Behind my mask of make up and

Behind My Mask
Of Make Up And Lies
Inside I Am Still Your Little Girl.
I Bet You Would Be Surprised
How Much You Can Hide
With Mascara And A Pretty Smile!

Because Without It The World Would See
How Miserable I Really Am.
It’s Sad When You Realize
That True Beauty Is Loving Yourself
And That I Could Never Do.
It Hurts Me To Smile
And Pretend I’m Fine
When Inside All I Want To Do
Is Scream And Rage And Break Things.
Sometimes Just Waking Up
Is A Total Waste.
And Running Away Doesn’t Seem Like Such A Bad Idea.
It’s A Shame
When You Feel The Need To Hide
All The Pain And Anger
You Bottle Up Inside.
Today Is Another Day I Get Up
And Put My Make Up On
The Same Way As Yesterday
Hoping Finally
Something Has Changed.