Couple are made in heaven that is

Couple Are Made In Heaven,
That Is An Old Saying,
But Couples Are Made By Heart,
That Is What I Say…
Two Little Strangers,
Walking Down The Lane,
One Knows Not The Other,
Something Triggerred A -ŗhi- In Them,
And Speaking Did They Start…
Relationship Started Growing Strong,
And Dinner Did They Have,
Slowly, The Hands Met And There,
Was A Spark In Them,
Which Built Like A Fire In Them,
And Closer Did They Get…
Once In Each Other-‘s Arms,
They Felt The Warmth,
And Heart-‘s Came Closer Ever Before,
And Marry Did They Do…
Life Then Became A Beautiful Lane,
As They Walked Hand In Hand,
Feeling The Warmth Of Each Other,
Staying Within The Arms…
So My Friend,
This Is What I Think,
Is Love And Closeness,
May Be One Day,
All Will Feel,
What I Feel Today…