Baby now there is a few days

Baby Now There Is A Few Days Left
I Just Want You To Know That
You Will Always Be My Best
Your Love Your Care
In My Heart Will Always Stay
Your Kiss Your Hug
I Cant Ever Sense Them Again
Im Here Alone
I Dont Want To Go Away
My Heart Wont Move
Baby I Love You So
I Just Want You To Know
Together We Will Stand
Forever In Each Other Hands
Laughing And Crying
Living And Dying
What Ever How We Will Be Far
Our Love Will Never Mar..
And Our Future Is Not Finished Yet
I Know Someday We Will Met
Baby Im Gonna Miss You
But Tell Me What I Should Do
Should I Keep My Feelings Inside,
Keep Them Locked Up, Let Them Hide
Don’t Worry
You Will Always Be In My Head
Because I’ll Love You Until The End