahi Maloom
Phir Bhi Har Shaksh Ki Talaash Hai Khusboo
Sham E Gham Hai Chalo Gulshan Me Chalein
Ki Ek Zamaane Se Udaas Hai Khusboo
Faza Kya Wo Aaye To Mahak Uthta Hai Man
Ki Us Gulbadan Ka Libaas Hai Khusboo
Kuchle Gaye Hein Kitni Ummeedo Ke Phool
Phir Bhi Aaj Tak Mere Paas Hai Khusboo

Aisi vani boliye mann ka apa khoye

Aisi Vani Boliye
Mann Ka Apa Khoye
Sunne Wala Saat Din Tak
Sisak-Sisak Ke Roye

Mitti e jism hum khaak mein milla saktey hai

Mitti-E-Jism Hum Khaak Mein Milla Saktey Hai
Gham-E-Shab Ko Apna Tarjuma Bana Saktey Hai
Zakhm Kha Key Bhi Hum Khushi Ka Dikhawa Kartey Hai
Tum Kaho To Yeh
Raaz-E-Haq Hum Dil Mein Umar Bhar Chupa Saktey Hai
Janaza-E-Aarzoo Utha Tha Aashiyana-E-Ghum Sey Kabhi
Aaj Bhi Iska Bojh Hum Ney Utha Rakha Hai
Na Milli Kissi Sey Hosla Afzai Na Kiya Pasand Kissi Ney,
Magar Bandagi Pe Is Zindagi Ko Aaj Bhi Loota Rakha Hai
Kehkahey Goonjtey They Kabhi Is Dil Key Sheher Mein
Matam-E-Ishq Ki Aawaazon Sey Aaj Issey Saja Rakha Hai
Aur Kuch Kehna Nahi, Aur Kuch Sehna Nahi
Aatish-E-Dozakh Mein Mil Jaey Shayad Sukoon-E-Zindagi
Jannat-E-Bahar Mein Ab Mujhe Rehna Nahi

Har cheez tumhari lota di ham leke

Har Cheez Tumhari Lota Di
Ham LeKe Nahi Kuch Sath Chale
Phir Dosh Na Dena Ae Logo
Ham Dekhlo Khaali Hath Chale
Ye Rah Akele Katti Hai
Yahan Saath Na Koi Yar Chale
Us Paar Najane Kiya Payen
Is Par Tu Sab Kuch Haar Chale

Mere israar per aakhir bohat majbuur ho

Mere Israar Per Aakhir
Bohat Majbuur Ho Ker Aaj
Mujhy Apni Nigaho’n Ki Udaasi
Sonp Di Us Ne
Bohat Bebas Bohat Tanha
Bohat Bikhri Mohabbat Ki Us Ne
Khalish Jo Us k Dil Mein Thi
Ab Wo Meri Amanat Hy
Shikasta Lehjy Ki Jitni Thakan Thi
Bol Di Us Ne
Meri Khatir Mujhy Apni Mohabbat
Keh Nahi Paya
Aaj Apne Aansuu Se
Mohabbat Taul Di Us Ne … [...]

Dunia ki lambhi rahon pe dunia ki

Dunia ki lambhi rahon pe hm u to chalty jaty hain,
Kuch esy log bhi milty hain jo yaad hmesha aaty hain,
Wo rah bdlty hain apni our mor kr hath helty hain,
Likain wo dil\’o ko yaadon ki khusboo bn kr mehkate hain,
Esy hi safar krty krty aik shks mila hm ko bhi [...]

Kaye din huye naa koi khaber hai

Kaye Din Huye Naa Koi Khaber Hai
Naa Hi Milta Hai Koi Surag
Shayad Aise Samay Yaad Aate Hai Woh
Chitrakatho Wale Jinn Aur Alladin Ka Chirag

Is jahan mein nahi milta dil ko

Is Jahan Mein Nahi Milta Dil Ko Sukoon
Marna Hi Parta Hai Azaadi Key Liye
Khayaalon Mein Hi Khushiyan Milti Hain
Asliyat To Hai Bas Barbaadi Key Liye

Yah dais hai andhay logoon ka aye

Yah Dais Hai Andhay Logoon Ka
Aye Chaand Yahan Na Nikla Ker..
Bay-Naam Say Sapnay Daikha Ker
Aye Dil Her Ja Na Phisla Ker
Yah Dais Hai Andhay Logoon Ka
Aye Chaand Yahan Na Nikla Ker
Na Dartay Hain Na Naa-dim Hain
Na Maanain K woh Khaadim Hain
Yahan Ulti Ganga Behti Hai
Is Dais Main Andhay Haakim Hain
Yah Raqam Saray Likhtay Hain
Qawneen Yahan [...]

Kismat per aitbar kisko hai mil jaye

—Kismat– Per Aitbar Kisko Hai
Mil Jaye —Khushi– Inkaar Kisko Hai
Kuch —Majburiyan– Hain Mere Jaan
Warna, —Judai– Se Pyaar Kisko Hai

Quran ki faryaad taaqo mein sajaya jaata

Quran ki faryaad
taaqo mein sajaya jaata hoon, aakhon se lagaaya jaata hoon
taweez banaya jaata hoon, dho dho ke pilaaya jaata hoon
juzdaan hareer-o-resham ke aur phool sitaare chaandi ke
phir itr ki baarish hoti hai, khusbu mein basaaya jaata hoon
jiss tarha se tota maina ko kuchh bol sikhaaye jaate hain
iss tarah parhaaya jaata hoon, iss tarah sikhaaya [...]

Kisi ko dekhne ki tamanna main ashkbaar

Kisi Ko Dekhne Ki Tamanna Main Ashkbaar Yeh Anakehen
Kisi Ke Aahat Sun Ne Taras Rahe Yeh Kaan
Kisi Ke Mehak Saht Liye Hawa Ka Woh Jhonke Se Surakh Huve Rukhsaar
Kise Ke Intezar Ke Ghadiyan Ginete Huve Muskrahat Sajaye Yeh Lub
Kisi Ke Pyar Ko Mehsoos Ker Ne Bechain Yeh Dil
Kisi Ko Chune Ke Tamanna Liye Bechain Yeh [...]

Izzaton say barh ker tou aur kuch

Izzaton say barh ker tou aur kuch nahee hota
Chahton ki dori bhi,
Torna hi parti hay
Manzilon ki kashti bhi,
Morna hi parti hay
Bhoolna hi parta hay,
Khud say piyaray logon ko
Aur dil kay aangan mein,
Naqsh un ki tasweerain
Kuch haseen lafzon ki,
Kuch haseen tehreerain
Paaoon jin mein jukrain hon,
Kholna hi parti hain
Khoobrurat aankhon mein basnay walay khawbon ko
Nochna hi parta [...]

Ye nahi gam ke qasam apni bhulai

Ye Nahi Gam Ke Qasam Apni Bhulai Tum Ne
Gam Te Ye Hai Ke Raqeebon Se Nibhai Tum Ne
Koi Ranjish Thi Ager Tum Ko To Mujh Se Kehte
Baat Apas Ki Kiun Sab Ko Batai Tum Ne

Use nafrat karne se fursat na mili

Use Nafrat Karne Se Fursat Na Mili
Warna Mera Dard La-Ilaaz Na Tha
Humne To Us Sahar Me Bhi Tera Intezar Kiya
Jaha Mohabbat Ka Riwaz Na Tha
- Arinjay Jain

Mere dil ne jab bhi dua mangi

Mere Dil Ne Jab Bhi Dua Mangi Hai
Tujhe Mangi Hai Teri Wafa Mangi Hai
Jis Mohabbat Ko Dekh K Dunia Ko Rashk Aye
Tere Pyar Karne Ki Wo Adda Mangi Hai

Aa gayi thi ik din tanhaye bhi

Aa Gayi Thi Ik Din Tanhaye Bhi Jazbaat Mein
Aank Sai Bhi Chand Boondein Gir Pari Barsaat Mein

Har pal nazre unko dekhna chahe to

Har pal nazre unko dekhna chahe to aankhoan ka kya qasoor ?
Har pal khusboo unki aaye to saanso ka kya qasoor ?
Waise to sapne puch ker nahi aate ,
Per sapne hi unke aaye to raato ka kya qasoor ?

Janun ko zabt sikha loon to phir

Janun ko zabt sikha loon to phir chaley jana
mein apna aap sanbhaa loon to phir chaley jana
usi tarah hai abhi tishnagi in aankhon mein
mein in ki piyas bujha loon to phir chaley jana
dil ko ye waham k tum laut ker na aao ge
ye waham dil se nikaaloon to phir chaley jana
bayaz-e-dil peh jo utri hai [...]

Raat soyi to par nind meri aankho

Raat Soyi To Par Nind Meri Aankho Se Door Hi Rahi,
Palke Band Ki To Thi Par Unme Tumhara Hi Khawab Raha,
Na Chahte Huye Bhi Chhaya Raha Muj Par, Tumhari Baato Ka Ek Nasha,
Or Dhadkanome Tumhara Hi Nam Gunjata Raha,
Har Sans Ke Sath, Jitna Bhi Chaha Tumhari Socho Se Bhagna,
Utna Hi Tum Mere Karib Aate Gaye,
Tumhari Baato Me Khoti Huyi Ye Diwani,
Chupchap Se Piglati Rahi Shama Ke Mom Ki Tarah….
- Shikha

Khuda kaise karoon shukriya is din ke

Khuda kaise karoon shukriya is din ke liye
Jis din tumhe dharti pe bheja hamare liye
Na jaane kyon main intezaar kar raha tha
Shayad janamdin hai tumhara is liye
Meri har ek dua hai teri lambi umar ke liye
Dil khud jaanta hai tu na ho dhadkega kis ke liye…

Yad0n k tasalsul pe k0i bas nahi

yad0n k tasalsul pe k0i bas
nahi chaLta,
Jab yaaD kiya tum k0 t0h kaHan
tak naHi p0hanchE……..

Ik saal purana qissa hai larka tha

Ik Saal Purana Qissa Hai
Ik Larka Tha Deewana Sa
Karta Tha Manmana Sa
Wo Shokh Shokh Chanchal Sa
Mehka Mehka Pagal Sa
Ik Roz Muhabbat Ker Betha
Or Ab K Sal Ka Qissa Hai
Ab Wo Mazi Ka Hissa Hai
Wo Pyaar Pe Jaan Ko Waar Gya
Or Apne Aap Ko Maar Gya
Sare Jag Se Jeet Gya
Bas Apne Aap Se Haar Gya . [...]

Eh jind ni ini sasti sajna har

Eh Jind Ni Ini Sasti Sajna
Har Koi Ni Isda Haqdar Hunda
Koi Ved Hakeem Na Ilaaj Karda
Jo V Ishq Bimar Hunda
Jo Rooh De Vich Vass Gaya
Oh Ni Dil De Vicho Visar Hunda
Hor Ta Sanu Pata Ni Yaara
Par Shartan La Ke Ni Kadi Pyar Hunda

Pakistan hay azmaton muhabaton ka nishan rooh

pakistan pakistan pakistan pakistan
hay azmaton muhabaton ka nishan
rooh e qaied ki azmaton ko salam ho
jo na banate watan hum reh jate be nishan

Dard e judai shayaris awesome collections

Dard E Judai Shayaris.. Awesome Collections. ..
Duwa karna yaro juda ho rahe hai,
Rahi zindagi to fir aaker milenge..
Ager mergaye to duwa karte rehna,
Aansun bahane ki koshish na karna..
A duniya badi bewafa hai samajhna,
Kahin dil lagane ki koshish na karna.
Mere doston zindagi ek safer hai samajhna,
Kahin thaher jane ki koshish na karna.
Danishon ki duniya hai sari,
Alfazon ka mydan hai sara.
Zer aur zaber ko pehechan na pao,
To mydan me aane ki koshish na karna.
Kashti ummidon ki ger sahil na paye,
To khud dub jane ki koshish na karna.
Kadam pe andhera karegi ye duniya,
Kahin dil jalane ki koshish na karma.
Kabhi ro ke muskuraye , kabhi muskura ke roye,
Jab bhi teri yaad aayi tujhe bhula ke roye,
ek tera hi to naam tha jise hazar bar likha,
Jitna likh ke khush hue us se jayada mita ke roye.
Akela sa mehsus karo jab tanhai me,
Yaad meri aye jab judai me,
Mehsus karna tumhare karib hu me,
Jab chahe dekh lena apni hi parchai me.
Kadam yuhi dagmaga gaye raaste me,
Warna sambhlna hum bhi jaanthe the,
Thokar bhi lagi tho us pathar se,
Jise hum apna mante the.
Kaash woh samajthe is dil ki tadap ko,
Tho yun humein ruswa na kiya hotha.
Unki ye berukhi zulm bhi manzoor thi humein,
Bas ek baar humein samaj-liya hota.
Wo roye to bahut, par mujhse muh mod kar roye
Koi majburi hogi to dil tod kar roye
Mere samne kar diye mere tasveer ke tukde
Pata chala mere piche wo unhe jod kar roye
Mere khwabon mein aana aapka kasur tha
Aapse dil lagana hamara kasur tha
Aap aaye the zindagi mein pal do pal ke liye
Aapko zindagi samajh lena hamara kasur tha
Written By :
Dilip Somaiya

I saw her one day she was

I Saw Her One Day
She Was A Flower
She Was Beautiful
She Was Perfect
I Wanted To Be With Her
But She Was On Opposite Sides Of The Field
And Our Stems Rooted Us To The Ground
I Was Sad
I Wilted
I Wanted To Be With Her
But She Was On Opposite Sides Of The Field
So I Released My Pedals
Into The Winds
And She Caught It
One Day We-‘ll Be Together
I Saw Her One Day
She Was A Girl
She Was Beautiful
She Was Perfect
I Wanted To Be With Her
So I Released My Heart
Into The Winds
And She Caught It
That Day We Were Together

Ae khuda tu mujhe jawab de k

Ae KHUDA Tu Mujhe Jawab De
Yon Wo Chala Gaya Mujhko Chor Ke
Hum To Uski Jhalak Ke Deewane The
Uske Chand Se Chehre Ke Parwane The
Uski Baaton Main
Dil Lagai Bethe Hen
Uska Naam Bar Bar Kehte Hen
Wo, Jo Bina Bolay Baat Samjah De
Aur Hume Humise Chura Le
Uske Saath Hum Apne Sapne Saja Len
Aj Is Tanhai Mai Rota Hai [...]

