Alabama it8217s my first time in alabama

It’s My First Time In Alabama,
And I’m Peeing Off A Bridge.
I’ve Got A Smile On My Face,
And I’ve Been Drinking Like A Fish.
These Days I Don’t Shut Up.
I Eat, Drink, And Smoke,
Until My Bones Fall Down.
I Talk -Ë—til I Regret It,
And I Laugh Like A Clown.
If There’s A Reason For The Wind To Blow,
Then Throw A Penny Down A Well.
If All Your Seeds Never See The Sun,
You Can Spit On The Ground, And Damn It To Hell.
Then You Piss Off A Bridge With A Smile On Your Face,
And Say Isn’t This World Such A Beautiful Place.
Isn’t This World Such A Beautiful Place