Come lets sing the song of peace

Come Lets Sing The Song Of Peace
That Conveys The Message
Of Love, Harmony And Brotherhood
Let There Be No War, No Blasts
Only Humanity Should Last
Let There Be No Discrimination
Between Man Or Woman
Or Between Caste, Class Or Creed
After All We All‚  Are Of‚  The Same Breed
Let There Be No Terror Or‚  Terrorists
People Should Hold‚  Each Others Fists
And Make This World A Better Place To Live In
Which Will‚  Wash Away All Our Sins
So Lets Come And Sing The Song Of Peace
Lets Completely‚  Make Crime Diminish
And Pray God For A Single Wish
For Letting Freedom , Truth And Peace Prevail
Lets Preserve Our Mother Earth As A Pearl
And Ourselves Become Its Protecting Shell
And Avoid It Being A Hell Away From‚  Hell
So Come Lets Sing The Song Of Peace