Billy riordan used to be a

Billy Riordan ‚ ‚  Used To Be A Cattle Buyer
He Hailed From The Macroom Countryside
For Many Decades He Bought And Sold Cattle
And In Cork Marts He Was Known Far And Wide.

He Was A Likeable Sort Of A Fellow
But He Is In The Forever Plot I’ve Been Told
He Became A Victim Of The Scythe Of The Reaper
And He Did Not Live On For To Grow Very Old.
That Time Does Not Wait For Any Always Ring True
And On All Of Us There Is A Use By Date
Billy Riordan In His Life Forged Many Friendships
And His Colorful Life Is One We Ought To Celebrate.
Billy Riordan Was A Well Known Cattle Dealer
And Many The Animal He Bought And Sold
A Genial Bloke So Much To Like About Him
But Sadly He Did Not Live To Be Old.
Francis Duggan