eid ka din is eid per wo

–==Eid Ka Din–==
Is Eid Per
Wo Mere Saath nahi
Magar Wo
Uski Yadain
Us Ki Batain
Sab Mujhe Yaad Hai
Us ne Mujhe
Yaad Kia Hoga
Phir Mere Khialon Mein
Khooye Huey
Tasawar Ke
Kisi Lamhe Mein
Dheeray Se Kaha Hoga
~~~EiD MuBaRaK~~~!

Tum bhi khafaa ho log beraham hain

Tum bhi Khafaa ho log bhi beraham hain dosto
Ab ho chalaa yaqein ke bure ham hain dosto

kis ko hamaare haal se nisbat hai kyaa karein
aankhein to dushmanoun ki bhi pur_nam hain dosto

apane sivaa hamaare na hone kaa Gam kise
apani talaash mein to ham hi ham hain dosto

kuchh aaj shaam hii se hai dil bhii bujhaa bujhaa
kuchh shahar ke chiraaG bhi maddham hain dosto

is shahar-e-aarazuu se bhi baahar nikal chalo
ab dil ki raunaqein bhi koi dam hain dosto

sab kuchh sahi ‘Faraz’ par itanaa zaruur hai
duniyaa main aise log bahut kam hain dosto

Aap se jab hamari yaari ho gay

Aap se jab hamari yaari ho gay,
Duniya aur bhi hamari pyari ho gay,
Ise pehle hum kisi bhi chiz ke adi na the,
Par aab apko yaad karne ki bimari hi gayi.
[email protected]

Jannat ki aarzu mein kahan ja rahay

Jannat Ki Aarzu Mein Kahan Ja rahay Hain Log

Jannat Ki Aarzu Mein Kahan Ja rahay Hain Log,
Janat Tou Karbala Mein Khareedi HUSSAIN (R.A) ne,
Dunya o Aakhrat Mein Jo Rehna Ho Chain Se,
Jeena ALI se Seekho Marna HUSSAIN se…

T o my valentine with all love o f

T-o my Valentine, with all my love,
O-f whom I cannot say enough in praise,
M-ay my love for you sufficient prove,
Y-earning to redeem your caustic days.
V-ortices within may drag you down.
A-nchor, then, in my serenity.
L-ove saves some who otherwise might drown,
E-mbarked alone upon their Galilee.
N-or should you deem your own love not enough
T-o be the chapel to which I retreat
I-n search of a pavilion for my pain.
N-o love is love unless it be a seat
E-nchanted, where a stone might weep again….
*****ANMOL ARORA****

Hum sharabi nahe hai log huma kehte

Hum sharabi nahe hai log huma sharabi kehte hain
hosh toh huma rehta nahe hai
madhosh hojata hai
tere mehak ki vo kashish hume kyu satati hai
hota nahe hai hosh jab mil jaye nazar unse
bus ek nasha sa cha jata hai

Barishon ka intezaar hai dil milne ko

Barishon ka intezaar hai.
Dil milne ko bekaraar hai.
Ek taraf JUDAI Aur ek taraf tera PYAAR Hai.
Kuch ankahi, ansuni batein hai juban Par,
Aur DIL me shararat bhara khumar hai

Punam ka chand rango ki doli

Punam ka chand rango ki Doli ,
Chand se us ki chandhi boli ,
Khushiyon se bhar de sabkijholi ,
Mubarak ho aap sab ko Khushiyon se bhre —HOLI–
HAPPY HOLI………………………..
*** Anmol Arora ***

Laxmi ji aayegi itni ki sab jagah

Laxmi ji aayegi itni ki sab jagah Naam hoga,
Din raat vyopar bade itna adhik kaam hoga,
Ghar Pariwar samaj me banoge Sartaj,
Yehi Kamna hai hamari aap ke liye
Diwali ki Dhero Shubh Kamanaye aapke liye…

Zareee zarree mein usi ka noor hai

Zareee Zarree Mein Usi Ka Noor Hai
Jhak Khud Mein Woh Na Tujhse Door Hai
Ishq Hai Usse To Sab Se Ishq Kar
Ishq Hai Usse
To Sab Se Ishq Kar
Is Ibadat Ka Yehi Dastoor Hai
Is Mein Us Mein Aur Us Mein Hai Wohi
Is Mein Us Mein Aur Us Mein Hai Wohi
Yaar Mera H Ar Taraf Bharpur Hai ..
Movie Name : Delhi 6
Singer :Amitabh Bachchan
Lyrics:Prasoon Joshi
Music Director :Rahman AR
Actors : Abhishek Bachchan, Om Puri, Sonam Kapoor
Director : Rakesh Omprakash Mehra
Producer :Ronnie Screwvala
Year :2009
Download Amitabh Bachan Shayari – Delhi 6 in Mp3 Format

Aansu padya aankho maathi tamne shi kadar

Aansu padya aankho maathi, tamne shi kadar?
tame todyu che dil maaru, eni shi khabar?
Hu ichu chu chataa evi nirasha thai nathi shakti;
Milan taaru asanbhav che, e shraddha thai nathi shakti.
mahobbat ane jagat vachhe nu sthal vicharu chu;
mara ane tara vachhe nu antar vicharu chu.
kadi chinta kari lau chu, kadi chintan kari lau chu,
Jivanma em jivan nu hu sanshodhan kari lau chu;
mathu chu hu mathi ne bas hraday ma kathan kari lau chu,
visarjan thay jya prem nu, tya fari sarjan kari lau chu.
Tu nathi to aa jagat Udas laage che,
Punam ni raatoy mujne aamas laage che;
Anu Anu ma jagatna nihalu chu tane,
nayan ni kiki ma pan taaro vaas laage che.
E hraday te pan bhala kevo fasavyo che mane;
je nathi mara banya eno j banavyo che mane.
have bas bahu thayu buddhi, Hu pagal thau to saaru,
Prem no samay aavyo che, Hu diwano thau to saaru.
Hoi shake to eva maan ne marag hoi shake;
jene pagle ek majanu paangartu jag hoi shake.

Hawa ka jhoka aaya teri khushbu sath

Hawa Ka Jhoka Aaya
Teri Khushbu Sath Laya
Hawa Ka Jhoka Aaya
Teri Khushbu Sath Laya
Mai Samajh Gayi Ki Tu Aaj Phir Nhi Nahaya
- Zeya

Har ik chiraag ki lo aisi soyi soyi

Har Ik Chiraag Ki Lo Aisi Soyi-Soyi Thi
Voh Shaam Jaise Kisi Se Bichhad Ke Royi Thi
Naha Gaya Tha Main Kal Jugnuo Ki Baarish Mein
Voh Mere Kaandhe Pe Sar Rakh ke Khoob Royi Thi
Kadam-Kadam Pe Lahoo Ke Nishan Kaise Hain
Ye Sarjami To Mere Aansuon Ne Dhoyi Thi
Makaan Ke Saath Voh Podha Bhi Jal Gaya Jisme
Mehkate Phool The Phoolon Me Ek Titli Thi
Khood Uske Baap Ne Pehchaan Kar Na Pehchana
Voh Ladki Pichhle Fasadaat Me Jo Khoyi Thi

Jihdi khushi layi aasi mangde rahe duavaavan

Jihdi Khushi Layi Aasi Mangde Rahe Duavaavan,
Aaj Kinj Keh Diyan Ke Oh Sajjan Ujjar Jave,
Jihdi Paireen Aasi Phul Vishaey,
Jehar da Kauda Ghut Pita,
Kinj Keh Diyan Oh Rabba,
Mere Dillon Ohda Hun Na Hi Mit Jaye…

Kabhi kisi ke liye mat rona kyunkeh

Kabhi Kisi Ke Liye Mat Rona, Kyunkeh Woh Tumhare Aansuon Ke Kabil Nahi Hoga
Aur Jo Is Kabil Hoga, Woh Tumhe Kabhi Rone Hi Nahi Dega….

Bhut kuch kehtai hai nazar apki mujhe

bhut kuch kehtai hai nazar apki
mujhe ko jahan se juda karti hai…. nazar apki
apki nazaro me hai khuda ki khudai
is me nazar ati hai sachi
sare jaha ki chahat hai ….. nazar apki …..
jab bhi me dekhu inko
ye mujhe khud se juda kar jaye
meri chahat hai ki inke chaahoo me mujhe panhaa mil jaye
mujhe ko tujhe me fann hona sikhati hai ….nazar apki …
jab nazar se milti hai nazar ladhkhrate labz tham jate hai
apki awaz me do jaha simat jate hai .. bas chaht hoti hai
ki humare liye bhi chahat bane…. nazar apki ….

Yeh sannata bahut mehnga padega usse bhi

Yeh Sannata Bahut Mehnga Padega
Usse Bhi Phootkar Rona Padega
Wahi Do-Chaar Chere Ajnabi Se
Unhi Ko Phir Se Dohraana Padega
Koi Ghar Se Nikalta Hee Nahin Hai
Hawa Ko Tthak Ke So Jana Padega
Yahan Suraj Bhi Kaala Par Gaya Hai
Kahin Se Din Bhi Mangwaana Padega

In pyar bhari nazro se mat dekho

In pyar bhari nazro se mat dekho
Kahi ye dil ghayal na ho jaaye,
Itna dil mat lagao
Hamse, Kahi hamein pyar na ho jaaye.
[email protected]

Dil ki aawaaz aaj ye dil keheta

Dil Ki Aawaaz
aaj ye dil keheta hai, tu ab laut chal
guzarti nahin hai, meri koi bhi pal
mujhko yahaan se le chal
aaj ye dil keheta hai, tu ab laut chal
woh manzil yahaan nahin milegi
jise tujhe talash hai
woh manzar yahaan nahin dikhega
jo tere dil ke aas paas hai
milti nahin hai mujhe yahaan koi bhi hal
mujhko yahaan se le chal
aaj ye dil keheta hai, tu ab laut chal
waise log yahaan nahin hai
jinko dhund raha hai tu
yahaan log waise nahin hai
jinse jud raha hai tu
na banegi yahaan mere sapno ka mahal
mujhko yahaan se le chal
aaj ye dil keheta hai, tu ab laut chal

Mile ho aap mujhe to door nahi

Mile ho aap mujhe to door nahi janaa.
Jindagi akelaa mujhe chhod mat jaana.
Khata ho gayi to maaf kar denaa.
magar dusare ke sahaare chhod mat janaa…

Neendein bhi meri ankhon se churati hai

Neendein bhi meri ankhon se churati hai wohi
So jaoon to khawabon mein satati hai wohi
Har zakham ka khaliq bhi koi aur nahi hai
Har zakham pe marham bhi lagati hai wohi
Veeran bhi rakhti hai shab-o-roz wo meri
Kamrey mein phool bhi sajati hai wohi
Youn to mujhe wo yaad kiya karti hai aksar
Jab chahe magar bhool bhi jati hai wohi
Ye bhi theek hai bhool gaya hoon main usey
Ye bhi ghalat hai ke mujhe yaad nahi aati wohi……
in my dreams u r mine…
in my life ur a dream…
From: chayan jain ([email protected])

Mubarak ho aap ko 2009 2008 k

Mubarak ho aap ko 2009, 2008 k bad
Sunehri dhoop barsaat k bad,
thori si hansi her baat ke baad,
usi tarah ho mubarak aap ko 2009, 2008 k baad.
Wish u a Happy new year.

Thaame rakhna haath hamara aise hi dete

Thaame Rakhna Haath Hamara Aise Hi
Dete Rehna Saath Zindagi Bhar Aise Hi
Yu To Milenge Zindagi Mein Chahne Wale bahut
Milenge To Bas Hamare Jaise Nahi

Dost hai kuch aisa lage jaan se

Dost Hai Kuch Aisa Lage Jaan Se Bhi Pyara,
Saathi Hai Kuch Aisa Ki Saath De Har Pal Hamara,
Har Galti Kar Dete Hai Maaf Jasie Maa Ka Dulara,
Aur Pyar Mila Hai Kuch Itna Ki Hai Jeevan Sawara.

By Mohit Bhatt

Sanu dukh nahi sajna iss gal da

Sanu Dukh Nahi Sajna Iss Gal Da,
Ki Sari Duniya Ne Sanu Chad Ditta.
Par Eeni Vi Ki Si Sadi Kismat Madhi,
Jo Tu Vi Sanu Dil Cho Kadh Ditta

Mitti ki anokhi murat ho tum zindagi

Mitti Ki Anokhi Murat Ho Tum
Zindagi Ki Ek Zarurat Ho Tum
Phool To Khubsurat Hote Hai
Phoolo Se Bhi Khubsurat Ho Tum

Door kar diya tha nigahon ne teri

Door Kar Diya Tha Nigahon Ne Teri Mehkhano Se Mujhe
Per Teri Bewafai Ne Mujhe Peena Sikha Diya
Waise To Shayri Se Bahut Door Tha Mai Par
Tere Intazaar Ne Mujhe Likhna Seekha Diya

Kisi khush nigha si aankh ne ye

Kisi Khush Nigha Si Aankh Ne
Ye Kamal Mujh Pe Karam Kiya
Meri Loh-E-Jaan Pe Raram Kiya
Woh Jo Ek Chaand Sa Harf Tha
Woh Jo Ek Shaam Sa Naam Tha.
Woh Jo Aik Phool Si Baat Phirti Thi Dar Badar
Ussay Gulistaan Ka Pata Diya.
Mera Dil K Shehar-E-Milaal Tha Ussay Roshni Main Bassa Diya
Meri Aankh Aur Khaab Ko Kisi Aik Pal Main Beham Kia
Merey Aainoon Pay Gard Thi Mah-O-Saal Ki
Woh Uttar Gaye.
Woh Jo Dhundh Thi Merey Chaar Soo Woh Bikhar Gaye
Sab Hi Roop Aaks-E-Jamaal Ke
Sab Hi Khaab Shaam-E-Wisaal Ke
Jo Ghubaar Waqt Main Sar Basar Thay Attay Howay
Woh Chammak Uthay.
Woh Jo Phool Raah Ki Dhool Thay
Woh Mehak Uthay.
Lay Saath Rang Bahar Ke
Chala Main Jo Sang Bahar Ke
Tu Sajja Diye Sab Hi Raastay
Kisi Dast Sho’abda Saaz Nay
Merey Naam Par Merey Waastay
Meri Bay Ghar Ko Panah Di
Meri Justaju Ko Nishaan Diya
Jo Yaqeen Say Bhi Haseen Hai
Mujhay Aik Aisa Ghumaan Diya
Woh Jo Reza Reza Wajood Tha
Usse Ek Nazar Main Baham Kiya
Kisi Khush Nigha Si Aankh Ne
Yeh Kamal Mujh Pe Karam Kiya

Dil diya tha dilruba samjh kar kha

Dil Diya Tha Dilruba Samjh Kar
Dil Diya Tha Dilruba Samjh Kar
Kha Gayi Kameeni
Kharbuja Samajhkar

Unke khayalon mein ab koi aur hi

Unke Khayalon Mein Ab Koi Aur Hi Rehne Laga Hai
Wo Kehte Hain Ki Koi Nahi, Lekin Humein Sab Pata Hai
Gila Ye Nahi Ki Humein Yaadon Mein Shaamil Na Kiya
Gila Ye Hai Ki Un Yaadon Mein Koi Aur Basa Hai

Kar do mujhe bhi jagrat mere swapan

Kar Do Mujhe Bhi Jagrat Kar Do Mere Bhi Swapan Susajit
Ho Jaye Ehankaar Paraajit Rehe Jaye Bas Ek Chetana
Aisi Vedna-Heen Vedna Jo Hai Janmi Tumhaare Jane Se
Tumhe Na Paane Se Netra Tow Hai Drishti Bhi Hai
Per Hoon Murchit Tod Do Meri Murcha
Karni Hai Mujhe Tumhaari Pooja Karna Hai Samarpan
Swyam Ko Arpan Mat Karo Mera Tiraskaar
Karo Lo Mujhe Swikaar Mera Hai Tum Per Adhikar
Tod Do Bandhan, Hata Do Aavaran Nahi Swikaar Mujhe Andhkaar
Bhor Ki Kiran Ka Hone Do Pravesh De Do Mujhe Jeene Ka Adhikaar

Yun to tere payaam me kuchh bhi

yun to tere payaam me kuchh bhi na tha magar….
ashqon ki kuchh nami thi mere naam ke tale……

Tum se bichar ker kya hoon main

Tum Se Bichar Ker Kya Hoon Main ???
Ek Ashoori NAzam Ka Misra !!
Ya Koi Beemar Parinda !!
Copy Main Ek Zinda Titlii !!
Ye Ek Murda Peela Patta !!
Aankh Hoon KOi Khwaab-Zada Si !!
Ya Aankho’n Mein Tuuta Sapna !!
Palko’n Ki Deewar k Peechey !!
Pagal Qaidi , Ya Ek Aansuu !!
Dhoop Mein Lipta Lamba Sehra !!
Tuuti Hui Choorii [...]

Toot gai neend khuwab wohi hai dur

Toot gai neend khuwab wohi hai,
Dur rehtay hain par ihteram wohi hai,
Jantay hain mil nahi saktay magar, In aankhon main intezar wohi hai,
This post was submitted by Asim.

Aasman se girhte hai barish zameen utthi

Aasman Se Girhte Hai Barish
Zameen Se Utthi Hai Ghass
Meh Rehta Hun Mere Ghar Ke Pass
Magar Mera Dil Hai Mere Mehbooba Ke Passs

Aao shehedon sair karein tumko pakistan ki

Aao Shehedon Sair Karein Tumko Pakistan Ki
Jisky Khatir Tumny Lakhon Janey Qurban Ki
Na Nabi Ka Farman Na Laaj Rakhi Rehman Ki
Khud Ko Kaha Muslim Hum Ny Or Harkat Ki Shaitan Ki
Bandh Kr Jism Par Bomb Lakhon Masomon Ki Janli
Na Jung Ourat Ki
Na Jung Kisi K Maal Ki
Lakhon Janey Le Humny Baghair Jismo Khal Ki
Na Hasan [...]

Agar zindagi mein judai na hoti to

Agar Zindagi Mein Judai Na Hoti
To Kabhi Kisi Ki Yad Aii Na Hoti
Sath Hi Guzarta Har Lamha To
Shayed Rishto Mein Ye Gehrai Na Hoti

Aqal ko tanqeed say fursat nahi aray

Aqal Ko Tanqeed Say Fursat Nahi
Aray Isqh Par Amaal Ki Bunyaad Rakh

Ik shaam aati hai teri yaad le

Ik Shaam Aati Hai Teri Yaad Le Kar
Ik Shaam Jati Hai Teri Yaad Le Kar
Humko Tau Us Shaam Ka Intezaar Hai
Jo Aaye Tumhain Apne Saath Le Kar

Tumhari aankhein kehti hain hisaar e zaat se niklo

Tumhari AAnkhei—n kehti hai—n hisaar-e-Zaat se niklo
Tamanna meri bann jao Shab-e-Barbaad se niklo
Kinara tham lo dil ka bhula do her gila shikwa
Kabhi sachi hansi hans do—purani yaad se niklo
Khayal-e-Yaar acha hai mager jis ne wafa na ki
Palat ker phir Sada na do, dar-e-feryad se niklo
Nahi koi Muhabbat bhi,hijr rutt bhi, raqabat bhi
Tou Yeh Dharka sa [...]

Dil lagi thi usey hum se mohabbat

Dil Lagi Thi Usey Hum Se Mohabbat Kab Thi
Mehfil-e-Gair Se Un Ko Fursat Kab Thi
Hum Thay Mohabbat Main Lot Jane K Qabil
Us K Wadoon Main Wo Haqiqat Kab Thi…

Wo maut bhi bari suhani hogi jo

Wo Maut Bhi Bari Suhani Hogi
Jo Aap Ki Piyar May Aani Hogi
Ye Dua Hai Khuda Say K Pehlay Ham Jaaein
Kyon Ke Welcome Ki Rasam Bhi To Nibhani Hog

Zindagi to mujhe pehchan na pai lekin

Zindagi To Mujhe Pehchan Na Pai Lekin
Log Kehte Hain Ki Main Tera Numainda Hoon
Phool Si Kabr Se Aksar Ye Sada Aati Hai
Koi Kehta Hai Bcha Lo, Main Abhi Zinda Hoon
Vakai Is Tarah Maine Kabhi Socha Hi Nahi
Kaun Hai Apna Yahan Kiske Liye Zinda Hoon
- Bashir Badr

phr se valentines day aa raha

~~ Phr Se Valentines Day Aa Raha Hai ~~
Yad hai jana . . .
Jb vAlentine day tha
hamari zindgi mea bahar laya tha
tm ne apni sachi mohabbat ka izhar kia tha
mere dil ko naye jazbon se ser-sar kia tha
naye naye wady thy
naye naye irady thy
tm ne hamesa meri valentine rehne ka wada kia tha
aj tm mere [...]

Kaisi beeti raat kissi se mat kehna

Kaisi Beeti Raat Kissi Se Mat Kehna
Sapnon Wali Baat Kissi Se Mat Kehna
Kaisay Uthay Badaal Or Kahan Takray
Kaisi Hui Barsaat Kissi Se Mat Kehna

Tumhara pyaar meray char soo abhi tq

Tumhara pyaar meray char soo abhi tq hy
Koi hisaar meray char soo abhi tq hy
Bicharty waqt jo tm saunp k gaye thy mujhy
Wo intizar meray char soo abhi tq hy
May ab bhi girty huye paniyon ki qaid may hon
Ik aabshar meray char soo abhi tq hy
Koi gumaan mujhy tm sy door kaisy karay
K aitbaar meray [...]

Fir tute armano ko pala hai badi

Fir Tute Armano Ko Pala Hai,
Badi Mushkil Se Dil Ko Sambhala Hai,
Jo Ummeed Lagayi Hai ‘Kumar’ Ne Tumse Tod Mat Dena,
Muddat Baad Ye Darr Dil Se Nikala Hai…
- Ghanendra Kumar Bamaniya

Kabhi yad ao tou iss terha kabhi

Kabhi yad ao tou iss terha,
kabhi gungunao tou iss terha,
mera dard phir se ghazal banay,
kabhi dil dukhao tou iss terha,
meri dharkane bhi laraz othain,
kabhi jo bhol jao tou iss terha,
na sisak sakain na bilak sakain,
kabhi chor jao tou iss terha,
na ujer sakain na sanwer sakain,
kabhi yad ao tou iss terha.

Tohfa e dil de doon ya chand tare

Tohfa-e-dil de doon ya de doon chand tare
Janam din pe tujhe kya doon ye poche mujh se sare

Zindgi tere naam kar doon bhi to kam hahi
Daaman mein bhar doon har pal khushi ko main tumhre

Khoyi si dheemi thori an kahi muskurati 2

Khoyi Khoyi Si
Dheemi Dheemi Si
Thori An-kahi
Thori Si Muskurati
2 Dilo’n ki Hy Ijazat
Mera Naam Hy Mohabbat
Bheege Sapne
Kachi Yaadei’n
Choti Choti Dil Ki Baatei’n
Kehti Hy Ye Zindagi
Kesi Hy Deewangi
Koi Rehta Hy
Aahato’n k Kinarey
Choo Loon Tou Sansanahat
Mera Naam Hy Mohabbat
Kuch Tehreerei’n
Likhte Rehna
Apne Ghar Main
Chalte Rehna
Anjani Baato’nMain Bhi
Hoti Hy Dil Ki Lagi
Sookhey Lamho’n Main
Baarisho’n k Kinarey
Honto’n Pe Hy Shararat
Mera Naam [...]

Chhoo lain aasma8217an hum aao bantain khushiyan

Chhoo Lain Aasma’an
Hum Aao Bantain Khushiyan
Har dil ka Hai Armaan
Pakistaan, Hamari Jaan
Hai is par sab Qurbaan
Pakistaan, Hamari Jaan
Zinda Hain JazzBay
Humko Yaqe’en Hai
Saaray Jaha’an mein
Hum sa Nahin Hai..!
Jeetain gay Har Damm
Hai ye Eemaan
Pakistaan, Hamari Jaan
Hai is par sab Qurbaan
Pakistaan, Hamari Jaan
Khush’haliya’an hon
Har soo Humaray
Utrain Yahan par
Sb Chand Taaray
Hai pyari Dharti
Apni Pehchaan
Pakistaan, Hamari Jaan
Hai is par sab [...]

Mun hi which karda han tuhanu pyar

mun hi mun which karda han tuhanu pyar ena
nahi kadey wi kisey ne kisey nu kita hona

rani bana-kay rakhanga tey sukh devanga ena
nahi kadey wi kisey ne kisey nu dita hona

udasi tuhadey che-ray(face)tey nahi kadey aun deni
sab supney tuhadey purey karanga mein

bas ik araz hai shad kay na javi mainu
nahi tan ro-ro kay maranga mein

What makes you so special really want

What Makes You So Special
