Maa teri duniyaa mein kayii bachey bhookey

Maa Teri Duniyaa Mein Kayii Bachey,
Bhookey Pyaase Roytey-Roytey Sotein Hain
Kayi Ghum Dil Mein Aankhon Mein Aansu,
Badan Per Phatte Kapdey Hote Hain

Astey Huiye Chehre Phir Bhi Inke,
Kayii Ghum Hassi Ke Peeche Hote Hain
Bachpan Inkaa Beeta Nahii,
Kayii Bojh Kandho Per Liye Dhotein Hain
Maa Naam Tera Lekar Ye Bache Bheekh,
Sadak Par Maang Rahe Hote Hain
Ho Koi Besharam Jo De Jaaye Bheekh Inko,
Warnaa Maa Sab Izzat Waale Hote Hain
Wo Bache Khushnaseeb Hote Hain,
Jinkey Aarmaan Zubaan Per Hone Se Pehle Poore Hote Hain,
Ye Bache Badnaseeb Hote Hain Jo Do Waqt Ki Rotii Ke Liye Roytein Hain

Khushiyo ke deep jalana aagan phoolon

Khushiyo Ke Deep Jalana …
Aagan Phoolon Se Mehkana …
Aur Lana Labo Pe Koi Naam ..
Janamdin Apna Dhoom Se Manana …
Cake Toffie Sath Main Lana
Goobbare Hazar Tum Tangna ..
Jeewan Main Aage Badte Jana …
Par Humko Mere Yaar Bhool Na Jana ..
Janamdin Ki Party Main Hume Bhi Bulana…
Aur Hum Sabka Saccha_pyar Pana…

Aaj desh kii pragati dekhne nikla main

Aaj Desh Kii Pragati Dekhne Nikla Main,
To Mujhe Yaad Dangon Kii Aayi.
Poora Desh Ghooma Main,
Tab Saje-Dhaje Nange Pare Dikhayi.
Mandir Mein Pahuncha Main Jab,
To Kesari Wastron Mein Aaye Swami.
Par Unke Jaghanya Kritya Dekh,
Muh Se Nikla Sambodhan Bas Harami.
Bachhon Se Jab Mila Main,
To Unhe Ekk Baar Khane Ko,Rote Dekha.
Jab Aur Aage Badha To,
Sethon Ko Makhmal Par Sote Dekha.
Wridhon Se Jab Milne Pahuncha,
Unhe Gharon Mein Nahi Aashram Mein Dekha.
Bete Bahoo On Ko Maa-Baap,
Mar Chuke,Doston Se Kehte Dekha.
Phir Striyon Kii Oor Rukh Kiya,
To Maine Bahut Bara Chamatkar Hote Dekha.
Jahan Pooja Jata Tha Striyon Ko,
Wahin Par Maine Unka Balatkar Hote Dekha.
Kya Yahi Pragati Kii Hain Humne,
Aazadi Ke Anthawan Saalon Mein.
Yahi Shaan Kamayi Hain Humne Jo,
Dikhti Hain,Sharm Se Jhuka Bhalon Mein

Bahake hue ye kadam tere tuze sachchi

Bahake Hue Ye Kadam Tere, Tuze Sachchi Rah Dikha Denge
Armaan Jo Pure Ho Na Sake , Ye Uska Bhi Gum Bhula Denge
Bina Uske Jo Ad Dil Tanha Hai Tera , Ye Jaam Use Bahala Denge
Har Sham Jo Hai Bina Uske Andheri,Ye Jaam Use Roshan Bana Denge

Ab Duan Na Karna Hosh Ki,Ye Hoshwale Teri Wafa Ka Kya Sila Denge
Bhul Ke Ab Hum Gum Saare , Is Jindagi Ko Madhosh Bana Lenge
Bahake Hue Ye Kadam Tere, Tuze Sachchi Rah Dikha Denge

Do you know i know we both

Do You Know,
Do I Know?
Do We Both Know?
People Keep Saying We Like Each Other.
I Don’t Know If It’s True Or Not,
Do You Know If It Is?
We Hug We Talk Everyday,
Does That Mean We’re In Love?
Because People Are Saying So.
Should We Make It Worth While?
I Don’t Know,
Do You Know?

Mein sadkay kurbaan mera sohna pakistan

Mein sadkay kurbaan mera sohna pakistan

Na bijli na cng na safe kisi ki jaan
Mein sadkay kurbaan mera sohna pakistan
Jhootay sachey case bana ke ik doojay ko rolain
Jahan pe common fayda inke wahan ikathey ho lein
Jail training leke niklein bane seyasatdaan
Mein sadkay kurbaan mera sohna pakistan
Khambey sath khalotey rehnde Jo wehle mustandey
Banda in ko lamyaan pa ke changa phandey
Janjjj kisi ki dhol kisi ka aewain e nachhi jaan
Mein sadkay kurbaan mera sohna pakistan
Har ik match pe satta laga ke har bar hardey
Har ik road pe shokhay one-whieling pe karde
Agli nassal ke hath mein hai sheesha cigerrete paan
Mein sadkay kurbaan mera sohna pakistan
Aap broiler ban gaye hum kha kha chicken machini
Sunyaarey bhi sona chad ke bechne lag gaye cheeni
Paanch rupay ke sikkay jitna paanch rupay ka naan
Mein sadkay kurbaan mera sohna pakistan
Jese tota mena ranjha mangey apni choori
Wese her ik file ke andar note zarooori
Warna chakar lagatey ho jayen halkaan
Mein sadkay kurbaan mera sohna pakistan
Chatting message msn ke peechey kese bhaagey
Package karwa ke saari ratain jaagey
Hatam howey in ke parrhan parhaaan
Mein sadkay kurbaan mera sohna pakistan
Ghar araam se bethey hon ge road pe sab ko jaldi
Sabar ka phal jo meetha, nahin hai iski demand
Chahey hon in ke chaalaaan
Mein sadkay kurbaan mera sohna pakistan
Aadat parri dikhawy ki, woh jaan na is se chootey
Masnoooyi se ho gaye sarey sab rishtey tootay
Buray lage sab rishte, zeher lagen mehmaaan
Mein sadkay kurbaan mera sohna pakistan

Last night for the first time i

Last Night
For The First Time
I Held You
Without Temptation
I Gazed
Into Your Eyes
Without Melting Desires
I Held You
Without Habits
It Was
Pure Innocence
Last Night
I Only Smiled
Unlike Most Days
I Didnt Try
To Figure You Out
I Studied You
And Found Out
What Were Your
Pros And Cons
But They All
The Good And The Bad
I Dreamt A Dream
Of Destiny
Though Eccentric
It Manifested Itself
Into A Chance
And A Belief
Called Hope

Sath kiye makhmali wadon ko kaise bhula

Sath Kiye Makhmali Wadon Ko Kaise Bhula Doon?
Mohaabat Ke Rangeen Irado Ko Kaise Bhula Doon?
Tamanna Ki Bahon Me Machaltey Jazbaton Ke Liye
Pighley Hue Haseen Ashiyane Ko Kaise Bhula Doon?
Mohabbat-E-May Ko Tarasti Jindgi Me Achanak Jagi
Labon Ke Paimane Ki Talab Kaise Bhula Doon?
Halaat-E-Majboori Ki Khatir Doori Sehtey Hue
Raton Ko Beetey Pehar Jagna Kaise Bhula Doon?
Tasveer-E-Jindgi Me Jab Rang Ho Khijaon Ka
Phiza Me Mehaktey Gulo Ka Ehsas Kaise Bhula Doon?
Sunta Raha Dil Door Se Masoom Awazon Ki Cheekh
Chehrey Per Germ Ashkon Ki Tapish Kaise Bhula Doon?
Ankhon Me Chalk Pari Jab Tasveer-E- Yaara
Palkon Pe Jhilmilati Shabnam Ko Kaise Bhula Doon?
Phalak Ke Sitaron Me Kisi Tarey Ka Tootna Sona
Dil Ki Chaukhat Pe Mangi Dua Kaise Bhula Doon?

