I always ask myself why do u

I Always Ask Myself, Why Do U Love This Guy With All Your Heart
One Minute
For Me You Seem To Care
The Next Minute
You Act Like You Don’t Care

Forgive Me For The Things That I Never Said To You
Forgive Me For Not Knowing The Right Words To Prove
But I’m Not Sorry For My Love
I’m Not Sorry For My Touch
My Heart In Your Hands It Lies
Alone And Depressed It Sadly Cries
My Heart Knows No Boundaries
Loving You From A Far Is Hard–For
The Color Of Your Eyes
Shine Like The Stars In The Sky
The Smile On Your Face
Is Gentle As The First Snowflake
Your Soft Gentle Touch
Makes A Person Care So Much
You Made Me Happy Through My Depression
You Showed Mo Love When I Was Giving Up On Myself
When We Were Together You Made Me Feel Free
You Made Me Feel Like I Could Do Anything If I Had You With Me
If You Love Someone Set Them Free
If It Is Ment To Be, All Will See
My Mind Keeps Telling Me Yes It’s True
But My Heart Keeps Telling Me Don’t Let Go
How Many Dreams Will End
How Long Can I Pretend
How Many Times Will Love Pass Me By
Until I Find You Again
I Lie Awake At Night
Wondering Where You Are
How You Are Doing
Wishing You Were Here With Me Tonight
Don’t Care What They Think, How They Feel Or What They Say
You’re Everything I Never Knew
I Always Wanted, Nobody Know’s You
Like I Do, The Only One For Me Is You
by blue_eyes‚