As thou behest thee sturdy brethren stalk

As Thou Behest Thee Sturdy Brethren
Thou Stalk Thee Reigning Burden
Whoa! He Left Us In Path Untraded
Thou Leave When The Dusk Just Faded.
Shadow Is The Evening-‘ When The Sun There Is None
And Its Fiercest Stare That Plot Furiously
Perceive A Pearl-‘s Glimpse, A Man That-‘s Gone
Who Wanders Unconscious In Night Starry.
Behold The Raging Flame Lest It Will Rain,
For Thou Shall Made Mockery Upon One-‘s Pain
To Found In Nothing Thy Every Grain
Of Firm Affiance As Thou Disdain.
It Frets Mine Heart To Abide -Ë—til Dusk
For Beneath The Sun Can Only Hope Be Ask
In Its Thousand Flambeau-‘s Blaze
Could Decipher Any Maze.
But What Is There In Its Casted Shadow
Was A Night So Gloomy, Indeed So Hollow-Â…
And Nothing But Fear In Its Fleeting Arrow
That Shot Dead Mine Hope For A Brighten Morrow.
I Suppose Am To Disburse This Evening
With Solemn Heart And Tears Flowing
For This Night Blew My Every Strength
To Be In Oblivion, To Melt At Length.
Like A Need Of Water In Drought
In Any Avid Scheme!
Like A Burning Candle-‘s Shout,
Conceived From My Dream