Guys don8217t cry like gals so easily

Guys Don’t Cry
Like Gals So Easily Do
I Envy Those Gal Pals
Close, Affectionate
Unafraid To Show Love
Hug, Even Hold Hands
Egos Dropped, Let Go
True Selves Show
Emotions Freely Blow
Tender Hearts
Open Feeling
Laughter That Hits
The Ceiling

Some Guys Are Like This
But It Seems Rare
In Our Solitary Ways
Lonely Days
We Could Take A Lesson
From Any Real Female Friend
Open Up And Mend
This Aging ‘Thing’ Seems To Speed.
Some Agitate Their Way Through It.
Reminding Themselves,
Nothing About This Process
For Them Is Welcomed!
And They Are Not Pleased,
By Anything It Leaves.
And As I Reflect,
Doing My Best To Accept This Process…
I Must Admit,
Some Of It I Am Not In Total Agreement With Myself.
Although I Go Through The Motions,
I Am Doing It With Much Ease!
Okay! I Must Say…
Sometimes I Do Get A Bit Perturbed And Upset.
Especially When Someone Yells, ‘Hey, Grandpa.
Do You Need Assistance To Cross The Street? ‘
I Grit My Teeth With A Fake Smile I Release.
Is It Noticeable,
My Gait Appears To Be Slower And More Noble?
This Aging ‘Thing’ Seems To Speed!
And I Sit On A Nearby Bench,
To Gather My Breath And Gently Breathe.
Wishing The Aches And Pains That Come With Aging…
I Could Put To Rest.
Knowing My Mind Has More Of A Youthfulness,
That My Body, On Certain Days…
Could Care Less What My Mind Forgets!