As a black hole in your soul

As A Black Hole
In Your Soul
A Moth
In Your Old Clothed Heart
You Wear Your
Concern For The World
By Your
Weighted Down Shoulders
And Sorrowful Eyes
I Am The Worldsorrow
The Black Burdain
Of The Worried
Eating You Up
But No Matter How Much
You Cry
No Matter How Much
You Mourn
The Coldness Of The World
The Killings And The Wars
The Victims And The Destuction
I Do Not Matter
Unless You Fight It
The Tears On Your Cheeks
Are But Salty Water
Until You Make The Reason
For Them
Real And Fightable
Real And Extinguishable
Real And Your Problem
Until You Act Up
Your Weighted Down Shoulders
Are Only Weighted Down Shoulders
But When You Do
Your Care For The World
Is A Source Of Improvement
A Way Of Stopping The Violence
I Am The Worldsorrow
Until You Acknowledge Me
I Do Not Matter
But When You See Me
For The Harsh Truth That I Am
You Can Change The World