Kabhi haq baat keh dene ki himmat

Kabhi Haq Baat Keh Dene Ki Himmat Aahi Jaati Hai,
Kisi Din Saamne Khul Kar Haqeeqat Aahi Jaati Hai.
Musibat Be-Vajah Insaan Per Aati Nahi Humdum,
Bure Aamal Ger Ho To Musibat Aahi Jaati Hai.
Pashemaa Wo Nahi Hota Hai Jab Apni Jafao Per,
Mujhe Apni Wafao Per Nadamat Aahi Jaati Hai.
Bahut Hi Bewafa Hai Wo Mujhe Ehsaas Hai Lekin,
Magar Uski Adaon Per Tabiyat Aahi Jaati Hai.
Har Ek Insaan Se Jhuk Kar Milta Ho Mai Lekin,
Meri Is Vazedari Per Bhi Tohmat Aahi Jaati Hai.
Safeedi Jhankne Lagti Hai Jab Baalo Se Ai ”Irfan”,
To Phir Insaan Me Fikre-Ibadat Aahi Jaati Hai.

Kavi suraj ki kirno si prakaashit uski

Kavi Suraj Ki Kirno Si Prakaashit Uski Kavitayein,
Keh Sakte Hai Use Ravi.
Kavi Dayaa Karuna Prem Ki Syaahi Ke Shabd,
Jaise Ke Santo Ki Chhavi.
Kavi Jo Krodh Aur Shatruta Ki Jwalayein Bujha De,
Use Mile Yeh Padvi.
Kavi Jeevan Se Haare Lachaar, Bebas, Deen Ko,
Jeene Ki Raah De Navi Kavi

Looking back on the memories of what

Looking Back On The Memories Of What We Once Shared
Beneath A Starry Sky By Night,
Underneath A Rainbow Of Colours Of Yellow, Pink And Blue By Day
Writing 831 On A Wet And Sandy Shore
Only To Watch It Being Washed Away
As A Wave Rushes To The Shore And Back Again
Then To Find -Â… It Is Gone Forever!
Picking Up Pebbles And Throwing Them Into The Sea
With The Hope They Will Rush Back To Shore Once Again.
Had Only We Knew It Would End This Way,
Would That Have Stopped Us?
The World Seemed So Right For Us In Every Way
Having You I Had Everything
I Was Your Queen
As You Allowed And Let Me Believe And Feel.
A Fairytale That Was Not Meant To End With A-Â….
Happily Ever After!
A Dance Never To Be Learned By You,
My Dance Never To Be Danced For You.
All Them Special Songs We Had Accumulated Together
One Song So Special Is-Â….
The Song I Bare Within My Heart Of You!
Fantasies Hidden Forever
And Shared Never!
The Beautiful Dreams Of Two Persons
Only To Become A Silhouette Upon Our Wall.
Passion So Deep, Deeper Than Any Ocean Can Ever Be.
Explosions Into Galaxies Far Beyond Here And Heaven Above,
With No Return Just A Memory Now.
E-Mails, Sms-‘s Shared And Saved In A Very Special File
A Treasure For A Lifetime!
Not Forgetting Little Notes And Those Special Day Cards
Now Stored In Box Called The -Ë—collage Of My Life!-‘
A Lonely Photograph On My Beside Table
To Remind Me Daily Of The Baby Girl That Once-Â…
Shared My Life So Tenderly.
And Reminding Me Of How Beautiful You Were To Me!
Always And Forever My Fairytale Princess.
Yet When I Close My Eyes I Will Always Journey
On The Back Of A White Swan,
With You Right There In My Heart
To A Place Called -Ë—nevaland!-‘
A Place Where Angels Do Fear To Tread
And Where Only The Eagle Can Fly!
I Will Always Be The Wind Beneath Your Wings
So Fly For Me, Fly High In The Blue Sky.
You Will Always Be The Call Of My Ocean
The Crest Of My Every Wave
No Matter Where You Are Or May Be!
Closer To Me You Can Never Be Than-Â…
Right Here In My Heart Forever And A Day!
Although I Am Running, Running To I Do Not Know Where?
As There Just Empty Spaces In Each Corner I Reach.
Therefore I-‘ll Put My Thoughts Back Into The Window
I Know So Well-Â…-Â…
Made Up Of Gigs, Bytes And Ram,
Supported By Feeling Of Comfort, A Keyboard
Under My Fingertips As I Put My Thoughts To Paper,
Typing A Fairytale Love Story,
-Ë—cause It Will Always Be A Never Ending Verse
From Within My Heart!
Seek And You Will Find The Words That-Â…-Â…
I Would Rather Have Whispered Softly In Your Ear.
There In Amongst The World Of Heartbroken Verse,
It Will Be Found Written Just For You!
For I Will Always Love You
Until The Day After Forever!
Your Place By My Side Will Always Have
Reserved, Taken, Not Available Written On It.
No One Can Ever Love You Like I Do
Or Know You The Way I Knew You!
You Are The Collage Within-Â…..
This Broken Heart

Ye husn e raaz mohabbat chupaa raha hai koi

Ye Husn-E-Raaz Mohabbat Chupaa Raha Hai Koi
Hai Ashk Aankhon Mein Aur Muskuraa Rhaa Hai Koi
Nazar Nazar Mein Tajalli Dikhaa Rahaa Hai Koi
Nafaz Nafaz Pe Mujhe Yaad Aa Rahaa Hai Koi
Takhayulaat Ke Dhoke Hain Sab Shab-E-Vaadaa
Na Aa Rahaa Hai Koi Aur Na Jaa Rahaa Hai Koi
Ye Husn-O-Ishq Ki Tasvir Ke Hain Do Manzar
Ki Ro Rahaa Hai Koi Muskuraa Rahaa Hai Koi
Hashr Men Pahunche To Ham Ne Kyaa Dekhaa
Kisi Ke Haath Se Daaman Chhudaa Rahaa Hai Koi

Wada jo kia hai tujhse marte dum

Wada Jo Kia Hai Tujhse
Marte Dum Tak Hum Nibhayenge.
Yaad Aayi Jo Kabhi Teri To
Sukhe Drakht Pe Sirr Rakh Ke So Jayenge
Mauka Mila Kabhi To Apni Mahobbat Ki
Hum Khuda Se Sifarish Karayenge.
Nafrat Ke Parde Utha Ke Iss Dunia Se
Tujhe Ek Dinn Chura Ke Le Jayenge
Tumse Hee Hai Jaan Meri
Tumse Hai Meri Zindagi
Ohhh Jaane Jaana Hum Bhi
Zindagi Ke Har Maud Par Tumhara Saath Nibhayenge

Ho ker zameen ki aasmaan ki chaah

Ho Ker Zameen Ki, Aasmaan Ki Chaah Kyun Karun
Main Tujh Ko Paanay Ki Tamanna Kyun Karun
Mujh Ko Khabar Hai Judai Tarpayegi Tujhe Har Pal
Is Hi Liye Bata De Main Tujh Se Wafa Kyun Karun
Aman Ko Mere Chot Lagay Gi Gar Tu Na Mila Mujhe
Tujhe Apna Bana Ne Ki Phir Dua Kyun Karun
Teri Masoomiyat Ko Rab Ne Banaaya Hai Mohabbat Ke Liye
Tujhe Na Chahne Ki Phir Main Khata Kyun Karun
Teri Meri Qismat Ki Raahain Hain Judaa Judaa
Main Phir Teri Banjanay Ki Aarzu Kyun Karun
Meri Hathun Ki Lakirun Mein Nahi Hai Naam Tera
Main Tera Naam Apne Naam Se Milanay Ki Justaju Kyun Karun
Meri Baatain Tere Dil Mein Hamesha Bass Jaati Hain
Is Baat Ki Khabar Rakh Kar Main Koi Guftagu Kyun Karun
Batoon Batun Main Benaam Fasaanay Banjaate Hain
Aur Aisi Adhuri Kahaani Ko Main Shuru Kyun Karun
Joo Bhi Jazbaat Hai Dil Mein Dil Tak Mehfuz Hain
Yeh Batau Ke Main Unka Zikar Dubara Kyun Karun
Mana Ke Mohabbat Bhari Nazar Dil Par Gehra Asar Karti Hai
Usay Pyaar Se Dekh Ker Us Par Koi Jaadu Kyun Karun
Mere Liye Yeh Mumkin Nahi Ke Main Teri Banjaoun Kabhi
Lekin Main Tujhse Mohabbat Ka Izhaar Kyun Karun
Itna Dukhaaya Dil Ko Tunay Mere, Itna Rulaaya Hai Mujhe
Sub Kuch Sahun Phir Bhi Tujhse Bay Intiha Pyaar Kyun Karun

