Dark waters hide an inevitable treasure deep

Dark Waters Hide An Inevitable Treasure
Deep Sea Diving Scuba Mask
The Task-Â…..Your Pearl
Your Clam(Degrading Name)
Holds What I Seek
Deeper And Deeper I Swim
Thru Your Vast Ocean
Searching For That Which
The Almighty Has Hidden
Delight In Its Purest Form
Hidden I Seek To Destroy
With Pleasure
I Find It Cuz I Knew It-‘s
Where Abouts
G Marks The Spot
Tight As It Is
I Softly Open My Bounty
Gazing Upon My Hidden Miracle
Succulently Tasting It
Lustfully Savoring It
Stroking That Pearl
Making You Shiver
Moans Of Pure Bliss
Ecstasy Enhanced
The Treasure I-‘ve Found
Trying To Close Shut
Fingers Grip To Maintain An Open Stance
Hard And Tight I Fight To
Penetrate Your Chest
Three More Fingers
I Keep It Widely Stretched
Lapping That Sweet Juice
You Drip
I Sip
My Hidden Treasure Salty Yet Sweet
Profoundly Unique
I Savor Your Treat