I always thought that can make it

I Always Thought That I Can Make It On My Own
I Used To Say That I Can Go On
I Know I-‘ll Be Fine
I-‘m Sure That I Will Not Cry
But These Are All Lies
And Still I Can-‘t Deny
I Still Need You
I Still Love You.

Still All Alone Asking This Questions
What Have I Done Wrong?
Where Did I Fail?
What Have I Done To Deserve This Pain?
Why Did I-‘m Still Missing You?
Why Did I Still Keep On Loving You?
Why Did I Still Care That Much?
For All I Know Someone Owns You Now.
What Should I Do To End My Sufferings?
-Â…still I Ended Up Crying.
As I Go On With My Life
I Still Can Not Fight
I Can-‘t Keep Myself Apart From The Past
I Always See Places We-‘ve Been
Hear The Songs We Used To Sing
See All The Things Which Reminds Me Of You
And Then The Tears Began To Show
My Heart Begins To Break
For You Can Not Be Mine The Way It Used To Be.
Just Before The Day Says Goodbye
I Always Think And Make A Try
To Make A Wish I-‘ve Long To Come True
A Wish That Will Somehow Ease This Pains
And That-‘s To Be With You,
To Be With You But Still-Â…-Â….