How can i forget that momentous summer

How Can I Forget That Momentous Summer?
A Season When My Eyes Get Shimmer
In Every Fleet Glance Give With Primmer
But When You-‘re Near I Become Stammer

I-‘m Yearning For Your Affection
-Ë—coz Mine Is Not Just Infatuation
I Can-‘t Control This Strong Emotion
And Nothing Can Efface My Great Devotion
But I-‘m So Afraid To Show My Feeling
Shunning In Your Presence Is Just Pretending
In My Sleepless Night I-‘m Reminiscing
Of Your Memories That Keep On Chasing
A Covert Fondness Outgrew Inside
Should I Reveal Or Suppress And Hide?
Just To Save My Foolish Pride
Willing To Face A Woe Betide
Jhane Reyes