A right hold the lines and let

A Right
Hold The Lines And Let Me Roll
Sleeping Tigers Let To Lie
Open The Doors As Keys On Bosses
Leaders Set The Worlds On Fires
Trovers Set Aside By Laws
Moneys Set Aside As Charms
Set The Stages On Spots Is Man
One To Up On Chests Is Bad
Set To Rights On Chests Are Gods
Rounds And Rounds As All Are Toys
Men Are Robots Take The Worlds
Go At Evils There Are Rocks
Soaps And Bubbles Get As So
Roots Of Evils All Are Crowns
Rotten Eggs Are Bad To Cores
Roots And Branches Evil Come
Roped Into Rosy Colored Glasses
Cauchy3 Will Piss To Winds To Last
Pin My Faiths On Kicks Of Legs
Legs Of Laws Will Buy And Sell