A day never goes by without thoughts

A Day Never Goes By Without Thoughts Of
You Going Through My Mind. I Think Of How
Wonderful Life Is With You In It, And What
Sweet Bliss You Bring To My Every Waking Moment.
You Are The One Who Makes My Life Worth Living.
Before You There Was A Gloomy Cloud Of Pain And
Despair Constantly Hovering Over My Head. When
You Came Along, You Swept Away My Sorrows Like
The Sun Shining Through The Midst Of A Rainy Day.
The Feel Of Your Sweet And Tender Lips On Mine
Makes Me Lose All Sense Of Reality. I Feel As
Though We’re The Only Two People In The World,
And Nothing Could Go Wrong.‚  I Love You More
With Every Beat Of My Heart, Every Breath I Take,
I Take For You. I’d Give Anything Up To Spend
The Rest Of My Life With You. I’ll Love You Until
The End Of Time. I Hope You Feel The Same.