A hasty glimpse and smile is riddle

A Hasty Glimpse And Smile Is A Riddle
That Can-‘t Help To Think And Muddle
Humming In Mirth While Take A Toddle
Dreaming Of Sweet Caress And Fervid Cuddle

But All The Chances Is So Unkind
Nothing Can Do But To Cry Behind
Should Stop Being Fool And Blind?
And Start To Vanished The Memories In Mind
-Ë—coz There-‘s A Dream Must To Fulfill And Follow
Leave The Bliss And Embrace A Sorrow
Take The Lonely Step Behind A Shadow
Crave On The Top Where Can Touch The Rainbow
But Do Have To Choose And Sacrifice
And Let Self To Live In Pain And Lies
Even It Hurts Must To Pretend And Disguise
Though Can-‘t Conceal Of Those Gloomy Eyes
Jhane Reyes‚