A long narrow lane going miles down

A Long Narrow Lane,
Going Miles Down The Hill,
Covered By Trees Along,
In The Evening Dusk Around
I Was Walking Happy And Slow,
For Along My Side,
Walked The Person In My Heart,
Chatting And Trotting Down The Lane,
Covered So Much Of Ground,
Within A Wink Of An Eye…
Slowly I Saw The Distance Between Us,
It Was Increasing By The Minute,
And I Was Surprised,For Sometime Down The Lane,
The Person Was Far Ahead,
I Was Walking Down The Lane,
So Lonely And Sorrowful,
For I Know There Is Someone,
Walking Right Behind My Shoulder To Hold….
That My Friend I Know Is You,
Yet It Hurts You Know,
Coz Distance So Close Was Happy Enough,
But How About So Far And So Long