Baneful water and tainted seas aloof haze

Baneful Water And Tainted Seas
Aloof Haze I Dip To My Knees
Grazing Through The Deeps Of Swamp Lands
I Realize There Is A Mean To Life
Waking Up Galvanically
On A Dirty Tile Floor I Lay
I Think About The Places I-‘d Rather Be
I-‘ve Been Chased From My Home
A Million Crazed Bats With Red Eyes, Black Souls
They Follow Me To The Gallow’s Pole
There Is A Homosexual Named Chad
He Wants To Make It With The Man, Uncle Sam
I-‘m Clasping A Hot Cup Of Tea
I Sip It Down In Pleasure
Pleasures I Can-‘t Find In Life
I Think I-‘ll Swim In The Baneful Sea
Finish Off What Was Never Started
A Way Of Life; A Life Left But Alone
She Walks Into The Room
Green Eyes Glare And I Sit There On The Sofa Aloof
Tears Pouring From My Eyes
I-‘m Questioning Everything Under The Sky
I-‘d Rather Live Than Die
I-‘d Like To Ask You Why You Even Try
Alive With Terror In Your Eye; Maggots Rot Your Brain
You-‘re A Zombie
Sleek N Attractive You Think
Drama And Gossip Is What You Eat
Transcendental Horrors Fed From Your Breasts
Pumping H In Your Veins
You Lay Around All Day
Lies Upon Lies
You-‘re Never Satisfied