Before i lay my head to sleep

Before I Lay My Head To Sleep,
I Pray An Interested Woman To Keep.
A Woman With Backbone And Intelligence Plenty,
With Kindness And Tact And A Voice Like Honey,
One Who Truly Can Read My Thoughts,
Meeting Me At The Door In Just Boxer Shorts,
One Who Enjoys Raising Our Kids,
But Willing To Work If Economy Gives,
A Woman With Charm And Lots Of Poise,
And A Willing Body To Play With Lots Of Fun Toys,
Gracious Enough To Say -ŗthank You,-
With Character Strong But Bending Too,
Willing To Share Her Large Bust Fair,
And Not Disgusted With Sucking -ŗdown There,-
One Who Enjoys Keeping The Home Crisp,
Able To Share Her -ŗhoney-Do List,-
I Pray This Woman Has Unlimited Love,
But Please Dear Lord, -Â… Only For My Member Ungloved.