He is not perceived to be a

He Is Not Perceived To Be A Leader.
And Perhaps The Reason For That Is…
He Does Not Seek Red Meat To Eat.
Nor Is He Drooling And Leashed…
With A Six Foot Chain That’s Padlocked.
And He Does Not Bark Demands.
He Speaks Intelligently,
About The Concerns Of The People.
And They See Him As Weak…
Since The Others Rather Kill Themselves,
To Show Their Sacrifices On The Streets.
To Prove How They Handle Conflict.
And He Makes Attempts,
To Show Them How Sick This Is!
He Has More Than An Uphill Climb.
He Wishes To Remove A Consciousness Of Violence,
And Crime From Their Minds.
It Has Been Suggested,
That He Begins His Mission With The Pitbulls.
He Has Only To Get The Red Meat From Between Their Bloody Teeth,
To Feed Them Porridge And Tuck Them In Bed At Night.
To Do This…And Be Watched!
And If He Succeeds And Flies In The Air,
After Walking On Water…
Then They Will Accept Him As Their Leader!
Since He Has Proven Them To Be Someone They Can Trust…
To Regain Their Loved Corrupted Lifstyles And Crooked Backs,
They Hope He Watches!
They Are In For Quite A Surprise.
He Is Nothing Like That At All.’
I Know That.
You Know That.
They Have No Clue…
What They Can Expect,
And Some Folks Will Be Quite Upset.
Because They Did Not Expect That From A Black!
‘What Do You Mean By That? ‘
Have You Noticed How Disciplined He Is