A kneeling sun sinks echoing rays winking

A Kneeling Sun Sinks,
Echoing, Rays Winking Out
Snuffed, Beyond The Horizon
Eden Of Light Disappearing From My Sight
Where Do You Go.
In Facr We Know
It Is Us And Not The Sun,
That Comes Up And Goes Down
It’s We Who Rise And Set
Turn On An Axis,
Orbiting Round,
Your Lumination
Coruscating And Fulgerous
Vanishing From Sight
The Views Are Blocked
And Our Perpective Moves
Center Of Thought Has Not Changed
Oh Free Me From This Provincialism
Of My Mind, Let Me See The Views
From Everywhere, Of Endless Horizons
Passing Through That Same Vortex
How Wonderful, The Gravity Of A Material World
Faithful To Us,
Sets Up Laws, As We Circle Round A Sun
That Never Sets