Be my valentine this may a little

Be My Valentine
This May Be A Little Silly,
But I Have A Question For You,
Will You Be My Valentine?
-Ë—Cause No One Else Will Do-Â…
I Know You Are My Boyfriend
But Will You Be My Valentine?
I Can-‘t Think Of Anyone Else
I-‘d Want To Have As Mine-Â…
No One Else Gives Me The Tingles
The Way You Always Do,
So, Will You Be My Valentine?
So I Can Share This With You-Â…
No One Has Ever Kissed Me
And Sent Chills Down My Spine,
Until The Night You Kissed Me,
So, Please Be My Valentine-Â…
Like I Said This Is Silly,
But I Have One Last Question For You-Â…
If You Agree To Be My Valentine,
Can I Be Yours Too?