As i stroll among the valley under

As I Stroll Among The Valley
Under The Sun, Warm It Touches
My Shoulder
I Touch The Wild Flowers
Not One I Pick

I See The Dew Drops
As If They Have Been Crying
Lonely They Seem
As The Sun Rises, So Do They
I See The Trees
Branches Reach For The Heavens
Wind Softly Move Among
Blowing Thru This Beautiful Valley
Walking On I Go
Birds Above Fly They Do Go Above
In The Sky
All Around Me I Hear You Pass
Remember The Days
Of Love Long Ago
Wind I Feel On My Face
Butterflies Lift Their Silken Wings
To Catch A Rainbow-‘s Cry
I Think Of A Song
Long Ago It Was
I Might Sing
The Joy I Fill In Side
Beneath The Sky
Walking In The Valley
Memories Of You