Ajnabi hai to mery zehan main rehta

Ajnabi hai to mery zehan main rehta q hai,
Wo jo pather hai to sheeshon ka maseeha q hai,
Wo hwa hai to guzar hay vo hwaun ki trah,
Wo samunder hai to thehra rahy behta q hai,
Mery aangn main nahi koi umeedon ka gulab,
Phir ye mausam mery aangan main utarta q hai,
Jis k chehry pe saji jhoot ki tehreerain hain,
Dil ussi shakhas k waadon se behlta q hai,
Ye mera dil ye mausam ye anjan sa dil,
Phir najany tery naam se dharkta q hai,

Khawaab main kab tak rahegi zindagi chawoak

Khawaab Main Kab Tak Rahegi Zindagi
Chawoak Utthegi Daregi Zindagi
Maut Hain Berhaq Sabhi Ke Waaste
Maut Se Kab Tak ,Chupegi Zindagi
Daaman-Nae-Ulfat Ko Kerkae Taar,Taar
Nafratoan Ko ,Pehen Laegi Zindagi
Loot Ker ,Auroan Kii Khushiyaan Bae-Sabab
Khud Hi Tardpaegi,Mitaegi Zindagi
Apna Chehra ,Daekh Legi Jis Ghadi
Munh Chupaati,Khud Phiregi Zindagi
Saath Main, Aamaal Hoange Naek-O-Bud
Khabr Sae, Jis Din Uthegi Zindagi
Jab Chalii Jaayaegi, Hum Ko Chord Ker
Laotker Naa Aa Sakaegi Zindagi
Nafratoan Kaa Bun Rahi Hai Aek Jaal
Nafratoan Main Khud Phansaegi Zindagi
Daekae Jaayaegi Hamaen Ranj-O-Alam
Jis Ghadi,Jis Dum Maraegi Zindagi
Dekhker Apna Ae Khud Anjaamkaar
Hunstae,Hunstae,Roapadaegi Zindagi
Zindagi Main Dab-Daba Kis Kaam Kaa
Dab-Dabe Main ,Khud Dabegi Zindagi
Raz Afsha Ak Din Kerdaegi Ae
Jaakae Rab Sae Sab Kahaegi Zindagi

Ek mehfil me main tumse mili ik

Ek Mehfil Me Main Tumse Mili
Ik Arse Ki Judaai Ke Baad
Saari Nazren Bas Ham Par Thin
Main Chaah Ke Bhi Kuchh Kah Na Saki
Tum Bhi To Khoe Khoe Rahe
Hamne Vo Saari Baaten Ki
Jo Hamne Kabhi Sochi Bhi Na Thin
Tumne Poochha Ki Kahan Hun Main
Maine Poochha Ab Tum Ho Kahaan
Ham Dono Janate The Dil Me
Ham Ik Dooje Ke Rahte Hain
Phir Tumne Poochha Kaisi Ho
Main Kaha Bas Achchi Hun
Maine Poochha Tum Kaise Ho
Tumne Bhi Kaha Sab Badhiya Hai
Tab Koi Gar Vahan Hota
Aankhon Ki Zuban Jo Padh Pata
To Ek Tanhaai Vahan Bhi Thi
Aur Ik Tanhaai Yahaan Bhi Thi
Tumne Phir Kaha Kabhi Aao
Ham Tumko Bahut Ghumaaenge
Hai Shahar Hamara Pyara Bada
Ham Isase Tumhe Milaaenge
Aur Maine Kaha Ki Shahar Mera
Us Shahar Se Bhi Pyara Hai Bada
Tum Aao Kabhi Sab Ko Lekar
Ham Saath Saath Hi Ghoomenge
Tab Koi Dhadkan Sunta To
Do Dil Ek Taal Pe Dhadke The
Phir Tumne Kaha Koi Number Hai
Kya Kabhi Agar Main Aaya To
Maine Bhi Diya Phir Vo Number
Par Us Pe Kabhi Ghanti Na Baji
Tum Jaante Ho Ye Thik Nahi
Main Jaanti Hun Naamumkin Hai
Par Dil To Aaj Bhi Dil Hi Hai
Iaska Bas Ek Hi Sapna Hai
Ki Kabhi Phone Ki Ghanti Baje
Aur Main Tujhse Vo Sab Kah Dun
Jo Waqt Pe Tujhse Na Kah Paai
Kuchh Aur Hi Tab Ham Tum Hote
Tum Tum Hote Ham Ham Hote
Ab Kahin Door Ham Khud Se Hi
Apna Apna Dukh Sahte Hain
Nazron Se Door Bhi Hokar Ham
Dil Me Bas Chhup Ke Rahte Hain

Unke pyaar ko main kyun na samaj

Unke Pyaar Ko Main Kyun Na Samaj Payi,
Ek Choti Si Deri Ki,Itni Badi Saza Paa Gayi.
Unse Bichadne Ka Khuwab Jab Bhi Dekha,
Meri Rooh Kap Uthi Aur Aankho Me Ashq Dekha.
Jin Khusiyon Ka Mujhe Barson Tha Intezar,
Phiki Padh Gayi Ab O Khusiyan,Kar K Dil Ko Bekarar.
Akele Hain Wo Uss Jahan Mein Khuda,
Meri Galti Ki Na Dein Tu Unko Tanhayee Ki Saza.
Raat Bhar Unki Khyalaon Mein Doobti Thi,
Har Waqt Unki Salamati Ki Dua Mein Karti Thi.
Kaise Tod Doon Unki Ye Khusiyon Ka Bharam,
Muskaan Na Cheen Unki,Ae-Khuda Itna Kar De Tu Mujhpe Karam.
Samne Manzil Tha,Phir Bhi Main Kyun Na Samaj Payi,
Ek Choti Si Galti Ki Aur Apne Sapno Ka Ghar Tod Aayi.
Kaise Bayan Karon Mere Humsafar,Meri Ye Majboor,
Ghabrati Hu Main,Kahin Aa Na Jaye Dilon Mein Doori.
Khasmakhas Mein Ab Rehti Hu Main,
Kaise Saja Lain Sapnay Apni Udaas Ankhoon Main.
Judai Ke Gham Se Dil Roo Deta Hai,
Judai Hi Naseeb Me Hoto,Maut Kyun Nahi Aati Hai.
Bewafa Nahi Hu Mein,Lekin Wafa Na Kar Payi,
Tere Pyaar Ki Kabil Kyun Na Ban Payi.
Khusiyan Cheeni Hai Maine Unki,Ya Khuda Mujhe Maut De De,
Khudko Unki Zindagi Se Door Ki Hai,Mujhe Tanhayi De Aur Unne Abaad Kar De

Teri meri chaahat ki kahaani saare jahaan

Teri Meri Chaahat Ki Kahaani Saare Jahaan Se Niraali Hai
Tera Daaman Meri Chaahat Se Bhara Hai
Par Mera Daaman Khaali Hai
Meri Zindgi Ki Raat Mein Bas Tumse Hi Hai Raushni

Mere Saath Mera Chaand Hai
Fir Bhi Yeh Raat Kyon Kaali Hai
Mere Jazbaat,Meri Wafa,Meri Chaahat Samjho Kabhi
Meri Taraf Kyon Tumne Hamesha
Berukhi Ki Nazar Hi Daali Hai
Muddatein Guzar Gayee Ek Jawaab Ke Intzaar Mein
Ab To Keh Do Tumhein Mujhse Pyaar Hai
Meri Jaan Jaane Waali Hai

