Cant say that rain didnt hit on

Cant Say
That Rain
Didnt Hit
On Our Parade
And Ended Up
Soaking Our
Can’t Say
What I Feel For You
Will Ever Die
Cant Say
That When
I Think
On Lost Times
And Memories
Of You Making
Me Smile
Or Making Me Cry
I Still Gained
A Confused Satiation
Cant Say
That We Will
Ever Be Foes
Let’s Just Not Get
Too Carried Away With
Our Imaginations
Cant Say
That The Words
You Said To Me
Written In Blood
Did Not Pierce My Soul
But I Knew
Someday Or Later
This Friendship
Would Become
Crust Over And Old
Stale Lines
Of Tear Drops
And Frowns
Broke Me
But I Cant Say
That Your Pain
And Your Antics
To Hurt Me
Got The Best
Of Me