At the edge of my mind where

At The Edge Of My Mind
Where The Light Leaves Me Blind
And The Darkness Is Pressing And Near
Where Happy Meets Sad And The Good Meets
The Bad And The Smiles And The Grins Kiss The Tears
That-‘s Where I Do Dwell In Neither
Heaven Nor Hell Awaiting A Throw Of The Die
And Hoping And Dreaming Of A Twisting
Of Fate That Will Lead To A Meaningful Life
The Richest Are Content With The Least
And Their Meals Are A Succulent Feast
But My Cup Is Half Empty And Raw
I Strain To Grasp Time And The Quantum Mechanical Law
A Cynical Man I Became Hating Business, Religion And Gain
Yet I Wander Through Life Shunning Love Fearing
Strife And Becoming The Source Of My Pain
Philosophy Is My Only True Find
Making Spurious Sense Of The State Of My Mind
Gaining Nothing But Ambiguous Thoughts
And Then Working Them Out Using Just Ones And Noughts
I Should Turn Off The Best And The Worst Of My Brain
And Leave It To Instinct To Lead Me Again
To That Obvious Happiness Place