Tujh ko maine pyar kiya par

Tujh Ko Maine Pyar Kiya Par , Ik Pyas Adhuri Chodi Hai
Jis Lamha Tujh Ko Chua Darmiyan , Thodi Duri Chodi Hai
Jab Khat Tujhko Likhne Baithe , Sab Kam Ke Mudde Soch Liye
Jab Likha Bas To Ye Aur Wo , Wo Baat Zaruri Chodi Hai
Jab Poochee Un Se Pyar Kee Bat , Leke Apne Hathon Men Hath
Inkar Kiya Lab Se Ankhon Men , Ik Mazooree Chhodee Hai
Jis Ne Jhank Lia Ankhon Men ,Samajh Gaya Too Dil Men Hai
Jaise Mandir Ke Bahar Toone , Jooton Kee Jodee Chhodee Hai
Teree Khushboo Bikhar Gayee , Main Aya Jab Is Mahfil Men
Abhee To Hamne Apnee Sans , Bas Thodee Thodee Chhodee Hai
Sagar Tak Bah Kar Ayee , Par Nadee Aj Ye Meethee Hai
Jane Kyon Is Sagar Ne , Wo Nadee Kunwaree Chhodee Hai
Ankhen Khol Bhee Degee To , Rah Loonga Raat Ke Sapne Men
Mere Jaise Kaidee Ne Kab , Ye Char-Deewaree Chhodee Hai
Chand Bhee Chahe Ham Aur Tum , Uske Des Men Rah Ayen
Chandni Kahtee Jisko Duniya , Chand Ne Seedhee Chhodee Hai
Jeeta Hoon To Lashon Jaise Main ,Sans Magar Leta Bhee Hoon
Ye Jan Adhooree Lee Usne ,Ye Jan Adhooree Chhodee Hai
Waqt-E-Wasl Kabhee Na Tum , Khud Ko Yoon Lachar Kaho
Pyar Jo Karata Hai Usne Kab , Kuch Mazbooree Chhodee Hai
Ham Jee Ke Pyar Ye Hamara , Asman Tak Lejaayenge
Ye Doulat Sath Men Hogee , Na Footee Koudee Chhodee Hai
Beech Men Ab Tere Aur Mere , Aye Koyee Kaise Aye
Toone Koyee Dooree Chodi Hai , Na Maine Dooree Chhodee Hai
Jo Baat Tay Karane Ko Ham , Dono Aaj Yahan Aye
Sou Bat Kareen Hamne Tumne ,Wo Baat Adhooree Chhodee Hai
Waheen Ruka Rahoonga Main Ab Usko Hee Nibha Loonga
Jo Nazdeekee De Dee Toone Jo Bhee Dooree Chhodee Hai

Kahiin chaand raahon mein kho gayaa chaandanii

Kahiin Chaand Raahon Mein Kho Gayaa
Kahiin Chaandanii Bhii Bhatak Gaii
Main Charaag Vo Bhii Bujhaa Huaa
Merii Raat Kaise Chamak Gaii
Merii Daastaan Kaa Uruuj Thaa
Terii Narm Palakon Kii Chhaanv Men
Mere Saath Thaa Tujhe Jaaganaa
Terii Aankh Kaise Jhapak Gaii
Kabhii Ham Mile To Bhii Kyaa
Mile Vahii Duuriyaan Vahii Faasale
Na Kabhii Hamaare Qadam Badhe
Na Kabhii Tumhaarii Jhijhak Gaii
Tujhe Bhuul Jaane Kii Koshishen
Kabhii Qaamayaab Na Ho Sakiin
Terii Yaad Shaakh-E-Gulaab Hai
Jo Havaa Chalii To Lachak Gaii

Tujhay aayaa na jo falak chunay ka

Tujhay Aayaa Na Jo Falak Chunay Ka Andaaz
Gunaah Bana Di Gayin Parvaazain Meri
Ab Mera Kasur Hai Kya Teray Ahsaas Ki Ghurbat
Jo Dabaatay Ho Baland Aawaazain Meri?
Jab Tu Mehfilon Main Ho Mast Firta Thaa
Karti Thi Meri Umr Tanhaaion Main Riyaaz
Jab Tu Laga Raha Thaa Beparvaah Kehqehay
Samajh Raha Thaa Tab Main Khyaalon Kay Andaaz
Mainay Ik Ahud Pay Jiayaa Hai Zeest Ka Lamha Lamha
Tunay Tab Jisay Janun Ka Naam Diyaa
Zameen Jisko Samajh Na Paayi
Aasmaan Nay Uska Ahatraam Kiyaa
Teray Rutbon Ki Nahin Ab Koi Kashish Baqi
Samjhay To Yeh Bhee Hai Ik Kamaal-E-Phun Mera
Jo Buss Riwaayuton Main Dhal Kar Kay Banay
Nahin Ab Woh Mozu-E-Sukhan Mera
Main To Khwaabon Kay Geet Banaaunga
Aur Wusat-E-Afqaar Say Sajaaunga
Tujh Main Himmat Hai To Aa Jaanaa
Warna Akaylay Hi Gungunaunga

I want you like the sky needs

i want you
like the sky
needs blue hues
like shopaholics
needs cute shoes
like musicians
need just the right blues
to start their day
i envision us
screaming “forget all cares”
and eyes that look among us
oh how they are so jealous
of who we will be to each other
Or shall I say
who we are to each other
I no longer
need to think on its future endeavors
I would rather
claim the now
You are mine’s
And I am yours
And that is how I see it
No one can tell me different
I feel locked and caged with you
Hold me captive, imprisoned
Grab hold to me
And take the part of me
that no one has ever had before
I want you
The part that no one has explored
Just cheap frills
and carpet burns from the bed to the floor
That when we make love
I can scream “its yours!”
I look deep into
those hazel brown eyes and it only keeps me
begging for more
i remain focused
to claim exactly what will be mine’s
rather enjoy the thrill
of lost time
cause once its placed in our care
we will be in total sublime

by zubiluvs‚ 

Kisi roz shaam ke wqt soraj aram

Kisi Roz Shaam Ke Wqt
Soraj Ke Aram Ke Wqt
Mil Jae Jo 7 Tera
Haat Me Le Ke Haat Tera,
Door Kisi Tanhai Me
Dunya Se Judai Me,
Apne Sang Bhaoon Tje
Dil Ka Haal Sunaon Tje,
Tare Haaton Ki Lakeeron
Me Talash Apna Naam Kron,
Ksi Roz Shaam K Waqt Soraj K Aram K Wqt
Me Ye Kam Kron Apni Zndgi Tre Nam Kron.

Dahshatgardi ke jo muntazir rahe honge mahshar

Dahshatgardi Ke Jo Muntazir Rahe Honge
Mahshar Ki Raat Mein Bhi Kaafir Rahe Honge
Shisha-E-Badan Uthaa Laaye The Baarood Bhar
Hosh-O-Hawaas Se Bekhabar Rahe Honge
Insaan Nahin Ho Sakte Hain Yoon Murda-Dil
Iblis Ke Phenke Hue Patthar Rahe Honge
Do Gaz Zameen Naseeb Nahin Laashon Ko
Dozakh Ka Ab Safar Kar Rahe‚  Honge
Himaakhat To Kar Baithe Lalkaar Kar Mere Vatan Ko
Rahnuma-E-Dahshat Ab Dar Rahe Honge

You told me that would phone sunday

You Told Me That You Would Phone Me Sunday
But By Afternoon, I Hadn’t Heard From You
Till Finally In Im I Saw Your Name
The Person That I Love Come Into View

