A simple friend has never seen you

A Simple Friend Has Never Seen You Cry.
A Real Friend Has Shoulders Soggy From Your Tears.
A Simple Friend Doesn’t Know Your Parents’ First Names.
A Real Friend Has Their Phone Numbers In His Address Book
A Simple Friend Brings A Bottle Of Wine To Your Party.
A Real Friend Comes Early To Help You Cook And Clean
A Simple Friend Hates It When You Call After He Has Gone To Bed.
A Real Friend Asks You Why You Took So Long To Call.
A Simple Friend Seeks To Talk With You About Their Problems.
A Real Friend Seeks To Help You With Your Problems.
A Simple Friend Wonders About Your Romantic History.
A Real Friend Could Blackmail You With It.
A Simple Friend, When Visiting, Acts Like A Guest.
A Real Friend Opens Your Refrigerator And Helps Himself.
A Simple Friend Thinks The Friendship Is Over When You Have An Argument.
A Real Friend Knows That It’s Not A Friendship Until After U’ve Had A Fight.
A Simple Friend Expects You To Always Be There For Them.
A Real Friend Expects To Always Be There For You!