Beautiful brown eyes smiling entering the world

Beautiful Brown Eyes Smiling
Entering The World Today
The Light Of Love Is Shining
In The Eyes Of Many They Say
A Joyful Voice It Fills The Air
A Beautiful Melody
A Wonderful Sound Beyond Compare
A Young Spirit Now Set Free
She Will Brighten The Lives Of Her Mom And Dad
And Her Family Is Happy Too
She Will Touch Us All As She Grows Up
Nurtured With Love So True
We Will Watch Her Growing Day By Day
The Greatest Gift Of All
She Will Start By Rolling Over
And Then She Will Start To Crawl
Her Eyes Will Be Searching All Around
Making Sense In What She Sees
With Smiling Faces That Surround
To Put Her Mind At Ease
Playing Around With Simple Sounds
Her Words Will Begin To Appear
Beautiful Brown Eyes Smiling
We Will Come To Love So Dear
Taking Steps Exploring Her World
Through , Her Eyes, Her Hands And Her Feet
Listening For Other Sounds
A Living Masterpiece Not Yet Complete
She Will Come To Shape Her Life Each Day
Throughout Her Growing Years
Beautiful Brown Eyes Smiling
Filled With Laughter Not Tears
She Will Learn To Make So Many Friends
They Will Laugh And Scream And Play
Making A Way For Each Other
Having Fun Along The Way
Many Wonderful Years From Now
She Will Look Back To See
Beautiful Brown Eyes Smiling
They Will Shine Eternally
by walkb99rhyme