A successful man of the modern times

A Successful Man
Of The Modern Times
Talked Of Maslow
And Many Other People
Taught How To
And Last Of All
What I Leave For The Posterity
My Legacy
And What I Have Inherited
Are The Stories Of Hatred
Of Bloodshed
Bravery And Gallantry
Where Is The Human
In This Cold Legacy
I Can-‘t Face My Children
The World As I Am Leaving For Them
What I Want To Make Them Learn
Read And Write
My Children Ask Me
What Is My Legacy
Nature Destroyed
Values Vanished
Many Gods
A Demon New
And Poverty
You Are Not What You Say
Ask My Children
And Sages
Learn From Them
My Children Ask
Whom Should We Learn From
A Successful Man
And Whose Freedom
Devour The Universe
Animals And Plants
Mass Destruction
My Fantasies
Sadist And Fetish
But Where Is The Hope
For My Legacy Will Be Theirs Too
The Innocence On Their Faces
The NaƒÂ¯ve Looks
They Stare At Me