God8217s decision was right when he gifted

God’s Decision Was Right When He Gifted You To Me,
My Job Is To Love You Hny And It Will Forever Be.
Yes Its True And You Know It Too It Didnt Happen It A Day,
But Now You Are Mine And No One Can Take You Away.
People Around Me Say, I Am Playing A Tough Game,
But They Dont Know How I Feel, When I Say Your Name.
When I Say I Love‚  You Its From The Bottom Of My Heart,
The Time Is Now Gone When I Was Filled With Tears And Hurt.
I Love You, And Cherish You, More And More Everyday,
I Always Wish, You’ll Come To Me Forever, And Stay.
As I Think Of You Words Of Love Fill My Heart,
I Hear You Say I Love You Amit Right From The Start.
We Are Too Young To Marry, For You Are 17 And I Am Twenty,
Trying To Console Myself The Hours Of Wait Are Plenty.
Waiting For The Day‚  When I Wont Have To Search For You,
Holding All My Emotions Inside I’ll Keep Moving Through.
I Have Complete Faith In You, And I Am Waiting For You So Much,
I Know The Distance Is Too Large I Am Longing For Your Touch.
You Are The Right One For Me You Dont Need To Tell,
My Tomorrow Is Better With You And I Know It Very Well.
I Wish I Could Tell You How I Feel, Something Like Never Before,
I Am Waiting For You My Princess To Come Through That Door.
You Dont Have To Listen Just Look In My Eyes And You’ll See,
All I Ever Wanted To Say Is I Love You And You Belong To M