As ruled you are not allowed to

As Ruled, You Are Not Allowed To Use The Following Letters:
A…. From V.Gina
E…..From P.Nis
S…..From A.Hole
U…..From F.Ck

Let Us Now See What Happens To Langston Hughes’ Poem:
Drm Dfrrdwht Hppn To Drm Dfrrd?
Do It Dry P
Lik Risin In The Sn?
Or Ftr Lik A Or-
Nd Thn Rn?
Do It Tink Lik Rttn Mt?
Or Crt Nd Sugr Ovr-
Lik Yrpy Wt?
Myb It Jt G
Lik Hvy Lod.
Or Do It Xplod
Hope You Like, But I Think This Must Be Better, Without The Censorship
Dream Deferred
What Happens To A Dream Deferred?
Does It Dry Up
Like A Raisin In The Sun?
Or Fester Like A Sore-
And Then Run?
Does It Stink Like Rotten Meat?
Or Crust And Sugar Over-
Like A Syrupy Sweet?
Maybe It Just Sags
Like A Heavy Load.
Or Does It Explode?
Do You Get It Now? Good Luck…M.Y Y..R I.Deas S.Hine S.Me M.Re..