God is my atm card i never

God Is My Atm Card
I Never Leave Home Without Him
He Is With Me Till The End
Whenever I Need Him,
I Pull Him Out And Use Him

There Are Many Withdrawls
On His Account
Many Times I Asked
For His Love And Forgiveness
I Make A Deposit
Once A Week
I Drive To The Church
I Sing And Listen
Then Back Home I Go
Knowing That I Am Covered
For Another Week
Ahh , Sweet Releif
But Something Came Upon Me
And Said You Fool
You Don’t Know
Do You
A Relationship With God
Does Not Work That Way
God Is With You 24/7
And He Expects The Same
He Does Not Want To Be
Your Atm Card
He Wants To Be
Your Name Badge
So That Those Who Come Upon You
Can See, Just By Looking
That There Is Something Different
About You
Let Your Light Shine
Throw Away The Atm Card
Put On The Name Badge
That Says………