Autumn comes its colour bold before my

Autumn Comes Its Colour Bold
Before My Eyes Its Curtains Fold
And As It Wraps Those Summer Days
Memories Sit And The Breeze It Plays
Scarlet Sun Slips Purple Hills
Shadows Cast And The Evening Spills
Twilight Calls Its Hunter Friends
Stealth And Guile With Nature Blends
A Cooling Mist Runs The Cheek
All About Does Shelter Seek
Fur And Feather Here And There
Without A Care To Nest And Lair
Bats, The Dusk They Dance
Hedgehogs Probe For Worm By Chance
The Owl Hoots And Sits The Post
The Buzzard Glides As If A Ghost
The Stars Arrive And Colours Fade
Moonbeams Tumble And The Day Is Played
Wildlife Speaks Throughout The Night
So Often Heared But Nought A Sight
I Walk This Space Out Of Touch
Natures Heart I Love So Much
These Glades They Hold And Rest My Dreams
Peace And Love In Sentient Themes