Broken glass all alone your worlds run

Broken Glass All Alone Your Worlds All Broken
Run To Me, Till It Feels Better
Back Again, Pains All Gone So Are You
Bruises,Cuts,What Have You Done?
Run To Me,Look Their Gone
You Move On I’m Lost In Your World Of
Broken Glass It’s Hard To Run,I Can’t Go Fast
I Trip And Fall; My Heart It Bleeds
Now Your Here, Now You See
Run From The Pain,Run From The Hurt,
Don’t Run From Me,
I’ll Help You When You Hurt
Your Pain Runs Through Me,
Broken Glass, I’ll Cut Myself
Let You See How I Felt
Can You Feel My Pain Inside
Does It Run Or Does It Hide?
Slowly Flowing Through Your Viens
Twisting,Turning,Go Insane
What I Felt Now Is Through
Broken Glass I Bled For You