You Really Want To Know
First Off Let Me Start By Saying
It’s Cause I Told You So

You’re A True Gentleman
Your Love Is One Of A Kind
Even Through The Busiest Days
You’re Forever On My Mind
You’re Attentive
You Listen & You Care,
When & If I Ever Needed You
I Know You’d Always Be There
How Long Would I Be W/you
Before Moving On To The Next Best Thing?
Sweetheart If You Don’t Know By Now,
You Have All Of Me, Let Me Tell You
The Only Thing That’s Missing Is The Ring
Does This Scare Me?
Hell Yes It Do
I Have No Reason To Lie
My Heart Belongs To You
You Need Time To Soul Search
I’ll Be Here When You’re Threw
But Baby Please Look Deep Within Your Heart
And You’ll Find Out That I’m Meant For You
You Alone Have Total Access To Me
So What Do You Want To Do?
Please Say You’ll Stay
Cause I Don’t Want To Go Another Day W/out You.

Arz kia hai zara ghor farmaiiye hai

Arz Kia Hai…
Zara Ghor Farmaiiye
Arz Kia Hai
Eid Eid Karte Kiun Karte Ho
Eid Bhi Aajayegi
Eid Eid Karte Kiun Ho
Eid Bhi Aajayegi
Ramzan Ke Pure Rozay Rakho
Aqal Thikane Aajayegi

Dard ko zakam ne seencha hai humko

Dard ko zakam ne seencha hai,
Humko unki mohabbat ne roka hai,
chal diye thae char kandho par,
Par kambaqt unki bebasi ne roka hai,
Alvida keh gaye wo hame apne humsafar k sath,
Rok kar raka tha hame jane yumraj k sath,
Toot gaya hai dil mera jb sath unhone mera chora,
aaale na jaye koyi aur dil mera
isi liye maine ab yeh duniya chora…..
Written composed by:-

Ab aur kya kisi se marasim burha8217ein

ab aur kya kisi se marasim burha’ein hum
yeh bhi bohut hai, tujhe bhool ja’ein hum
sehra-e zindagi mein koyee dosra na tha
sunte rahe hein aap hi apni sada’ein hum
iss zindagi mein itni fraghat kise naseeb
itna na yaad aa ke tujhe bhool ja’ein hum
tu itni dil zada tau na thi ai shub-e firaq
aa tere raaste mein sitare [...]

Fitrat e husn ko afsos na samjha

Fitrat e husn ko afsos na samjha hum ne
Apne gham ka na kiya phir bhi madawaa hum ne

shikwa e aehd e mohabbat na kabhi hum ne kiya
Bewafa ko bhi wafaadaar hi samjha hum ne

Ae meri jaane tamaanna tujhe maloom nahin
Zindagi bhar tujhe aankhon mein sajaaya hum ne

Aaina daar mohabbat tere jalwon ki qasam
Dil bhi hum ne firqat mein jalaaya hum ne

manzilon ne bhi qadam badh kar humare choome
Doston! dhoondli jab huzn ki duniya hum ne

yaas o hurmaan o alam , ranj ,museebat dekhe
tera daaman na kisi haal mein chodaa hum ne

mushkilein sekdon aayein rahe ulfat mein magar
ek faqad tere liye chod di duniya hum ne

hum pe ilzaam lagaaye gaye laakhon phir bhi
khoon e dil se tere gulshan ko sajaaya hum ne

manzil e ashq mein dhoka hi mela hum ko shakeel
aashiqi ka magar anjaam na socha hum ne

Dost hain hum tumhare dushman nahin tsunami

Dost hain hum tumhare dushman nahin,
tsunami kehlo humein andhi nahin,
baha le jayenge tumhe apni dosti main,
magar dhool ankhon mein jhokenge nahin!!!!!

Jane wale dil ko pathar kar gae

Jane wale dil ko pathar kar gae

Jane wale dil ko pathar kar gae,
Phr kisi ko daikh kar dharka nahin.

Unhe ye shikayat hai hamse ki ham

Unhe Ye Shikayat Hai Hamse,
Ki Ham Har Kisi Ko Dekh Kar Muskurate Hai,
NaSamajh Hai Wo Kya Jane,
Hame To Har Chehre Mai Wo Hi Nazar Ate Hai
Happy Teddy Day To My Friend

Maikhane saje thyjam ka tha daur jam

Maikhane saje thy,Jam ka tha daur,
Jam me kya tha ye kisne kiya tha gaur,
Jam me gum tha mere armano ka,
Aur sab kahe rahe the ek Aur, ek Aur

Your love makes me feel proud and

Your love makes me feel proud.
And on this day I want to shout it out loud.
Happy Raksha Bandhan my sister.
May God fill your life with all colours and happiness…

Aye re aye diwali patakhe tohfe layi

Aye Re aye Diwali
Patakhe tohfe layi Diwali
Dil ko khush karne aai Diwali
Aye Re Aye Diwali
Maze karte hue bache dekho
Na Mummy ka na Papa ka dar hai
Na School ka na Teacher ka dar hai
Bachay hain kheltay koodtay
Khaana dekho banati chachi
Chocolate khata dekho chacha
Arti kar aur parshaad khakar
Jhoom utha sara parivaar
Aye Ry Aye Diwali
Khushiya dekho lai diwali

Bas ab ek haan ke intezaar me

Bas ab ek haan ke intezaar me raat yunhi guzar jaayegi,
ab toh bas uljhan hai saath mere neend kahan aayegi,
Subah ki kiran na jaane konsa sandesh laayegi,
rimjhim is gungunayegi ya pyaas adhuri reh jaayegi…
Download Ghajini Shayari

Ek fauji ki girlfriend ne usey khat

Ek Fauji Ki Girlfriend Ne Usey Khat Likha, “Meri Life Mein Naya Ladka Aa Gaya Hai…,
Tum Se Acha, Main Us Se Shadi Karungi Meri Photo Vapas Bhijwa Do.”
Fauji Ne Apne Sare Dosto Ki Girlfriends Ki total 30 Photo Rakh Ke Khat Likha,
“Lo In Mein Se Nikal Lo, Mujhe Tumhari Shakal Yaad Nahi.”

Wo chham kar ke aayi wo chali

Wo chham chham kar ke aayi
wo chham chham kar ke chali gayi
main sindoor le kar khada tha
wo rakhi bandh kar chali gayi.

Nt ehna aakhiya wich si pyaar


Ehna Aakhiya Wich Si Pyaar Bada,
Uhne Kade Aakhiya De Wich Takiya Hi Nahi,
Es Dil Wich Si Sirf Tasveer Usdi,
Main Apne Dil Wich Hor Kuch Rakheya Hi Nai
Ajj Dil Puchh Baitha Appni Hi Tasveer To,
Tu Ki Paya Appni Taqdeer To,
Teri Tasveer Dil De Sheeshe Nu Vikhayi,
Te Keha Ajeha Pyaar Paya Taqdeer To.
Vich Hawawan Kade Vi Deeve Jagde Na,
Khiza Di Rutte Phull Kade Vi Sajde Na,
Bhull Ke Vi Na Saanu Kite Bhull Javin,
Kuonki Yaar Guwaache Fer Kade Vi Labhde Na…
Kaun kisko dil mein jagah deta hai,
Ped bhi sukhe patte gira deta hai.
Wakif hain hum duniya ke riwazon se,
Dil bhar jaye to har koi bhula deta hai…..
Jyoti Sandhu

Zindagi lambi hai dost banate raho dil

Zindagi lambi hai Dost banate raho..
Dil mile na mile hath milate ra

Chehre badal gaye jab matlab nikal gaya

Chehre badal gaye, Jab matlab nikal gaya.
Jo kal tak tha dost, Dushman nikal gaya,
Aakhir kab tak rukte parinde mere chat par,
Wo bhi apne ghar ko laut chale, Jab Suraj dhal gaya,
Unhe rokne ki koshish me jab diya “Dosti” ka washta,
Jawab tha unka……………………

Kaise katti hai woh raatain hum bata

Kaise Katti Hai Woh Raatain Hum Bata Nahi Saktay
Per Sach Ye Hai Ke Hum Tum Se Kuch Shoopa Nahi Sakte
Woh Guzray Huway Din Woh Guzri Hui Raatein
Woh Guzra Hua Har Ik Pal Hum Bhula Nahi Saktay
Meri Yaadon May Tum Ho Meri Tanhaiyo May Tum Ho
Itna Pyaar Hai Tum Se Ke Hum Ginwa Nahi Saktay
In Ankho Ko In Saanso Ko Bus Tumara Hi Intezaar Hai
Ab Aa Bhi Jao Is Dil Ko Aur Tadpa Nahi Saktay
Woh Pyaar Ki Baatain Woh Qasmay Woh Waadain
Jo Sach Hai Os Sach Ko Tum Jhuthla Nahi Saktay
Kaise Katti Hain Woh Raatain Hum Bata Nahi Saktay
Per Sach Ye Hai Ke Hum Tum Se Kuch Shoopa Nahi Saktay

Wo boli dil ko koi beyaqeeni hai

Wo Boli, Dil Ko Koi Beyaqeeni Hai Muhabbat Me
Mai Bola, Thik Hai Per Ishq To Imaan Hota Hai
Wo Boli, Arzoain Dil Ke Andar Bain Karti Hai
Mai Bola, Thik Hai Mujh Ko Sunayi Dete Rahete Hain
Wo Boli, Hum To Jaise Ek Musalsil Dukh Ke Qaidi Hain
Mai Bola, Thik Hai Ye Zindagi Dukh Ka Tasalsul Hain
Wo Boli, Koi Shab To Khab Me Bhi Khab Aate Hain
Mai Bola, Thik Hai Kuch Hasraten Aise Bhi Kartin Hain
Wo Boli, Bareshon Me Aur Ziyadh Jaan Silagti Hai
Mai Bola, Thik Hai Ye Aag Pani Ke Masael Hain
Wo Boli,Raat Kion Mushkil Se Katti Hai Judai Me
Mai Bola, Waqt To Kaifiyaton Ka Naam Hota Hai
Wo Boli, Chahaton Me Dard Ke Rahene Ki Qahish Kion
Mai Bola, Dard Ke Mare Howoon Ko Chain Mil Ta Hai
Wo Boli, Ruh Ki Aasoodgi Ko Kiya Zaroori Hai
Mai Bola Ruh Ko Aaloodgi Achchi Nahi Lagti Hai
Wo Boli, Chand Ki Aur Chandni Ki Kiya Kahani Hai
Mai Bola, Aadam O Hawwa Ki Chahat Ki Nishani Hai…
Poet : Fahat Abbas Shah
Take Care
Presented By
Asrar Ahmed Danish

Kabhee moum bun key pigal gaya girtey

Kabhee moum bun key pigal gaya
Kabhee girtey girtey sambhal gaya
Wo bun key lamhaa guzer gaye
Meyrey pass hi sey nikal gaye
Usey rokta bhee to kiss tarah
Key wo shakhs itna ajeeb thaa
Kabhee tadap utha meyree aah sey
Kabhee ashek sey na pigal sakaa
Sarey raah mila wo ager kabhee
To nazer chhura key guzer gaya
Wo utar gaya meyi ankh sey
Meyrey dil mai keu na utar saka
Wo challa ye sheher chhod key
Wo waha sey phir na palat saka
Wo sambhal gaya tha mager
Mein bikhar key phir na simat saka
email :- [email protected]

Teri saanson ki thakaan teri nigahon ka

Teri saanson ki thakaan, teri nigahon ka sukoot
Dar haqeeqat koi rangeen shararat hi na ho
Main jissay pyar ka andaz samajh baitha hoon
Woh tabbasum, woh takkallum teri aadat hi na ho….!!!
[email protected]

Arz hai is dil me tarane bahot

Arz hai..
Is dil me tarane bahot hai
Zindagi zine ke bahane bahot hai
Kis kis ko sms karoo
Kambakht is nachiz ke diwane bahut hai….
Bandar ki Beti Apne Bap se Boli Papa Papa Mujhe Shadi Karni Hai.
Beta thoda intazar karo kyonki.
Dulha Abhi SMS Read Kar Raha hai.
Laloo bada chalak hai
Nau baccho ka bap hai
Laloo bada nirala he
Dasva ane wala he..
Ye andar ki baat hai
Isme Vajpayee ka hat hai..
Dimag Jiska
Jivan Uska
Dil Jiska
Safalta Mile
Nazar Jiski
Wo Bane Sabka
…DEAR eg.Mai hoon na!

Ramzan ul mubarik ramadhan ki amad hai

Ramzan ul Mubarik
Ramadhan Ki Amad Hai
Rehmatein Barasane Wala Mahina Hai
Ao Aaj Sub Khataon Ki Maafi Maang Lein
Dar-e-Taurba Khula Hai Is Mahine Mein
Firdous Ki Khusboo Ati Hai
Woh Naseeb Wala Hai Jise Mile Firdous
Ao Aaj Hum Koshish Karein
Usse Paane Ki, Jise Hum Ne Abhi Talak Paya Hi Nahin
Ibadatoon Ke Is Door Mein
Ao Maangein Sub Ke Liye Magfarat
Maangtein Hain Hum Kuch Na Kuch Apne Liye
Chalo Aaj Doosroon Ke Liye Maangein
Ramadhan Ki amad Ki Khusi Hai Bahut
Saath Hi Is Ke Jald Roohsat Ho Jaane Ka Ghum
khuda Kare Waqt Tham Jaein Us Waqt
Jab Baras Rahi Ho Khuda Ki Rehmat Hum Par
Ramadhan Ke Roohsath Hone Se Pehle
Dar-e-Tauba Band Hone Se Pehle
Is Mubarak Mahine Ki Har Fazilat Hasil Kar Lein
Jo Hum Ghuzishta Saaloon Mein Hasil Na Kar Sake
Ramadhan Mubarak… Ramadhan Mubarak…
Ramadhan Mubarak… Ramadhan Mubarak…

Aisa lagta hai zindagi tum ho ajnabee

Aisa lagta hai zindagi tum ho
ajnabee kaise ajnabee tum ho
ab koi aarzoo nahin baakee
justjoo meri aakhri tum ho
main zameen par ghana andhera hoon
aasmaanon ki chandni tum ho
doston se wafa ki ummeeden
kis zamaane ke aadmi tum ho

Khushi ke ye pal aap yu hi

Khushi Ke Ye Pal Aap Yu Hi Sambhale Rakhna,
Ye Kaliyon Se Pyari Muskan Yu Hi Khilaye Rakhna,
Pyar Ki Yeh Mehfil Yu Hi Sajaye Rakhna,
Aur Dosti Ki Ye Khushboo Yu Hi Mehkaye Rakhna.

By Mohit Bhatt

Apne dukh sukh sahnje cc ajj wakh

Apne Dukh Sukh Sahnje Cc
Ajj Wakh Wakh Kida Ho Gye Aa
Enna Akhiya Ney Jo Kde Supne Dekhe
Oh Ve Tip Tip Ker Ke Cho Gye Aa
Kitte Zingdiii Vicho Vehl Mille Tan Sanu V Tu Yaad Kri
Assi Hasdi Vasdi Duniya Cho Ik Tere Kerke Kho Gye Han

Is dharti par paida hokar bhi kyu

Is Dharti Par Paida Hokar Bhi Kyu Tum
Videsho Mein Jaakar Bas Jaate Ho,
Apne Desh Ko Bhulkar Angrezo Ki Seva Karaate Ho,
Kya Isi Ko Tum Sapno Ka Bharat Batate Ho.
gandhi, subhash ne dilai azzadi
humko fir bhi alexander ko great batate ho,
shahjahan ne banaya taj mahal to kyu
statue of liberty ko dekhte reh jaate ho,
kya isi ko tum sapno ka bharat batate ho.
baal hanuman tha sabse pyara fir kyu
harry potter ko sunder batate ho,
angrezi school mein padkar
hindi bolne se lajjit ho jate ho,
kya isi ko tum sapno ka bharat batate ho.
mana desh ke neta chor hai
par tum khud ko kyu baiman banate ho,
kyu tum garibo ko maarkar
ameero ke pair chaatte ho,
kya isi ko tum sapno ka bharat batate ho.

Aapke har kadam pe bichhaenge palkein rakhenge

Aapke Har Kadam Pe Bichhaenge Palkein,
Rakhenge Khush Itna K Aap Sada Malkein,
Mere Pyaar Ka Jaam To Sada Chhalakta Rahega,
Par Aapki Kabhi Aankhein Na Chhalkein

Wo to koi bulbula hai andar paani

Wo To Koi Bulbula Hai
Andar Paani Ke Hawa Hai
Sar Ta Paa Woh Silsila Hai
Maho-Anjum Kahkashan Hai
Jhonka Hai Thandi Hawa Ka
Ithlata Aab E Rawan Hai
Bijli Chamki Abr Tuta
Uske Hansne Ki Adaa Hai
Kholii Hein Makhmoor Aankhein
Lo Maikhana Khul Gaya Hai
Jo Baitha Tareef Karne
Bas Karta Hi Rah Gaya Hai

Ek din main delhi pahuncha station pe

Ek Din Main Delhi Pahuncha
Station Pe Ek Coolie Se Bahar Jane Ka Rasta Pooncha
Coolie Ne Kaha Bahar Jaake Poocho
Maine Khud Hi Rasta Doondh Liya
Bahar Jaake Taxiwale Se Pooncha
Bhai Saab Aagre Ka Kitna Loge
Jawab Mila Bechna Nahi Hai
Taxi Chod Maine Bus Pakad Li
Conductor Se Pooncha Ji Kya Mein Cigarette Pi Sakta Hoon
Wo Gurrra Kar Bola Hargiz Nahi Yaha Cigarette Pina Mana Hai
Maine Kaha Par Wo Janab To Pi Rahe Hai
Phir Se Gurrrraya‚  Usne Mujhse Pooncha Nahi Hai
Aagre Pahucha Hotel Gaya
Manager Se Kaha‚  Mujhe Room Chahiye Satve Manzil Pe
Manager Ne Kaha Rahane Ke Liye Ya Koodne Ke Liye
Room Pahucha Waiter Se Kaha Ek Paani Ka Gilas Milega
Usne Jawab Diya‚  Nahi Sahab Yaha To Saare Kanch Ke Milte Hai
Hotel Se Nikla Dost Ke Ghar Jaane Ke Liye
Raste Me Ek Sahab Se Pooncha Janab
Ye Sadak Kaha Ko Jaati Hai
Janab Hans Kar Bole‚  Peechle Bees Saal Se Dekh
Rahan Hoon Yahi Padi Haikahin Nahin Jaati
Dost Ke Ghar Pahucha To Mujhe Dekhte Hi Chownk Pada
Usne Poocha Kaise Aana Hua?
Ab Tak To Mujhe Bhi Aadat Pad Gayi Thi
Maine Bhi Jawab Diya Train Se
Meri Aaobhagat Karne Ke Liye Dost Ne Apni Biwi Se Kaha
Areeee Sunti Ho Mera Dost Pehli Baar Ghar Aaya Hai Uuse Kuch Taja
Taja Khilao Sunte Hi Bhabhiji Ne Ghar Ki Sari
Khidkiya Aur Darwaje Khol Diye
Kaha Taji Hawa Kha Lijiye
Dost Ne Phir Se Badi Pyar Se Biwi Se Kaha
Areeee Sunti Ho! Inhe Jara Apna Chalis Saal
Purana Aachar To Dikhana
Bhabiji Ek Batli Me Rakha Aachar Le Aayi
Maine Bhi Apnapan Dikhate Hue Bhabiji Se Kaha
Bhabhiji Aachar Sirf Dikhayengi Chakhayengi Nahi
Bhabiji Ne Taak Jawab Diya
Yuhi Agar Sab Ko Chakhati To Aachar Chalis Saal
Purana Kaise Hota?
Thodi Der Baad Dekha Bhabiji Apne Grandson Ko Soola Rahi Thi
Saath Me Lori Bhi Ga Rahi Thi Diploma So Ja Diploma So Ja
Lori Soon Mein Hairan Hua Aur Dost Se Poocha
Yaar Ye Diploma Kya Hai
Dost Ne Jawab Diya Mere Grandson Ka Naam
Beti Bambai Gayi Thi Diploma Lene Ke Liye Aur Saath Mein Ise Le Aayi
Isiliye Hamne Iska Naam Diploma Rakh Diya
Phir Maine Pooncha Aajkal Tumhari Beti Kya Kar Rahi Hai
Dost Ne Jawab Diya Bambai Gayi! Hai Degree Lene Ke Liye

Manzil bhi nazar aathi rahi hum kadam

Manzil Bhi Nazar Aathi Rahi
Hum Bhi Kadam Badathe Chale Gaye
Faasla Bhi Kam Na Huwa, Aur Hum
Appno Se Juda Hothe Chale Gaye

Choot per khateh hai hum jakham kahteh

Choot Per Choot Khateh Hai Hum
Jakham Per Jakham Kahteh Hai Hum
Choot Kha Ker Bhi Muskurate Hai Hum
Jakham Pa Ker Bhi Hasanteh Hai Hum
Maut Se Ghbrana To Subse Suna Hai Leykin
Ab To Apni Zindgi Se Bhi Ghbrate Hai Hum

Tmhara naam likhta hn main kaghaz pe

Tmhara naam likhta hn
Main kaghaz pe
Dekhta hn
Sochta hn
Wo kaghaz phaad deta hn
Phr un kaghaz k tukro’n ko
Mutthi me bheenchta hn
Phenk deta hn
Wahi’n pr beth k larta hn khud se
Wohi kaghaz uthata hn
Main aankho’n se lgata hn
Main tum ko sochta hn
Phir uss paani ko
Taweez-e-Mohabbat jaan ker peeta hn
Aankhei’n moond leta hn !!!!

Humare chale jaane ke baad yeh samandar

Humare Chale jaane ke Baad
Yeh Samandar Ki Ret Bhi
Tumse Pucha Karegii
Kahan Chala Gaya Woh Shaqs
Jo Tanhaii Main Aa kar
Bas Tumhara hi naam likha karta tha

Ajab din they mohabbat ke thhey raatein

Ajab Din They Mohabbat Ke
Ajab Din Thhey Mohabbat Ke
Ajab Raatein Thhein Chaahat Ki
Kabhi Gar Yaad Aa Jaein
To Palkon Per Sitaarey Jhilmilaatey Hein
Kissi Ki Yaad Mein,
Raaton Ko Aksar Jaagna Maamool Thha Apna
Kabhi Gar Neend Aajati!
To Ham Ye Soch Letey Thhey!
Abhi To Woh Hamaarey Waastey!
Soyaa Nahi Ho Gaa!
Abhi Royaa Nahi Ho Ga!
To Phir Ham Jaagtey Thhey Aur [...]

Sheeshe sa tha dil tootna tha toot

Sheeshe Sa Tha Dil, Tootna Tha, Toot Gya
Logo Ne Tukde Pade To Dekhe Honge
Aahista Se Chhupa Liye Hain Maine Ashk
Fir Bhi Aapne Nishaan To Dekhe Honge
- Samarth Mayuur

Seh ke bewafayee ro rahe the

Seh Ke Bewafayee , Ro Rahe The Hum,
Aaj Kisi Ke Aane Se, Hasne Ka Bahana Mil Gaya!
Jee Rahe The Hum, Tanhayee Ke Alam Mein,
Aaj Kisi Ke Aane Se, Saath Jeene Ka Sahara Mil Gaya
Doob Rahi Thi Pyaar Ki Kashti Meri, Kisi Ke Jhoote Wadon Se,
Aaj Kisi Ke Aane Se, Meri Kashti Ko Kinara Mil Gaya
Pyaar Ko Bhula Kar, Jee Raje The Akele Hum,
Aaj Kisi Ke Aane Se, Lagta Hai Ki Zamana Mil Gaya
Gam Ki Kali Raat Humne Jo Nikali
Aaj Kisi Ke Aane Se Khushiyon Ka Ujala Mil Gaya
Khuda Se Duaa Karta Hun
Ki Aab Na Jeen Hai Ishq-E-Judai Mein
Kyun Ki
Iss Parwane Ko Koi Chahnewala Mil Gaya

Khudi ko kar garam itna kai sardi

khudi ko kar garam itna
khudi ko kar garam itna
kai sardi anay say pahlay
kai sardi anay say pahlay
khuda banday say khud pochay
bata teri razai kaha hai

Khuda kisi ko mohabbat pe fida na

Khuda Kisi Ko Mohabbat Pe Fida Na Kare
Agar Kare To Kisi Ko Juda Na Kare

Quran haathon mein leke naabiinaa ek namaazii

Quran Haathon Mein Leke Naabiinaa Ek Namaazii
Labon Pe Rakhataa Thaa
Donon Aankhon Se Chuumataa Thaa
Jhukaake Peshaanii Yuun Aqiidat Se Chhuu Rahaa Thaa
Jo Aayatien Parh Nahiin Sakaa
Un Ke Lams Mahasuus Kar Rahaa Ho
Main Hairaan Hairaan Guzar Gayaa Thaa
Main Hairaan Hairaan Thahar Gayaa Huun
Tumhaare Haathon Ko Chuum Kar
Chhuu Ke Apanii Aankhon Se Aaj Main Ne
Jo Aayatien Parh Nahiin [...]

Wafa me ab ye hunar ikhtiar karna

Wafa Me Ab Ye Hunar Ikhtiar Karna Hai
Woh Sach Kahenakahe Aetabar Karna Hai