When I Asked You Why You Hadn’t Tried To Call Me
You Mentioned That You Had Been “Quite Busy”
And With That I Didn’t Quite Know What To Say
Because -Å—busy- Meant You Hadn’t Thought Of Me
It Was Just Last Week We Had An Anniversary
And It Should Have Been The Sweetest Day By Far
But Something In Our Hearts I Felt Was Missing
We Used To Gaze Upon The Same Bright Star
We Couldn’t Wait Till We Could Be Together
To Hold Each Other Lovingly Each Day
But Now I Feel A Sadness Deep Within Me
Days Go By; We No Longer Act That Way
I Guess I Should Known Five Months Ago
Should Have Realized The Changes Way Back Then
But Felt That Maybe I Was Wrong In Thinking
That Our Love Really Wasn’t Really Coming To An End
But Every Day That We Don’t See Each Other
Or Spend The Time To Say That -ŗi Love You-
Our Love Can’t Last Without The Tender Caring
Your Eyes Are Closed And Can’t See That It’s True
But I Have Noticed All That’s Changed Between Us
And I’ve Really Tried To Mention Them To You
But You Don’t Seem To Really Want To Hear Me
You Make Light Of It And Say I’m “In A Mood”
But Sweetie It Is So Much More Than That
And I Really Don’t Know What To Say Or Do
Each Day I Find It Very Hard To Smile
My Heart’s So Heavy When I Think Of You

Aaj bhi in aakho ko tumhara intezaar

Aaj Bhi In Aakho Ko Tumhara Intezaar Hai
Aaj Bhi Tumhe Dhundha Hum Utne Hi Bekaraar Hai
Jaane Kis Pal Me Aakar Tum Rahat Do Meri Aah Ko
Jaane Kab Tumhare Kadam Sajaa De Suni Raah Ko
Bina Palak Jhapke, Dekha Aaj Bhi Tumhara Raasta
Shaam Guzri Raat Aayi, Tuti Umeed Aahista Aahista
Taakti Rahi Nazre Tumhe, Kabhi Yahaa Kabhi Wahaa
Tumhara Aks Dikhne Laga, Kabhi Kahaa Kabhi Kahaa
Meri To Zindagi Ka Naam Hi Intezaar Ho Gaya Hai
Mar Jau Jo Dobara Kahu K Tumse Pyar Ho Gaya Hai
Khamosh Hai Lab, Aakhen Aasuo Ki Kahani Hai
Vaada Karke Naa Aane Ki Aadat,Tumhari Ye Purani Hai
Tumko Fark Nahi Padta, Meri Akeli Zindagaani Se
Itna Roye Hai Hum, Jaise Muh Dhoya Ho Paani Se

Where are you i can8217t find you

Where Are You?
I Can’t Find You Anywhere.
I Look In All The Places We Shared,
But You Aren’t There.
I Look On The Shore Of The Beach
With The Waves Rolling In.
I Catch Glimpses Of Times When We Were There
Holding Hands,Laughing & Teasing,
Walking Together,Expressions In Our
Eyes We Do Share.
Of Sunsets Together
Watching The Moomn Rise Above Us
Stars Glistening Brightly Against The Sky,
As Together In Body We Do Lust
I Look All Around Searchiong For You Here Somewhere
But,You Are Not There.
I Look In The Woods That Together
With The Wolves We Did Roam
Looking All Around In The Trees And Brooks,
Suddenly I Feel So Alone
I Pray That I Will Find You Again Somewhere
For I Want No Other In Which My Life To Share
So If You Hear An Echo In The Woods,
Or Along The Beach Shore In Ur Dreams Tonight
It Is My Voice Calling To You
To Come Back And Be Mine In The Moonlight……
I Will Wait For You Here
Always For You,My Sweet Dear..

I love you more every day my

I Love You More Every Day,
My Name I Long For You To Say.
Do You Know Just How I Feel?
Do You Know This Love Is Real?
Sometimes I Wonder What You Think.
When You Hear My Name, Do Your Cheeks Turn Pink?
Do You Dream About Me Every Night?
Wish To Hug Me And Hold Me Tight?
Do You Think We’re Meant To Be?
Together Forever, You And Me?
These Are The Questions That Run Through My Mind,
Your Way Into My Heart, You Did Find.
It Drives Me Crazy As To What I Should Do,
Should I Risk A Friendship And Confess To You?
Or Should I Keep My Feelings Inside,
Keep Them Locked Up, Let Them Hide?
I Just Don’t Know What To Do Anymore,
My Heart It Aches, My Heart It’s Sore.
I Love You More Than You Could Know,
And I Don’t Want To Ever Let You Go.
So Even If I’m Just A Friend,
I’ll Always Love You Until The End.

Mera gahem duniya main hain aise samander

Mera Gahem Duniya Main Hain Aise
Samander Main Qatra Ho Jaise
Phir Bi Mujhain Kyun Iss Ki Shidat Lagti Hain Aise
Tapti Doohp Main Ho Koi Nagay Sir Jaise
Meray Dil Par Zakham Hain Aise
Taroon Se Bahara Ho Asman Jaise
Zin Dgi Meri Guzar Rahi Hain Aise
Gulistanpar Chai Ho Kahza Jaise
Duniya Mujhain Lagty Hain Aise Payar
Pinjaray Main Band Ho Koi Panchi Jaise

Ye mohabbat chahat deewangi ho tum raat

Ye Mohabbat Ye Chahat Ye Deewangi Ho Tum
Ye Raat Aur Uski Tanhaaye Bhi Ho Tum
Kya Kahe Ke Tumhe Paakar Humein Kya Mil Gaya Hai
Is Zindagi Ki Shuraat Aur Uska Anth Bhi Ho Tum

Ye Raat Ki Chandni Aur Uski Roshni Bhi Ho Tum
Ke Dil Ko Chule Aise Kisi Shayar Ki Gazal Bhi Ho Tum
Dil Se Nikle Alfaaz Ko Kubul Kare Khuda
Aise Kisi Fakir Ki Dua Bhi Ho Tum
Tum Hi Se Hai Zindagi Ke Har Pal Ki Khushi Bhi Ho Tum
Tumhe Na Kho Doon Main Ki Mera Wajood Bhi Ho Tum
Ke Tumhe Na Paakar Zindagi Kuch Na Hogi
Gar Paa Gaye To Har Pal Ki Muskuraahat Hogi Tum…….

Who am i i8217m short 5

Who Am I ? I’m Short, 5 Feet, 4 Inches
And Love To Eat, And Gain Alot Of Weight,
And My Favorite Food Is A Biryani!
Who Am I? I’m Shy Not Scared To Die
For My Sister And My Parents.
Some People Just Can’t Stand Me.
I Don’t Know Why, Maybe ‘Cause I Don’t Get High?
Or They’ve Never Seen Me Cry?
Just Exactly Who The Hell Am I?
They Call Me Bee, I’m In E. E.
I Had A Guy Who I Thought
Was The One For Me, Up On The Hill In J. C.
I Chill With Teta 3 And Hennessy.
I’m A Paki Muslim Queen
Who Holds Her King Down
When His Dogz Not Around.
Who Am I? I’m That Girl Who Is Bound
To Reach The Sky Some Day.
To End It Like This,
I’m Going To Tell The World
Exactly Who I Am! Who Am I?
They Call Me Buttafly.
And Some Day,
I’ll Tell The World Goodbye!

Hum agar tumko wapis bulana chahe tho

Hum Agar Tumko Wapis Bulana Chahe Tho Chah Kar Bhi Tum Nehi Aaoge
Humari Aakhiri Saas’n Taak Bhi Tum Humse Dhoor Hote Jaoghe
Mein Bhi Aati Thi Sapno Mein Tumhare Raat Kya Din Bhi
Aab Tum Voh Sapne Dekhna Bhi Shord Jaoghe
Kismat Hai Humari Hum Bhi Ekele Hai Aur Tum Bhi Tanha
Jahan Jao Lekin Hum Aise Hi Peeche Peeche Tumhare Aaoghe
Yaar Pyaar Ka Sila Aise Nehi Dete Marr Jate Hai Aapno Ke Liye
Ha! Magar Tum Tho Pathar Ho Tum Iss Pyaar Wafa Ki Baatein Kya Samj Paoghe
Hum Tho Jeete Hai Aise Tum Bhi Aa Kar Dekho Humme
Kash Tum Hote Humare Paairon Mein Hum Bhi Tumme He Aise Rulaoghe

