How you have molded me into a

how you
have molded
into a woman
from a little girl
who pouts
and pokes out
her lip
when she isnt satiated
how you
have stood by me
when my future
wasn’t beforehand
and repercussions
could have been involved
how you
have crept
in my dreams
even when
i wasnt asleep
but gave me
visions of only you
how you
have given me your heart
and swallowed the key
of all dishonesty
and fear
how you
have dried up my tears
from depressed loneliness
with just being there
how you
have dealt
with my ways
and annoying phases
of my “eccentric” personality
how you
have proven
that not all men
your age
think alike
understand its
because of your
special intellectuality
how time
has came
and i’ve sheltered the blame
for not
receiving our
first moment
how that day
i started to feel pain
tears poured like rain
from you only
how you never sugarcoated
my decisions
when i ask
for your opinions
instead you remained blunt
and forward
how times
got hard
and trials
brought scars
and doors were shut
instead of opened
you have held my hand
and led me to a better land
called love’s journey
by zubiluvs‚