Yeh Tujhko Jagte Rehne Ka Shauk Kabse Hua
Mujhe Tau Khair Tera Intezaar Krna Hai

Sabz maddham roshanii men surkh aanchal kii

sabz maddham roshanii me.n surKh aa.Nchal kii dhanak
sabz maddham roshanii me.n surKh aa.Nchal kii dhanak
sard kamare me.n machalatii garm saa.Nso.n kii mahak
baazuuo.n ke sakht halqe me.n ko_ii naazuk badan
silvaTe.n malabuus par aa.Nchal bhii kuchh Dhalakaa huaa
garmii-e-ruKhsaar se dahakii hu_ii Thaa.nDii havaa
narm zulfo.n se mulaayam u.Ngaliyo.n kii chhe.D chhaa.D
surKh ho.nTho.n par sharaarat ke kisii lamhe.n kaa [...]

Tujhe ishq ho khuda kare koi tujh

Tujhe Ishq Ho Khuda Kare
Koi Tujh Ko Usse Juda Kare
Tere Lub Hansna Bhool Jaen
Or Teri Aankh Purnam Raha Kare
Usse Dekh Ke Tu Ruk Pare
Or Woh Nazar Jhuka Ke Chala Kare
Tujhe Hijr Ki Woh Jhari Lage
Tu Millan Ki Har Pal Dua Kare
Tere Khuwab Bikhrain Tooot Kar
Use Kirchi Kirchi Chuna Kare
Tu Nagar Nagar Phira Kare
Tu Galli Gallli [...]

Aye dost tu itna badkalam na ho

Aye Dost Tu Itna Badkalam Na Ho
Ki Kabhi Karib Se Gujrae To Dua-Salam Na Ho
Dil Mai Haazaar Gila Shikva Ho Magar Yeh Nahi Mumkin
Tum Aao Mere Ghar Mein Aur Ahitram Na Ho
Haazaar Dusmani Ho Tumse,Magar Khuda Karen
Dil Mein Kabhi Ahsaas-E Intekam Na Ho

yeh valentine bhi guzar gaya

~ * ~ Yeh vAleNtiNe Bhi Guzar Gaya ~ * ~
Yeh Valentine Bhi guzar gaya
Tere Intizar Mein
Tere Bichry Huy Pyar Mein
Tere Diye Huy Ghamon K Aazab Mein
Na Jany Kyun phr Bhi Ek Aas Baqi hai
Tere Lot Aany Ka Imkan Baqi Hai
Iss Naye Subha K Saath He
Dil Ko Tera Intizar Raha Tha
Bohat Shidatt Se Raha tha
Per [...]

Suna hay barish usay bhi pasand wo

Suna hay barish usay bhi pasand hay
wo bhi meri tarhan barasti bundon ko hathon may samayt leti hay
Suna hay Phool usay bhi pasand hain
Wo bhi meri tarhan phoolon say ghanton batain karti rehti hay
Suna hay chand usay bhi pasand hay
Wo bhi meri tarhan raat raat bhar usay takti rehti hay
Suna hay tanhai usay bhi pasand [...]

Kamosh zabaan ke lafzon mein kuch posheeda

Kamosh Zabaan Ke Lafzon Mein
Kuch Posheeda Si Baatein Hai
In Posheeda Si Baaton Mein
Kuch Chahat Ki Barsaatein Hain
In Baaton Ko Hum Muddat Se
Seenay Mein Chhupaye Bethey Hain
Kuch Paaye Bina Kuch Kho Dena
Ye Piyaar Mein Ham Ne Seekha Hai
Sooraj Mein, Chand Sitaron Mein
Har Shai Main Tumhi Ko Dekha Hai
Dharkan Mein Bhi Naghma Ban Kar
Saagar Ki Tarah Tum [...]

Meri har aawaj tere liye dua maangti

Meri Har Aawaj Tere Liye Dua Maangti Hai,
Meri Har Saans Tere Liye Fariyaad Mangti Hai,
Har Khusi Mile Tujhey Is Jahan Ki,
Har Gam Tera Mujhe Tohfey Me Mil Jaye,
Baar Baar Aye Ye Din Teri Zindagi Me,
Aur Har Baar Teri Khusi Parwaan Chad Jaye…
- Jak

Apne yaar ko kya tohfa du tumhari

Apne yaar ko kya tohfa du.
Tumhari is ada pe kya jawab du
Apne yaar ko kya tohfa du
Koi acha sa phool hota to mangvata mali se
Jo khud gulab hai usko kya gulab du…

Bohat si be sabab baatai8217n faqt tehmeed hoti

Bohat Si Be-sabab Baatai’n
Faqt Tehmeed Hoti Hyn
Jo Aksar Tum Sy Kehty Hyn
Suno !!!
Aur Kese Ho ?
Suno Sardi Bohat Hy Na
Nahi Mausam Tou Acha Hy
Chalo Acha
Hum Chalte Hyn
Dobara Phone Karo Ge
Ye Saari Baatai’n !!!
Faqt Tehmeed Hoti Hy
Aur Is Tehmeed Main Jaan’an
Guzar jate Hyn Jab Lamhey
Tou Phir Hum Sohtey Hyn k
Zara Si Baat Hi Tou Hy
Tumhai’n Jaldi [...]

Hijar ki yaad mai sulgo to bura

Hijar ki Yaad Mai Sulgo to Bura lagta hai
Tum mere Pyar ko Tarso to Bura lagta hai
Ek Tamanna hai faqat, Mujh per Mehrban raho Tum
Kisi aur ko dekho to Bura lagta hai
Meri Rooh tarasti hia Khushboo ki Teri
Tum kahin aur ja ker Mehko to Bura lagta hai
Aarzoo hai Mai Tumhein her pal Paas hi dekhoon
Tum [...]

Pani wich be ke hawa labda rea

Pani Wich Be Ke Hawa Labda Rea
Ik Be Wafa Wichun Wafa Labda Rea
Hathin Talash Kita Si Jera Pathar Da Bhoot
Us Wichun Khuda Labda Rea
Te Tar Tar Kita Jine Aapni Ruh Da Lybas
Os Nange Baadan Wichu Haya Labda Rea

Yaad e watan hum bhi araam utha

yaad e watan
hum bhi araam utha saktay thay ghar pe reh kar
hamain bhi paala tha MAA BAAP ne dukh seh seh kar
waqt e rukhsat unnhain itna bhi na aye keh kar
goud main ansu jo tapkay rukh se beh kar
ussay hi tifal samajh lena ji behlanay ko
hum ne jab wadah e ghurbat main qadam rakha tha
doour [...]

Zindagi ka saath nibhana pada na chahte

zindagi ka saath nibhana pada,
na chahte hue bhi muskrana pada,
khwahish thi meri ke kisi ko apna dard bata sakun,
par khud hi apna dard sabse chupana pada,
zindagi hume rulati rahi andar hi andar,
par bheed mein hume muskrana pada,
unhe zakhm dene ki aadat si ho gayi thi,
isliye woh dete rahe zakhm aur hume zakhm har kisi se chupana pad

When first i looked into your eyes

When First I Looked Into Your Eyes
Each Breath Became A Thousand Sighs.
My Heart Drummed Out A Thunder Beat
I Glowed With Joy From Head To Feet.
The Hand Of Love Had Touched My Soul,
As The Bell Of Destiny Began To Toll.
The Tide Of Love Began To Rise,
The World Was Filled With Summer Skies.
My Sodden Clouds Of Cold And Grey
Glowed With Gold, Then Wisped Away.
A Brilliant Rainbow Arched Across,
As Waves Of Love Began To Toss.
The Air Was Filled With Lovebird Cries,
When I First Looked Into Your Eyes.

Kisi say rishta gehra na kerna bhool

kisi say rishta gehra na kerna..,
bhool ker bhi adhoore sapnay na sajana..
zindagi mein kisi say dil na lagana …
kyon k
gehre rishtay…
adhore sapnay…
or Dil..
Akser toot jatay hein..!!

Jiska tum puchte ho wo mar gaya

Jiska tum puchte ho wo mar gaya “FARAZ”,
Usko kisi ki yaad ne zinda jala diya……….

Arz kiya hai dost chera har kisi

Arz kiya hai.
Chera har kisi ko dikhaya nahin jata,
man mein har kisi ko basaya nahin jata,
marey dost, yai dil, mahez dil nahin, ek mandir hai
har kisi ko, is main basaya nahin jata.
Kareeb aao, merey dost bano, marey hamraz bano,
dosti cheez hai keya, marey dost bataingey tumehen,
Ye who subha hai jis ki na sham hoti hai,
ye who umr hai jo kabhi na tamam hoti hai,
jo kartin hain isey who duniya ko bhool jatey hain,
duniya un ko yad karti hai, woh duniya ko yad atey hain.

Jane kya daur hai log hain kahte

Jane kya daur hai kya log hain kya kahte hain

Zakhm ko phul to sar sar ko saba kahte hain
Jane kya daur hai kya log hain kya kahte hain
Kya qayamat hai ke jin ke liye ruk ruk ke chale
Ab vahi log hamain abalapa kahte hain
Koi batalao ke ik umr ka bichara mahabub
Ittefaqan kahin mil jaye to kya kahte hain
Ye bhi andaz-e-sukhan hai ke jafa ko teri
Gamza-o-ishva-o-andaz-o-ada kahte hain
Jab talak dur hai tu teri parastish kar lain
Ham jise chu na sakain us ko khuda kahte hain
Kya tajjub hai ke ham ahl-e-tamanna ko ‘faraz’
Wo jo maharum-e-tamanna hain bura kahte hain

Aaj rose day hai socha ki tumhe

Aaj Rose day hai, socha ki tumhe ek gulab bhejun
Kaise kahun ki teri ahmiyat meri rahe zindagi,
Tuh jaise mera ek jeeta sa khwaab hai,
Teri awaaz, teri her baat aur tera pehlu,
Kya kahun
Itnaa khoobsurat ki jaise ek Gulaab hai.!
Ab Gulaab ko kaise main gulab bhejun ?
*****ANMOL ARORA****

Mat karo meri batoon pe yakin

Mat karo meri batoon pe yakin , maine nashe mai hu,
Woh thi hamare kareeb , mai nashe mai haun

Freedom has its life in the hearts

Freedom has its life in the hearts
The action, the spirit of men
And so it must be daily earned
And refreshed else like a flower
Cut from its life giving roots
It will wither and die

Honton pe hansi ankhon main khushi gham

Honton pe hansi, ankhon main khushi
Gham ka khanin nam nahu,
ye “Diwali” laye app ki zindagi main itni khusiyan,
Jiski Khabhi sham na hu…

Nt e khuda aaj ye faisla


E Khuda Aaj Ye Faisla Karde,
Use Mera ya Mujhe Uska Karde.
Bahut Dukh Sahe He Maine,
Koi Khusi Ab Toh Muqadar Karde.
Bahot Muskil Lagta Hai Usse Duur Rehna,
Judai Ke Safar Ko Kum Karde.
Jitna Duur Chale Gaye Woh Mujhse,
Use Utna Kareeb Karde.
Nahi Likha Agar Nasib Me Uska Naam,
To Khatam Kar Ye Zindagi aur Mujhe FANAA Karde.
Tere Dile mein meri saanson ko panah mil jaaye
Tere Ishq mein meri Jaan Fanaa Ho jaaye.
Aag suraj main hoti hai ,
Jalna dharti ko padta hai
‚ mohabbat aankhen karti hain ,
tadapna dil ko padta hai
Ankhen to pyar me dilki zuban hoti hai,
sachi chahat to sada bezuban hoti hai,
pyar mai dard bhi mile to kya gabrana,
suna hai dard se chahat aur jawan hoti hai
Phool hun Gulaab ka
Chameli ka mat samjhna
Aashiq hun aapka
Apni Saheli ka mat samjhna
Dur Humse Jaa Paoge Kaise,
Humko Bhool Paoge Kaise.
Hum Who Khushbu Jo Saanson Mein Utar Jaye,
Khud Apni Saanxon Ko Rok Paoge Kaise..
Bekhudi Ki Zindagi Hum Jiya Nahi Karte,
Yun kisika ka Jaam Hum Piya Nahi Karte.
Unse Kehdo Mohabbat Ka Izhaar Aakar Khud Karein,
Yun Kisika Peecha Hum Nahin Karte
Tere dil mein meri saanson ko jagah mil jaaye
tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaaye
adhoori saans thi dhadkan adhoori thi adhooren ham
magar ab chaand poora hain falak pe aur ab pooren hain ham..
Download All Shayari’s From Fanaa Movie in Mp3 Format Here

Chalte rahe hum bhi tere har kadmoo

Chalte Rahe Hum Bhi Tere Har Kadmoo Ke Nisha Ke Piche
Kyon Kabhi Tumne Palat Ke Na Dekha Hamaree Ahaat Sunke
Hamaree Chahat Tumharee Jajurat Na Ban Saki Kabhi
Hamaree Diwaangi Roz Hame Naye Dard He Deti Gayee
Hamare Seene Mai Bhi Dhadak Tha Kabhi Dil
Woh Dil Zar Zar Huva Hai Har Baar Teri Berukhi Dekh Kar
Bohot Adhuraa Sa Thaa Mai Tujh Se Mil Kar
Ab Pure Hui Jindage Tujh Se Bhichad Kar

Devdas ne paaro ke ghar saamne susu

Devdas Ne Paaro Ke Ghar Ke Saamne
Susu Kar Diya,
Paro Ne Pucha, “Dev Ye Tune Kya Kar Diya?”
Devdas Bola, “Teri Bewafai Ne Itna Dard Diya Ki Aansuon Ne Apna Rasta Badal Diya.”

Waqt e rookhsat kahi taare jugnoo aaye

Waqt E Rookhsat Kahi Taare, Kahi Jugnoo Aaye
Haar Pehnane Mujhe Phool Se Baaju Aaye
Bas Gayi Hai Mere Ehsas Mein Ye Kaisi Mehak
Koi Khushboo Main Lagayun Teri Khushboo Aaye
Maine Din Raat Khuda Se Ye Dua Maangi Thi
Koi Aahat Na Ho Dar Pe Mere Aur Tu Aaye
Usne Chhoo Kar Mujhe Pathar Se Fir Insaan Kiya
Muddaton Baad, Meri Aakhon Mein Aansoo Aaye
- Bashir Badr

1 shaam to roj aayegee raat mei

shaam to roj aayegee, raat mei dhal jaayegee
aaj udaasi hai to kal khushi mei dhal jaayegee
haathon mei haath hain, tere dil ko hatheli per le rakha hai
tera pyar hai roshan dil mei, tujhe aankho mei sanjo rakha hai
dekh kar toot_te taare ko dil se ek aah uthi
bichura hai koi jaise apne he aashiyaane se
jeete theh kabhi kisi ke mohabaat ke bina
tumne jo mohabaat sikhlai to muskurana aa gaya
nahi milne ki koi umeed es dil ko
ki ab dil ko tere bina bhi rahna aa gaya
waada nibha diya humne, ek khat likh diya humne
nahi koi aihsaan tujh per a sanam, dil ka pyar tum per loota diya humne

Nt asi ki kitaa tusi pas


ASI ki ki kitaa
tusi pas aye pyar kita
tusi rus gaye razi kita
tusi yaad aaye miss kita
jad v miss kita thoda jiha ro dita
te jad v tuhanu yaad kita ek gal dil toh jarur puchi
k ek vaar das do mainu k tuhande layi
main ki ki nai kita
Koi Taan Paigaam Likhe ,
Kade mere Naam Likhe,
Injh Lagda hai ,Mere Bina Rehna Osnu,
Je Miley Oh KUDI taan Kehna Osnu
Je Mile oh kudi….
for your girlfriend rahul bro……
Assi dil tey hath rakh takde rahe
ohna da turda kadam koi rukya na
Dosti vich kammi kadde koi aave na
ek duje ton muh pher laiye
rabb eho jehi ghadi dikhaave na
khush raho tussi umar saari…..
hanju tavaadi akhaa vich kadde aave na
Hanju saadi taqdeer sajjna,
Tey assi hanjua de vich rull jaana,
Assi umraa tak tennu yaad rakhna,
Tey tussi holi holi bhull jaana…
Santa to Banta: Main tere 64 de 64 dand tor dene ne.
Laloo: 64 nahi 32 dand hunde ne, phaji.
Santa: Mainu pata c tu v vich bolna a, iss lai tere v vich gin lye.
Jyoti Sandhu

Barf ke rup men dhal jayege ristey

Barf Ke Rup Men Dhal Jayege Ristey
Mujse Pucho Mohabbat Ki Agan Kaisi Hai!
Submitted By : Amir ([email protected])

Khuda se kya mangu tere vaste khushiyon

Khuda se kya mangu tere vaste,
Khushiyon se bhare ho tere raste.
Hasi tere labon par ho is tarah,
Khushbu fool ka sath nibhati hai jis tarah.
[email protected]

Ye zamanay ki wafa mere kaam ke

Ye Zamanay Ki Wafa Mere Kaam Ke Nahi,
Mujhay Us Ki Wafa Chahiye Kisi Aam Ki Nahi
Us Ki To Aik Muskurahat Bhi Anmool Thi,
Ye Tamaam Muskurahatain Kisi Daam Ki Nahi
Mujhay Gham Hai To Us Ke Chin Janay Ka Hai
Parwa Mujh Par Lagay Ilzaam Ki Nahi,
Mera Haath Dekh Kar Sub Ye Bolay
Bohut Si Chahatain Teray Liye Hain
Baaqi Lekin Teray Haath Me Koi Bhi
Lakeer Us Ke Naam Ki Nahi..
[email protected]

Door se dekha kisi ke sath ja

Door se dekha,
Kisi ke sath ja raha tha vo.
Awaaz aa rahi thi jaise,
Gunguna raha tha vo.
Masti me chalta aise,
Itraa raha tha vo.
Nazdeek pahunche to,
Tasweer hi badal gayi.
Na chahte huye bhee,
Aankhe machal gayi.
Akela hi tha vo us din,
Ladkhada raha tha vo.
Vo ro raha tha us din,
Ghabra raha tha vo.
Dooor se na pahchaana,
Vo kaun shakhs tha,
Kohra ghana tha us din,
Vo hamara hi aks tha.

Jo phoolon main rahte hain unhe khushboo

Jo Phoolon Main Rahte Hain Unhe Khushboo Ka Khwab Mile
Dosto Ko Meri Aur Se Naye Sal Ki Mubarakbad Mile.
Sal aate hain barah mahine bad
Naya sal mubarak ho dil ke duwao ke sath.
[email protected]

Subh ka har pal zindagi de aapko

Subh ka har pal Zindagi de aapko,
Din ka har Lamha Khushi de aapko,
Jahan gum ki hawa chu ke bhi na gujare,
Khuda woh Jannat si Zamin de Aapko.
Guds Mrng
************ ********* ********* *
You r my sweet SONA,
I don’t want u KHONA,
I want a place in your heart’s KONA,
Otherwise i will start RONA,
Atleast Good Morning to kar LONA
************ ********* ********* *
Suraj ki pahli kiran
Khushi de apko,
Dusri kiran hasi de
Tisri tandurasti
Chouthi kamyabi
Bas kafi ho gaya.
Ab garmi lagegi?!!
..Gud mrng
************ ********* ********* *
Morning is God’s way of saying:
“One more time! Live life.
Make a difference.
Touch 1 heart.
Encourage 1 mind.
Inspire 1 soul…”
Gud Morg…

Kabhi aansoo khushboo naghma banker hum say

Kabhi Aansoo Kabhi Khushboo Kabhi Naghma Banker
Kabhi Aansoo Kabhi Khushboo Kabhi Naghma Banker
Hum Say Her shaam Mili Hai Tera Chehra Banker
Chand Nikla Hai Teri Aankh K Ansoo Ki Tarah
Phool Mehkay Hain Teri Zulf Ka Saya Banker
Meri Jaagi Huyi Raaton Ko Usi Ki Hai Talash
So Raha Hai Meri Ankhon Main Jo Sapna Banker
Dil Kay Kaghaz Par Utarta Hai Jo Sheron Ki Tarah
Meray Hontoon Pay Machalta Hai Jo Naghma Banker
Raat Bhi aaye To Bujhti Nahin Chehray Ki Chamak
Rouh Main Phail Gaya Hai Woh Ujala Banker
Mera Kya Haal Hai Yeh Aakay Kabhi dekh To Lay
Jee Raha Hoon Tera Bhoola Hoa Vada Banker
Dhoup Main Kho Gaya Woh Haath Chhura Kar
Ghar Say Jo Saath Chala Tha Mera Saya Banker
Kabhi Aansoo Kabhi Khushboo Kabhi Naghma Banker
Hum Say Her Shaam Mili Hai Tera Chehra Banker

Khamoshiyon mein ek ada itni pyari lagi

Khamoshiyon Mein Ek Ada Itni Pyari Lagi,
Aapki Dosti Hume Sabse Nyari Lagi,
Ye Na Tute Kabhi Yahi Dua Hai Meri,
Kyoki Duniya Mein Ek Yahi Cheej Hume Hamari Lagi.

By Anshul

Khat likheya apne sajan nu dil da

Khat Likheya Apne Sajan Nu
Dil Da Tukra Kagaz Bna Ditta
Ungla Wad Ke Kalam Tayar Kiti
Khanjar Apni Hathi Chala Dita
Khoon Jigar Apne Da Kad K
Asin Vich Siahi Milla Dita
Likhde Likhde Khoon Khatam Ho Geya
Asin Tupka Hanjua Da Pa Dita
Tu Beshaq Sanu Bhul Gayi Ae
Asi Tere Picche Apna Sab Kujh Bhula Ditav

Tumhe apne dil mein basaye rakhta hoon

Tumhe Apne Dil Mein Basaye Rakhta Hoon
Aur Duniya Ko Bhulaye Rakhta Hoon
Tumhe Meri Nazar Na Lag Jaye
Isliye Apni Nazrein Jhukaye Rakhta Hoon

Ye saranjaam kisee kaam key naheen meyrey

Ye Saranjaam Kisee Kaam Key Naheen Meyrey
Tu Naheen Hai To Fasaadaat Raheyngey Gheyrey
Kabhi Bhi Mein Na Teyrey Aastaan-E-Dar Pahunchaa
Baarhaa Khoj Kar Thakaa Maqaam Bahuteyrey
Gaauungaa Kyoun Ki Suhaataa Nahin Ronaa Mujh Ko
Go Ki Aasaan Nahin Zindagee Binaa Teyrey
Jab Sey Rukh Par Teyrey‚  Noor-E-Jamaal Deykhaa Hai
Kyaa Pataa Kyoun Mujhey Bhaatey Hain Bahut Andheyrey?
Roo-B-Roo Tu Nahin To Yeh Uyoon Kyaa Deykheyn?
Mil Rahey Roz Saamney Wahee Aireygairey
Kharhey Hain Ham To Sarey Raah Muntazir Kab Key?
Kaash Mahboob Daaltaa Miley Idhar Pheyrey
Aaj Mashriq Mein Hoon Kal Tak Thaa Wahaan Magrib Mein
Kahaan-Kahaan Nahin Daaley Hain Jahaan Mein Deyrey?
Jaayegaa Ab Kahaan? Louteygaa Kahaan Tak Jaa Kar?
Zeyrey Toofaan Hai Parwaaz Parindey Ye Rey
Justjoo Kar Thakaa Tamaam Abd‚  Ab Ruk Jaa
Deykh To Koun Hai Aabaad Sarey Pahloo Rey

Jab woh aata hai mere samney to

Jab Woh Aata Hai Mere Samney
To Na Jane Kyu Chajata Hai
Us Ke Aane Se Andhera Mere Samney
Na Aya Karo Kuri Mere Samney

Zindgi mein mere kiran aayi kai muddat

Zindgi Mein Mere Kiran Aayi
Kai Muddat Ke Baad Jaane Jaa,N
Aaj Ek Khushyon Ki Milan Aayi
Hai Basar Mera Kaanton Pe Magar
Aaj Ek Meethi See Chubhan Aaee
Jaisey Gulaab Par Safar Karkey
Merey Aangan Mai Bhi Chaman Aaee
Utaar Nafraton Ko Phenk Diya
Libaas Pyaar Ka Pehen Aaee
Tu Jo Aaee To Mujhko Aisa Laga
Aasma,N Sey Koee Dulhan Aaee
Likha Hai Naam Tera Ahsan Ney
Yahan Poori Ghazal Hi Ban Aaee
In Taareekiyon Key Rastey Pay
Zindgi Mai Merey Kiran Aaee

Aaj kal zindagi ki lehron ka shor

Aaj Kal Zindagi Ki Lehron Ka Shor Ho Chuka Hai Gumnaam
Aashaaon Ka Suraj Dhal Raha Hai Jaise Ho Rahi Hai Shaam