Aisa nazar ka tir mery dil per

Aisa Nazar Ka Tir Mery Dil Per Chal Gaya
Onwan Zindagi Ka Bas Wahi Sy Badal Gaya
Tumsy Nazar Kuch Aysi Mili Ki Kya Kahu
Piny Or Pilany Ka Ek Dowr Chal Gaya
Fursat Mien Kisi Roz Dam Nikalta Pervez Ka
Accha Hua Ki Aap Sab Logon Sey Mil Karky Sambhal Gaya

Sheher ko teri justaju hai bohat in

Sheher ko teri justaju hai bohat,
In dinon hum pe guftagu hai bohat,
Jab se parvaaz ke shareek miley,
Ghar bananey ki aarzoo hai bohat,
Dard reh reh ke sar uthaata hai,
Kabhi kam ho gaya, Kabhi hai bohat,
Kuch tou woh yaad bhi bohat aya,
Kuch in ankhon mein bhi lahu hai bohat,
Peeney wali aankh hai darkaar,
Aankh ko chaand ka sabuu hai bohat..
-Parveen Shakir Poetry

Zindagi naam hai dard ka aur hume

Zindagi Naam Hai Dard Ka, Aur Hume Barbad Hona Hai
Barish Ka Intezar Hai Hume, Hume Ji Bhar Ke Rona Hai
Dhoke Diye Hai Hume Zamane Ne Ji Bharkar Ke
Ab Hume Marna Nahi, Hume Dhokhe Mein Jina Hai
Pyar Kya, Ishq Kya Inka Honna Bhi Na Hona Hai
Barish Ka Intezar Hai Hume, Hume Ji Bhar Ke Rona Hai
Ulajhte Rah Gaye Hai Hum Is Zindagi Ko Suljhate Suljhate
Ab Hume Dawa Nahi Lagti, Hume Jhakhmon Mein Jina Hai
Kya Wafa, Kya Safa Yeah Khwab Hai Aur Inhe Khawab Hi Hona Hai
Barish Ka Intezar Hai Hume, Hume Ji Bhar Ke Rona Hai
Zindagi Naam Hai Dard Ka, Aur Hume Barbad Hona Hai
Barish Ka Intezar Hai Hume, Hume Ji Bhar Ke Rona Hai

Bhikhar gayi meri muskaan mere sasoon tale

Bhikhar Gayi Meri Muskaan Mere Sasoon Tale
Ab Unhhe Sambhal Taa Huu Girtii Huvii Bondo Kii Tarah
Chubhh Tii Huvii Saanse Hii Sahii Ye Kyoo Rahii Tumsii Hii
Chalte Rahe Tum Dard Ke Kinare Kinare Na Dube Tum Kabhii Mere Ansoo Se
Dil Dahdakta Haii Abhii Yoohii Koo Jo Terii Khusbu Sa Thaa
Jab Chale Gaye Hum Duniyaa SeYe Bhii Kehaten Hain Log
Hamarii Mittii Ko Kehaten Hain Terii Hinna Sii Kyoo Kar Na Mehake Hum Jane Ke Baad

In the midst of my sadness your

In the midst of my sadness your letters I see,
The words make me cry, those were letters you wrote for me.
You said the words and expressions I thought were true,
For those were words saying how special I was for you.
I treasure those sweet coated letters that once you wrote,
But now my grief and pain shall end and with this I leave a note,
You will always be a part of my memories that once you made me happy,
Letters that made me cry, Letters that set me free.

by romancelady

Raat ko khanke chan churiya meri sataye

Raat Ko Khanke Chan Chan Churiya Meri
Sataye Mohe Yaadien Teri Mere Sawaria
Har Ahaat Pe Savaria Hoon Main Dari Dari
Raah Taake Mere Aankhiya Mere Sawaria

Andhiyare Baadal Dekh Akeli Ghere Mujhe
Dolati Ghata Sang Dole Jiya Mere Sawaria
Chaand Biina Jaise Suni Hai Mori Raatiya
Ghaar Laage Suna Tere Bina Mere Sawaria

Ghayal kiya jab apno neto gairon se

Ghayal Kiya Jab Apno Ne,To Gairon Se Gila Kya Karna .
Uthaaye Hain Khanjer Jab Apno Ne, To Zindagi Ki Tamanna Kya Karna
Dil Tha Ik Kanch Ka Ghar ,So Aakhir Wo Bhi Toot Gaya .
Qismat Main Likhey Hain Jab Gum ,To Khuda Se Gila Kya Karna

Taraste Rahi Zindagi Bhar Jin Sachey Rishton Ke Liye .
Jab Unhon Ne Hi Thukra Diya, To Gairon Se Tawaqo Kya Karna
Jis Ko Samjha Tha Apna, Jis Ko Banaya Tha Apna Raazdaan.
Usi Ne Jab Dil Tor Diya, To Gair Ko Apna Kar Kya Karna
Muskurana Jo Bhool Gaye Hont To Kya Hua .
Gum Ko Bana Liya Hai Apna, To Muskura Ke Ab Kya Karna

Shama buj gai aur is kadar virana

Shama Buj Gai,
Aur Is Kadar Virana Ho Gaya;
Tanhai Hi Bas Sath Reh Gai,
Baki Sab Begana Ho Gaya;
Jiski Koi Ehmiyat Nahi Thi Mahi Liye,
Wo Khushi Dekhe “Darpan” Me Ek Zamana Ho Gaya;
Jis Sahil Pe Aake Kabhi Ruk Jata Tha Samansdar,
Vaha Ashqo Ka Aana Bhi Rozana Ho Gaya.

Havaa ke zor se pindaar e baam o daar bhii gayaa

Havaa Ke Zor Se Pindaar-E-Baam-O-Daar Bhii Gayaa
Chiraag Ko Jo Bachaate The Un Kaa Ghar Bhii Gayaa
Pukaarate Rahe Mahafuuz Kishtiyon Vaale
Main Duubataa Huaa Dariyaa Ke Paar Utar Bhii Gayaa
Ab Ehatiyaat Kii Diivaar Kyaa Uthaate Ho
Jo Chor Dil Men Chhupaa Thaa Vo Kaam Kar Bhii Gayaa
Main Chup Rahaa Ki Is Men Thii Aafiyat Jaan Kii
Ko_ii To Merii Tarah Thaa Jo Daar Par Bhii Gayaa
Sulagate Sochate Viiraan Mausamon Kii Tarah
Kadaa Thaa Ahad-E-Javaanii Magar Guzar Bhii Gayaa
Jise Bhulaa Na Sakaa Us Ko Yaad Kyaa Rakhataa
Jo Naam Dil Men Rahaa Zehan Se Utar Bhii Gayaa
Phatii-Phatii Hu_ii Aankhon Se Yuun Na Dekh Mujhe
Tujhe Talaash Hai Jis Kii Vo Shakhs Mar Bhii Gayaa
Magar Falak Kii Adaavat Usii Ke Ghar Se Na Thii
Jahaan ‘Faraz’ Na Thaa Sail-E-Gam Udhar Bhii Gayaa

Jhukii sii nazar beqaraar hai ki nahiin

Jhukii Jhukii Sii Nazar Beqaraar Hai Ki Nahiin
Dabaa Dabaa Saa Sahii Dil Mein Pyaar Hai Ki Nahiin
Tuu Apane Dil Kii Javaan Dhadakanon Ko Gin Ke Bataa
Merii Tarah Teraa Dil Beqaraar Hai Ki Nahiin
Vo Pal Ke Jis Mein Muhabbat Javaan Hotii Hai
Us Ek Pal Kaa Tujhe Intazaar Hai Ki Nahiin
Terii Ummiid Pe Thukaraa Rahaa Huun Duniyaa Ko
Tujhe Bhii Apane Pe Ye Aitabaar Hai Ki Nahiin

Log toot jaate hain ek ghar bnane

Log Toot Jaate Hain Ek Ghar Bnane Mein
Tum Tarsh Nahi Khate Bastiyan Jalane Mein
Aur Jaam Tuteinge Is Sharabkhane Mein
Mausamo Ke Aane Mein Mausamo Ke Jaane Mein
Har Dhadkate Pathar Ko Log Dil Samajhte Hain
Umar Beet Jaati Hai Dil Ko Dil Bnane Mein
Fakhta Ki Majboori Ye Bhi Nahi Keh Sakti
Kaun Saanp Rakhta Hai Uske Aashiyane Mein
Doosri Koi Ladki Zindagi Mein Aayegi
Kitni Der Lagti Hai Usko Bhool Jaane Mein
– Bashir Badr

