A person you can never relies how

A Person You Can Never Relies How Important She Is
She Yells At You For Good
When Something You Don’t Want To Do
She Explains Why You Should
She Is The Person Who Watches You Grow
She Is The Person Who Notice
How Much You Change
Each And Every Day Head To Toe
She Is The Person Who Laughs With U When U Laugh
She Is The Person Who Cries With U When U Cry
She Is The Person Who Spends Sad Says With You
When To Ur Best Friend U Have To Say Last Good Bye
She Is The Person, Who Yells At U When She Gets Mad
Acts Bad With U, When She’s Sad
Yet She Loves U A Lot And That Love Can Never Come To End
That’s Just Cuz She’s Ur Mother
The One Who Give U Birth
Carrying U Inside Her For Ten Months
And Going Through All The Suffer
That’s Why We Call Her Mother
The One We Understand And Trust
Always And For Ever