Another love story ends someone said thanks

Another Love Story Ends
Someone Said -ŗthanks For Everything- Again
O Don-‘t Know If I-‘ll Laugh Or Cry
Enough-Â…i-‘m Really Sick And Tired
All Is Gone-Â…it-‘s Over
I Just Want To Go, Go Anywhere
You See, I Have Loved So Many Times
But Did I Ever Find The Right One?
Is There Anyone Who Really Fought For Me?
No One-Â…they Are All The Same
They Loved Me But Give Up Me
They Give Me Pains, Made Me Myself To Blame
Who Else Can I Have?
What More Can I Say?
All My Dreams Have Turn To Dust
My Wishes Were Stolen By The Hands Of Sufferance
My Heart Was Melted By The King Of Pains
The Right Things Were Buried On The Ground Of Mistakes
My Chances Were Blown By The Wind Of Failures
My Freedom Was Convicted In An Ice Of Confusion
The Reality Was Caught By A Fake Imagination
My Laughter Was Sealed In A Bottle Of Teardrops
The Truth Was Trapped In A Net Of Lies
My Pride Became A Food Of A Hungry Anger
The Love Was Taken By A Kite Of Hatred
My Soul Was Killed By A Knife Of Selfishness
And I, I Was Drowning In A Sea Of Loneliness.
The Blind Saw My World
The Deaf Heard My Words
The Mute Says -Å— It-‘s Okay-
Nobody Knows -Ë—coz Nobody Cares
I-‘m Too Late-Â…it-‘s Too Late
And I Really Hate To Wait
Now Tell Me How Can I Forget?
Do You Know How Much It Hurts?
Can I Still Be The Same?
How Many Times Will I Play This Game?
Too Much For This, Too Much For All Of This Things
It-‘ Time For Me To Wear My Wings.
Let Me Borrow The Smile Of Darkness
Help Me Close The Door Of Happiness
For I Deserve All Of This Things
I Deserve To Be The Queen Of Nothing
For I Hate Myself
-Ë—coz I Know Nothing-‘s Left
I Really Have To Go
For I Cannot Fight No More
It-‘s Time To Throw The Memories Behind
Time To Forget My Own Life
I Really Need To Rest
No Other Way-Â… But Death.