A gentle dream with dry fingertips thirsty

A Gentle Dream
With Dry Fingertips
A Thirsty Tongue
Where Are The Elevated Ones?
A Peasant Left
The King Did Not Arrive
His Arrival Delayed By Nomami*
If Only Gazi Was Still Alive-Â….
Where Are The Knowledge Seekers?
Where Are The Loving Hands?
Where Are The Symbols Of Healing,
That Take Me When I-‘m Out Of Tune
And Teach Me All Their Melodies?
Son, Question Your Father,
Daughter, Question Your Mother
Let Them Teach You Our Culture.
Dare You Smirk When I Speak?
Dare You Walk Away From Me?
The Day I Finally Awake
All Cheerful Parties; You-‘ll Hate
All Sacred Rituals; You Will Embrace!
When I Look Upon Our Ancestry
I See The Change We Have Become
But When I Hear A Voice Of Poetry
It Fills Me With Joyful Pride
I Hear The Spring Time Coming
Singing With Diversity Of Voices:
One Says, -ŗntyilo-Ntyilo-*
The Other Says, -ŗi Told You So-
The Renaissance Of Africa
My Peoples Awakening