A best friend is meant forever people

A Best Friend Is Meant Forever People Say,
He Never Breaks Up And Goes The Other Way.
Best Friend Holds Your Hand Until The End,
He Heals Your Heart When It Needs A Mend.
He Always Helps You With Much Needed Care,
Whenever You Need Him He Is Always There.
Whenever You Are In Tears,Left Alone To Cry,
His Hand Is Always There To Wipe Them Dry.
A Best Friend Always Knows What’s Your Need,
That Makes You Think He’s The Best Indeed.
Best Friend Prays To God For Your Well Being,
He Never Ever Lets The Sadness Do The Sting.
Best Friend Never Lets You Feel Sad And Blue,
He’s Apart From The Rest And Never Hurts You.
Best Friend Fills Your Life With Spark Of Joys,
He Stays With You, When You Leave Dolls And Toys.
Best Friend Is Carefully Picked By God Above,
When No One Cares, He Gives You All His Love.
One Such Example Of A Best Friend Is You,
Coz’ You Are Always Here, In Everything I Do,
You Are The One Who Makes Me Smile Day After Day,
“She’s My Best Friend”, Now I Can Proudly Say.