As surely the morning rain i know

As Surely As The Morning Rain,
I Know That I Shall Love Again,
Starlight’s Twinkling High Above,
My Heart Again Will Clearly Love.
For Passion Sleeps,
For No Man Known,
It Kindles The Flames Of,
Desires Once Shown,
An Aching Need Within My Heart,
Seeking That Which Once Did Part.
Sleep Not Longer Passion Deep,
Love Again In Wonder Seeps,
Desires Of Sensual Love Has Known,
Forever In Longings Shown.
I Shall Truly Love Again,
As Certain As My Heartbeats Remain,
Beating Passionately Awaiting You,
Desriring Your Touch The Feel Of You.
To Love Again Is But To See,
Your Loving Arms Awaiting Me,
For It Is True As Forever Remains,
Seeing You Is To Love Again.