Is Dil Se Poochiye Uspar Kya Beet Rahi Hai
Us Aashaaon Ke Jholi Mai Mannate Bad Rahi Hai
Sirf Ek Hi Khwahish Hai Unse Ab
Zindagi Ke Khatm Hone Se Pehle, Unse Mila Do Ab

Tum chaho tou aaj bhi hum apni

Tum chaho tou
Aaj bhi hum
Apni saanso’n ka sheher
Tumhei’n sonp de’n
Sirf !!!
Beeti huii chahato’n k ewaz … !!!

Ik raat hoi barsaat bohat main royaa

ik raat hoi barsaat bohat
main royaa saari raat bohat
har ghum tha zamaanay ka lekin
main tanha tha us raat bohat
phir aankh say ik saawan barsa
jab sehar hoi to khayaal aaya
woh baadal kitna tanha tha
jo barsa saari raat bohat

Be dard zamana kia jane dard ki lazzat

be-dard zamana kia jane kia dard ki lazzat hoti hai,
dil dekh ke hame malom hua kia cheez mohabbat hoti hai.
This post was submitted by Gumnam.

Haathon peh mohabbat ki lakeerey bangayi joh

Haathon Peh Mohabbat Ki Lakeerey Bangayi
Joh Na Chaha Tha Woh Takdeer Bangayi
Humne Toh Yunhi Chalai Thi Rait Per Ungliyaan
Ghor Se Dekha Tho Unki Tasveer Bangayi

Hum to intezar ki shama jalaye baithe

Hum To Intezar Ki Shama Jalaye Baithe Hai,
Gum Ki Sarhad Par Ek Aas Lagaye Baithe Hai,
Aayega Qayamat Pe Koi Seene Se Lagane Ke Liye
Tab Talak Gum Ko Seene Se Lagaye Baithe Hai

Ye chand bhi ajeeb sitam dhata ha

Ye chand bhi ajeeb sitam dhata ha,
Zra Gour farmaiyega.
Ye chand bhi ajeeb sitam dhata ha.
Bachpan mein ye Mamo Or jawani mein Janu nazar Aata hai..!

Tujh se juda rehna ab azab lagta

tUjh se juDa rEhna ab azaB lagTa hai…
teRe pass rehna bHi khwaB lagTa hai…
haR waqT karTa hUn tErE nAaM ki tAsbEEh..
aB t0h tUjhE yAd kARnA bhi sAwAb laGta hai..

Mohammad ka roza qareeb aa raha hai

Mohammad Ka Roza Qareeb Aa Raha Hai
Bulandi Pay Apna Naseeb Aa Raha Hai
Mohammad Ka Roza Qareeb Aa Raha Hai
Bulandi Pay Apna Naseeb Aa Raha Hai
Farishto Yeh Day Do Paigham Unko
Khabar Ja Kay Day Do Unko Farishto
Kay Khadim Tumhara Saeed Aa Raha Hai
Madina, Madina,Madina,Madina
Bara Lutf Deta Hai Naam-e-Madina
Madina, Madina,Madina,Madina
Bara Lutf Deta Hai Naam-e-Madina
Wafa Tum Na Dekho [...]

Jab se jeevan tery sung laga ha

Jab Se Jeevan Tery Sung Laga Ha
Zindagi Ko Ik Or Naya Rung Laga Ha
Ik Arsa Hoa Tjh Se Mulakat Ko
Zuban Koo Meri Jasy Zang Laga Ha

Mein nay iss taur se chaha tujhe

mein nay iss taur se chaha tujhe aksar janaan
jaisay mahtab ko be-ant samander chahay
jaisay sooraj ki kiran seep ke dil mai utray
jaisay khushbu ko hawa, rung se hut ker chahay
jaisay pathhar ke kalaijay se kiran phoot-ti hai
jaisay ghunchay khulay mausam se hina mangtay hein
jaisay khaaboan mai khayaloan ki kamaan toot-ti hai
jaisay barish ki dua aabla-pa [...]

Koi lamha is kadar yaad aata hai

Koi Lamha Is Kadar Yaad Aata Hai
Beeta Hua Kal Nazar Aata Hai
Yaadein Sath Rehti Hain Yaad Aane Ke Liye
Waqt Leke Sab Kuch Guzar Jata Hai…

Chalo es velantive pr kuch aisa karty

Chalo Es Velantive Pr Kuch Aisa Karty Hain,
Pichly Bars K Sookhey Pholon Ko,
Apni Chahton Se Taza Karty Hain,
Or Phir Ajj K In Pholon Se,
Un Mein Azafa Karty Hain.
Chalo Es Velantine Pr Kuch Aisa Karty Hain,
Kuch Pal K Liye Hum Ajnabi Banty Hain,
Ek Aam Se Sada Kagiz Pr,
Ek Lafz “MOHABAT” Likhty Hain,
Or Phir Es Lafz K [...]

Bhujty hue diye ki dua kaam kar

Bhujty Hue Diye Ki Dua Kaam Kar Gae
Ik Shaab Ki Gode Kitny Sitarun Sy Bhar Gae
Maa Ko Talashe Rizq Ny Rasta Bhula Diya
Bachi Thithar K Raat K Saae Main Maar Gae
Khud Baar-E- Khastagi Sy Gire Chhat Makaan Ki
Tuhmaat Magar Bhataktti Hawaoon K Saar Gaye

Ye baarisho8217n k mausam bas tum hi

Ye Baarisho’n K Mausam
Bas Tum Hi Se Hyn Wabasta
k Mohabbato’nMain Baarish
Bari Lazmi Si Shey Hy
Chahey Aasman Se Barsey
Chahey Chashm-e-Nam Se

Zaroor kisi ne dil se pukara hoga

Zaroor kisi ne DIL se pukara hoga,
Ek bar to chand ne bhi aapko nihara hoga.
Mayus ho gaya hoga aasma ke tare bhi us din,
jab zami par aapko khuda ne utara hoga?

Bhigi palkon ke sath aankhe num thi

Bhigi Palkon Ke Sath Aankhe Num Thi
Zindagi Unse Shuru Unhi Per Khatm Thi
Wo Rooth Ke Dur Chale Gaye Humse
Shayd Unhe Laga Ki Hume Unse Mohabbat Kam Thi

Kay teray janam din par khuda paak

Kay Teray Janam Din par
Khuda Paak!
Tujhay who sub kuch Ata karay
Jis ki Tammanna Teray Dil nay Ki,
Har who Khuahish jo teray labon par
Machalti ho
Poori Ho!
Aur teri yeh Roshan Ankhain Sada Chamkain
Teri MAsoom muskurahat
Sada teray labon ka Mehwar ho
Khushiyun say tera daman Hameesha Bhara rahay
Aur Khuda Paak!
Teri Umer Daraz Karain

Kis qadar anokha hy zaabta mohabbat ka

Kis Qadar Anokha Hy
Zaabta Mohabbat Ka
Kab Na Jaany Ho Jaye
Mo’ajza Mohabbat Ka
Apni Zaat Se Bhi Wo
Ajnabi Sa Lgta Hy
Jis K Saath Ho Jaye
Haadsa Mohabbat Ka

Jo hum mehsoos kerte hyn agar tum

Jo Hum Mehsoos Kerte Hyn
Agar Tum Tak Pohanch Jaye
Tou bas Itna Samajh Lena
Ye Un Jazbo’n Ki Khusbuu Hy
Jinhai’n Hum Keh Nahi Sakte
Magar Tum Jo Ijazat Do
Tou Chand Lafzo’n Main Keh Doon
K Tu Bin Jee Nahi Sakte …
K Tu Bin Jee Nahi Sakte …

Tu watan ki aabro hai ka

tu watan ki aabro hai , tu watan ka hai sahaarah
yeh hawaon k musafir , yeh samundaron k raahi
meray sir bakaf mujhahid , meray sar shikan sipahi
yeh tera yaqeen mehkam , teri himmaton ki jaan hai
teray bazo’uon ki kuwwat teray azm ka nishaan hai
tu hi raah , tu hi manzil , tu hi meer e [...]

Yeh kai baar dekha hai hamne khud

Yeh kai baar dekha hai hamne khud pe aajma kar,
Dhokha dete hain log aaksar kareeb aa kar,
Kehti hai duniya par yeh dil nhi manta ,
Ke tum bhi chod jaoge ik din aapna bana kar

Hide behind a lie of truth you

Hide behind a lie of a truth you deny
No way to lost the feeling you want to keep to yourself
Like a guilty secret, it will all pour out
But theres no shame in keeping quiet
You roll along life and its path
Refusing to let it flow through
Ashes fall on dreams we believed
Be strong, feel you belong
But your not yet ready to believe
Close your eyes and it vanishes for all but a second
Scary, why do you feel love is scary ?
All you have to do is be yourself
All your going to do is hurt yourself
Scary, wont you be left alone
Ohhh, we all fall but that goes for us all
Rescue another soul who feels drawn in
Following your pride, your shadow is your sun
Scary, why do you feel love is scary ?
You know it wont leave you alone
Once you find the one your truly for
Wake up from the dream you keep to yourself
Hand in your notice to the lonliness
Its not where you belong, dont be alone
Further than you have travelled is a star
Shine so bright to guide you home
Scary, who do you feel love is scary ?
All the strength you need is within
Every reason is behind every motion
Close the door on your monsters
Dont let them in or you’ll lose your mind
You take a lonely path but your happy
Or are you really?
Dont take me for a fool, l know your hurting
Oh l wont force you to feel what makes you feel uneasy
But why, oh but why ?
Scary, who do you feel love is scary ?
You know your ready
Hold this ship steady
Living alone can be quite scary
Love can bring such comfort
Celebrate whats beautiful in its seduction
Scary, whats so scary, l dont understand
How you can be afraid when you wont be alone
by michaelxx14‚ 

Yeh dard mit gaya tu phir zakhm

Yeh dard mit gaya tu phir?
Yeh zakhm sil gaya to phir?
Bichar kar sochta hon mein
Woh phir say mil gaya tu phir?
Mein titlion k shehar mein
Rahon tu mujh ko fikar hai
Woh phool jo khila nahin
Woh phool khil gaya tu phir?
Tujhay bhi kuch nahi mila
Mujhay bhi kuch nahi mila
Tamam umar k liye
Yeh dard mil gaya tu phir?

Woh roz dekhta hai doobtay hue suraj

woh roz dekhta hai doobtay hue suraj ko FARAZ!!!!!!!!!
kaash main bhi kisi shaam ka manzar hota

Yah dosti chirag hai isse jalaye rakhana

Yah dosti chirag hai ,isse jalaye rakhana
Yah dosti gul hai isse khilaye rakhana.
Hum rahe na rahe iss jahan main.
Bus hamari yaad dil me basaye rakhana…
Dosti insan ki zaroorat hai,
Dilon pe dosti ki huqumat hai,
Aap ke pyar ki wajah se zinda hain warna
Khuda ko bhi hamari zaroorat hai.
Aankh to dosti mein dil ki juban hoti hein,
Dosti mein dard mile to kya ghabrana,
Suna hein dard se dosti jawan hoti hein.
Tute huye phool khusboo de jate hai..
Bite huye pal yaade de jate hai..
Har kisi ka andaaz hai apna apna..
Koi dosti main pyar to…
Koi pyar main dosti de jate hai..
Ishq aur dosti meri jindgi ka guman hai..
Ishq meri ruh hai to dosti mera iman hai..
Ishq pe kardu fida saari zindgi..
Magar dosti pe mera ishq kurban hai.
Dosti to zindagi ka ek khubsurat lamha hai..
Ye sab rishto se albela hai..
Jise mil jaye wo tanhai main bhi khush hai..
Jise na mile wo bheed main bhi akela hai..
Tu naam ka derya hai rawani nahi rakhta
badal hai jo befaiz pani nahi rkhta
ye akhri khat akhri tasveer bhi leja
ye dost Ashiqe bholne walon ki nishanhi nahi rakhta…

Jane kon main apne aap

Jane Kon…

Main Apne Aap Ko Adhura Sa Mehsoos Kerti Hoon
Jane Kon Chor Gaya Hai Mujhe Tameer Karte Karte…!!!!!

Hum unse pyar karte hai vo jaante

Hum unse pyar karte hai vo jaante hai
Hum unpar marte hai vo jante hai
Ke vo humse pyar karte hai hum nahi jante
Ke vo humpar marte hai hum nahi jaante
Hum to unpar jaan bhi nisar karte hai vo jaante ha

Jamm pi kar apne gam ko kaha

Jamm pi kar apne gam ko kaha kam kia hamne,
Har waqt teri yaadon main in aankhon ko namm kia hamne.
Chaha tha tujhe bhulna par yaad hi kia hamne.
Aur jindagi ke baad bhi kabarr se haath nikaal kar tera hi intezar kia hamne

Har larki tere liye beqarar hai har

Har Larki tere liye beqarar hai,
har Larki ko tera Intezar hai,
ye tera koi kamaal nahi o mundiya,
kuch din baad Rakhi ka jo teohar hai

Diwali ka yeh pyara sa tyohar jivan

Diwali Ka Yeh Pyara sa Tyohar,
Jivan Main Laye Ek prakash Apaar,
Laxami ji Viraje Aapke Dwar
Shubh Kamna humari Karo Savekar.

Dard e dil dard e jigar dil mein jagaya aapne pehle

dard-e-dil dard-e-jigar dil mein jagaya aapne
pehle to main shayar tha aashiq banaya aapne

Sheher e dil mein har kisi ko

Sheher E Dil Mein Har Kisi Ko Basaya Nahi Karte
Khwabo Mein Bina Ijazat Jaya Nahi Karte
Abhi Tau Mausam E Bahar Ke Mazey Liye Jaa
Patjhar Mein Shajhar Kabi Sayaa Nahi Karte
Mera Dil Todne Wale Ise Saath Leta Jaa
Toote Hue Dil Kisi Ke Kaam Aaya Nahi Karte
Dosti Mein Apna Bada Anokha Asool Hai Dosto
Ek Bar Azmaaye Ko Dobaara Azmaya Nahi Karte
Musafir Jab Nayi Manzil Ki Simat Jaate Hain Asghar
Phir Wo Itne Jald Kabhi Laut Aaya Nahi Kart…
- M. Asghar Mirpuri

Hum jeete 1 bar hain marte ek

Hum Jeete 1 Bar Hain
Hum Marte Ek Baar Hain
Pyar Bhi Ek Baar Hota Hai
Aur Shadi Bhi Ek Bar Hi Hoti Hai
Toh Fir Ye Saale Exams Bar-Bar Kyon?…
“Jago Student Jago”
Exams SMS

Ik paheli vang hundi hai zindagi pata

ik paheli vang hundi hai zindagi……..
pata ni kal kehda mood muddd jandi hai zindagi ………
kyi khawab sajandi hai zindagi……..
kyi vaarr bada ruvandi hai zindagi …………
phir vi ruva ke vi hasandi hai zindagi………
ik khoobsurat tarana hai zindagi………….
zindagi jeen da bhana hai zindagi…………
so enjoy the zindagi ……..
bcoz zindagi kadi rukdi nhi ……
aje tak tan kuch pakia ni si,
tu pura hi tod lya,
dil tan aje pura bharia vi ni si,
te tu pura hi khol lya,
aje thoda jeha hi tan si,
par tu thoda jeha hi rood lya…
aje tak tan kuch pakia ni si,
tu pura hi tod lya,
dil tan aje pura bharia vi ni si,
te tu pura hi khol lya,
aje thoda jeha hi tan si,
par tu thoda jeha hi rood lya…

Chalo tumko batata hun jo ye ek

Chalo tumko batata hun jo ye ek raaj hai pyare;
Meri aawaaj k pichhe bhi ek aawaaj hai pyare!
Usane fenke mujh pe patthar our main paani ki tarah;
Our ooncha, our ooncha our ooncha uth gaya!
Saawan men wo na aaye to hamne yahi kiya;
Jhoole pe unka naam likha our jhula diya!
Duniyaa ne mujh pe fenke the patthar jo behisaab;
Maine unhi ko jod k ek ghar bana liya!

Na sathi na hamsafar hai koi kisi

Na sathi na hamsafar hai koi,
Na kisi ke ham na hamara hai koi.
Par aapko dekh ke kah sakte hain ham,
Ek pyara sa dost hamara bhi hai koi.
[email protected]

Sapno mein aana bhool gaye wo dil

Sapno Mein Aana Bhool Gaye
Wo Dil Ka Lagana Bhool Gaye
Wo Pyar Se Hansana Bhool Gaye
Wo Seene Se Lagana Bhool Gaye
Bas Baat Ek Yaad Hai Jo Humko
Sapne Mein Thee Ek Khafa Hue
Es Baat Ko Kyon Na Tum Bhool Gaye

Aap ki yaad aatii rahii raat bhar

Aap ki yaad aatii rahii raat bhar
Chashm-e-nam muskuraatii rahii raat bhar
Raat bhar dard kii shammaa jaltii rahii
Gam kii lau tharatharaatii rahii raat bhar
BaaNsurii kii surilii suhaanii sadaa
Yaad ban ban ke aatii rahii raat bhar
Yaad ke chaaNd dil men utarate rahe
ChaaNdanii jagamaatii rahii raat bhar
Koii dewaanaa galiyon may phirataa rahaa
Koii aavaaz aatii rahii raat bhar
*«´¨`·.¸¸.*¤* IMRAN m3m0n *¤*.¸¸.·´¨`»*

Koi su8217nn na lai unkahi baatain zindagi

koi Su’nn na lai unkahi baatain..
Zindagi ko na chairro…ro dey gi…
jab yai roey gi tou merey dil ki aawaz
Sunaai dai gi, jaisey koi ghum ka saaz
aur yun merey ehsaas mai samaey gi,
Yaad yun aaien gi wo sab guzri baatein
har beet_ta pal apney aap main kho ker
thora mujh se qareeb, thora door ho ker
mujh sai apnay anjaan honay ka
gila karay ga
Ehsaas hoga…
kay, aankhon kay yai aansoo..
ye meri hasratein, ye justujoo
bai naam nahi hain,
muntashir in mai haein guzri baatein
wo beeta pal wo guzra huwa kal
kabhi kabhi anjaaney sapnon ki raah sajaey
apni nazrain chupaata huwa…..
mujh ko anjaan nazroon sai dekhta jaey..
Ehsaas hoga…
kay, ird gird kay log…
kuch aisay guzertay hain merey paas sai..
kay main koi jism nahi, ek saya hoon
aik aisa aks hoon jis ka koi wujood nahi!
mujh mai koi mojood nahi
Aik tarap hai…..
unkahi si….
aik khalish hai…
Dabi dabi si
jis kay ehsaas ka koi naam nahin
aik rog hai…
ba zahir koi zakhm nahin…
aik soag hai …aik ahh si hai…
jis ki apni koi Aawaaz nahin…
raaz aisa hoon mai ke jiska koi
hamsukhan, hamnafas hamraz nahi
Kis say kahoon ?
kis kis ko samjhaoon…
kay aur ronay ko dil ab nahi kerta…
koi laikin kiya jaaney, kiya samjhey..
kay inn aankhon sai na janey
kabhi kabhi.. kitney aansoo barastey hain…
Or yai dil tou….
aksar hi aasooda-e-gham rehta hai…
Woh jatey jatey Aankhon mai sapney saja gaya
Goya baghair saans kai jeena sikha gaya.

Nafrat kabhi na karna humse hum nafrat

Nafrat kabhi na karna humse
Hum nafrat she nahi paayeng,
Ek baar keh dena hume aitbaar nahi,
Teri duniya se has kar chale jaayenge…
Karib reh kar bhi wo hume jaan na paye,
Aaj tak wo hume pehchan na paye,
Khud hi bana li humne dooriyaan,
Taki un par koi ilzaam na aaye…
Dil ki baat jaanta nahi koi,
Kehna in aankhon ka manta nahi koi,
Hum to jaan bhi luta de khushi se,
Par ehmiyat is jaan ki janta nahi koi…
Some words cut u deep inside,
But even after the wound heals,
It often leaves a mark behind…
Palak Bhansali

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In Pareshaan Khayaloon Say Pareshaan Na Ho.!!

Rangon se bhi rangeen zindagi hai humari

Rangon se bhi rangeen zindagi hai humari, rangeeli rahe yeh bandagi hai humari,
kabhi na bigde ye pyar ki rangoli, aye mere yaar aisi HAPPY HOLI.
Gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai,
Sitaro ne aasman se salaam bheja hai,
Mubaraq ho aapko holi ka tyohar,
Humne dil se yeh paigam bheja hai..
Rango ke tyohar mein sabhi rango ki ho bharmar,
Dher saari khushiyon se bhara ho aapka sansar,
Yahi dua hai bhagwan se hamari har bar,
Holi Mubarak ho mere yaar!
Khaa key gujiya, pee key bhaang, laaga ke thoda thoda sa rang, baja ke dholak aur mridang, khele holi hum tere sang.
Holi Mubarak!
Rango mein ghuli ladki kya laal gulabi hai
Jo dekhta hai kehta hai kya maal gulabi hai
Pichle baras tune jo bhigoya tha holi mein
Ab tak nishani ka woh rumaal gulabi hai.
Chadenge jab pyare rang, ek meri dosti ka rang bhi chadhana.
Lagne lagenge tumhe suhane sare rang,
Aur meri dosti ka rang chamkega hurdum tumhare sang.
Bolo sarararara…..
Wish you a very mastiful and colourful Happy Holi!
Apun wishing you a wonderful,
Xtra special,
Ekdum mast and dhinchak,
Bole to ekdum jhakaas
—Happy Holi–.
Happy holi…Happy holi…Happy holi…Happy holi…Happy holi…
Enjoy…Enjoy…Enjoy…Enjoy… Masti…Masti…Masti…Masti…
Happy holi…Happy holi…Happy holi…Happy holi…Happy holi

Badi muddat se lagaye baithe hai hum

Badi muddat se lagaye baithe hai hum teri aas.
Seene mai chupaye baithe hai tujh se milne ki pyas.
Kaun sa hoga wo khus naseeb din…
Jab aayenge tum hamare pass.
Ek pal ke liye hi aa jao ..
Tarasti hui meri aankhon ki pyas bujha jao.
Tum kaha karte the nahi ho paunga juda ek pal ke liye jane jigar.
Kiyon chale gaye Chhodkar hum to bhatak rahe hai idhar udhar.
Tumhari yaad ka aalam yeh hai..
Raat ki tanhai hai aur har taraf teri parchhai hai
Jana tha chhodkar to pyar kiya hi kyon tha.
is mere khali dil mai pyar bhara hi kyon tha.
Teri yaad mai Ghut-Ghut kar mar rahe hai sanam.
Aa ja laut kar pardesh se too..
Nahi aaya too ho jayenge kisi aur ke fir hum.
Mat kehna bewafa aur na dena bewafai ka naam.
Too bata de kab tak rakhon chupa kar mere seene mai tera naam..
Shabina Anjum!

Tum ko kya pata ki tumko kitna

Tum Ko Kya Pata Ki Tumko Kitna Chaahta Hun,
Tum Ko Kya Pata Ki Mai Tumpe Kitna Marta Hun,
Bas Ek Hi Gujarish He Meri Tum Se Meri Dost,
