As i waited on the street corner

As I Waited On The Street Corner,
The Memories Of You,
Flashed Back Into My Mind,
It Is My Destiny, Its My Face,
Yet I Cannot Forgive Myself,
For Being The Reason Of Your Sadness,
You Were Standing By Me‚  My Weeping Maiden,
Your Eyes Sprakling In The Shimmer,
Of The Reflected Moon,
Let Me Wipe Away The Tears,
From The Beauty Of Your Face,
The Small Crystals Trickle,
And Fall Into My Hands,
As I Said My Goodbyes, You Froced A Smile,
Your Face Filled With Sadness And Pure Innocence,
I Felt Ashamed,
When Our Hands Parted,
I Felt Like My Heart Was Ripped Apart,
My Life So Full Now Half Empty,
The Cntre In My Cirgle, Gone,
My Joy And Sorrow, My Other Half,
Now I Am Alone,
Forever I Am Alone,
I Was Wrong,
I Looked Back Only To Find,
That You Were Gone,
As I Took Deep Breath,
I Closed My Eyes.
And Cried.