Zindigi k is modh par shuruwat se

Zindigi K Is Modh Par
Shuruwat Se Phele Hi Aant Ho Gaya
Mere Sapno Ko Dekhne Se Phele Hi
Koi Neeind Uda Le Gaya

Jagte The Saari Saari Raat Unse Baate Karte Karte
Ab Un Aanko Ko Hi Aansu De Gaya
Aae Upar Wale Teri Rahmet Hai Hum Par Jo Aansu Diye
Lafz Na Rahe Bass Ansu Ki Zuban Rah Gayi

Har shubha chal raha haihar shaam hai

Har Shubha Chal Raha Hai,Har Shaam Chal Raha Hai,
Aankho K Jhariye Dil Ka “Paigaam” Chal Raha Hai.
Mai Chal Raha Hu Is Par Voh Kah Rahe Hai Sabse ,
Voh Dekho Ek Inasaan Naakam Chal Rahaa Hai,

Yaaden Teri Suladi ,Baaten Sabhi Bhula Di,
Is Vaqt Dil Kaa Daur-E-Araam Chal Raha Hai.
Khushiyo Se Rishta Toda, Ashko Se Naata Joda,
Dard-O-Aman Se Gaalib Ab Sab Kaam Chal Raha Hai.

Mujh ko ik hamdam mila tha ik

Mujh Ko Ik Hamdam Mila Tha ,Ik Safar Ki Raat Main
Main Bahut Baykhud Hoa Tha, Ik Safar Ki Raat Main
Jany Kis Ki Yaad Thi Ki‚  Ik Manzar Dekh Kar
Tut Kar Main Ro Para Tha! Ik Safar Ki Raat Main
Woh Ki Jis Say Umar Bhar Ki Doryian Mansub Hain
Mery Seenay Sy Laga Tha‚  Ik Safar Ki Raat Main
Har Taraf Phaily Hoye Thi Yaad-E-Ghum Ke Silsilay
Kitna Mushkil Raasta Tha, Ik Safar Ki Raat Main
Ghar Sy Bahar Paon Rakhty Hi Laraz Uth-Ta Hai Dil
Hadsa Aisa Hoa Tha Ik Safar Ki Raat Main
Aaj Bhi Gungunata Hon Usy Tanhai Main
Get Jo Humny Suna Tha Ik Safar Ki Raat Main

Ik intazaar saa thaa ab nazar mein

Ik Intazaar Saa Thaa Ab Nazar Mein Vo Bhii Nahiin
Safar Mein Marane Kii Fursat Thii Ghar Mein Vo Bhii Nahiin
Zaraa Malaal Kii Zulmat Ko Taalane Ke Liye
Kaii Khayaal The Ab To Asar Mein Vo Bhii Nahiin
[Malaal = Sorrow/anguish; Zulmat = Darkness; Asar = Effect]
Jo Sang-O-Khaar The Merii Hii Gardishon Tak The
Main Rah-Guzar Mein Nahiin Rah-Guzar Mein Vo Bhii Nahiin
[Sang = Stone; Khaar = Thorn]
The Chashm-E-Baam Nagar Men Ajab Tuluu Ke Rang
Vo Ik Nishaat-E-Sahar Thaa Sahar Men Vo Bhii Nahiin
[Tuluu = Dawn; Nishaat-E-Subah = Happiness Of Dawn]
Rahe Na Kuchh Bhii Magar Ye Kaif Kyaa Kam Hai
Jis Aagahii Kii Kamii Thii Hunar Men Vo Bhii Nahiin
[Kaif = Intoxication; Aagahii = Forewarning; Hunar = Skill]

Dil abhi louta nahin subah say nikla

Dil Abhi Louta Nahin
Subah Say Nikla Howa Hai Gher Say
Raat Bhi Beet Cheli Hai Ab To
Janye Kis Beetay Hoye Wasal Kay Kmlaye Hoye Darr Pey
Pera Ho Ga Kahi
Janye Kis Uljhay Hoye Hijar Kay Zano Per Zara Taik Kay Sar
Chain Say Soya Ho Ga Dil Abhi Louta Nahi
Subha Say Nikla Hoa Hai Gher Say
Aa Gaya Ho Gaya Kisi Dard Kay Bhelaway May
Aur Kisi Raah Kay Weera’n Kinaray Pay Pera Khoob Bilaketa Ho Ga
Ataye Jatye Har Aik Musafir Ki Taraf
Aik Shemi Hoi Umeed Say Takta Ho Ga
Sochta Ho Ga Judai Ka Koi Aant Nahi.

Ek toota hua shisha hu utha kar

Ek Toota Hua Shisha Hu Utha Kar Rakhlo
Kam Ayunga Mujhe Ghar Meh Saja Kar Rakhlo
Mere Haalat Pe Hashte Hein Zamane Wale
Mere Haalat Pe Hashte Hein Zamane Wale
Aise Alam Meh Mujhe Aapna Banakar Rakhlo
Kam Ayunga Mujhe Ghar Meh Saja Kar Rakhlo
Mein Bhi Ek Phool Hu Hojaayunga Patti Patti
Mein Bhi Ek Phool Hu Hojaayunga Patti Patti
Tum Utha Kar Mujhe Joore Meh Saja Kar Raklo
Kam Ayunga Mujhe Ghar Meh Saja Kar Rakhlo
Yaad Rakhna Ke Mein Tanhai Meh Kam Ayunga
Yaad Rakhna Ke Mein Tanhai Meh Kam Ayunga
Mein Khilona Hu Mujhe Sabse Chupa Kar Rakhlo
Kam Ayunga Mujhe Ghar Meh Saja Kar Rakhlo
Woh Nehi Paas Toh Tum Kyu Ho Pareshan Sabeer
Woh Nehi Paas Toh Tum Kyu Ho Pareshan Sabeer
Unki Tasveer Ko Sine Se Lagakar Rakhlo
Kam Ayunga Mujhe Ghar Meh Saja Kar Rakhlo
Kam Ayunga Mujhe Ghar Meh Saja Kar Rakhlo
Ek Toota Hua Shisha Hu Utha Kar Rakhlo

Bahut door ho tum mager phir bhee

Bahut Door Ho Tum Mager Phir Bhee Hum Ko
Tere Pass Anay Ko Dil Chahta Hay
Dosti Tujh Se Nahin Teri Seerat Se Ki Thee
Is Liay Dost Bananay Ko Dil Chahta Hay
Bhrosa Na Tha Dosti Per Kabhi Hum Ko
Tere Milne Per Bharosa Kerne Ko Dil Chahta Hay
Humain Narajgi Main Is Tarah Manaya Too Nay
Kay Phir Roothh Jane Ko Dil Chahta Hay
Too Uchha Hay Tujh Se To Rootha Na Jaay
Per Tujh Ko Satane Ko Jee Chahta Hay
Dosti Ne Hum Ko Dia Bahut Faraib Magar
Teri Dosti Nibhane Ko Dil Chahta Hay
Allah Nay Banaya Tuj Ko Khoobsoorat Matti Say
Allah Ka Shukr Baja Lane Ko Dil Chahta Hay

Tera naam lekar zahar khaaya nahi jaata

Tera Naam Lekar Zahar Khaaya Nahi Jaata ,
Mujhse Apne Qaatil Ka Naam Bataaya Nahi Jaata,
Jakhm Se Ye Jism Tar Huaa Baithaa Hai,
E Zindgi Tera Bojh Ab Utthaya Nahi Jaata ,
Tera Naam Lekar Zahar Khaaya Nahi Jaata,
Zindgi Bhar Jamaane Ne Salaam Adaa Kiye,
Itna Uttha Ker Jiya Houn Sir Jhukaya Nahi Jaata
Tera Naam Lekar Zahar Khaaya Nahi Jaata ,
Mujhse Apne Qaatil Ka Naam Bataaya Nahi Jaata,
Tera Naam Lekar Zahar Khaaya Nahi Jaata,
Khudh Me He Ghut Ghut Ker Damm Tod Denge
Humse Apna Dard Kissi Ko Sunaaya Nahi Jaata,
Tera Naam Lekar Zahar Khaaya Nahi Jaata
Mera Kayaam Hai Jo Jist-E-Nasoor Bann Gayaa Hai,
Badi Mehnat Se Banaaya Huaa Ye Ghar Jlaaya Nahi Jaata
Mujhse Apne Qaatil Ka Naam Bataaya Nahi Jaata,
Tera Naam Lekar Zahar Khaaya Nahi Jaata

Panaho main unki duao sa asar hota

Panaho Main Unki Duao Sa Asar Hota Hai,
Uss Ek Pal Main Jannat Pe Yakin Hota Hai,
Aagosh Main Unke Soraj Bhi Chand Ban Jaye,
Jahain Ke Her Gum Ka Javab Bas Unki Ek Nazar Hota Hai.

