Growing ever restless wanting to be free

Growing Ever Restless
Wanting To Be Free
Chained To The Wall
Wanting Expectantly
No One Crossed Her Path
No One Would Unbined Her Shackles And Chains
Hanging Her Head Was All She Could Do To Hide Her Misery And Shame
She Watched The Stars That Shined So Bright
She Watched Them Almost Every Night
Sometimes Forgetting Who She Was
She Would Sway Against Her Chains
But Then There Would Come An Outragouse Uproar
It Shrank Her Back To Her Corner
Don’t Cause A Riff, Don’t Speak A Word
Occasionally She Peeked Out From Her Doubt
To Watch People Live Their Lives
No One Noticed Her Plight, As They Walked In The Light
For Shame, No One Would Call Her Name
People Never Saw Her For Who She Really Was
They Simply Made Demands
Expecting Her To Obey
Never Really Realizing She Had Allways Held The Key
To Do Anything That She Pleased
But The Uproar That Would Entail Would Send Her To Total Hell