a gal thinks i dnt love

{ A Gal Thinks}
I Dnt Love U N U Dnt Too
When And How Dis Rumour Flew
But Y Is It Wen U Come Near
U Leave Me Alone With A Lonely Tear
{Guy: }
Cant Be Explained Cant Be Told
For U The Feelings In My Heart I Hold
Its Lyk Heaven To Hold U Close
Wen U Cry, Its Heartbreaking To See Ur Pinkish Nose.

They’re Livin A Lie, Still Deny
Wen In Each Others Heart Will They Peep?
Cupid Waits, Staring At Their Face
Wen Will The 3 Magic Words Creep?
Love Dies Slowly In Quiet Hearts
Wen Its Not Expressed
In This Way One Of The Greatest Loves
Is Tortured And Supressed! ! !