Dont say a word let me bask

Don-‘t Say A Word
Let Me Bask In The Silence
Don-‘t Make A Sound
I Hear You Clearly
Speak With Your Eyes
They Look Inside Me
Bearing From Within All That I Feel
Just Touch Me Gently
Hold Me By The Hand
All We Are Feeling
We Both Understand
Words Are Not Spoken
Just Tactile Replies
Don-‘t Say A Word
Let Me Look In Your Eyes
I See Smiles Ever Lasting
I Taste Tears When You Were Down
I Feel Warmth
From All Of The Passion
I Feel Your Heart
And The Love It Reveals
I Sense Laughter Unabated
Like Music To My Ears
I Feel The Happiness
That Togetherness Brings
Don-‘t Say A Word
Just Let Me Hold You
Let The Waves Of The Ocean
Sing Softly
Let Us Gaze Upward
To An Open Sky
Holding Hands
And Writing I Love You
Connecting Each Star
That Shines Upon Us
Don-‘t Say A Word
I Can Feel What You-‘re Saying
by walkb99rhyme