Cursed love my is a one sometimes

Cursed Love
My Love Is A Cursed One.
Sometimes It Brings Me Happiness And Fun.
And On The Other Hand It Tairs My Heart Aprt.
The Happiness And Fun It Brings Me Turn Into Heart Breaking Thoughts.
When I Fall In Love Its Quick And Fast.
The Love That I Have Is Strong, But It Never Last.
Because The People I Fall In Love With Don’t Fall In Love Like I Do.
I’m Tired Of This Love Why Don’t It Leave Me Alone So I Can Stop Felling So Blue.
This Is My Curse, And Also My Blessing.
I Learn From It, And Sometimes I Don’t Know What’s Happening.
I’ve Wanted To Give Up On Love So Many Times But I’m Scared.
Because When I Finally Meet The One My Heart Won’t Take Him, It Would Lock Him Out Of There.
Once I’m In Love I’m Almost Blinded By It.
I Fall In Love So Fast It Surpise Me A Bit.
Then When Something Goes Wrong Its Like My Body Shuts Down Waitng For Death.
Like Love Drained All The Energy Out My Body When It Left.
But, I Told You I Was Learning From It, I’m Learning To Control It.
Now That I’m In Control Now.
I Don’t Fall In Love Like I Use To I Wait, And See What The Boy Is All About.
But, Sometime It Has A Way Of Slipping Out.
And All Over Again It Starts.
It Gets Out From The One Place I Can’t Control My Heart