Ye Dil Ki Baat Tum Se Kahene Mein Bahot Darta Hun.

By Deepak Sharma

Manzal bhaavein ikko hovay safar tay aapo

Manzal Bhaavein Ikko Hovay
Safar Tay Aapo Appna Ae
Sab Ne Apna Sukh Dukh Sajjna
Kallam Kalleyan Kattna Ae
Dhupp Tay Chaan Da Khaid Anokha
kismat Khaidee Jaana Ae
Kisay Nun Chuk Ke Takhat Bithaana
Kisay Nun Bhunjay Sattna Ae
Changa Manda Keeta Saara
Tairay Aggay Aauna Ae
Kar Lai Naik Kamaayiyaan Bandeya
Sauda Jay Tun Khattna Ae
Hasdi Vasdi Jindari Da Taan
Palo Pali Da Khaida Ae
Ambreen Uddee Guddi Ne Tan
Aakhar Kattna Ee Kattna Ae

Unki aahtoon se sare jawan dil dhadakh

Unki Aahtoon Se Sare Jawan Dil Dhadakh Jate,
Unki Khushabu Se Saare Chaman Mehakh Jate,
Jab Aate Bagoon Mein Phool Ko Sokh Kar Jate,
Dekh Ke Unki Jawani Sare Bhaware Behakh Jate,
Jab Hawa Mein Lehra Unki Julfe,Chehara Chhuti,
Uff Allah Sard Diloon Mein Bhi Shoole Dehakh Jate,
Bina Kuch Kiye Jab Woh Nazron Se Ghayal Kar Jate,
Bade-Bade Gyani Ko Bhi Kar Wo Bada Murkh Jate,
Jab Chalate Rasto Mein, Ashiquo K Beed Lag Jate,
Dekh Unhe Bin Piye Logon K Kadam Behakh Jate,
Aashioon Ki Inn Galiyon Mein Khade ” Omi “,
Dekh-Dekh Unhe, Yuh Hi Apni Har Gazal Likh Jate..

Woh ik muskurahat ko dekhh kar jiss

Woh Ik Muskurahat
Ko Dekhh Kar Jiss Ko
Iss Zindagi Pay Bhi Piyaar Aaya
Jaanay Kaisa Nasha Tha Uss Mein
Ki Bin Piyay Hi
Badan Say Rooh Tak Khumaar Chhaya
Aur Thandak Aisi K Baad Muddat
Meri Wehshaton Ko Qarar Aaya
Woh Muskurai To Ek Pal Ko
Buss Ek Pal Ko Laga K Jaisay Koi Musafir
Thakan Safar Ki Utaar Aaya
Hijar Ka Maousam Guzar Gaya Aur
Wasal Ki Rut Pay Nikhhar Aaya
Ussay Khabar Kia Koi Deewana
Uss Ek Chhotay Say Pal K Badlay
Dil Uss K Qadmon Mein Haar Aaya

Chaman mein guley lala thi dhek ne

Chaman Mein Guley Lala Thi
Dhek Ne Mein Sab Se Ala Thi
Per Kya Keren Yaro
Woh Hum Sab Ki Khala Thi

Unse rishta bane hue bahut din ho

Unse Rishta Bane Hue Bahut Din Ho Gaye
Phir Bhi Ye Dooriyaan Kyun Hai
Hame Unhe Manaye Hue Bahut Din Ho Gaye,
To Aab Tak Wo Ruswa Kyun Hai
Unhe Pehchane Hue To Bahut Din Ho Gaye,
Phir Aabhi Tak Nazar Aa Raha Naqab Kyun Hai.
Unhe Apne Dil Mein Basaye Hue To
Bahut Din Ho Gaye,
Phir Ye Juban Ke Silsile Kyun Ho Gaye
Unke Taane Sune Hue To Bahut Din Ho Gaye,
Phir Aaj Ye Dil Mein Siskiyaan Kyun Hai
Unko Samjhe Hue To Bahut Din Ho Gaye,
Phir Aaj Ham Nasamajh Kaise Ho Gaye.
Dil Ke Raj To Baataye Hue Bahut Din Ho Gaye,
Kya Isi Liye Ham Unki Nazar Mein Paraye Ho Gaye

Kyon tha uss kai siva mera nai

Kyon Tha Uss Kai Siva Mera
Uss Nai Bhi Sath Chord Diya Mera
Uss Sai Ho Kar Juddah
Jeetay Jee Mai Tu Mar Gia
Ankhaay Khuli Rahi Uss Kai Intzaar Mai
Magar Sahsohn Nai Sath Shord Dia
Barsoo Guzar Gaye Majhay Kabar Mai
Dil Dharak Raha Hai Abb Bhi Intzaar Mai
Tanha Latay Latay Mai Appni Kabar Mai
Bass Likh Raha Ho Shayri Uss Kai Pyar Mai

Kuch khatakta tou hy pehlu mein mere

Kuch Khatakta Tou Hy Pehlu Mein Mere Reh Ker
Ab Khuda Janey Yaad Hy Teri Ya Dil Mera … !!!

L0at aa0 k phir yeh aitbar na

L0at aa0 k phir yeh aitbar
na milega
Yeh m0habbat yeh ehsaas yeh
pyar na milega
Manga hai RAB se tujhe
dua0n mein R0 R0 kar
Ham jaisa tujhe k0i talabgar
nahi milega!!!

Zara khamosh reh kr bhi unhe sub

Zara khamosh reh kr bhi unhe sub kuch suna dena.
Zuban se kuch na kahna dekh kr ansoo baha dena.
Main mujrim hon mujhe iqrar hai jurm-e- muhabbat ka.
Magar pehlay khata per ghor karlo phir saza dena.
Ijazat ho tu kehdon qissa-e-ulfat sar-e-mehfil.
Mujhe kuch to fasana yaad hai kuch tum suna dena.
This post was submitted by Asim.

Aankhon ki khidki par ek saya sa

Aankhon Ki Khidki Par Ek Saya Sa Lehrata Hai
Dil Ke Darwaze Par Koyi Dastak De Ke Jata Hai
Gehri Gehri Kaali Aankhen Mujhse Mujhko Puchti Hain
Haathon Ki Rekhaaon Mein Ek Chehra Sa Ban Jata Hai
Uski Sansen Resham Jaisi Gaalon Ko Chu Jaati Hain
Uske Haathon Ki Khushboo Hai Ab Tak Mere Baalon Mein

Hum parwane hi sahi lekin shama ko

Hum Parwane Hi Sahi
Lekin Shama Ko Jalate Hai
Aap To Bewafa Hai
Jo Dil Ko Hi Jalate Hai

Kal jo hua hai dafatan us se

kal jo hua hai daf´atan us se mera mukaalma
khoobiy-e-ikhtisaar ka tajruba kuchh “unique” hai
main ne kaha ke “Bazm-e-Naaz” us ne kaha ke “Kya kaha”
main ne kaha ke “Kuchh nahin” us ne kaha ke “Theek hai”
pankhhay ki ruki nabz chalaane kay liye aa
kamre ka bujha balb jalaane kay liye aa
tamheed-e-judaai hai agarchay tera milna
“aa phir se [...]

Aap ko paa kar ab khona nahi

Aap Ko Paa Kar Ab Khona Nahi Chatay
Itna Khush Ho Kar Ab Rona Nahi Chatay
Yeah Aalam Hai Humara Aap Ki Judai Main
Aankhoon Main Hai Neend Per Sona Nahi Chatay

Ya allah teri azmaton say hoon

Ya Allah – Teri Azmaton Say Hoon Bay-Khabar
Ye Meri Nazar Ka Kasoor Hai
Teri Rah’guzar May Kadam Kadam
Kahin Arsh Hai Kahin Toor Hai
Ye Baja Hai Malik-E-Band Agi
Meri Bandagi May Kasoor Hai
Ye Khata Hai Meri Khata Magar
Tera Naam Bhi To Ghafoor Hai
Ye Bata Tujh Se Miloon Kahan
Mujhe Tujh Say Milna Zaroor Hai
Kahin Dil Ki Shart Na Dalna
Abhi [...]

Dil diya aitbar ki had thi jaan

Dil Diya Aitbar Ki Had Thi
Jaan De Dih Yeh Mere Pyar Ki Had Thi
Mar Ke Bhi Aankhen Khuli Reh Gayi
Aur Kuch Nahi Yeh Teri Intezar Ki Had Thi

Terii khushbuu kaa pataa karatii hai mujh

terii Khushbuu kaa pataa karatii hai
terii Khushbuu kaa pataa karatii hai
mujh pe ehasaan havaa karatii hai
shab kii tanhaa_ii me.n ab to aksar
guftaguu tujh se rahaa karatii hai
dil ko us raah pe chalanaa hii nahii.n
jo mujhe tujh se judaa karatii hai
zindagii merii thii lekin ab to
tere kahane me.n rahaa karatii hai
us ne dekhaa hii nahii.n varnaa [...]

Sach ko pehachanta nahi koi wafai jaanta

Sach Ko Pehachanta Nahi Koi,
Wafai Ko Jaanta Nahi Koi,
Aur Ishq Mein Mer Jaye Koi,
Aisa Pyar Hota Hai, Maanta Nahi Koi…
- Ritesh Modi

Aap aayenge humse milne ko agar to

Aap Aayenge Humse Milne Ko Agar To Hum Par Inayat Hogi
Chaand Taaro Ki Mehfil Sajegi Poori Unki Ibadat Hogi
Basa Lenge Us Lamhe Ko Apni Nigahon Mei Hum
Phir Na Us Rab Se Hame Koi Shikwa Shikayat Hogi…
- Akash Chauhan

Dosti ki raho mai kabhi akelapan na

Dosti Ki Raho Mai Kabhi Akelapan Na Mile
Aai Dost Zindagi Mai Tumhe Kabhi Gum Na Mile
Dua Karte Hai Hum Khuda Se
Tuhme Jo Bhi Dost Mile Hum Se Kam Na Mile

Tum ko kuch kehna chaha lekin tum

Tum ko kuch kehna chaha lekin tum ne kuch pucha hi nhi
Tum ko kuch batana chaha lekin tum ne kuch suna hi nhi
Tum ko nazre utha kar dekha lekin tum ne dekha hi nhi
Tum meri zindagi me aye lekin tum ko pata hi nhi
Tum ko kuch dena chaha lekin tum ne kuch manga hi nhi
Tum [...]

Gunah hua hai mujhse yeh maana maine

Gunah Hua Hai Mujhse Yeh Maana Maine,
Kya Thi Majboori Kya Kabhi Jaana Tumne,
Zakhm Tumko Mila Hai Per Dard Humko Hota Hai,
Apni Bawafai Per Dil Saari Saari Raat Rota Hai,
Kerdia Maaf Keh Ke Apna Gam Na Seene Mein Dabaya,
Suji Huyi Aankhe Aur Murjhaya Hua Chehra Humse Na Chupaya,
Kuch Ker Humper Raham Aur De Humko Saza,
Yuh Aansu Bahaker Hum Ko Aur Na Tadpa….
- Ritesh Modi

Door hai sahi par kinara to timtimata

Door Hai Sahi Par Kinara To Hai
Timtimata Hi Sahi Sitara To Hai
Ho Jati Hai Tumhari Yaad Se Hi Tasalli
Tinka Hi Sahi Par Sahara To Hai

Ek ye hi aarzu rahi dil me

Ek Ye Hi Aarzu Rahi Dil
Me Mud’dato’n Sy
Koi Hume’n Bhi Chahe
Dil Ki Shid’dato’n Sy
Bohat Veeran c Hy
Zindagi Apni
K Koi Nawaz Dy Hume’n
Aa Kr Mohabbato’n Sy

Qadam barhao hath milao pakistan bantay jao

qadam barhao…… Hath milao
pakistan bantay jao
her ik fard hai pakistan
pakistan ki hum pehchaan
pakistan hamari jaan
her ik fard hai pakistan
waqt hai kathin
chahiye janon
mulk o qoam ko
aao kar dein surkhuru
bharhayein apnay watan ki shaan
her ik fard hai pakistan
manzil ki justaju
dil mein hum rakhein
mehnat karein sabhi
maza jeet ka chakhein
karein taskheer her maidaan
her ik fard hai pakistan
pakistan ki hum [...]

Wo ajnabi banke aaye do baatien kar

Wo Ajnabi banke aaye,
do baatien kar ke hum bohat muskuraye,
Wo Chal diye keh ke,
Fir milenga ab khuda jaane vo pal phir kab aaye …

Love is not a word you lookup

Love is not a word you lookup in the pages of a book
Bcos no body has finished a single book about
Come here and put your ear to my chest
My heart will sing its song so you know what it is
It is not four letters no it cannot be
It has words and sentences lines and punctuations
Lot more than in the alphabet
All of the twenty six and some more
It is a poem no it is a song
It is a picture and it is a story
It is all the things at the same time
A rainbow and a storm mixed together
There is no point me trying to describe
Just come over here and put your ear to my chest
Then you will know what love really is
And what does it mean trying to keep it contained
by rowving‚ 

Kuch is tarah se pyar kar bethe

kuch is tarah se pyar kar bethe hum ke khud ko hi sambhal na paye,
har waqt yu to the hons me hum par kambakth unko ye samja na shake,
saath chale rahe unke magar unko ye ahsaas dila na shake,
pyar to unko bhi tha hamse magar who keh na sake, aur hum samaj na shake

8216faraz8217 zulm hy itni khud aitmadi bhi k

‘Faraz’ Zulm Hy Itni
Khud-Aitmadi Bhi
k Raa Bhi Thi Andheri
Aur Chiraag Bhi Na Lia

Dosti achchi ho toh rang laati hai

Dosti achchi ho toh rang laati hai,
Dosti gehri ho toh sabko bhaati hai,
Dosti naadaan ho toh toot jaati hai,
Par agar dosti apne jaisi ho….
…. Toh itihaas banaati hai !
Jaan hai mujhko zindagi se pyaari,
Jaan ke liye kar doon kurbaan yaari,
Jaan ke liye todd doon dosti tumhaari,
Ab tumse kya chhupaana,
Tum hi toh ho jaan hamaari !
Tumse doori ka ehsaas sataane lagaa,
Tere saath guzaraa har lamha yaad aane laga,
Jab bhi tujhe bhoolne ki koshish ki aye dost,
Tu dil ke aur bhi kareeb aane laga !
Zindagi nahin humein doston se pyaari,
Doston pe haazir hai jaan hamaari, …

Jane kis shakhs ne chaha tha

Jane kis shakhs ne chaha tha

Meri har mangi hui dua bekar gayi Toqeer
jane kis shaksh ne chaha tha usey itni shidat k sath

Wo insaan jo hamesha sabko khush rakhne

Wo InsaaN jo Hamesha sabko khush rakhne ki koshish
karta Hai aur Sabki care karta hai Wo hamesha khud
ko akela mahsus karta hai..It’s True
Happy Teddy Day

Teri yaad ne hame jeene na diya

Teri yaad ne hame jeene na diya,
Chain se humko ab marne na diya,
Hum peete hai teri yaad me zalim,
Par iss duniya ne hame peene na diya

na jane kyu rhe ke ek baat

“Na jane kyu rhe rhe ke ek baat hume bahut satati hai,
karwa chauth karti hai tumhari bibi umar humari kyu bad jati hai.”

Ujhe dekh sona tujhe kar hain jagna

ujhe dekh dekh sona
tujhe dekh kar hain jagna
maine yeh zindagani
sang tere bitaani
tujhmein basi hain meri jaan haai
mohabbato mein jeene waale khushnaseeb hain,mohabbato mein marne waale bhi ajeeb hain
azeem hai humaari daastaan aye jaaneman
faaslo pe rehte hain fir bhi kareeb hain

The best sms joke on doctor dr

The Best SMS Joke on Doctor
Dr. to Patient’s friend – Agar Ek Ghanta Pehle Le Aate To Hum Isse Bacha Lete…
Friend: Abe Sale, 15 Minute Pehle To Accident Hua Hai…
Wah Doctor Bhai… Wah!

Kadam zamana hai aur sabke saath chalna

Kadam Zamana Hai Aur Sabke Saath Chalna Bhi
Hum Apni Raah Ke Pathar Hain Aur Dariya Bhi
Magar Jo Phaasla Pehle Tha Aur Badhta Gaya
Main Uske Paas Gaya Voh Idhar Se Guzra Bhi
Bahut Budhimaan Aur Waqt Ko Pehchaan Ne Wala Tha Lekin
Vo Raat Bachon Ki Tarah Lipat Ke Roya Bhi
Ye Khushk Shaakh Na Sarsabz Ho Saki Usne
Mujhe Gale Se Lagaya Palak Se Chooma Bhi
- Bashir Badr Shayari

Sabhko deepawali ki shubh kaamnaye hum dete

Sabhko Deepawali ki shubh kaamnaye
Hum dete hai aapko lakho duaye.
Naya varsh ho purane jaisa yaadgar,
Aap sabko mile apni khushiyon ka sansar

Har desh ki ek sarhadd hoti hai

Har desh ki ek sarhadd hoti hai
bache ki bhi ek jidd hote hai
aur kitna intzaar karru tere sms ka
Kanjosi ki bhi koi hadd hoti hai
kayi raaz aise hote hain jo dikhaye nahi jaate
kayi kisse aise hote hain jo sunaye nahi jaate
kayi dil aise hote hain jo tode nahi jaate
aur kuch aap jaise dost aise hote hain jo chodo nahi jaate.
Yaad karte hai tumhe tanhai mein,
dil dooba hai gamo ki gehrai mein,
hume mat dhoondna duniya ki bheer mein,
hum millenge tumhe tumhari parchaai mein…..
Humse door jayoge kaise,
Dil se hume bhulayoge kaise,
Hum to vo khusboo hain jo aapki saanso mein baste hain,
Khud apni saanson ko rok payo ge kaise
Har baar dil se yeh paigaam aaye
Zuban kholu to tera he naam aaye
Tum he kyon bhaye dil ko kya malum
Jab nazroo ke saamne haseen tmaam aaye
Mere Dil, Jiger, Kidney, Liver ho tum
waqt-bewaqt aaye vo fever ho tum
Doob kar jisme marr jayu vo River ho tum
Mere jeevan mein ab to forever ho tum…
Shaam hote hii ye Dil udaas hota hai
Toote khwaboo ke siwa kuch na pass hota hai
Tumahri yaad aise waqt bohat aati hai
Bandar jab koi aas-paas hota hai..
Kya aankhein hain aapki, kya baatein hain aapki..
us khuda ne kuch aisa aapko bnaya hai…
maano…”Shhhsss…KOI Hai” se bhoot nikal aaya hai….
Aap kya jaano hum kitna yaad karte hain
maano ya na maano har pal fariyaad karte hain
Roz khat likhte hain CARTOON NETWORK ko
aur aapko play karne ki farmaish karte hain….
Phool khilte rahein zindgi ki raah mein
hassi chamakti rahe aapki nigaah mein
kadam kadam par mile khushi ki bahaar aapko
dil deta hai yehi dua baar-baar aapko
Teri yaad mein humne kalam uthaayi
liya paper aur tasveer aapki banai
socha tha ki usko dil se laga kar rakhenge
magar vo to bacho ko draane ke kaam aayi…
Badi asaani se dil lgaaye jaate hain
par badi mushkil se waade nibhaye jaate hain
le jaati hai mohabbat un raaho par
jaha diye nahi dil jlaaye jaate hain.
Aap jaise log hume kuch khas lagte hai.
man mein har waqt hum ek aas rakte hai,
jaane kab aa jaye sms aapka
is liye cell ko dil ke pass rakte hai
Muskura do jara khuda ke vaste,
sama-e-mahefil mai rosni kam hai,
tum hamare nahi to kya gum hai,
hum tumhare to hain ye kya kam hai?
Chehre pe ashkon ki lakeer si ban gayi
Jo na chaaha tha vo takdeer si ban gayi
humne to chalaayi thi reet pe ungli
gaur se dekha to unki tasveer si ban gayi
Tere pyaar ki roshni aisi hai kay
har taraf ujaala nazar aata hai
sochta hon kay ghar ki bijli katwa doon
kambaqt bill bohat aata hai
jawaab teri shayari ka….
denge hum shayari mein….
naam tera likh baithe hain….
apne dil ki diary mein….
Tum hoti to aisa hota, tum hoti to waisa hota
Tum is baat pe itna hasti, tum uss baat pe itna khush hoti,
Tum is baat pe ye
kehti,tum uss baat pe wo kahati
shukar hai tum nahi ho!!!
Dil ki awaz bhi sun
mere fasaane pe na jaa
meri nazron ki taraf dekh

Bas chale to teri yaden kharid lun

Bas chale to teri yaden kharid lun,
Tujhe bahon keg here me samet lun.
Kar saku deedar tera har waqt
Sabkuchh luta ke wo ankhen kharid lun.
[email protected]

Kaash tu yeh jaan paata ke mujhe

Kaash Tu Yeh Jaan Paata
Ke Mujhe Teri Chaht Kitna Betab Karti Hai
Kaash Tu Yeh Jaan Paata
Tere Saath Beati Har Lamha Ko Yaar Kar Ke Mera Dil Sulgta Hai
Kaash Tu Yeh Jaan Paata
Ke Har Ahat Mera Dil Dhel Jaat Hai
Har Dam Nazrain Chokhat Pe Lagi Rehti Hai
Kaash Tu Yeh Jaan Paata
Ke Tanhiyoon Main Teri Aagosh Doonti Hoon Main
Kaash Tu Yeh Jaan Paata
Meri Zindagi Main Andhera Hi Andhera Hain Bin Tere
Kaash Tu Yeh Jaan Paata
Meri Shookh Muskrahat Marg -E-Tabasam Main Badal Gai Hai

Aaj barish di tanhai nu samne rakh

Aaj barish di tanhai nu samne rakh ke ik shear bnai janda han,
pata ni main bematlaba kyun jee jana han,
ehh raat pata ni kida ikalyan jaegi ke nhi,
sver tere pyar di kade ayegi ke nhi,
tere nal hass khed ke gane gai jana han,
fer apni tanha dunia ch dobara aa hi jana han,
dil darda hai tenu kite kho na java,
par dilan debhavv vi ajeeb hunde ne,
bhava vich behh jande kaii musafir vi ajeez hunde ne,
par kadi koi tan aisi baarish aaugi,
jehdi tenu sadi yadd diwaugi,
kade zindagi cho vehl mile tan sanu vi yaad kari,
ik vaar tan sadi vi pukar kari,
je sacha na sahi tan ik jutha jeha hi pyar kari,
bas pyar kari………………………..manns

Dil lagi ki kisi ko aisi sazaa

Dil Lagi Ki Kisi Ko Aisi Sazaa Naa Mile
Pyaar Ke Bina Jeena Zindagi Aisi
Kisi Ko Aisi Mout Naa Mile
Kamm Se Kamm Sambhalne Keliye
Dostoun Ka Sahara Toh Mile
Zindagi Me Sab Ke Din Hain Chaar
Ussme Kisi Ko Bhi Itne Gham Naa Mile
Mohabbat Hoti Nahi Sabse Zindagi Me
Jis Se Bhi Ho mohabbat Ho Dil Se
Bass Dil Ko Uss Se Bewafai Naa Mile
Hum Toh Jee Lenge Kaise Bhi Unke Bina
Bass Humari Wajhe Se Unki Aankhoun
Ko kabhi Aansoo Naa Mile Ye Dua Hai Meri

Thanks & Best Regards
Rubina Yasmeen

Chakh liya zaayeka e shayari jab se lafzon me

chakh liya zaayeka-e-shayari jab se,
lafzon me tarannum si aa gayi hai,
arz-e-zubaan-e-ishq machal hi jati hai
jab bhi tere chehre ki tabssuum yaad aati hai
Ye shayari likhna unka kaam nahi
Jinke dil ankhon me basa karte hai
Shayari to wo shaqs likhte hai
Jo sharab se nahi,kalam se nasha karte hai
jawaab teri shayari ka
denge hum shayari me
jawaab teri shayari ka
denge hum shayari me
naam tera likh baithe hain
apne dil ki diary me
wo mujhko chor gaya to mujhe yakeen aaya
koi bhi shakhs zaruri nahi kisi k liye,
sawal ye hai k usne kabhi nahi poocha
k aap sochtey kaisey hain shayari k liye.
Awaab teri shayari ka….
denge hum shayari mein….
