How can you tell someone love that

How Can You Tell Someone You Love That The End Is Near?
When Your Heart Is Suppose To Go Far.
To See The Look Of Disappointment In There Eyes.
Can Make Your Heart Grow Shy Of The Pain.
In The Same Breath, How Can You Stay When Your Heart Is Empty?
You Are In Search Of A Deeper Love.
The Love You Can Only Receive From Your Soul Mate.
You See Love Is A Funny Thing.
It’s All Emotion In One.
Love Is Sad When Its Not Being Return.
Love Is Sweet When Its Being Received.
Love Hurt When Your Heart Is Being Betray.
Your Heart Has A Chance To Feel True Love,
But Your Heart Is Thorn.
It’s Thorn By The Right Thing To Do And
The Things You Need To Do To Heal Your Heart.
You Can’t Put That Hurt In Another.
So You Search, You Search For Away To Mend The Void Of You.
You Have To Say The Words.
The Words That Will Hurt Because You Need To Feel True Love.
You Need To Feel Complete.
It’s To Strong Too Turn And Walk Away.
How Can You Pass The Change To Feel Turn Love?
But How Can You Hurt The One You Love