His trusting eyes break down brick walls

His Trusting Eyes
Break Down Brick Walls
That I Have Created Over The Years For Protection
Creating For Me, A Sweet Addiction
He Slowly Breaths In His Death
Flying Higher On Imaginary Wings
Composing For Him A Carefree And Deluding World
Creating For Him, A Disasterous Addiction
His Soft Full Lips
Sing Undeniable Praises
Melodies Of Love And Affection
Feeding My Sweet Addiction
Best Of Friends
Spending Time With Each Other
Aiding And Abetting Each Others Obsession
Feeding His Disasterous Addiction
More Happy
Then I Have Ever Been Before
He Treats Me Like A Princess Of Royal Descent
I Am Addicted To His Love
More And More Everyday
He Falls Deeper And Deeper
Plummeting So Far, Soon To Be Lost
He Is Addicted To His Love
More And More Everday
I Fall Deeper And Deeper
My Heart Beats In His Chest
The Addiction Has Become A Need
Fallen To Far
Lost Touch With Reality
Passed On To Another World
His Addiction Caused His Fatal End
Lost A Requirement
Cant Live Without Him
I Cut And I Cut, Blood Drains From My Arms
His Addiction Caused My Fatal End.
by katiesue7‚