naam tera likh baithe hain….
apne dil ki diary mein….

Ham gulab ke phool hen tou kya

ham gulab ke phool hen tou kya hua,
log hamien honton se , ankhon se lagatey hen
tou kya hua~!
aap ko bhee tou paka ke khatey hen.
bher bakrya kacha hi khatey hein
kia baat hai Merey Gobi ke phool ki, kia bat hai ji shehzad hanif

Teri socho mai soch ke mehver kiya

Teri Socho Mai Teri Soch Ke Mehver Mai Kiya Hai
Tu Mujh Se Sunn Teri Khudi Ki Tamanaa Kiya Hai
Mai Teri Rooh Mai Uttra Tha Kahan Kab Kaise
Tujhe Maloom Hai Sun-ney Ka Bahana Kiya Hai
Mai Terey Hijr Mai Sadiyan Guzaar Sakta Hon
Ye Chaar Din Ki Judayee Ka Nibhana Kiya Hai
Mai Teri Zaat Pe Khud Ko Bhi Waar Sakta Hon
ye Suraj Chand Sitaron Ka Lutana Kiya Hai
Apni Ulfat Ke Ek Lamhey Se Nawaz Mujhe
Us Ek Lamhey Mai Sadiyon Ka Guzar Jana Kiya Hai
Her Ek Jannam Mai Musalsal Mera Hasil
Tum Ho Terey Liye Faqat Ek Umr Lutana Kiya Hai
Meri Dua Mere Allah Tak Bhi Puhanchey Gi
Mujhe Zamii Ko Is Falaq Ko Hilana Kiya Hai
Meri Ankhon Ki Jheelon Mai Wo Izteraab Aaya
Ke Samander Ke Tufanon Ka Fasana Kiya Hai
Kahi Phir Se Na Ankhain Toot Barsain Sawan Si
Mujh Se Na Pooch Ke Ashkon Ka Fasana Kiya Hai
To Kisi Shajar Ke Ujjrey Hovey Pattey Se Pooch
Tujhe Ro Ro Ke Sunaye Ga Fasana Kiya Hai

Aaj is shubh ghari me ek meethe

aaj is shubh ghari me
ek meethe rishte ki hai shurwat
tum dono sada raho saath saath
bus yahi hai fariyaad
Hum to dekhe nahin aap jaise dil wale
Hum to dekhe nahin aap jaise dil wale
Bulaye dil se aapko
Hum tho aapke hawale

Chand ne dekha tumhe to sharma gaya

Chand ne dekha tumhe to sharma gaya,
Poocha ki ye dusra chand kaha se aaya,
Tujhme kahi na kahi daag hai,
Ye mera yaar hai jo mujhe dekhkar sharma gaya.
[email protected]

Ya hanjuya muskaan ik hor kho la

Ya Hanju,Ya Muskaan Ik Hor
Ya Kho La Sadra,Ya Armaan Koi Hor
Ya Ujad De,Ya Panah Ik Hor
De Rabba Mainu Saah Ik Hor
Ya Khushi,Ya Dukh Ik Hor
Ya Pyas Navi,Ya Bukh Koi Hor
Ya Kashti,Ya Malah Ik Hor
De Rabba Mainu Saah Ik Hor
Ya Sagar,Ya Kinara Ik Hor
Ya Kalla Reh Java,Ya Sahara Ik Hor
Ya Mausam,Ya Hawa Ik Hor
De Rabba Mainu Saah Ik Hor
Ya Eh Sab Kujh De De,Ya Mangia Kujh Hor
Ya Besharmi,Ya Sang Kujh Hor
Dekh Lawa Mai Khad Ke,Zindgi Noor Je Bhar Ke
Fer Je Maut Hove Manjil,Ya Rah Zindgi Da Ik Hor
De Rabba Aj Mainu Saah Ik Hor
De Rabba Mainu Tu Saah Ik Hor

Chalo tum saath toh zindgi suhana safar

Chalo Tum Saath Toh
Zindgi Suhana Safar Ho Jaaye
Raho Jab Saath Toh
Apna Bhi Ek Ghar Ho Jaaye
Muskuraao Tum Jab-Jab Toh
Phoolo Mai Mehak Ho Jaaye
Lehraao Kabhi Baalo Ko Toh
Fiza Mai Baarish Ho Jaaye
Aao Kabhi Tum Paas Toh
Haath Se Haath Ka Chhoona Ho Jaaye
Chaahe Kitne Chup Rehte Ho Hont Toh
Dheere Se Lafzo Ka Sunna Ho Jaaye
Gar Baate Karo Sakhiyo Se Toh
Apne Saath Humara Bhi Zikr Ho Jaaye
Ghar Ke Darwaze Pe Kuch Socho Toh
Usme Intezaar Ka Ek Pal Humara Ho Jaaye
Shaam Ko Tum Suraj Ka Dhalna Dekho Toh
Meri Kisi Baat Se Tumhara Palke Gili Karna Ho Jaaye
Raat Ke Aasma Ke Taaro Ko Tum Dekho Toh
Kahi Sapne Mai Mera Tum Se Milna Ho Jaaye

Sharab samaj ka ek dushman hai aao

Sharab Samaj Ka Ek Dushman Hai,
Aao Milke Kasam Khaye,
Is Dushman Ko Khatam Karen
Ek Botal Tum Khatam Karo,
Ek Botal Hum Khatam Karen Cheers

Andhere ne kabhi roshni nahi dekhi maut

Andhere Ne Kabhi Roshni Nahi Dekhi,
Maut Ne Kabhi Zindagi Nahi Dekhi,
Jo Kehte Hai Mit Jati Hai Duriyon Se Dosti,
Unhone Shayad Hamari Dosti Nahi Dekhi.

By Ravi

Hain teenon alag par ek jaan hai

Hain Teenon Alag Par Ek Jaan Hai
In Ki Dosti Ki Alag Hi Pehchaan Hai
Ek Dusre Se Door Reh Kar Bhi Sab
Naam Inka Salma Waheed Sufyan Hai

Teri chahat meri adaat hasrat kismat sorat

Teri Chahat Meri Adaat
Teri Hasrat Meri Kismat
Teri Sorat Meri Daulat
Teri Muhabbat Meri Ibadat
Teri Muskuraat Meri Rahat
Teri Rafaaqat Meri Amanat
Teri Inayaat Meri Talawat
Tujhse Ulfat Uski Rehmat

Kya maza tha jo tere seene main

Kya Maza Tha Jo Tere Seene Main Bhi Dil Hota
Kya Maza Tha Jo Main Tere Pyar Ke Qabil Hota
Tere Husn Ka Bayaan Hi Karta Rehta Gar
Ghazal Likhne Ke Hurn Mujhe Bhi Hasil Hota
Maine Hi To Nahin Chori Zindagi Se Wafa
Bach Jaata Main Bhi Gar Koi Saahil Hota
Zamane Ne Tujhe Sataya Tha Uska Hai Anjaam
Warnaa Ye Tera Aashiq Kabhie Naa Qatil Hota
Naa Poocho Kin Haalaat Main Khaya Hai Zeher
Jeeta Aur Bhi Muhsin Gar Teri Manzil Hota

Parveen shakir once said mere paas

Parveen Shakir Once said :
Mere Paas se jo Guzra Mera Haal tak na Pucha ,,,
Main Kaise Maan lun Woh Door ja ke Rooya ???
Ahmed FarazBeautifully repied :
Tere Paas se jo Guzre to Junoon main the Faraaz ,,,
Jab thodi Dur Pahuche To Zarra Zarra Roye

Kub tak dil ka aaine main mera

Kub Tak Dil ka Aaine Main Mera Aks çhupaoge
Kab Tak Rahoge khafa kabhi To Maan Jaoge
Mujhe ßhoolne ki çhah Main kahien khud ko Na ßhula Dena
Dil k §abhi Raston Main §irf Mujhe Hi Paoge
Mera Aks Tumhari Ankhon Main Har Pal Jhilmilata Hy
Mohabbat ki Haqeeqat ko kab Tak Jhutlaoge
Rasm-E-Duniya He §amajh ka kabhi To Izhaar kar [...]

Mere dikhave mein voh baat nahi ki

Mere Dikhave Mein Voh Baat Nahi Ki Mein Tere Samne Aajaoon
Mein Itna Bhi Khaas Nahi Ki Tujhe Pasand Aajaoon
Iss Liye Apni Chahat Ko Dabaye Likhta Hun
Kho Na Doon Mein Tujhko Baas Issi Baat Se Darta Hun
Meri Chahat Ne Hamesha Bewafayee Ka Anjaam Dekha Hai
Pyaar Mein Maine Gam Ki Parchaiyon Ko Dekha Hai
Achcha Hai Aaj Ki Mein Tujhse Rubaru To Nahi
Achcha Hai Aaj Ki Apni Koi Guftugu To Nahi
Mein Tujhe Pasand Aaoon Ye Zaruri To Nahi
Tera Pyaar Meri Chahat Ka Anjam Ho Ye Zaruri To Nahi
Tu Hai, Kafi Hai Mere Jine Ke Liye
Mere Bagair Tere Zindagi Adhoori To Nahi
Mein To Kuch Bhi Nahi
Mohabbat Mein To Kitno Ne Kya Kya Hai Kiye
Lafz To Bahana Hai
Shayad Ye Kam Padjye Meri Chahat Ko Bayan Karne Ke Liye
Ye Lafzein Akhri Hai, Iske Baad Mein Na Likhungga
Tu Naraaz Na Hona Mujhse Yehi Umeed Mein Rakhunga
Teri Nazaar Jab In Lafzon Ko Pad Rahi Hongi
Tere Nagahon Ke Aas Paas Hi Mein Rahunga

Akhen apki ho par ansu mere jindagi

Akhen Apki Ho Par Ansu Mere
Jindagi Apki Ho Par Sanse Meri
Dil Apko Ho Par Dhadkan Meri
Zindagi Ke Akhri Moud Par Dua
Hai Ki Kafan Aapka Ho Par Lash Meri

Sharab sharir ko khatam karti hai samaj

sharab sharir ko khatam karti hai
sharab samaj ko khatam karti hai
aao aaj is sharab ko khatam karte hai
ek botal tum khatam karo ek hum khatam karte hai.
Dil mein ek dard liye jiye ja raha hoon,
Teri mohabbat ka jaam piye ja rahan hoon,
Na chahte huye bhi ye kaam kiye jaa raha hoon,
Na jane khud ko kaun [...]

Jin raho pe ik umer tere saath

Jin Raho pe ik umer tere saath rahi hoon,
Kuch roz se wo rastey sunsan bohot hai,
Mil jao kabhi laut k phir ayo na shayad,
Kamzor hoon mai rah mai toofan bohot hai,
Ik tum hi nahi meri judai mai pareshan,
Hum bhi to teri chah mai veeran bohot hai,
Ik tark-e-wafa mai usey kaise bhula doo,
Mujh per abhi us [...]

Mehfil bani rahi yuhi tumhari chahe bikhar

Mehfil Bani Rahi Yuhi Tumhari
Chahe Bikhar Jaye Ye Zindagi Hamari
Deewangi Is Qadar Barh Gayi Hai
K Seh Na Paye Ek Pal Judai Tumhari

Waaiz kamaal e tark say yaan muraad duniya jo

Waaiz Kamaal-e-Tark Say Yaan Muraad
Duniya Jo Chor Di Hai Toh Uqba Bhi Chor Day
Taqlid Ki Rawish Say Toh Behtar Hai Khudkushi
Rasta Bhi Dhoond Khizr Ka Sauda Bhi Chor Day

Zakhm itne gahre hai izhaar hya kare

Zakhm Itne Gahre Hai Izhaar Hya Kare
Hum Khud Nishana Ban Gaye Vaar Kya Kare
Mar Gaye Hum Magar Khuli Rahi Aankhe
Ab Is Se Zyada Intezaar Kya Kare

Main pagal nahi tha par ab ho

Main Pagal Nahi Tha Par Ab Ho Gaya Hu
Main Ghayal Nahi Tha Par Ab Ho Gaya Hu
Suna Tha Kahi Ki Madhosh Kar Deti Hai Wo Aankhen
Maine Dekhi To Nahi Par Madhosh Ho Gaya Hu
Uthi Jab Vaadio Mein Uske Payal Ki Jhankaar
Mein Soya To Nahi Par Uske Sapno Ka Kaayal Ho Gaya Hu…
- Ashwani Mishra

Aayi jo tumhari yaad to tere khwabon

Aayi Jo Tumhari Yaad To Tere Khwabon Ko Sanjo Liye
Aanshu Bahe Jo In Aankhon Se Unhe Alfazon Mei Piro Liye
Jabse Gayi Tu Chod Ke In Tanhaiyon Mei Jaanejaana
Hum Dil Ke Armaano Ko Tere Khayalon Mei Kho Diye
- Akash Chauhan

Wo kehti hay batao be sabab kion

Wo Kehti Hay……
Batao Be Sabab Kion Rooth Jatay Ho?
Main Kehta Hoon…
Zara Mujh Ko Manaao…… .Acha Lagtaa Hay
Wo Kehti Hay
Mera Dil Tum Se Aakhir Kion Nahi Bhartaa?
Main Kehta Hoon….
Mohabat Ki Koi Hadd Hi Nahii Hotii….!
Wo Kehti Hay….
Batao…Main Tumhain Kion Bhaa Gayi Itna?
Main Kehta Hoon…
Merii jaan Hadsay To Ho Hii Jatay Hain!
Wo Kehti Hay…
Achanak Main Tumhain Yoon [...]

Dua mile bando se khushiyan jag sath

Dua Mile Bando Se Khushiyan Mile Jag Se
Sath Mile Apno Se Rehmat Mile Rab Se
Zindagi Me Ap Ko Be Panah Pyar Mile
Kush Rahe Ap Duniya Mein Ziyda Sub Se

It is you who make me feel

It is you,
who make me feel special It is you,
who give me happiness It is you,
who becomes my companion It is you,
who cares me like my mom It is you,
who sits by my side in my loneliness,
and whom I love the most, it is you….
- Ranjeets

Chahat k is dariya per aur kinarey

Chahat K Is Dariya Per
Dariya Aur Kinarey Per
Dil Ko Aaj Azad Kia
Mei Ney Tum Ko Yaad Kia
Tanhai Ki Ratton Mei Khud Hi Batoon Batoon Mei
Is Dil Ko Yo Shad Kia Mei Nei Tum Ko Yaad Kia
Jab Sey Tum Ko Chaha Hai
Her 1 Pal Faryad Kia Mei Ney Tum Ko Yaad Kia
Din K Ujalo Mei Raat [...]

Mohabbato8217n main hawas k aseer hum b

Mohabbato’n Main Hawas
k Aseer Hum B Nhi
Ghalat Na Jaan, K Itne
haqeer Hum B Nhi
Humari Doobti Nabzo’n Sy
Zindagi Tou Na Maang
Sakhi Tou Hyn Lekin Itny
Ameer Hum B Nhi
Humai’nBujha De, Yun
Humari Anaa Ko Qata Na Kr
k Be-Zarar Sahi ‘MOHSIN’
Be-zameer Hum B Nhi …

Yadon ka aik jhonka aya hum se

yadon ka aik jhonka aya hum se milne barson bad
pehle itna roye nahi the jitna roye barson bad
aj hamari khak pe duniya rone dhone behti hai
phool huwe hain jane kaise itne saste barson bad
bhol bhi jao kisne tora keyun tora kaise tora
keyun dhond rahe ho dil ke tukre in galioun main barson bad
dastak ki umeed [...]

As i open my eyes realize that

as i open my eyes, i realize that i would better a‚  sleep.
not because im tired, its because with you i will be.
i never knew that being in your hands could feel so good,
now when im awake i know that i never should.
the thing only thing better than dreaming is you by my side,
i wish u could be here so i can kiss your eyes……

by SxiPapi‚ 

Unhe kya pata ki humne toa woh

Unhe kya pata ki humne toa woh khoya jo hamara tha hi nahi,
Par unhone jo khoya woh unke siva kisi aur ka tha hi nahi………

Kisi lerki say mat kehna kay us

Kisi Lerki Say Mat Kehna
Kay Us Say Pyar Kertay Ho
Ager Ek Bay Dhayani Main
Yeah Iqrar Ker Bethay
Kisi Say Pyar Ker Bethay
To Phir Wadoon Ki DoRoon Main
Ualajh Ker Toot Jao Gay
Tumharay Pyar Ka Us Ko
Ager Ehsaas Ho Jayay
To Ho Sakta Hai Tum Us Ka
Rang-O-Roop Ban Jao
Mohabbat Kay Safar Main Shayad
Aaisa Morr Aajayay
Kay Tum Narazgi Ka
BerMila Izhaar [...]

Bhala hathon ki lakeerain bhi mit8217ti hain

bhala hathon ki lakeerain bhi mit’ti hain Faraz
kitna pagal hai mera naam mitanay wala

Nadiyon ki dosti sagar se hai badal

Nadiyon ki dosti sagar se hai
Badal ki dosti ambar se hai
Chand ki dosti sitaron se hai
Fulon ki dosti khushbu se hai
Parvat ki dosti jharno se hai
Bagon ki dosti kaliyon se hai
Umangon ki dosti dil se hai
Humari dosti sirf aap se hai…

Amit Pawar

Jane kis rah chalon kon se rukh

Jane kis rah chalon kon se rukh mur jaon

Jane kis rah chalon kon se rukh mur jaon,
Muj se mat mil ke zamane ki hawa hon me bhi.

Badi hasarat se pyar kiya hai tumse

Badi hasarat se pyar kiya hai tumse ye tum nahi jante,
Bataya hai kai bar par tum nahi mante,
Lakh dil todo ye tum mera magar,
Dunia wale bhale hi tumhe bewafa kahe ye hum nahi mant

Sada hasty raho jaise hain phool duniya

Sada hasty raho jaise hasty hain phool
Duniya ke sub ghum tumhe jaye bhool
Charo taraf phelao khushyon ke geet
Esi umeed ke saath aap ko Mubarak ho EID

Phool ki shuruvat kali se hoti hai

Phool ki shuruvat kali se hoti hai,
Zindagi ki shuruvat pyar se hoti hai,
Pyar ki shuruvat apno se hoti hai aur
apno ki shuruvat aapse hoti hai.
* Happy Diwali *
“Aaj se aap ke yahan…dhan. .. ki barsat ho,
Maa laxmi ka… vaas… ho, sankatto ka…. nash… ho
har dil par aapka… raj… ho, unnati ka sar par… taj… ho
ghar me shanti ka…. vaas… ho
Ek Dua Mangte hai hum apne Bhagwan se…
Chahte hai Aapki Khushi Pure imaan se,
Sab Hasratein Puri Ho Aapki,
Aur Aap Muskaraye Dil-o-Jaan se!!
Happy Diwali and New Year that leads you on the road of Success.
Gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai,
sitaro ne gagan se salam bheja hai,
Mubarak ho apko ye “DIWALI”
Humne tahe dil se yeh paigam bheja hai
Safalta Kadam Chumti rahe,
Khushi Aaspas ghumti rahe,
Yash Itna faile ki KASTURI Sharma Jaye,
Laxmi ki kripa itni ho ki BALAJI bhi dekhte rah jaye,
Happy Diwali
Laksh Divyani Ujalali Nisha Ghevuni Navi Umed,
navi asha Hotil purna manatil sarva Iccha,
Diwalichya Tumhala Khup Khup Shubheccha.. .
* * * Happy Diwali * * *
Diwali Parva hai Khushio ka,
Ujalo ka, Laxmi ka…. Is Diwali Aapki Jindagi khushio se bhari ho,
Duniya ujalo se roshan ho, ghar par Maa Laxmi ka Aagman ho…
Happy Diwali
Laxmi aayegi itni ki sab jagah Naam hoga,
Din raat vyapar bade itna adhik kaam hoga,
Ghar Pariwar samaj me banoge Sartaj,
Yehi Kamna hai hamari aap ke liye
Diwali ki Dhero Shubh Kamanaye
With gleam of Diyas
And the Echo of the Chants
May Happiness and Contentment Fill Your life
Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali!!
May the Divine Light of Diwali
Spread into your Life with Peace,
Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health.
Happy Diwali
Troubles as light as Air,
love as deep as Ocean,
Friends as Solid as Diamonds,and
Success as bright as Gold…These are
the wishes for you and your family
on the eve of Diwali ki Shubhkamana!
Sukh, Shanti, Samadhan, Samruddhi,
Aaishwarya, Arogya, Pratishtha ya Saptarangi
Divya ni aaple Jeevan Prakashmay hovo.
Happy Deepavali.

Unhein lagta hai keh hamain aadat muskurane

Unhein lagta hai keh hamain aadat hai muskurane ki
Who bewafa yeh bhi na jane yeh ada hai gham chupane ki — Barsaat (new)

Aaj abhi agar maut bhi jaye to

Aaj Abhi Agar Maut Bhi Aaj Jaye To Koi Gum Nahi,
Iss Tote Hue Dil Mein Teri Koi Jaga Nahi
Maut Ek Na Ek Din To Aayegi,
Mujhe Aapne Saath Le Jayegi
Jane Kab Maut Aaye Gi,
Aur Iss Gham Se Chutkara De Jaye Gi
Zindagi To Bas Beh Reham Si Hogi Gayi Hai
Tum Se Ab Nafrat Si Hogi Gayi Hai
Hum Tumhari Yaad Jala Chale,
Iss Zindagi Se Hum Thak Gaye
Toh Yeh Zindagi Hi Chod Chale
Maut Aayegi,
Mujhe Aapne Saath Le Jayegi,
Mujhe Tumse Door Le Jaye Gi,
Iss Gham Se Chutkara De Jaye Gi

Bashir badr shayari must read pehla sa

Bashir Badr Shayari Must Read
Pehla Sa Vo Zor Nahi Hai, Mere Dukh Ki Sadaon Mein
Shayad Paani Nahi Raha Hai, Ab Pyaase Dariyaon Mein
Jis Baadal Ki Aas Mein Jude Khol Liye Hain Suhagan Ne
Vo Parbat Se Sir Takrakar Baras Chuka Hai Sehraon Mein
Jaane Kab Tadpe Aur Chamke Sooni Raat Ko Fir Dass Jaye
Mujhko Ek Roop-hali Naagin Baithi Mili Hai Ghataon Mein
Patta To Aakhir Patta Tha Gunjaan Ghane Darkhton Ne
Jameen Ko Tanha Chhod Diya Hai Itni Tez Hawaon
Dinbhar Dhoop Ki Tarah Se Hum Chhaaye Rehte Hain Duniya Per
Raat Huyi To Simat Ke Aa Jaate Hain Dil Ki Goofaaon Mein
Khade Huye Jo Sahilon Per, To Dum Mein Palkein Bheeg Gayi
Shayad Aansoo Chhupe Hon Subah Ki Narm Hawaon Mein
- Bashir Badr

Socha tha har modd pe tumhara intezar

Socha tha har modd pe tumhara intezar karenge,
Socha tha har modd pe tumhara intezar karenge,
Magar kambakhat sali sadak hi seedhi nikli

Aundi hai usdi yaad kise peer di

Aundi hai usdi yaad kise peer di tarah,
Pathra nu cheer k kise teer di tarah!!…..
Eh sach hai kI mai Ranjha na ban sakya,
Per ohnu mai chahya ik heer di tarah!!…
Cute Shayar Amaan

Main tu insaan k ziada kareeb hoon

Main Tu Insaan K Ziada Kareeb Hoon
Tu……….Sun Mere Maalik !
Meri Qismat Ki Siyaa Bakhtii Par
Tere Karam Ki Baarish Kab Hogi
Meri Tu Sirf Itni Faryaad Hai
K……….Aaj Ki Shab..
Ya Meri Manzil Ka Pata Bata
Ya Phir Hamesha K Liay Faryaad Karne Wali
Zabaan Khamoosh Karde
Kion K……….
Ab Asi Hayat Ki Mujhay Aarzoo Nahin
Jis Main Mohabbat Meri Manzil Na Ho

Gairon se dar nahi lagta tha mujhko

Gairon se dar nahi lagta tha mujhko,
Mujhe to yaaron ki yaari ne mara.
Parayon me na thi himmat gam dene ki,
Main to apnon ke hathon hara.
[email protected]

Kuch kaha kuch na kaha dil me

Kuch kaha kuch na kaha…
Kuch dil me rakha kuch rah gaya,,,
Bas yoo hi dil ki batein humari ho gai zahir..
Kuch aankhon ne bayaan kar diya ,,,kuch dil kah gaya..

Mai ne chand aur sitaron ki tamanna

Mai ne chand aur Sitaron ki tamanna ki thi
Mujh ko raton ki siyahi ke siwa kuch na mila
Mai wo nagma hon jise pyaar ki mahfil na mili
Wo musafir hon jise koi bhi manzil na mili
Zaqam paye hain baharon ki tamanna kit hi
Mai ne chand aur Sitaron ki tamanna ki thi
Kisi gaisu kisi anchal ka sahara hi nahi
Raste mai koi dhandla sa sitara hi nahi
Meri nazron ne nazaron ki tamanna ki thi
Mai ne chand aur Sitaron ki tamanna ki thi
Dil me nakam ummidon ke basere paye
Roushi lene ko nikla to andhere paye
