Could it possibly be this feeling of

Could It Possibly Be?
This Feeling Of Peace
The Aching Pain Settling Inside Of Me
Almost Gone, Finally Falling Away
All Of It Started On That One Day.
A Text No Less, A Simple Hi.
Now I Feel I Can Touch The Sky.
And All Because Of This One Guy.
Morning And Night, He-‘s On My Mind.
A Frightening Thought In Such A Short Time.
Since That Day, Not 2 Months Ago,
Everything Seems To Be On An Easier Flow.
There Is Much That I Don-‘t Know About Him
And He Not Know Of Me
Though I Still Have This Feeling
Not Yet Sure Of What It Could Be.
How Funny It Is When My Thoughts Match His.
His Voice Seems To Always Be The 1st Thing I Miss.
His Simple Hello Brings A Smile To My Face
And Suddenly My Heart Starts To Race.
Many Miles Away He Lays Down Tonight
I Wonder If He Knows He-‘s Brought A Light To My Life.
He-‘s Heard Me Cry. He-‘s Heard Me Laugh.
He Even Knows Some Of My Past.
I Only Hope That This Friendship Will Last.
At Least Til The Day We-‘re Together In One Place That Is
A Sweet Greeting, Maybe With A Kiss-Â…
But Now I Think As I Sit
My Mind Is Starting To Throw A Fit.
Screaming And Kicking
What A Headache It-‘s Creating.
Just By Simply Stating-Â…
My Heart Isn-‘t Waiting.
Oh, The Trouble I-‘m In
Cuz Of The Desire I Hold Within
A Wanting To Be Able To Love
And To Be Loved
Oh Boy, Here We Go Again
What A Fool I-‘ve Been
Thinking That With Time
Everything Will Be Fine
Don-‘t Know Why I Like Him So Much
When I Have Yet To Feel His Touch
It Must Be That Personality
Talk About Hating Reality
As Far As He Is, He Still Gets To Me Like This.
And The Craziest Thing Is
I Don-‘t Think He Knows I Want To Be His.
So Like The Good Friend I-‘m Told That I Am
I-‘ll Say Not A Word, And Simply Stay
Going About My Days Like Nothing-‘s Changed
Some Friends Think That I-‘m Acting Strange
Parents And Family Agree Too.
Been Told That I Seem Quieter Yet Happier,
Sad And Keeping To Myself, Making Them All Worriers.
Honestly, All I-‘m Doing Is Keeping Myself Busy
Trying To Get Him Off My Mind
I-‘m Starting To Think That It-‘s A Waste Of Time.
I Dial His Number
Wait For His Answer
Whenever I-‘m Close To Tears
I Simply Tell Him My Fears
And As Always, He Brings Me To Cheers
Just As We-‘re Laughing And Having Fun
I Realize I-‘m Back At Square One.
I Think I I-‘ve Fallen In Love With Him
The Air Begins To Thin; It-‘s Hard To Breathe
Yet, Still I Laugh When He Teases Me.
What To Do, What To Do,
Simply Wishing For My Dreams To Come True
For Now, I Guess I-‘ll Sit With This Smile On My Face
And Wait For The Day We-‘re In One Place