Every day is the same a girl

Every Day Is The Same
A Girl In Waiting.. A Girl In Pain
Waking Up To An Empty Bedside
No Matter What, I Hold My Head High

Brush My Teeth, Work And Drive
Nothing Is The Same Without You By My Side
Come Home And Settle Down
Try And Do Something To Keep From A Frown
Most Nights We Talk.. Those Are The Best!
Fall Asleep To Prayers Of You As I Try To Get Some Rest
The Lord Grants Me Patience And A Strong Heart
But Sometimes I Can’t Hold Back The Tears From Being Apart
I Dream Of You.. Of Us
And How I Wish For Just One Touch
Dreams Of Our Marriage! Dreams Of Kids!
But Soon The Dreams Come To An End
Time To Wake Up.. Up To Another Day..
I Roll Over And Wait! What Is This? It Is You.. In The Bed!
And Finally My Love.. You Are Here To Stay