Rang aur noor ke dharon ki tamanna ki thi
Mai ne chand aur Sitaron ki tamanna ki thi
Jo baat tujh me hai teri tasweer me nahi
Rangon me tera aks dhala na to dhal saki
Dilbar se pyaar ke shararon ki tamanna ki thi
Mai ne chand aur Sitaron ki tamanna ki thi
Duniya me koi cheez nahi hai teri tarah
Phir ek bar aaja samene mere kisi tarah
Apne sanam se mine bahanon ki tamanna ki thi
Mai ne chand aur Sitaron ki tamanna ki thi
Poet :saher loudhiyanwi
Selected by : Asrar ahmed danish

phir bewafa ko dost bana baithe

— phir bewafa ko dost bana baithe,
uski sadgi se fareb kha baithe,
pathoron se hai apna rishta purana,
phir bhi shishe ka ghar bana baithe…. –
— Gum ke Sagar mein
Tinke Khushiyon ke doondh raha hun,
Mein Jeena chatha hoin
phir bhi Yaaron Doob raha hun.–
Unko humse muhabbat hone to do,
Phoolon ko tohfa hum denge.
Khwaab aankhoo ko koi sanjone to do,
Phoolo ko tohfa hum denge
Hai dil main tamanna ye baki abhi,
Ke humpe kabhi wo karange karam.
In saanso pe hai bas ikhtiyaar unka
Bas uski hi khatir hum lete hain dum.
Unki nazare inayat hone to do,
Phoolo ko tohfa hum denge.
Naaz hai humko mahboob pe apne,
Koi bhi janha mai us jaisa nahi hai.
Hotho se pila kar jo madhosh kar de,
Aankhon mein uski wo maykashi hai.
Jawan mohabbat ka daraft hone to do,
Phoolo ko tohfa hum denge.

Dur tak tanhai bhara safar hai koi

Dur tak tanhai bhara safar hai,
koi sathi na koi humsafar hai,
chale jate hain dil ke sahare teh soch kar,
ki bas agle mod par khushiyon ka shehar hai.

Hawa ke hath paigam bheja hai roshani

Hawa ke Hath Paigam Bheja Hai….
Roshani ke Jariye 1 Arman Bheja Hai…..
Fursat Mile To Kabul Kar Lena Is Nachiz Ne ….
Rango ke Tyohar ka pyar bheja hai….

Kinaro par sagar ke khazane nahi aate

Kinaro Par Sagar Ke Khazane Nahi Aate,
Phir Jivan Me Dost Purane Nahi Aate,
Jee Lo In Palon Ko Has Ke Janaab,
Fir Laut Ke Dosti Ke Zamane Nahi Aate.

By Sawood Khan

Koi dil dekhe yaaran de daraiyavan warge

Koi Dil Dekhe Yaaran De Daraiyavan Warge Ne
Din Langde Hun College De Chavan Warge Ne ,
Eh Kismat Diyan Lakeeran , Aaj Mile Yaar Purane
Kis Mod Teh Wakh Ho Jana ..Oh Teriyan Tu Hi Jane
Jo Dil Vichde Ne Tetho Bus Havan Warge Ne
Koi Dil Dekhe Yaaran De Dariavan Warge Ne
Kuj Lut Laye Ishq Hakiki Kuch Nashiya Nu C Chahunde
Eh Do Kamma Vich Yaaro Maapiyan Nu Put Naa Theonde
Ohna De Dil Jo Ujde Oh Ravan Warge Ne
Koi Dil Dekhe Yaaran De Dariyavan Warge Ne
Oh Yaar Naho Ho Sakda Jo Aakhe Ek Kash Lala
Jo Yaar Peen Toh Roke Ohde Naal Tu Yaar Pala
Ehda De Yaar Taan Bilkul Hi Mavan Varge Ne
Koi Dil Dekhe Yaaran De Dariavan Warge Ne
C Karde Yari Yaari Hun Yaar Kadi Nahi Milid
Hai Jootha Maan Javani Par Yaar C Sache Dil De
Ohna De Dil Hun Ujde Hoye Rahavan Warge Ne
Koi Dil Dekhe Yaaran De Dariavan Warge Ne -Â…

Yeh barishein bhi tum si hain jo

Yeh Barishein Bhi Tum Si Hain
Jo Baras Gai To Bahar Hain
Jo Theher Gai To Qarar Hain
Kabhi Aa Gai Yunhi Be Sabab
Kabhi Chah Gai Yunhi Roz O Shab
Kabhi Shor Hain Kabhi Chup Si Hain
Yeh Barishein B Tum C Hain
Kisi Yaad Mein Kisi Raat Ko
Ek Dabi Howi Si Raakhko
Kabhi Yun Howa K Bhuja Diya
Kabhi Khud Se Khud Ko Jala Diya
Kabhi Boond Boond Mein Ghum C Hain
Yeh Barishein B Tum C Hain

Sundar roop tumhara gora mukhra kitna pyaara

Sundar Sundar Roop Tumhara Gora Mukhra Kitna Pyaara
Dekhe Koi Nazar Lag Jaaye Ek Pal Bhi Woh Reh Na Paye
Par Phir Bhi Tum Na Jaane Kyon Mujhko Nahin Suhati Ho
Jaanam Tum Meri Nazaron Mein Aur Bhi Girti Jaati Ho
Jaanu Jaanam Darling Jaise; Shabd Tumhare Kahan Kho Gaye
Aaj To Bas Tum Yun Kehati Ho Are Kahan Ho Kahan Mar Gaye
Pehle Koyal Thi Par Ab Tum Kauwwe Si Chillati Ho
Jaanam Tum Meri Nazaron Mein
Karkash Hai Aawaj Tumhari Sab Dushton Par Ho Tum Bhari
Chillati Ho Jab Tum Mujh Par Meri Matee Jaati Hai Maari
Mere Mann Mein Apno Ke Prati Kitna Vish Bharwaati Ho
Jaanam Tum Meri Nazaron Mein
Saas Sasur Kuch Bhi Le Aayen Sab Kuch Hai Bakwaas
Maayeke Se Kutta Bhi Le Aao To Woh Ho Jaaye Khaas
Meri Tankwah(Salary) Tum Haraam Ke Dhan(Money) Ki Tarah Udati Ho
Jaanam Tum Meri Nazaron Mein

Fardos mein talatum mehtab bhi hai gumsum

Fardos Mein Talatum
Mehtab Bhi Hai Gumsum
Khilion Ka Dil Hai Masla
Phoolon Ka Rang Bhi Badla
Aakhas Bhi Hai Heraa.N
Aaftaab Bhi Paresha.N
Kaisa Hai Yeh Chiraaghaan
Nahi Milta Lafz-E-Bayaan
Taarein Bhi Sou Chukey Hain
Chashm-E-Naam Aaj Huey Hain
Honton Pe Aaya Hai Ab
Hasta Hua Koi Taaraana
Dil Ke Iss Anjumaan Mein
Jalta Hain Yeh Zamaana
Kaisi Bikhri Hai Yeh Laali
Arsh-O-Farsh Hue Saawali
Aawara Hui Yeh Hawaein
Aab-Aab Si Hain Machley
Mauka Koi Hain Dhoondein
Ke Ek Bar Bas Yeh Chouley
Afroz Jo Hui Hain
Na Dekhi Yeh Kabhi Hain
Bas Aapki Hai Yeh Meharbani
Ke Dilruba Si Yeh Khushboo
Chayi Hai Jo Char-Sou
Dekh Ker Yeh Aaeenah-E-Roo
Uss Pe Yeh Haseen Guftugoo
Dekhi Aaj Khuda Ki Muskan
Ke Tumne Jo Yun Muskura Diya
Zameen Kya Falak Ka Dil Bhi Hila Diya
Ke Tumne Jo Yun Muskura Diya

Hilne lagta hoon hello keh kar kare

Hilne Lagta Hoon Hello Keh Kar Kare Jab Koi Baat
Hi Jab Koyi Kahe Seene Pe Rakh Leta Hoon Haath
Hai Ajab Rishta Azeezo cyber Ki Dosti
Aaj Tak Jisko Na Dekha Roz Milta Hai Wohi
Chat Se Qaem Hua Rishta Bhi Kitna Hai Ajeeb
Jiski Surat Tak Na Dekhi Dil Ke Woh Itna Qareeb
Baarha Yoon Bhi Hua Tafseel Jab Maloom Ki
Jis Ko Hum Samjhe The -ŗshe- Woh To Haqeeaqt Men Tha He
Ek Mohtarma Se Hum Ne Bhi Barha-‘ee Dosti
Hum Yehee Sumjhe The -ŗteenager- Woh Bandee Hai Abhi
Umr Ki Tafseel Us -ŗchatter- Ne Jab Irsaal Ki
Such Batata Hoon Woh Nikli Poore 65 Saal Ki
Pesh Aaya Ek Sahab Ko Ajab Yeh Haadsa
Haadsa Aisa Tha Jis Se Dil Hi Unka Hil Gaya
Chat Muddat Tak Woh Ik Khatoon Se Karte Rahe
Naaz Bhi Uske Uthaye Uske Nakhhre Bhi Sahe
Khul Gaya Yeh Raaz Ik Din Chat Jo Karti Raheen
Ghair Samjhe The Jinhen Khood Unki Hi Begam Woh Theen
Hai Bahut Nazuk Sa Rishta Cyber Ki Dosti
Umr Iski Mukhtasar Hai Daur Iska Aarzi
Jab Koyee -ŗignore- Karde Khood Bikhar Jaata Hai Woh
Yoon Samajhiye Waqt Se Pahle Hi Mar Jaata Hai Woh
Aarzi Rishta Hai Phir Bhi To Ghaneemat Hai Miyan
Nafraton Ke Daur Men Yeh Ek Nemat Hai Miyan

Arz hai nahi ye tou ek karz

Arz Hai
Arz Nahi Ye Tou Ek Karz Hai
Na Arz Hai, Na Karz Hai, Ye Tou Har Bimari Ka Marz Hai
Aab Na Arz Hai Na Karz Hai Bimaari Se Hum Mar Gaye
Aab Tou Sirf Dard Hi Dard Hai

Nigaah soch ke udan khatole par swaar dhoondhti

Nigaah Soch Ke Udan-Khatole Par Swaar
Dhoondhti Firti Hai Is Nazm Ka Umman(Shirshak)
Kalam Sayahi Se Labho Labh Bhari
Kaagaz Ka Dil Hilaane Ko Bechain
Kuchh Naksh Ubharte Hain Par Banti Hai Tasveer Dhuan Dhuan
Us Chitarkaar Ki Tarah Jo Banata Hai Tasveer Kuchh Shokh Rango Se
Par Uski Satrangi Tasveer Na Ban Paaye Uski Jubaan
Waise Hi Shabdon Ki Dhundli Kaaya Se,
Kalam Bana Leti Hai Khayalon Se Ik Tasveer-Sheeshe Jaisi
Sheeshe Mein Apna Aks Dekhkar Sochne Lagta Hai Ye Dil
Itna Karoop Chehra Badhaal Zakhmi Hua Ebo Ke Saath
Isko Apni Nazm Ka Umaan Kaise Banaoon
Yahan Fir Kalam Likhna Chod Naya Visha Dhoondhti Hai
Dhoondhte Dhoondhte Thak Kar,Ruk Kar,Toot Jaati Hai
Par Man Bhaata Visha Na Dhoondh Paati Hai

Aj aisi kia dua dun tujh k0

Aj aisi kia dua dun tujh k0,
J0 tere lab0n pe hansi k
phuL khiLa de,
Bas yehi dua hai meri k
“Sitar0n se r0shan” Khuda teri
taqdeeR baNa de..!!!

Is arzu say agay k0i rasta nahi

Is arzu say agay,
k0i rasta nahi hai,
Tumhain kis kadar hai
Tumhain yeh paTa nahi hai
k0i paL Bina tumhare,
Bhala kaise beet jaye?
Mere pas Tum nahi ho,
Mere pass kuch nahi hai,
Meri har dua ka mehvar,
Bas Ik ARZOO Tumhari,
Is arzu se agay,
k0i rasta nahi hai,
Tumhein kIS qadaR hai
Tumhain yeh
Pata Nahi HAI….

Hum toot bhi jatey hain tu charchs

Hum toot bhi jatey hain tu charchs nahi kartey.
Dukh dard bhi sehtey hain tu tamasha nahi kartey.
Hum apne mafadat ki takmil ki khatir kisi shakhs k jazbaat sy khaila nahi kartey.
Hum ko koi gila hy tu khud apne dil sy hy.
Auron py hum ilzaam tarasha nahi kartey.
Matlab paraston k jo aadi nahi hotey.
Wo haath mila [...]

Adhuray khuwab ek waham tha dil mein

Adhuray Khuwab Ek Waham Tha Dil Mein
Shayad Kabhi Miloo Tum Kuch Der Ruk Ke Poochoo
Beetey Dinoon Ka Mosum Awaz Mein Ho Larzish
Ankhoon Mein Ek Tajassus Mazee Ka Koi Lamha
Shyad Atak Gaya Hoo Sub Bhool Kar Bhi Shayad
Kuch Yaad A Gaya Ho Phir Mai Tumhey Bataun
Apne Khushi Ki Baatien Har Dhuk Chupa Ke Dil Mein
Asoodgee Ki Baatien Woh Chand Chaudwien Ka
Taaron Bharee Woh Raatien Dilkash Haseen Shaamein
Masoom Wardatein Woh Pyaar Ka Tasavvur
Aur Bandagee Ki Baatien Woh Roz Roz Marna
Aur Zindagi Ki Baatien Tum Dhuk Se Muskuraoo
Dheray Se Pas Aao Sir Ko Jhuka Ke Apne
Chup Chaap Laut Jaooo Phir Main Muskuraoun
Mann Kay Diye Bujhaun Dohraun Apne Dil Mein
Talkh Se Haqeeqat Ek Khuwab Zindagee Ka
Han Umar Bhar Jo Dekha Khabi Ho Sakha Na Puraa
Yoonhi Rah Gaya Adhura Haan Rah Gaya Adhura Ek Khuwab Zindagee Ka

J0 nahi aata uska intezar kyun h0ta

j0 nahi aata uska intezar kyun
h0ta hai..
Kisi k liye apna yeh haal kyun
h0ta hai..
Waise t0h is duniya mein kafi
cheezaiN pyaRi hain..
J0 nahi miLta usi se PYAR kyun
h0ta hai…

Har kisi ko dunya main shohrate8217n nahi

Har Kisi Ko Dunya Main
Shohrate’n Nahi Milti’n
Zindagi K Lamho’n Ki
Qeematai’nNahi Milti’n
Fatah Ki Khwaish Main
Amal Bhi Tou Lazim Hy
Sirf Kuch Irado’n Se
Mazilai’n Nahi Milti’n
Faisley Ye Chahat k
Aasman Pe Hoty Hyn
2 Dilo’n k Milne Se
Qismatai’n Nahi Milti’n
Deen Aur Dunya Ko
Saath Rakhna
Masjido’n Main Bethne Se
Jannatai’n Nhi Milti’n
Maan Lo Is Zamane Main
Aur Bhi Hyn Hum Jese
K Hasb-e-Aarzu Jinko
Chahatai’n Nhi [...]

Kabi dil chahta hai ka kuch aisa

Kabi Kabi Dil Chahta Hai Ka Kuch Aisa Hojae:-
Paperz Hon Mger Result Na Aye
Classes Hon Mger Teacherz Ns Ayen
Bus Me Bethain College Na Aye,
Picnic Pr Jaey Mger Wapis Na Aye,
Gaadi Chalean Magar Petrol Na Delwaen
Kabi Kabi Parhain Mger Pass Hojayen
Haftey Me Chaar Chaar Din Hon Takay Itwar Jaldi Aye!

Gaftaar ko honto si ruftaar paaon aandhe

Gaftaar Ko Honto Si
Ruftaar Ko Paaon Si
Aandhe Ko Balaon Si
Sooraj Ko Ziyaaon Si
Badal Ko Ghataon Si
Khushboo Ko Hawaon Si
Honto Ko Duaaon Si
Tum Kar Ki Juda Dekho
Pher Poochy Gay Tum Si

Allah insaan sey fermata hey meri teraf

Allah Insaan Sey Fermata Hey
Meri Teraf A Ker To Dekh
Mutawjah Na Hoon To Kehna
Meari Rah Main Chal K To Dekh
Rahain Na Khool Doo To Kehna
Mujh Sey Sawal Ker K Dekh
Bakhshish Ki Had Na Ker Doon To Kehna
Meray Liye Beyqader Ho K To Dekh
Qader Ki Had Na Ker Doon To Kehna
Meray Liye Lut K To Dekh
Rehmat [...]

Dua krty hein hm sar ko jhukay

dua krty hein hm sar ko jhukay,
aay dost aap apni manzil ko payen,,
jab b aap ki rahoon mein andhera aay,,,
to roshni k liye khuda hum ko jalay!!!
This post was submitted by majida.

Ik ladki hai is dunia mein jise

Ik Ladki Hai Is Dunia Mein, Jise Pyar Main Karta Hu
Ik Ladki Hai Is Dunia Mein Jiski Aankho Par Marta Hu
Par Aksar Ye Khyal Mere Dil Mein Aata Rahta Hai
Wo Mujhse Pyar Bhi Karti Hai, Ya Main Pagalpan Karta Hu
Khair Khyalato Se Mujhko Ab Kya Lena Dena Hai
Jab Mere Khyalo Mein Doobi Wo, Aur Mein Itrata Rahta Hu
Aksar Chori Se Chupke Se, Wo Mujhe Nihara Karti Hai
Main Bhi Usko Hi Dekh Dekh Din-Raat Gujara Karta Hu
Suna Hai Maine Shaam Ke Waqt, Wo Gali Ko Meri Takti Hai
Main Bhi Uski Hi Raaho Mein Palko Ko Bichaye Rakhta Hu
Yu Khatm Na Ho Kissa Ye Us Se Mere Milne Ka
Bas Isiliye Din Raat Mein Allah Se Dua Karta Hu
- Ashwani Mishra

Jab dhundo ge hame kareeb hi paoge

Jab Dhundo Ge Hame, Kareeb Hi Paoge,
Hum Sa Juda Hoker Tum Kaha Jaoge,
Galti Hui Hai Hum Se, Bewafai Ka Naam Mat Dijiye,
Judai Ka Dar Dikha Kar, Maut Mere Naam Na Kijiye….
- Ritesh Modi

Its a joke as long you laugh

It’s a joke; as long as you laugh on it
it’s a hope, as long as you count on it.
It’s nothing but a simple illusion
As long as you do not step on it.
It would take him a moment
to make you believe the lie- that he loves you
but believe me, your entire lifetime will be less
to live the lie through.
Cause, whenever you will see with your eyes
your eyes will see what you want
you can easily leave everything for him, but actually, he can’t!
- Rayana

Mohabbat na rahe tou phir raha kuch

Mohabbat Na Rahe Tou Phir
Raha Kuch Bhi Nahi Kerta
k Itni Taiz Aandhi Main
Bachaa Kuch Bhi Nahi Kerta
Wo Mujh Ko yaad Rakhna
Ab Gawara Hi Nahi Kerta
Main Jis Ko Yaad Rakhne
K Siwa Kuch Bhi Nahi Kerta
Kaha Tha Tujh Se Nadaan
k Zulm Ki Taiz Baarish Main
Siwaye Kachy Makano’n k
Gira Kuch Bhi Nahi Kerta …

Hum na rahe8217n bhi tou humari yaadai8217n

Hum Na Rahe’n Bhi Tou
Humari Yaadai’n Wafa
Karengi Tum Se
Ye Na Samajhna k
Tumhai’n Chaha Bas
2 Din K Liye …

Everyday and night i sleep at night

everyday and night,
i sleep at night and i begin 2 think……
how wonderful my dreams are
but i know everything is fake…….
i dream of u, like the sky thats blue
and my body starts 2 shiver………
i wondering why ur beautiful smile
touches me so tender…….
ur face is soft as cotton and ur eyes are crystal too
ur perfect in every way and i can only imagine u…..
as i wake up and face reality and c that U R not there,
i again hope 2 sleep again, cause i know that u will be there

by SxiPapi‚ 

Qabron main nahi hum ko qitabon utaro

qabron main nahi hum ko qitabon main utaro
hum log muhabbat ki kahani main mare hain

Tumhari yaad aati hai dil phoot kar

tumhari yaad aati hai,
dil phoot phoot kar roota hai,
tumhe kiya malum bewafa pyaar kya hota hai

Mohabat phir hay kabhi dil say nahi

mohabat phir mohabat hay
kabhi dil say nahi jati…
lakhon rang hein is kay..
ajab hi dhang hein is k..,
kabhi sehra..,
kabhi deriya..,
kabhi jugno..,
kabhi anso..,
hazaron roop rukhti hay..
badan jhulsa k jo rakh day..
kabhi woh dhoop rakhti hay…,
kabhi ban ker yeh eik jugno.
shabe gham ki andheron mein..
dilon ko aas deti hay…….,
kabhi manzil kinarey per..,
sadyon k musafir ko..,
faqat eik piyas deti [...]

Tera na ho saka to mar jaunga

Tera na ho saka to mar jaunga “Faraz”,
kitna khoobsurat wo jhuth bolta tha.

Nt naa koi rishta naa shart


Naa koi rishta naa koi shart
Bas ek anjana see ehsaas
Jaise jindagi odh aayi ho
Ek halka saa libas
Aur baahein phailaaye keh rahi ho
Mujh se dosti karoge
Ek umar mera sath doge
Bas yahi ek ehsaas hain
Jo hamein dosti ke liye prerit karta hain…

Jane kis ki zarorat aa pare taameer

Jane kis kis ki zarorat aa pare taameer me

Jane kis kis ki zarorat aa pare taameer me,
Jitane bhi pathar milee laa kar makan me rakh die.

Eid tere shaher mai bi aayi hogi

Eid tere shaher mai bi aayi hogi
Tune barri dhoom se manai hogi
Phene honge nay kapry tune
Honto pe surkhi bhi lagai hogi
Dilruba si lag rahi hogi tu

Tune haathon pe mehandi bhi rachai hogi
Lagaya hoga aankhon mai kajal tune
Sare jahan ki masti teri aankhon mai samai hogi
Aye kaash wo meri ho jaye shoaib.
Jis ke liye ye Eid maine sadgi se mana? hogi

Nt 3 people were asking for


3 people were asking
for your mobile no..
We didn’t gave your no.
but we gave them your
home address.
They are coming this Diwali.
They are :
Please welcome them
as we have requested
them to Stay with you

Tum the ke thi koyi ujli kiran

Tum the ke thi koyi ujli kiran
Tum the ya koyi kali muskaayi thi
Tum the ya tha sapnon ka tha saawan
Tum the ke khushiyon ki ghata chhaayi thi
Tum the ke tha koyi phool khila
Tum the ya mila tha mujhe naya jahaan
Do pal ruka khwaabon ka kaarvaan
Aur phir chal diye tum kahaan ham kahaan
Do pal ki thi, ye dilon ki daastaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Aur phir chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan —- Veer Zaara

Jise koi nahi jaanta use rab hai

Jise Koi Nahi Jaanta Use Rab Jaanta Hai
Raz Ko Raz Na Samjho Voh Sab Jaanta Hai
Maagna Hai To Khuda Se Maango
Jo Jubaan Pe Aane Se Pehle Dil Ki Dua Jaanta Hai

Saari umr hum guest service main

Saari umr hum
Guest service main mar gaye
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
jeene do
Saari umr hum
Guest service main mar gaye
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
jeene do
Na na na….Na na na….Na na na….Na na nana na….
Give me some fllllight
Give me some trrrrain
Give me another chance
I wanna go home once again
Give me some fllllight
Give me some trrrrain
Give me another chance
I wanna go home once again
Kandhon ko laptop
Ke bojh ne jhukaya
Guest se jhoot bolna tho khud
Manager ne sikhaya
Medical ki joothi report laaoge to chhuti, varna kismat futi
Guest service kar kar ke pada Dimag pe
Is Project ne to sala poora..
Poora bheja pakka daala
Career to gaya
GF bhi gayi
Ek pal to ab humein
jeene do jeene do
Career to gaya
GF bhi gayi
Ek pal to ab humein
jeene do jeene do
Saari umru hum
Guest service main jee liye
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
jeene do
Na na na….Na na na….Na na na….Na na nana na….
Give me some fllllight
Give me some trrrrain
Give me another chance
I wanna go home once again
Give me some fllllight
Give me some trrrrain
Give me another chance
I wanna go home once again
Na na na….Na na na….Na na na….Na na nana na….
Na na na….Na na na….Na na na….Na na nana na….
Rose Lotus

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