A plethora of words disappeared forever carrying

A Plethora Of Words
Disappeared Forever
Carrying With Them The
First Proposal Of Unsaid Love
Like A Shooting Star,
That Fell From Sky And
Got Lost In The Oblivion
A Chaste Desire That
Bloomed Like A Lotus
Of Million Petals, Sunk
In The Placid Pool Of Dilemma
Unable To Endure The
Strange Ambience Of
The Unusual Starry-Eyed Season
Every Word Got Messed Up
Into A Formless Smear
Of Mushy Blue, In The
Tight Grip Of My Sweaty Palm
Like The Asters Of My Yard
Decolouring In Grasp
Of The Gruelling Sun And Dew
An Unseen Heaviness Stifled
My Throat And Crushed My Dreams
Leaving Me Dumb And Helpless
When In My Tight Hold,
I Secretly Crumpled
My First Love Letter To Its Silent Death!!!
Seema Aarella