Aaj dil ne jise yaad kiya wo

Aaj Dil Ne Jise Yaad Kiya Wo Barso Ki Bhuli Yaade Thi
Jisko Phir Se Soch Ke Muskurayabwo Umido Ki Syahi Se Likhi Baate Thi
Pal Bhar Jisko Na Bhulaya,
Jisko Yaad Karne Ka Koi Bahana Na Banaya
Lisko Khayalo Mai Laane Ki Wajah Na Chahi Thi
Jiske Khatir Kitni Baar Gungunaya
Wo Sub Uski Chahato Se Bhari Raate Thi.
Aaj Dil Ne Jise Yaad Kiya Wo Barso Ki Bhuli Yaade Thi.
Kya Kya Naa Soch Kya Kya Naa Paaya
Kyu Uske Ehsasao Se Apna Dil Jalaya
Kyu Raat Ki Chadar Mai Din Kamjor Sa Dikhta Tha
Kyu Uski Muskurahat Se Har Chiz Milta Tha
Wo Kya Tha Jispe Humne Apna Sub Kuch Lutaya.
Aakhir Jo Haasil Hua Wo Aasuo Ki Barsaate Thi.
Aaj Dil Ne Jise Yaad Kiya Wo Barso Ki Bhuli Yaade Thi.
Maine Ye Maana Ki Shayad Mai Majboor Tha
Uska Yeh Kehna Tha Ki Mai Dur Tha
Meri Khwaisha Kabhi Parwan Chadti Nahi.
Dard Ke Is Imtehan Se Jindagi Sajti Nahi
Ranjo Gum Ki Peshkash Aur Haalat Ko Samajhna
Jub Yahi Haalat Hai Toh Bhala Is Dil Se Kya Samjhna
Khare Khuda Se Darkhwas Kya Karna
Wo Toh Yuhi Khwabo Ki Mulakate Thi.
Aaj Dil Ne Jise Yaad Kiya Wo Barso Ki Bhuli Yaade Thi.

Mujhe bhulanay ke leeye socho aur kya

Mujhe Bhulanay Ke Leeye, Socho Aur Kya Kya Bhulaogay
Wo Sub Se Haseen Pal, Wo Raat Raat Jaagna,
Wo Chup Ke Se Meray Kareeb Hona, Wo Isharon Se Paas Bulana
Ye Sub Ub Yaad Bunchuke Hain,
Kub Tak Iss Dunya Se Upna Ghum Chuhpaogya
Mujhe Bhulanay K Leeyaen, Socho Kya Kya Bhulaogya
Wo Aankhon Mein Aankhaen Daal K Ek Dujay Mein Koh Jaana,
Wo Undheron Mein Meray Kamray Mein Aana,
Wo Shararataen Bachpan Kee,
Wo Meethay Geet Gun Gunana, Wo Khwaabon Mein Aana Jaana,
Khud Hee Batao, Mujhe Bhool K Kya Khud Jee Paogay
Mujhe Bhulanay K Leeyaen, Socho Kya Kya Bhulaogay
Wo Haath Mein Haath Hona,
Har Rah Mein Saath Hona, Wo Subse Nazaraen Churana,
Wo Tanhaee Mein Khaali Khaali Raataen, Wo‚  Msn Pe Baataen,
Batao Zara, Phir Se Dooree Seh Paogay
Mujhe Bhulanay K Leeyaen, Socho Kya Kya Bhulaogay
Hum Tho Nahee Bhoolaengay, Tum Pehla Pyaar Ho Mera,
Tamanna Ek Hee Hai, K Kuch Din Tum Karo Intizaar Mera.
Main Kuch Tabdeelee Chahtee Hoon, Ub Dooree Sehee Nahee Jaathee.
Lubon Pe Baat Hai Atkee Huwee,
Zaalim Kehee Nahee Jaathee.

Din ko roye ratoon teri yaadon galey

Din Ko Roye Ratoon Ko Roye
Teri Yaadon Ko Galey Sey Laga Ker Roye
Dil Liganey Ki Barri Bhari Keemat Chukai Hum Ney
Judai Na Sehney Ki Kasam Uthai Thi Hum Ney
Zara Si Judai Main Hum Ko Bhula Diya Tum Ney
Kiya Kya Kasoor Hamarey Is Dil Ney
Beydardi Sey Jo Peroon Taley Roond Diya Tum Ney
Bhut Kuch Sikha Hey Teray Is Piyar Main
Yeh Nasihat Hey Meri Awais Dil Na Ligana Phir Kisi Sey

Pata chal to gaya donon ka dil

Pata Chal To Gaya Donon Ka Dil Kya Chahta Hai
Main Ek Muthi Zameen Woh Sari Dunyia Chahta Hai
Mere Raste Mein Koi Pair Hai Sayah Naa Manzil
Woh Pagal Kyun Mere Hamrah Chalna Chahta Hai
Ye Khuahish Eik Ki Hoti To Hum Kuch Sochte
Yahan Ka Bachcha Chand Tara Chahta Hai
Meri Hi Terhanus Ko Bhi Talab Hai Zindagi Ki
Mere Ander Bhi Koi Hai Jo Jeena Chahta Hai
Nazar Uthne Ko Hai Shahzadiye Batha Ki Janib
Qaza Se Pahle Koi Shakhas Merna Chahta Hai

Kyu aise dil ko satate ho ke

Kyu Aise Dil Ko Satate Ho,
Dil Ke Ho Kareeb Kah Ke Jalate Ho,
Bequarar Nazron Ko Intezaar Hai Milne Ka,
To Phir Kyu Nahin Jhalak Dikha Jate Ho,
Jab Hum Dekhte Hai Jhuki Nazron Se Aapko,
Kyu Apni Aankhen Pher Lete Ho,
Jab Ban Chuki Zindagi Aapki Amanat,
Kyu Zindagi Ko Sazaa Banate Ho,
Ho Chuki Bahut Shaam Intezaar Karke,
Kyu Ab Wapas Nahin Laut Aate Ho,
Hai Guzarish Aap Se Hamari Shayad Aapki Aadat Ho Gayi Hai Humko,
Kyu Aankhon Ki Zubaan Nahin Samajhte Ho,
Honge Bahut Tumhe Chahne Wale,
Hum Sa Nahin Koi Kyu Yeh Nahin Samajh Jate Ho,
Chahe Kisi Ko Kitna Pyar Dena,
Humein Bus Apni Yaadon Pe Haque Dena,
Yaad Yeh Rakhna Sada Humsa Koi Dilddar Nahin Paoge,
Hum Toh Hai Dil Jale ,
Warna Yuhi Koi Dil Jalane Wala Na Paoge.

As you lay down beside me my

As You Lay Down Beside Me.
My Depress Become Hopes,
My Fear Becomes Dreams,
What Were Pains, Become Pleasures.
What Didn’t Exist Before…
In Your Faith In Me,
Builds My Religion.
In Your Love For Me,
My Trust.
Forever Is Overwhelming,
But With You, Here,
Now, With Me,
Like Enough.